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    Heppner Gazette Times, Thursday, June 8, 1950
Page 7
1949 New Holland Automatic
one man twine Largest caDa-
city reconditioned $1300.00
xsws New Holland like new
1950 Brand new with Hyd tension
Tractor Division. Hermiston, Ore.
Gas or electric to fit your job.
DeWilde & Temple, Pendleton,
Ore. 49tfc
LARGEST used Farm Equipment
Lot in Eastern Oregon. DeWilde
& Temple, Pendleton, Ore. 49tfc
OVERHEAD portable all-aluminum
Sprinkler Irrigation Sys.
terns Free engineering and es
timates gladly given without
any charge. Contact DeWilde &
Temple Co., Box 144, Phone
3075, Pendleon, Ore. Direct Re
presentatives for Stout Irriga
tion, Inc., for Eastern Oregon.
FOR DURABILITY and service,
get a Porcelined Fowler Elec
tric Hot Water Heater at
Gilliam & Bisbee.
TODAY'S Smartest Idea for Re
frigerators, Home Freezer and
Electric Stoves, get the space,
get the beauty, get the buy
get Kelvinator! At Gilliam &
WANTED 2,000 yards of dirt to
remove daily. Crum Bros., lone.
Oregon. 48tfc
FOR SALE 5160-acre cattle
ranch in Umatlla county. Good
improvements. Well watered
by two continuous mountain
streams and various springs.
800 acres meadow and farm
land, balance top grazing.
Price for entire ranch $105000.
00. Will sell all or part. Easy
terms. For details write or
Box 684, Pendleton, Oregon.
HAND CROCHETED baby sweater
sets made to order. Mrs. E. R.
Jones, 110 Cannon St. 10-12p.
alive. Mrs. Julian Rauch, Lex
ington. 10-16c
WE DO painting and fender
bumping. Our metal men are
tops in their line of work. Drive
in for a speedy repair job.
Rosewall Motor Co.
Used Car Prices Are
'48 Chevrolet 4-door sedan
Excellent condition
1940 De Soto 4-door sedan
One '37 Ford truck. Cheap
Don't gamble Buy
with a guarantee!
Phone 403
Sewing Machines do all
those Commercial Sewing
Tricks on your garments
at home.
Built-in Zig-Zag Unit
Instant Controls
Sews on Buttons
Life Guarantee
BF and BU Models
Prices (rom $125 to $325.
Wednesdays All Day
Tues. Hollen & Sons
Sales by
Wasco. Oregon
For Butineu Supremacy I
By Advertiiin
ODORS with amazing new
proven product, PAW PAW
ODORLESS. Cleans and deodo
rizes septic tanks, cesspools
and outdoor toilets. Saves
pumping and digging cots.
Mix dry powder, pour in unit.
Safe, no poisons. Satisfaction
Sold Exclusively by
Heppner Phone 503. r2tf.
WANTED Bring your poultry,
rahhits. farm machinery, furni
ture, or any Misc. you may
nave ior saie. luyo commission
to the largest sale in Eastern
Oregon every Friday. Miscel
laneous sale starts 10:00 sharp.
Hermiston Livestock Auction
Yard. 9-12p.
TODAY'S Smartest Idea for Re
frigerators, Home Freezer and
Electric Stoves, get the space,
get the beauty, get the buy
get Kelvinator! At Gilliam &
FOR DURABILITY and service,
get a Porcelined Fowler Elec
tric Hot Water Heater at
Gilliam & Bisbee.
PLEASE contact me for the ex
change of gray coats mis
placed at Spray Rodeo dance
Saturday night. Nira E. Knox,
Fossil, Oregon. 11c
FRYERS For SALE Dressed or
alive. Leave orders at Alice's
Beauty Shop or phone 37F14,
lone. Mrs. G. Hermann, lltfc.
alive. Write Mrs. Alex Hunt,
Lexington. ll-12p.
SEE J & C Surplus Sales for Chev.
bomb carriers, 6x6 GMC, 4x4
Chev. cargoes. Jeeps, Dodge
4x4. Cats, dozers and blades.
Cabs, wenches, power takeoffs.
' 1st and K streets, Umatilla,
Oregon. Phone 579 or Box 139.
FOR SALE Maytag master
washer; square aluminum tub;
new electric motor and pump
or gas motor, $130. Alfred Nel
son Jr., Lexington, 36F23. 12-14c
FOR SALE Desirable house lots
on west side. Blanche Brown,
203 Water St. Phone 462. 12tfc.
FOR DURABILITY and service,
get a Porcelined Fowler Elec
tric Hot Water Heater at
Gilliam & Bisbee.
WANTED 24 dirty cars to wash
every day with our washmo
bile. Wash job $1.50. Rosewall
Motor Co.
According to James H. Driscoll,
County Chairman, sales in this
county last week amounted to
$825. Total sales to date are
$5,587, or 15 of the quota of.
Tillamook and Union Counties
each sold 20 of their quota
last week, giving them the larg
est percentage of sales toward
quota of any county during that
Queen Joan Hisler and her
princesses o fine Morrow County
Fair and Rodeo will bo guests of
the queen and court of the Con
don rodeo to be held Saturday
and Sunday of this week-end.
Mayflower Milk and Cream
Homogenized Milk
Chocolate Drink
Butter Buttermilk
Cottage Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Ice Cream and Sherbet
Flatt's Transfer
and Storage
Heppner Ph. 112
The Dalles Phone 2635
114 E. 2nd St
Insured Carrier
"We Go Anywhere.Anytime"
TODAY'S Smartest Idea for Re
frigerators, Home Freezer and
Electric Stoves, get the space,
get the beauty, get the buy
get Kelvinator! At Gilliam &
NOTICE My outstanding ac
counts will be payable at the
office of J. J. Nys. Nellie G.
A TRIP is a treat in the '50
MECHANIC wanted. Must be A-l
and have good references.
Apply to Everett Keithley, ser
vice manager Rosewall Motor
1946 CHEVROLET club coupe.
Pay down $325.00. Rosewall
Motor Company.
1942 FORD truck with grain bed.
Look this one over for harvest
work. Rosewall Motor Co.
WANTED 425 cars to wash before
July 4th, with our Wash'mobiie.
Wash job $1.50. Rosewall Motor
ROSY SAYS: We want some real
buys in used cars. Late model
used cars traded in on the
sensational new 1950 Ford can
be bought at saving from
$500.00 to $1,000.00 dollars
under new car prices. You still
have time to select and buy a
car for your summer vacation.
1946 MERCURY sedan. Pay down
$300.00 on this fine car. Rose
wall Motor Company.
1941 GMC pickup. Pay dow,i
$135.00. Rosewall Motor Co.
WITH HARVEST starting within
30 days it is time to make an
appointment to have your truck
put in top shape for the job
ahead. Don't wait until the
mechanics are on their vaca-
tion. Rosewall Motor Company
DOES your car shimmy? If the
iront system on your car is
worn until it is not safe to
drive you can have it rebushed
and wheels aligned at Rosewall
Motor Company.
WE PORCELAINIZE all makes of
cars and make them look new
again. Porcelainize outlasts
three or four ordinary wax and
polish jobs. Phone 1092 for an
appointment to have your car
receive this beauty treatment.
Kosewail Motor Company
FOR SALE 7room house on Hill
street in Heppner, furnished or
unfurnished. See Mrs. Loren
Matteson. I2p
News from
C. A. Office
Scholarship for 4-H Summer
school continue to come in and
during the past week the fol
lowing contributions toward scol-
arships have been made to 4-H
Harry Dinges, $5.00. Elwynne
Pecks' Insurance, $5.00: Van
Horn's Red & White, $5.00; Grif
fith's Cafe, $5.00; Lon Hender
son, $1.00; all of Lexington,
Boardman Home Extension Unit
$11.50; and Irrigon Home Eco
nomics club, $6.00. Full scholar
ships are $23.00 which takes
care of board, room and expenses
at 4-H summer school. Morrow
county has a quota of 30 boys
and girls who were selected to
attend summer school on the
Oregon State college campus
June 13-23. Selections were made
on all around project work, age
and number of years in club
The parts of animals were
studied at the South Heppner
Livestock club May 7. It was
held at Patsy Wright's home.
Two new members have joined
in the past two months- they are
Shirley and Patsy Peck. The feed
ing of dairy calves was discussed
among dairy members, and after
the meeting was adjourned Patsy
Wright's calf was looked at.
The Willow Creek Chefs met
at the Claude Graham home
Saturday, May 20. All members
were present and we had four
We opened our meeting with
me ciud pieage and club songs
Koll call was answered by
naming sandwich fillings. We
spent some time painting de
signs on bread boards which
were given us by Mrs. Graham.
Our lesson was on sandwiches,
we each made our own, demon
strating how good sandwiches are
We finished our meeting with
a hike and a picnic of sandwiches
pickles, potato chips and Kool-
The 4-H events of the past
week that should be of interest
to all club membrs were the 4-H
and F.F.A. Spring Livestock show
ot May 20; and the "Earth turn
ing" services on Mav 21. for the
4-H building at Boardman. All
livestock members took part in
tne livestock show which con
sisted of fitting, preparation
showmanship and judging. Dairy,
beef, hogs, sheep, rabbit and
poultry were shown. High point
exhibitor of the day was Nancy
jioaaiey oi irrigon.
Marling with the official con
struction of the 20 by 40 feet 4-H
memorial building at Bordman
Sunday, services were held at 2
p,m. with Mr. Z. J. Gillespie turn
ing the first shovel of earth in
memory of Lynn Gillespie, do
ceased son of Mr. and Mrs. Gil
lespie. Lynn was a former club
1947 STUDEBAKER truck, motor
reconditioned in our shop, has
flat bed, 825 x 20 dual tires.
Full price $750.00. Rosewall
Motor Company.
1931 MODEL A coupe. $99.00 full
price. Rosewall Motor Co.
WE HAVE new and rebuilt mo
tors for Ford cars and truck
built for the last 22 years. Talk
about service. Rosewall Motor
1949 FORD CUSTOM fordor sedan
equipped with radio, heater
and overdrive. Pay down
$495.00. Here is a chance to get
a modern car with the new
look. Rosewall Motor Co.
1949 KAISER fordor sedan, paint,
ed a beautiful Coral Biege,
custom interior. Pay $425.00
down on this late model car.
Rosewall Motor Co.
FORDS and Friends is our busi
ness. Rosewall Motor Co.
LET US underseal your new car
against rust, dust and road
noises. Rosewall Motor Co.
an opening date for the new
hospital. The county court and
hospital board have done a
great service to this communi
ty. Your untiring effort in com
pleting this outstanding project
is appreciated by all public
spirited citizens of this great
country. Rosewall Motor Co.
FOR SALE Several moderately
priced houses in lone. Walter
C. Dobyns, Real Estate Broker,
lone. 12-13p.
FOR SALE Three 12-foot Cheney
high clearance weeders and
hitch at $275.00;, three 10-foot
Massey-Harris disc drills and
hitch same as new, at $675.00.
See them at the Spring Hollow
Ranch, 12 miles Southwest of
Heppner. 12-14p.
Seehafer, lone, Oregon. 12-15c.
LOST Black Cocker, "Pudgy."
License No. 300. Would appre
ciate information. Dorothy Her
bison. 12p.
FOR SALE N. H. Red fryers.
Addie Salter, lone, Ore. 12-14c.
bedroom sleeping porch; 2 nice
rugs, electric range, oil heater,
2 beds. All for $5,250. See Tur
ner, Van Marter Co&.
FOR SALE Electric Monarch
range, 1949 model. See Donald
Dubois or phone 585. 8p-tf.
WheTeas,. it has pleased Al
mighty God, the father of all
men, and Masons, -to call from
our lodge our beloved . brother,
Leon W. Briggs, who for many
years was a prominent and re
spected citizen of Heppner and
a worthy Brother and member
of Heppner Lodge No. 69, A. F.
& A.M.
Be it resolved that while we
bow in reverence to the will of
Him who doeth all things well,
yet we do not the less feel and
deplore his loss.
To the family of Brother Briggs
we his fellow craftsmen and
brothers extend our deepest
sympathy in this their hour of
Be it further resolved that a
copy of these resolutions be
spread on the minutes of our
lodge, a copy sent to the family
of the deceased Brother and a
copy furnished the local news
paper for publication.
Thomas J. Wells
Robert Wightman
Paul Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Warren
and Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ruggles
were in Portland on business
over the week end. They returned
Tuesday night. The Ruggles's
spent Wednesday in clearing
their desks and departed Thurs
day morning for Corvallis where
Mr. Ruggles will join other
candidates for initiation into
the Elks lodge at the state con
vention this week-end.
The J. J. O'Connor family left
this morning for Corvallis to
attend the Elks convention.
O'Connor is exalted ruler of the
Heppner lodge.
member. Club members and lead
ers put on a program with county
agent N. C. Anderson giving the
dedication talk. Rev. Howley led
the group in prayer, closing the
dedication services. Work on the
building will begin at once with
hopes for having it completed by
fair time.
Arrangements have all been
completed for the annual 4-H
agricultural tour that will be held
on June 2 and 3. With nineteen
farms visited in 1949, leaders
found that it was a big days
tour. 4-H Agricultural clubs have
increased in 1950 to include
members from 32 homes so a
two day tour was necessary. The
tour will leave the Vernon Munk.
ers farm near Lexington the first
day at 7:30 with noon lunch at
the E. M. Baker farm. On the
second day the tour will start
In Heppner at Lornctt Greens,'
'stopping for noon lunch at the
John Graves farm. Several in
teresting demonstrations are
scheduled and club members,
paients and leaders urged to take
part in the tour. A detailed sche
idule is being sent all members.
Stefanis Observe
25th Anniversary
With Open House
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stefani
Sr. celebrated their 25th wedding
anniversary at the Arthur Ste
fani home Sunday. Open house
was held from 2 to 5 p.m. and
there was a family dinner in
the evening.
The daily vacation Bible school
at the Cooperative church will
close Friday, June 9. A program
will be given at the church at
10 a.m. Sunday.
The E. M. Baker family left
Monday to attend the Oregon
Wheat League fat stock show
and sale at The Dalles.
Arthur Johnson is visiting rela
tives in Sweden. He made the
trip by plane.
Mrs. Ethel Stewart spent last
week with her son and family,
Fred Ritchie, at Gearhart. Mrs.
Ritchie and children accompa
nied her home Sunday.
miss l,ois Howk ot Troutdale
was installed this week as hon
ored queen of Bethel No. 19,
Order of Jobs Daughters at
Gresham. She is the granddaugh.
ler ot v. J. Linn.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pettviohn
and children were Portland visi
tors last week. j
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Morgan
took their daughter Marilyn to
rortianu last week lor dental
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Blake and1
daughter Arietta of Portland and
Mrs. Minnie Smith and Mr. and
Mrs. Daniel Head of The Dalles
spent Memorial day here.
Shirley McCabe and Arlone
McKissick spent several days in
Lewiston, Ida. visiting Arlene's
Miss Eleanor, Stephens, state
librarian was a recent visitor
The study meeting of the Tonic
club was held at the home of
Mrs. Charles Carlson Friday af
ternoon. Mrs. Fannie Griffith re
viewed the book 'The Trail Led
North" by McKeown. New year
uooks were given out and the
following officers elected for the
coming year: President, Mrs. Sam
McMillan; vice president, Mrs.
Verner Troedson ; secretary-treasurer,
Mrs. O. L. Lundell. Refresh
ments were served by Mrs. C.
W. Swanson, Mrs. Griffith and
Mrs. Carlson.
The Birthday club met at the
Congregational church Wednes
day of last week n honor of Mrs.
Sam Esteb and Mrs. Donald Ball.
They received lovely gifts. Host
esses were Mrs. Wm. Seehafer
and Mrs. Rodger Allen. Ice cream,
birthday cake and coffee were
Mr. and Mrs. David Ely and
daughter Lois of Pendleton visit
ed at the home of his father,
Fred Ely, Memorial day.
A birthday party followed the
regular Rebekah lodge meeting
Thursday evening. Refreshments
were served and gifts given to
the following: Mrs.- Omar Riet
mann, Mrs. Cleo Drake. Mrs.
Carl Linn, Mrs. Charles O'Connor,
Mrs. Adon Hamlett, Mrs. Ida
Coleman and Mrs. H. 0 Ely.
Hostesses were Mrs. E. R. Lundell,
Mrs. Ernest McCabe, Mrs. Wallace
Matthews, Mrs. Berl Akers and
Mrs. Etta Bristow.
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Ely
went to Salem last week with
a truckload of household goods
for Francis Ely. They went on to
Corvallis to visit their son Payne.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ely and
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Robertson and
son left for Salem last week.
Miss Mary Brackett left for
her home in Rufus, and Miss
Pauline Rankin went to Portland
where she will attend summer
Roy Lindstrom and Arthur Ste.
fani Sr. are building garages on
their properties.
Merle Baker moved the Werner
Rietmann house from the coun
try to the upper part of Main
street and will move into it when
it is remodeled.
Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Forsythe
left the latter part of the week
for Ohio where they will spend
a good part of the summer visit
ing his relatives.
Mrs. Susan Russell of Portland
was a recent visitor at the Lee
Beckner home. She is an aunt of
Mrs. Harry Normoyle.
Mr. and Mrs. John Voorhees
of Portland are the parents of
a daughter, Suzanne, born May
20. Mrs. Voorhees is the former
Ruth Crawford. Mr. and Mrs.
Wate Crawford are the grand
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ries of
Toppenish, Washington spent a
few days last week with her
mother, Mrs. Ella Dividson.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stone of
Selah, Wash, were guests of the
Ely brothers last week.
Mrs. Henry Clark and grand
daughters Clara Ann and Alecia
! Swales and Lowell Clark were
j Portland visitors last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Yarnell
' and daughters of Vancouver, Wn.,
, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
I Harry Yarnell last week. Lew
Yarnell of Bickleton, Wn. was
I also a visitor at the Yarnell home,
i Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Shirley
.left Sunday for Corvallis where
'they attended the graduation
exercises Monday. Their son Al
fred Jr. was a member of Ore
igon State's largest graduating
class. He left by plane for Phila
delphia where he will be married
'June 17 to Miss Marie Green.
They will return to Oregon June
27 and locate at The Dalles.
I Larry Ritchie of Portland was
'a recent visitor here.
I At a recent HEC meeting at
the Earl McCabe home plans
were made for father and son
banquet to be held at the Willows
WHEREAS, on the 19th day of
May, 1950, there was duly filed
in the office of the State Soil
Conservation Committee at Cor
vallis, a petition signed by 46
landowners pursuant to the pro
visions of the Soil Conservation
Districts Law, Title 109- Chapter
3, O.C.L.A.. requesting the inclu
sion of additional territory within
tne Heppner sou conservation
District, and
WHEREAS thp hind sought to
be included in the said district
by said petition comprise lands
in Morrow Cnuntv. dpsrrihpd anh
stantially as follows:
ah land witnin the legal
boundaries of Morrow County
not already included within
the Heppner and Boardman
Soil Conservation Districts."
NOW. THKRrFORP nntirp lo
herebv given that a nuhlin hpar.
ing will be held pursuant to the
aaiu iKiiuon, on me question 01
the desirability and necessity, in
the interest of thp gpnprai uvi.
fare, of the inclusion of such ad
ditional territory within the
Heppner Soil Conservation Dis
trict; on the question of the ap
propriate boundaries to be as
signed to such additional territory-
upon the propriety of the
Petition, and all other nrnworf.
ings taken under the said act;
ana upon an questions relevant
to such inquires. The said public
hearing will be held by the State
Soil Conservation Committee on
the 12th day of June. 1950, be
ginning at 8:00 p.m. at the Wil
lows Grange Hall at lone, Ore
gon, in the County of Morrow.
ALL PERSONS, firms and cor
porations who shall hold title to
any lands lying within the limits
of the above described territory,
and all other interested parties
are invited to attend and will be
given opportunity to be heard at
the time and nlacp' hprpinhpfnro
Executive Secretary
Dated: 22nd day of May, 1950,
at Corvallis, Oregon.
Equity No. 3892
R. S. HOWARD, Receiver, also
all other persons or parties
unknown claiming any rieht,
title, estate, lien or interest
in the real estate described
in the complaint herein,
TO: R. S. Howard, Receiver, also
all other persons or parties
unknown claiming any right,
title, state, lien or interest
in the real estate described
in the complaint herein, De
fendants. IN thr N4iwr nr twit qtjtu
OF OREGON, you and each of
you are hereby required to ap
pear and answer plaintiff's com-
nlalnt filpd agatnot von in the
above entitled Court and Cause,
wiuun iour w weeks from the
date of the first publication of
this summons unon vnu nnH if
you fall to so appear or answer
ior want tnereoi, the plaintiff
will apply to the above entiled
Court for the relief prayed for
in his complaint, to-wit: For a
decree quieting title to the fol
lowing described rpa 1 nrnnnrtv
situate in Morrow County, Ore
gon, IU-W1L.
Lots Twenty-six (26) and
twenty -seven (27), in Block
Thirty-six (36), in the town
of Irrigon, in the County of
Morrow, State of Oregon,
And that it be ADJUDGED and
DECREED that thp nlaintiff l
the owner in fee simple of said
real property and that whatever
interest or title you may claim
to have in Said rpnl nronprl-
shall be null and void and that
each and all of you and all per-
mmis or parties unknown or
known claiming by, through or
under you be forever barred and
grange hall Jimp is fi-sn rv.
Mrs. James Lindsay assisted Mis
mtvaue wun reiresnments.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Young of
Hermiston UprP irlcitnro V.n
Memorial day.
Mr. and Mrs. John Martin and
family of Maupin were week-end
visitors at the Frederick Martin
A bridal sh
honor of Miss Patricia Drake
Mondav aft
hall. Miss Drake received many
lovely and useful gifts. Hostes
ses were Delight Biddle, Joan
uieman, wnma Sanders, Wilma
Dalzell, Wilda Dalzell, Fern
Jones, Barbara Jackson, Dolores
Madden and Dolores Drake. Miss
Drake will hp ma
June 8 to Eldon Tucker of Hepp.'
ai me Luoperative church
Rev. Alfred Shirley officiating.
MrS. I.PWio Halvnrcnn ,T-
Hershall Townsend, Mrs! James
Lindsay, Mrs. Ernest Heliker,
mrs. yj, l,, Lunueii and Mrs. Echo
Palmateer attended a grange
meeting at Rhea creek Friday
10. dance at granorp hull. t...,
- - e, "Mil, tfuuc
11, Daily vacation Bible school
program, iu a.m., Cooperative
church; June 13, Garden club
meeting; June 14, Maranatha
meeting at Earl McKinney home;
June 16. HEC meeting nntlnoir
dinner at noon, Marion Palmer
nome; June 17, grange meeting
8 p.m.; June 18, father-son ban
restrained of and from all claim,
right, title and Interest in and
to said real property and every
part thereof and for such other
and further relief as may be Just
and equitable.
This summons Is published by
order of the Hon. Homer I. Watts,
Judge of the above entiled Court,
made and entered, on the 15th
dayjf May, 1950, directing pub
lication of this summons once a
week for four (4) successive
weeks in the Heppner Gazette
Times, a newspaper of general
circulation, published in Morrow
County, Oregon, and of general
circulation therein and the date
of the first publication of this
summons is May 18, 1950.
Attorney for Plaintiff
Address: Heppner, Oregon
We are getting too many com
plaints about dogs running in
people's yards and flowers, try
ing to bite people, and running
loose at nights. If you care any
thing about your dog. take care
of it. Otherwise the city will do
it for you.
Chief of Police.
the legal voters of School Dis
trict No. 1, of Morrow County,
State Of Oregon, that the Annual
School Meeting of said district
win De neia at uiy Han; to be
gin at the hour of 2:00 o'clock
p.m. on the -third Mondav of
June, being the 19th day of June,.
This meeting is called for thp
DUrDOSe of electing onp memhot
to the Board of Education and
ior tne transaction of business
usual at such meeting.
Dated this 7th day of June,
Chairman Rnard nf Dfrontorc
District Lierk.
NOTICE OF final arrftiiurr
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned. aHminctrotriv t.
estate of GEORGE N. PECK, De-
tedseu, nas ined with the Pro
bate Court nf tho Qtato nt n.
gon, for Morrow County, her fi
nal ai-L-uuni oi ner administra
tion of the estate of said deceased
and Said Court fivpd M,ii
July 10, 1950, at the hour of 10
ul-iuck in me iorenoon of said
day in the Cnuntv rvmrr
- J -WVM V IkWJl)
at the Court House of Heppner,
yicgun, as tne time and place
for hooi-inn nU4nAi a r , .
..ui.ne uujcLuujis io saiu
final account and tha ontllsmn.)
of said estate, and all persons
laving oojections thereto are
hereby required to file the same
with said Court on or before the
time set for said hearing.
Dated and first published this
8th day of June, 1950.
EMMA P. PECK, Administratrix.
Notice is hereby given that the
City of Heppner will, on Monday,
June 19, 1950, at the hour of 7:30
P.M., at the City Hall in said City
of Heppner, receive sealed bids
tor hauling and placing 2,050
CUhlC Vardo r.f hua - I. j
r. iuvjv ana t jj
cubic yards of crushed rock and
oiling the same. The City will
furnish the rock and the contxac
tor place the rock and furnish the
oil for the work.
The City reserves the right to
reject any or all bids. All bids
must be in the hands of the un
dersigned City Recorder not later
than 7'1C tJ 1 t n
iny ttecorqer
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned was duly appointed
bV thp Prohato f .
of Oregon, for Morrow County
administratrix of the individual
vnAlvPMShiPlstate, f RUTH
...-wii.i,, Lci.t:asea, and all
persons having claims against
the estate of said deceased are
hereby required to present the
same to the undersigned admin
istratrix with proper vouchers,
?m PP?,fr',0regon' wlt"in six
(b) months from the date here-
Datpd nnH fl.ot -..Lii-i ....
sth Z,; r , ai puunsnea mis
8th day of June, 1950.
luttiK, Adminstratrlx
quet, grange hall, 6:30 p.m.
Mr. and Mrs RnrHnn Urkii. i
- .: , r, ihic anu
family left Tuesday on a 10-dav
" i" v-anaua. i neir son and
wife. Mr. and Mrs Pharloo urhitA
of Forest firnvp will ctau- at tho
White home during their absence.
mr. ano Mrs. wm. seehafer and
family are in Spokane where they
will attend the graduation pvpp.
cises of a nephew Monday eve-
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Inealla
of Adams and Mr. and Mrs. How.
ard Eubanks and children of Arl
ington were visitors here Mem
orial day.
Mrs. Clell Rea and children of
Stanfield were visitors here Tues.
Miss Ora Ely of Boardman is
staying at the Wallace Matthews
home and Allen Ely is visiting
his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
H. O. Ely.
Mrs. Walter Dobyns returned
home from Portland Sunday after
visiting several weeks with her
daughter, Mrs. Ted Hardesty.
Mrs. Clara Kincaid and grand
son Ralph Kincaid left for Port
land Tuesday. Another grandson,
Lyle, will undergo a major op
eration this week.
Clyde Pettyjohn, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Pettyjohn and Mlsa
Eunice Keithley of Heppner were
married at Stevenson, Wash.,
Friday of last week. They will
make their home in Heppner.