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The Gazette-Times, Heppner, Oregon, Thursday, July 26, 1979 FIVE
With Justine Wrathr rford
You've probably noted the high temperatures in most of
Morrow. Our area certainly does have definite seasonal
highs and lows. In some ways in recent years more has-been
done about the weather than simply talking about it.
Jane Rawlins says she was in Walla Walla during its 106
temperature day and found that only when she left the
air-conditioned automobile could she begin to realize how hot
it really was.
Eleanor Gonty and I drove to my daughter's home
between Cheney and Spokane last Friday in a non-aircondi-tioned
car and realized every minute how hot it was (not
quite 106 degrees) As we observed several men in dusty fields
on tractors I felt concern for the non-cab vehicles and
wondered if the cab jobs were aircooled and jf their operators
were copier than we were.
Last Saturday we spent several hours walking about in
Spokane's spectacular, downtown Sky walk Shopping Area.
That city has certainly done plenty about the weather. The
street-spanning, carpeted, air-conditioned in summer and
heated in winter, walkways which connect all of the major
stores at their second-floor levels give shoppers many miles
of climate control.
We had a most knowledgeable guide for our tour. My
daughter Ann's husband Ray Chenhall, an architect who
worked with other architects in designing and supervising
the creation of the latest sectors of the Skywalk Project, led
us around and told of some of the problems and solutions that
its architects and builders faced.
During the middle of last week a large group (more than
60) senior citizens found Cutsforth Park much cooler than
most of their homes. Local seniors were joined by county
residents from northernly points and by visitors from several
. Contingent counties. Marion Hayden drove the county senior
bus. Two other senior citizen busses also brought passengers
to the park. Cooks Eleanor Gonty and Marilyn Bergstrom
and Mealsite Director Pat Brindle provided a large, delicious
noon meal for all.
For over a year, youthful Brad Christensen of the Bank
of Eastern Oregon has been living at the corner of Cannon
andGilmore streets and has been such a pleasant and helpful
Brad left Heppner on Sunday for larger career
opportunities in Portland where he is beginning employment
as business manager for Associate Commercial Corporation
a subsidiary of Gulf and Western Industries. Brad has been
very active in the Lions Club here, giving much time and
efforts to the clubs projects. He says he has enjoyed living
and working in this community and knows he will miss it.
Year around, there is an exciting, educational, public
exhibit of outstanding historic articles in the County Museum
which shares the attractive, modern, North Main Street,
park surrounded building which was given to the community
by Amanda Duvall and has been enlarged several times by
its donor.
A quick glance at the visitors' register shows that in July
more than 90 out-of-town visitors signed in there. Three from
Virginia, several from Arizona and from Alaska, others were
from Florida and Colorado and many from points in
California, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Comments
following their names repeat the word "interesting" and
state "what a fine museum for any population area," "a
really great collection", "most educational and enjoyable."
After many visits to the museum during my years here, I
am always delighted to view its new additions and improved
arrangements. Last week I got a first look at the 33 framed
sets of local Indian arrowheads that are a recent contribution
from Katherine Bisbee, Waldport, daughter of county
pioneer Lou Bisbee. Katherine has contributed many
personal and family treasures to the museum and library
Our county is blessed with an active Historical Society
that supports and strengthens the museum curator and its
administrative board. As often is the case, the Morrow
County Museum is appreciated more by traveling visitors
than by its home folks. Most outside viewers are positive that
it is the "best museum in all of Eastern Oregon."
Hopefully, if the hot weather continues, more persons of
all ages will be enjoying the air-conditioned pleasures to be
found as they visit the library and museum here. Only the
little nearby schoolhouse annex is, as always, without the
electrical magic of air cooling.
The Heppner Library is open from one until five p.m. on
Mondays and Wednesdays, from 7:30 until 9:30 on Thursday
evenings and from two until four p.m. Saturdays. Museum
hours are from noon until five p.m. om Mondays and
Wednesdays, from ten until five p.m. on Saturdays and from
noon until five p.m. on Sunday afternoons. Mrs. Harnett will
come to open the building for out-of-town visitors at other
Neila Frederick to
marry Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Epping,
of Lexington, announce the
forthcoming marriage of their
daughter, Neilla Frederick, to
Mr. Rob Rauschert of Coos
The ceremony will be held
wedding is
Aug. 4
Saturday, July 28, at 1:30 p.m.
at the First Christian Church
in Heppner.
All friends and relatives are
invited to attend the wedding
and the reception immed
iately following.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ployhar
and Mr. and Mrs. Bob
Lankford cordially invite all
friends and relatives to the
wedding of their children,
Joan and Steve.
The ceremony will be held
Saturday, August 4, at 1:30
p.m. at Lake Penland.
Physical assessment,
immunization clinics
Free Physical Assessment
and Immunization Clinics for
Morrow County preschoolers
and out of state transfers will
be available Wednesday,
August 15 at A.C. Houghton
Grade School in Irrigon and
Thursday, August 16 at Hep
pner Grade School.
All children starting school
for the first time are eligible.
The clinics for 9th graders
will be held Wednesday,
August 8 at Riverside High
School in Boardman and
Thursday, August 9 at Hep
pner High School.
Appointments must be
made ahead of time so please
call the following for your
appointment as soon as possi
ble: 922-3321 for preschoolers
Rehersals underway for
Concerned Parents play
Rehearsal for A Thousand
Clowns, a modern comedy to
be presented on sound tape
over Channel Three, are in full
swing these nights in the
basement of Hope Lutheran
The main character in this
lively story is played by John
Maas who also directs the
He is joined by Alice
Abrams, Kenny Curtis, Bob
Abrams and Jim Ackley who
plays two roles. The sound
effects will be arranged by
Mark Launer.
This project grew out of a
theater project sponsored by
the Concerned Parents Group
and will
this fall.
be presented later
$2700 raised for muscular dystrophy
Boardman Walk-a-Thon
The 1979 Boardman Walk-a-thon
raised $2,700 to combat
muscular dystrophy, accord
ing to Linda Smith.
A highlight of the walk-a-thon
was the sponsorship by
Jody Tatone, a member of the
Professional Rodeo Associa
tion. Jody came home from a
rodeo in Sheridan, Wyoming
to walk for the children.
Jody was joined by 23 other
walkers including his parents,
Joe and Alice Tatone and
Hospital admissions at Pio
neer Memorial Hospital this
week were Hugh Salter, lone,
dismissed, Annie Krebs, Ar
lington, dismissed, Gladys
Shelton, Vancouver, Wash.,
dismissed, Don Gilliam, Hep
pner, dismissed, Mabel Ring,
lone, Celso Ponce, Lexington,
Carl Rowell, lone, James
Lennon, Heppner and Cora
Burnside, Spray.
Mayor Jerry Peck of Board
man. The walkers came from
surrounding areas.
Staff Hansell walked 5 miles
and collected $50 towards the
MD program.
Ann Silvernale collected the
most money among the
female walkers over $350.
Joann Wilsey walked the
farthest among the women,
walking 10 miles and received
an engraved plate from the
Muscular Dystrophy Associa
tion. Among the male walkers,
Bill Sullivan collected the
classes are
offered now
Junior and Senior lifesaving
classes will start Tuesday,
July 31 from 5-7 p.m. at the
Heppner Swimming Pool, ac
cording to Pool Manager
Diane Holland.
The cost is $5 per person and
an advanced lifesaving book is
Jones family reunion
Cont. from page 4
children, Doug and Roberta
Porter of Portland, Allen and
David Graybeal.
Other relatives attending
included Bill and Barbara
(Huston) Moore' and grand
children, Cara and Willie
Jackobitz of Carmichael, Ca.,
Barbara and Gretchen Jones
of Bend and Portland respect
ively, Carl and Edna (Jones)
Houseworth of Albany, Nor
man and Frances Griffing and
great granddaughter, Talia
Lee Soto of Silver ton, Ore.,
and friends, Sandy Elliot,
Terry Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Porter and Jennifer
In spite of a slight drizzle, a
nice potluck dinner and a
birthday cake were enjoyed
by all.
O mmissioii
School District
An additional resignation
was accepted from Audie
Brisso, by the Morrow County
School Board last week.
Brisso was a fifth grade
elementary teacher in Heppner.
Keren Veterinary
Will Be Closed
Jly21 Tnru29
To Attend National
If Vj I
- lit
most pledges, over $250, and
Ken Basel walked 16 miles and
received an engraved plate.
Many others donated their
time and energy to the cause
such as R.L. McKinney, Chief
of Police, Kerry Spindler of
the Fire Department, Bob and
Kathy Buckford, EMT's and
Ron and Lois Booth, EMT's,
Chris Lovgren, Marge Robin
son and all the judges. Food
was donated to the hungry
walkers from the Nomad, the
Hitchin Post and Dodge City
educed Prices
On Regular Stock!
llBi L0TS
ussW8m choose i
clinic in Irrigon; 481-2525 for
9th graders clinic in Board
man ; 989-8256 for both clinics
in Heppner.
Bring your child's shot
record along if we do not
already have a copy.
Be sure your child is
included in this important step
in meeting State and County
requirements for enrollment.
Brackets Included
Ready To Hang
limit ed Number
And many more
bargains ...Come
in and browse!
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