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    The Heppner Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon, Thursday, September 9, 1979 TIIKFE
Forum to consider elk
management plans
Management of the elk
herds in Eastern Oregon will
be the subject of an Oregon
Forum program to be held in
Heppner, at the high school,
the afternoon of Sept. 22.
Speakers will represent con
servationists, the timber in
dustry and sportsmen, said
Alwin-Marie Turiel, assistant
director of the Oregon Forum,
who was in Heppner this week.
She is hoping for an atten
dance of 75 to 100 people from
Morrow and Gilliam counties
and parts of Umatilla County.
Bill Hunter of Eugene, the
Forum director, is expected to
open the workshop with an
explanation of its purpose and
to present the speakers.
On the agenda will be
Warren Aney of LaGrande,
regional director of the Ore
gon Fish and Wildlife Depart
ment; Jack Ward Thomas,
biologist with the U.S. Forest
"Service research station at
LaGrande; Jim O'Donnell of
Spokane, representing the
Northwest Pine Association
and Beryl Stillman of Hepp
ner, chairman of the Elk
Turiel said the workshop
J I &4lLi14:- P
.i ,.... ' 1 "t
KuXi- for" J J&r'blj
State Fair
results told
Rodeo Court hosted to luncheon
Alwin-Marie Turiel
would also have a speaker
representing ranching inter
ests. The Oregon Forum is a
program funded by the Na
tional Science Foundation to
conduct a series of public
education workshops on the
slnte's forestry resources. The
elircl on (ho elk herds of forest
clearcutting is a matter of
concern to foresters and
sportsmen alike, Turiel said.
When underbrush is removed,
for example, the herds lose
their forage.
She explained the issue will
be considered in a draft
statement being prepared by
the U.S. Forest Service for the
Heppner and Elgin manage
ment units.
to Marry
News Editor to
work in Tacoma
Miss Rhonda Harris, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne
Harri.of Heppner, and Mr.
James F. Wishart, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Jim Wishart, also of
Heppner, will be united in
marriage on Saturday, Sept. 8,
at 2p.m. at the First Christian
Church in Heppner.
All friends and relatives are
cordially invited to the wed
',;;g, and to the reception
immediately following.
Cont. from pg. 1
sticky feeling in the fields are
still with the wheat farmer.
Looking out across the fields
there is always a shimmer of
heat, but hot weather is good
for the harvest, and neces
sary, for the wheat does not
thresh out easily, or cut as
well when weather is cold or
damp. The farmer cuts the
wheat with one eye on crops
and machines, and the other
on the sky, watching for the
unwanted clouds and storms.
The harvest goes on, day
after day. The routine is
disturbed only by breakdowns
and weather. The crew gets
tired, and tempers get short as
the work goes on. ..but they are
still a learn. Urgent! Get the
crop in. ..all else can wait!
Eastern Oregon is summer
fallow country. This means
only half the acres are seeded
to crops each year. The other
half is plowed in the spring
and lies "fallow". This half of
the farm is kept clean of
weeds which would use the
moisture needed for next
year's crop. The land is
"weeded" as often as neces
sary.:. another costly opera
tion. Good rains or moisture in
the summerfallow means
going over the unseeded land
many times to keep it weed
free. Fertilizer is applied to
the summerfallow land, so it is
ready for the seed in fall. The
yearly harvest is the product
of two years work by the
Jim Hackett, Gazette-Times
news editor, has announced
his resignation effective Sep
tember 15 to assume a public
affairs position with the De
partment of the Army, Madi
gan Hospital at the Ft. Lewis
Military Reservation, Taco
ma. He will be moving to the
Lakewood area in Tacoma,
about 30 miles from his
hometown of Bremerton,
Wash. Many of his duties will
continue to involve newspaper
Hackett said he has enjoyed
his brief period of reporting
and editing in Morrow County
and feels the Gazette-Times is
one of the outstanding publica
tions in the Northwest. A
newswriter since 1970, Hack
ett has worked on dailies and
weeklies in Oregon, Washing
ton and Idaho, serving as news
editor for one daily and two
"Heppner and every com
munity in Morrow County are
seeing the first signs of the
overall Eastern Oregon poten
tial of the 1980's and still have
tremendous liveability stan
dards. I am hopeful that
Morrow County will retain its
natural beauty and ensure
jobs for its young people,"
Hackett said.
"Enough for the rhetoric.
Good luck to the Heppner
Mustang and the lone Cardi
nal football teams. They
should go all the way this year
in football and thanks for the
great fair and rodeo staged
this year."
Office relocates
to Hermiston
by Birdine Tullis
State Fair Results
Results are pouring in daily
from 4-H events at state fair,
and Morrow County names
are appearing often.
Intermediate foods judges
Elizabeth McElligott and Di
ann Morter, lone, have blue
ribbons to prove they know
about nutritional snacks, muf
fins, food safety, and kitchen
appliances in terms of energy
conservation, as well as nutri
tional values of foods.
Jyl Hobbs, Irrigon, knows
all about drying foods and
planning a hiking kit that will
last several days in the
wilderness. Her blue ribbon
hiking meal was carefully
packed in a backpack for the
trip to Salem!
Blue ribbon winner with her
canned vegetable entry was
Becky Hobbs, Irrigon.
Dresses and sports clothing
brought blue ribbons to Lori
Phillips, Boardman, Shelley
Stroeber, Paula Plocharsky,
Trisha Mahoney, Ann Mc
Laughlin, Michele Saling,
Heppner; Ann Evans, Irrigon,
Jodi Padberg, Kathy Lindsay,
Lexington, and Diann Morter,
lone. Morrow County's fa
mous tole painters continued
their domination of the decor
ativepainting classes. As they
did in 1978, they claimed the
majority of top placings.
Champion honors went to
Diann Morter, lone, LeAnn
Quigley, Deann Connor, Cindi
Bergstrom, and Alice
Abrams, Heppner; Jodi Pad
berg and Janette Piper, Lex
ington ; Sheri McMinn, Hepp
ner received a reserve cham
pionship; blue awards went to
Debbie Paustian, and Linda
Keithley, Heppner.
Top honors in the Foods II
went to Ken Curtis, Heppner,
who made a raspberry coffee
cake to earn the purple. In the
same category, Missy Turner,
Heppner, received a blue
ribbon. Ann McLaughlin re
ceived a blue in the foods IV
exhibit class. More results will
be coming as Morrow mem
bers descend on Salem to give
presentations, participate in
style show and food prepara
tion classes.
State Fair is a big moment
in the lives of 4-H members
our congratulations go to all
Undergoes hip
surgery at hospital
Ray Quackenbush of Hepp
ner underwent hip surgery
and is recuperating at The
Dalles General Hospital.
Mrs. Harold (Irene) Holtz
was hostess for a luncheon for
the Morrow County Fair and
Rodeo Court and their pennant
bearers on Tuesday, August 28
at the home of Mrs. Laura
Holtz in lone.
The tables were decorated
in a western theme using this
year's colors of peach and
rust. Each girl was presented
a gift from Mrs. Irene Holtz,
the hostess.
Those present were Queen
Deborah and her mother,
Mary Ann Palmer, Princess
Lori Edwards and her mother,
Dorothy Edwards. Princess
Jennifer Wenholz and her
mother, Jeanette. Pennant
bearers present were Anita
Palmer, Nancy Miller,
Tammy Holtz, Sylvia Ladd
and her mother, Lorraine.
On Wednesday, August 29,
Stan Kemp took the queen and
the princesses to Walla Walla
for dinner and to the Eddie
Appointed to
structural board
Carl H. Fullman, former
chairman of the energy con
servation Board, has been
appointed to the Oregon Struc
tural Code Advisory Baord.
Fullman is a registered
professional engineer. He is
president of TRI M Company
and Energy Management Ser
vices of Portland.
Rabbit and Tommy Over
street Show.
Next appearances will be on
September 8 when the court
attends the Boardman Har
vest Festival Parade and from
there goes on to the Pendleton
for the Dress-up Parade that
On September 14, they will
attend the Westward Ho
Parade in Pendleton.
1 !' lUCIWMf yT "ill! Ij
I" fn, n
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time-conscious people. A cordless electronic
clock that's contemporary in style and
performance. Features: Smartly contoured
case . . . glass covered dial . . . three-dimensional
numerals ... red sweep sqcond. Black, white or
sunny yellow with white dial; nut brown with
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Peterson's Jewelers
, M
Heppner f)
Potluck Dinner
for O.E.S.
Katherine Lindstrom,
Worthy Matron of Ruth
Locust Chapter No. 32 O.E.S
reminds members that on
Monday September 10 there
will be a potluck dinner before
the regular meeting. The
dinner is slated for 6:30 p.m.
in the Masonic Hall dining
The worth matron cordially
invites any new or visiting
members of O.E.S. to come
get acquainted and to enjoy
the potluck with the regular
members. The Ruth-Locust
Chapter meets each second
Monday in Heppner's Masonic
The Department of Com
merce, Building Codes Divi
sion, Boardman Office, for
merly located in the Nelson
Square Building, Room 18, in
Boardman, has relocated to
Hermiston in the North wood
Building, 1050 NW First, Suite
115, Hermiston.
The new Hermiston Office
will be serving all of Morrow
County and the West end of
Umatilla Countv.
Office hours will be 8 a .m . to
noon and from 1-5 p.m.
Monday through Friday.
DMV office
closed 2 days
The Heppner Department of
Motor Vehicles will be closed
September 12 and 13.
The office is closed so the
driving examiner may travel
to Fossil and Condon.
w n n fn
j 'i V i ' J
Salute the Future Farmers!
Geri Grieb'o F.F.A. Grand Champion
from the Morrow County Fair
ON SALE At Regular Prices!
Woods Are Parents
of a daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wood
(Karen French), Beaverton,
welcome a daughter Megan
Rose, born August 24. She
joins a brother Gavin, five.
Megan Rose's grandparents
are Norma and Raymond
French, Buttercreek, and Mr.
and Mrs. Bill Wood, Philo
math. Rose Francis, Irrigon,
and Inez Beattie, Philomath,
are her great-grandmothers.
Chuck & Kay
want to thank all the girls from Winnemucca for their
part in the Rodeo Parade and making our float a boomer.
Thanks to "Belle" Morgan, Jessie Scott, Linda Connor, Rose
Applegate, Terry Smith. A very special thanks to Garland
Potter and his bride Myrtle. Thanks again gang, it was fun.
Bucknum's Tavern
Be Pennywise, Buy
Penny Smart
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MIX 56 oz bog
Log Cabin
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Penny Smart
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i hursday, Friday, Saturday
7 '
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