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    Heppner Gazette Times, Thursday, September 1, 1949
Poge 8
. t n-..-.. j jmk L. r.i r,f urvks with her rar-Wr brother-in-law is seriously
IViirt. L-U( J nnu uhuii- join - - (
t-r Allrr, Ruth and Martha re- rnts, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spittle, ill and she has gone to be with
turned the laM of the week from j Mrs Lucy Kodgers has been vis- j her sister. Mrs. Sara MeNamer
AHl..rla where they spent a pleas-'iting in Seattle the past week. -took her as far as Pasco.
"Taxpaying development
dollars invested by
private industry
help all of us."
tmiJinl, 1 1U ITi'j Cbjmbtr Comment
A (HILLION POUNDS Of NEW WIRE will b put into iervice by Pocific Power & tight crewmen thii year. New subnotions,
9reoiors, poles. o"ier equipment will bring 1949 PP&l construction budget in this growing region to more than $9 million.
Cost of new construction by Pacific Power & Light since V-J day will total more than
S.OOO.OOO. These are development dollars. They are taxpaying, job-making dollars,
invested here in the Northwest to help meet your electrical needs.
Power requirements of this fast-grow ing Pacific Northwest demand a steady flow
of these development dollars. That is why all of us want investors to look on thil
region is a land of opportunity, and of fair reward.
The investor whose dollars help extend and improve your low-cost electric
service, while sharing your tax burden, is truly i Partner in Progress!
Pacific Power & Light
A progressivt power system businesi managed
The lone 4 H clothing club met
at the home of Mrs. John Graves
Thursday afternoon to finish gar.
ments that will be exhibited at
the fair. Booths were planned and
he completed garments were ar
ranged for exhibition. Ingrid Her
mann and Ruby Ann Rietmann
performed a shrinklng-of -cotton
materials demonstration that also
will be presented at the fair.
Mrs. Omar Rietmann of lone
conducted a third cotton dress
workshop for lone women last
week to prepare for a better dress
workshop in October.
Mrs George Macready and
children have been visiting at
the home of Rev. and Mrs. Elvon
Tull since Saturday evening.
They returned to their home in
Cottage Grove this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Barger
have added the fifth daughter to
their family as of this morning,
at Pendleton hospital. She weigh,
ed in at 6 pounds 7 ounces and
her name is Deborah Kay.
Mr. and Mrs. Merle Becket and
son Paul returned last week from
a two-week vacation in the Tie
ton mountains and In Yellow
stone Park. Merle said they used
eight rolls of film to record
scenes and happenings of the
trip. Sixty-three of the shots were
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Collins and
Mr. and Mrs. George Ross were
visitors a few days at the W. C.
Collins home. All have returned
: to their homes in Cottage Grove
except Mr. Hollins who remained
for a couple of weeks to assist
I in his nephew's cleaning estab-
; lishment.
f Visitors in Heppner and Lex
ington the past week were Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Welke and son
Donald of Harvard, 111. Mrs. Wei-
ke is a niece of the Rauch broth
ers and Mrs. Alex Hunt and Mrs.
G. Hermann. Mr. Welke is a prin.
ter and true to the traditions of
the trade he called at the Gazette
Times office to keep in touch
with the smell of printer's Ink.
The visitors are spending a few
days in Portland this week and
will return to the county for an
other visit before turning home
ward. Miss Leta Humphreys enter
tained a few friends at dinner
last Thursday night in honor of
Mrs. Hazel Gowan of Pasadena,
Calif., who made an overnight
Visit in Heppner. Enjoying Miss
i Humphreys' hospitality were Mrs.
Gowan, Mrs. J. O. Turner, Mrs.
Charles Vaughn and Mrs. Joseph
ine Mahoney. All were members
kf the class of 1911 of Heppner
high school and reminiscing and
intensive visiting were the order
Continued trom page one
baekfield of returning lettermen.
at right half; Norman Ruhl, 180
pound senior at left half, and Bob
Bergstrom, 190-pound senior at
fullback will form the nucleus of
the team. Marion Green, 145
pound junior, Is a likely candi
date for the quarterback position,
although he is lacking in experi
Melvin Piper, 175-pound junior
ence. Unless shifted to a weaker
point in the line, Letterman Phil
Smith will return to the center
spot this year and Letterman Jim
Orwick, 150-pound senior, irob-
ably will play guard.
WINS HIGH PRAISE Mrs. Edna Turner and Mrs. Eth- Portland shoppin gaud visiting
Mrs. Norman Nelson won high I e' Zeimantz spent last week In relatives and friends
praise last week for a report on a
stale council meeting which she
gave before an assemblage of'
Morrow county home extension
workers at an officers' training I
conference at the Church of
Christ. Miss Mabel Wilson, coun-1
ty home demonstration agent said
Mrs. Nelson's report had com-1
pletely clarified actions of the i
state council that previously had
been mere mystery to county unit j
officers. A special recognition cer
emony at the conference honored
Mrs. Ernest Heliker, Mrs Mark- j
ham Baker and Mrs. W. E. Hugh-1
es, retiring officers in the home i
FOR SALE 2 -bedroom home, oil
furnace. 403 N. Main. See Ralph
Benge or phone 2284. 24c
Mr. and Mrs Everett Hayes, son , extension organization.
Leland and daughter Mildred of
Joseph and Jim Rounsavel of
Wallowa were in Heppner a few
hours today. They left Joseph at
3 this morning to pick up a grain
truck here and took time to say
hello to Mrs. Hayes's various rel
atives before heading back to
the "Switzerland of America."
Billy McCaleb's friendly coun
tenance is missing at the post
office window this week while
he and his family are vacationing
along the coast.
Mrs. Earle Gilliam and Mrs.
Clive Huston returned Friday
from a week in Portland. Mrs.
Gilliam attended buyers' shows
while there, and Mrs. Huston met
her daughter, Mrs. Herman Par
ker of Pascq, who was in the city
on a shopping expedition.
FOR SALE One 8-room house;
Dam, porcnes ana sneas. nemy i
fruit trees of various kinds and
good gardeji plot. Inquire Wm.
L. McCaleb Sr., 101 Gale St. ....
Will be sold at the following prices:
General admission, September 9
(any seat except reserved) ..$1 .65
Grandstand, September 10-1 1 ..$2.60
Bleachers, September 10-11- ..$1.65
Children, admission free September 9
$1 for bleacher seats Sept. 10 and 1 1
No reduction on grandstand tickets
for September 10 and 1 1 .
Buy your tickets at the Main street
booth from 4:30 to 6 p. m. on any
week day.
of the evening.
Notice is hereby given that Dr.
A. D. McMurdo, Neva Matteson
and Emma Hager have presented
their petition to the Common
Council of the City of Heppner,
Oregon, to vacate the following
portion of Race Track Street with
in the Corporate limits of said
City of Heppner, to-wit: I
That portion of Race Track
Street lying between Lots 1, j
2 and a fraction of Lot 3 in I
Block 3, Morrow's Addition to j
the City of Heppner, Morrow
County, State of Oregon, and ;
a fraction of Lots 1 and 2 in j
Block 3 of Jones' Second Ad
dition to the City of Heppner,
and the Common Council has set
Monday, September 19, 1949 at j
the hour of 7:30 p. m. at the
Council Chambers in said City as
the time and place for hearing
objections or remonstrances to
the vacation thereof and any ob
jections or remonstrances will be
heard by the Common Council at
said time and place.
Dated this 1st day of Septem
ber, 1949.
City Recorder.
Admission prices afternoon and evening, nnleii ipe
olfloauy advertised to be otherwise l Children i Est
Prloe .17, Ped. Tax .03, Total too; Orade and Hifh
School Students IS years and oeeri But Prise .40.'
Fed. Tax .10, Total 50c; Adults: Est. Prloe ,60c, Fed.
Tax .10, Total 60c Every child occupying a seat
must havs a ticket.
shows start at Ti30 p.m. Boxoffioe open evenings
Sunday shows oontlnuous starting at 1 p.m. Ail other
until p.m.
The schedule during August will be as follows; Same program Sunday and Monday, Sunday shows
continuous irom i p.m. Same program Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Double-bUl
rrlday and Saturday, Saturday show starts at 7 p.m.
Sunday shows continuous from 1 p. m.
Saturday shows start at 7 p. m. All other
evening shows start at 7:30 p. m.
Friday-Saturday, Sept 2-3
The Green Promise
Walter Brennan, Marguerite Chapman.
Robert Paige, Natalie Wood, Ted Don
aldson At Last! The 4 H on the screen! There's
a healthy slice of Americana in this sim
ple story of farm life with all its happi
ness and tears. (Also in the cast is Jeanne
LaDuke, the 4 H girl from Mt Vernon,
Indiana). Plus
Horseman Of The Sierras
Smiley Burnette-Charles Starrett action
and comedy adventure.
Bugs Bunny
Sunday-Monday, September 4-5
Beautiful Blonde From
Bashful Bend
Betty Grable, Cesar Romero, Rudy Vallee,
Olga San Juan, Sterling Holloway,
Hugh Herbert El BrendeL Porter Ha!L
Chris-Fin Martin, J. Farrell McDonald,
Chester Conklin
A cock eyed comedy wiih funny scones,
saucy dialogue and Grable as a rootin',
toolin', shootin' gal of the raw-boned
west. In Technicolor.
Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, Sept 6-7-8
The Paleface
Bob Hope, Jane Russell, Robert Armstrong,
John Litel, Samuel S. Hinds, Jack Searl
The laughs are headed this-a-wuy from
the Dirty Shame Saloon, with Hope off on
the Road to Ruin with the most famous
female outlaw in the whole U. S. A.
FAIR Sept. 8-9-10 and RODEO Sept 9-10-11
The shows both Friday and Saturday of
Rodeo will start at 7 p. m.
a:.TOsmyi-, 4i!aaaaj
. . rr. j sWrTT
Everyone is Talking about
f3p V". :
the 1949
There will be three big nights of dancing with
Jimmie Whetmore and his Orchestra to end
each day of Rodeo.
Redwood Empire Shows will provide
the carnival entertainment that is al
ways a part of a good fair and rodeo.
Rodeo stock furnished by Howard Johnson
will provide the bareback and saddle-bronc
riding, bulldogging, calf roping, and wild cow
milking . . . You'll come, of course!
While this is the picture of the grand cham
pion 4-H Fat Steer of the 1948 fair, there will
be many like this one at the 1949 Fair.
This is an example of the beef that will be of
fered for sale by twenty two eager 4-H mem
bers, who have fed and fitted the animals dur
ing the past year. Fat lambs and pigs will be
offered for sale, too.
Many of the steers will be the finished product
of feeders that were donated by interested
persons and caught by 4-H members at the
4-H Calf Scramble which was enjoyed by all
who saw it at the 1948 Fair and Rodeo.
9:00 a. m.
9:30 a. m.
9:30 a. m.
1 :00 p. m.
8:00 p m.
8:30a. m.
9:00 a. m.
1 :00p. m.
3:00 p m.
7:30 p. m.
10:00 a. m
3:30 p. m.
All exhibits entries close
4-H Agricultural contests
Judging of Open Class, Home Economics-School-Flower
Judging of 4-H Home Economics and Agri
cultural exhibits
4-H Style Review at Heppner Civic Center
4'H Home Economics Contests
Open Class Livestock Judging
Finish judging of all Open Class and 4-H
Saddle horse winners parade in rodeo arena
4-H Fat Stock Auction Sale
Calf Scramble in rodeo arena
rr73 1 -. tv'ij3d
I is si iiinr ."...sgr-. -yJit.'.. ,, , , , r,
Morrow County Fair & Rodeo Sept
8 - 9
o 10-11