Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, April 07, 1949, Page Page 5, Image 5

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    Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon, April 7, 1949
Page 5
Big Four Lumber
Company Mill Set
To Open About 20th
By Millie Wilson
The Biff Four Lumber company
started their men to work In the
timber last Monday and wll have
more men In the timber by next
week. They plan to have the mill
in oH'ralion within the next 15
or 20 days.
The county road crew Is grad
ing the streets of Monument this
week. Virgil Cohoe is operating
the grader.
The women of the IIKC met
Wednesday to clean the grange
hall to be ready for Pomona on
Saturday. The men have been
working hard to get the floor ;
sanded and varnished.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Musgrave '
stopped in town on their way
home from John Day. They expect
to spend next week in Portland.1
Another big real estate deal
took place last week when the
Capon Brothers bought the Bill
Settle ranch on Rudio creek. This
joins with other land owned by
the Capons and makes them a
real stock arnch.
Dene Broadfoot and Tim Lov
gren drove to Pendleton to be
donors for Everett Ilarshman
who is very ill at St. Anthony's
George Mantis, Leonard Glaef
ke, and Gordon Waterhouse drove
to Pednleton Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cork went to
Roseburg on Krday to visit their
daughter and husband, Mr. and
Mrs. Joe Simas.
A lovely stork shower was giv
en in honor of Mrs. Boh Holmes
on Friday. It was held in the
school auditorium with a large
crowd In attendance. The hon
oree was the recipient of many
lovely and useful presents. Bingo
was played by all. Joava Enright
won first, Kate Enright, second,
and Millie Wilson third. Delicious
refreshments of ice cream, cake,
coffee and tea were served by
the hostesses, Louisa Fleming,
Clinta Mellor, Pearl Stubblefield,
Kate Enright and Fay Mundy.
1 Ed Round is riding for Elzie
Emery's cattle this week.
I The Mounment baseball team
and the soft ball team drove to
I Mitchell on Friday and played
j two games. The girls won 16 0
'but the boys lost 1412. It was a
I rTMnri rrump and evprv one had a
ft'VU f, "
fine time.
Dick Schouten was attending
to business matters In town one
day this week.
Judith Johnson celebrated her
11th birthday anniversary by in
viting four of her little friends
to spend the night with her: Jes
sie Matteson, Mary Alice Vincent,
Diana and Judy Stirewalt. The
girls reported a very enjoyable
Fred Jackson of the Columbia
Power Co-op association was in
Uown Tuesday. He had with hjm
'Mr. Johnson, the engineer. They
,were checking poles, insulators,
and meters for the RE A.
The floor in Monument's
grange hall has been sanded and
S. E. Lewis Is now varnishing it.
We are in hopes it will be fin-
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ished before Saturday. That is
the day Pomona grange will be
field in Monument.
Lawrence Fleming and son
fclark from Eugene were in town
attending to business matters
and visiting with friends and rel
atives. From here they went to
Hamilton and Long Creek.
The ladies auxiliary this week
mailed to the branch in Portland
between $90 and $100 of clothing
to the child welfare. Martha Mat
teson is chairman of this com
mittee. The 4H clubs met in Mrs.
Bleakman's home on Tuesday as
the varnish on the floor of the
grange hall was not dry enough
to walk on.
James Healy and Cecil Hicks
from Heppner were in town Mon
day and Tuesday. They moved
and installed a butane tank for
Chance Wilson. They also did
work for the cafe, Wilbur Flowers
and Harry Capon.
Mr. and Mrs. Chance Wilson
have moved from the George
Stirritt house into Daisy Simas'
apartments. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart
moved from the Dempsey Boyer
house into the George Stirritt
house. This has been a very busy
week getting everyone moved
and settled.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Geinger
from Cottonwood was shopping
in town on Monday.
Bill Beckwth from John Day
and Joe Kaiser, the Oregonian
man from Pendleton, were in
town attending to business mat
ters on Thursday. They intended
to try their luck salmon fishing
before returning home.
Maynard Hamilton spent sever
al days in Spray, doing some
work at the school house.
Mr. and Mrs. Nate McBride of
Heppner visited Mr. and Mrs. Tini
Pomona grange met in Monu
ment on Saturday with a good
attendance from Prairie City and
Mt. Vernon granges. Pomona
Master Harry Combs and State
Deputy Lantz were in charge. Six
teen members, received the fifth
degree. The obligation was given
by the state deputy. A potluck
dinner was served by the women
of the Monument grange. To fin
ish out the day and to entertain
the visiting granges, the men
home folks who had seen it once
before, as by the visiting granges.
Case Furniture Company
Lexington Cafe
We will feature
All Day Sunday
Price Per Plate
All Other Meals
Will Be Lower
In Price
Due to Lower Meat Prices
(From Last Week I
Play day was held al Fossil
high school Saturday. Eight
schools were represented Mt.
Vernon, Spray, Dayville, Hermis
ton, Heppner, lone, Condon and
Fossil. The girls played volley
ball, lone won their three games,
making them the winning team
of the day,
Tick shots have been available
at the local hospital for the past
week, and over 100 persons have
taken advantage of this service.
Friends and neighbors of Fin
ley La Clair 'Indian) here, are
sorry to hear about his small son
Garry who was taken to the
Cushman hospital, Tacoma, from
his home near Milton-Freewater.
The child had been practically
paralyzed and his father receiv
ed word he was suffering from
TB of the spine. 'Garry attended
school here last year.
. Those attending the meeting
of the Masonic order at Arling
ton Tuesday evening were James
C. Walker, George Close and John
Mills and Andrew Slaig of Fos
sil. Mr. and Mrs. M. R. (Slip)
Wright and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin
Hines, Junior nines anil David
Harris attended the shoot at Con.
don Sunday afternoon.
Velerie and Valoris. twin
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon
Perry, celebrated their 13th birth
day on March 23. At their party
were Gloria and Rosy Moran, and
Palsy Watson. Ice cream and two
beautifully decoiated angel cakes
were served.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Armstrong.
George Close and Ethel Mitchell
were visiting Joe Hays Saturday, j
Mr. Hays was aaminea 10 ine
hospital at The Dalles week be
fore last. He wa manager of the
Kinzua bas&all team last year.
His many friends here wish him
a speedy recovery.
John McRoberts of Portland
was at 'Kinzua the first of the
week, bringing in a truck load
of welding gas. He visited Mr.
and Mrs. Delvin McDaniel, also
saving hello to other friends.
I Mrs. Owen H. Leathers Sr. is
'confined to her home with an
injured leg received while work
ing at the plant on Friday. She
is suffering from a blood clot,
j Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fatland of
Condon, home for spring vaca
tion from Oregon State, were
j Thursday visitors at the Joe
Schott home. Mrs. Fatland, nee
'Carolyn Coleman, is the daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Coleman.
1 Miss Lillian Schott spent the
past week here visiting her par
Miss Wilson, home demonstra
tion agent from Morrow county,
gave a very interesting talk on
county home demonstrators. She
also presented three types of waf
fle irons and discussed the good
and bad points of each. The talk
was educational and we all wish
we had a coi nty demonstrator in
Grant county.
Orlan Cork and family from
Kennewick, Wash., visited with
Mr. Cork's sister and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Sweek. Thny re
turned to their home on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cox drove
to Portland on Monday. "
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Kelly took
Itheir children to consult a doctor
in John Day last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs .Earl Johns were
called to John Day the first of the
week on account of the illness of
Mr. John's mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Hinton and
family visited in Dayville on Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hansen have
stored their household things and
have gone back to Portland to
Mr and Mrs. George Stirritt and
Mrs. Fred Shank and daughter
Laura Lee drove to John Day on
Saturday. Laura Lee had an ap
pointment with her dentist.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Munday from
the L.S. ranch on Cottonwood
spent Sunday visiting in Monu
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schott,
from the university at Eugene.
She returned to school Sunday
Kinard McDaniel visited Mrs."
MeDanieJ at Hardman over the
week end. Mrs. McDaniel is tak
ing care of Grandma Coats who
is bedfast. He also visited his
dauhgter, Mrs. Everett Harshman
and family, at their ranch near
Burton Valley.
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