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    A Heppner Go2ette Times, Heppner, Oregon, Februory 12, 1948
Happiness Formula
(Mb! trtm Pr Thra
10. Bam Feed PraMtrotioii.
W recommend that a special ed
ucational program be instigated
la Morrow county to Instruct the
farm In the building, care and
in of farm food lockers. Mr.
Oomrv. associate professor of
agricultural engineering at Ore
goo State college, should be con
tacted to meet with farm fam
lllea and explain home-made
food lockers.
11. Commercial Feed Lockers
We recommend that a law be
passed to compel all commercial
lockers to meet certain specifica
tions regarding temperature and
Our youth are our citizens of
tomorrow. Besides the formal ed
ucation which they receive in
public schools they also need the
Informal education which they
may receive from living and
working with others. Organiza
tions such as Boy Scouts, Girl
Scouts, Campflre Girls, 4 H clubs
and religious youth organizations
may be a source of training In
useful citizenship and may fur
nish wholesome social life and
1- Leader Training. The com
mittee feels that many of our po
tential leaders who have no club
background are hesitant to lead
a youth organization. Since many
of these people have had no
youth organization background,
it Is felt that leaders' training
meetings would be helpful to
these people. The group recom
mends that training meetings be
made available as soon as possi
ble. Youth organization leaders
should be encouraged to develop
leadership in responsive club
mmebers for training as future
1 Parent Interest The commit
tee feels that the most important
opportunity to encourage parent
interest is through publicity In
the press. We realize the need
for parent interest to develop
youth. Other ways to encourage
parent interest is through lyceum
courses using leaders in youth
organizations to work who can
impress upon parents the need
for such organization.
The committee also believes
that parents of children who are
interested in youth organization
work should be contacted to im
press upon them the responsibil
ity and need of understanding to
complete a project if undertaken.
3. Youth Opportunities. The
committee believes that the
school program should be leng
thened to 12 months with directed
recreation and opportunities av
ailable to develop the cultural
arts, such as music, art, and shop
work. Individual remedial help
should be available for those
children who do not have the pos
sibilities that other children have.
This school program should be
available for all interested, but
would not be required during the
summer months.
Each community should be
asked to provide youth organiza
tion centers for holding meetings,
using schools and other organiza
tion centers.
The committee recommends
Yes, sonny, there are 11,000 poles in
the pile. And we'll use them all during
1948 as PP&L carries out the largest
this crowing region construction program in us msiory.
Becfric ratei ben are now the hwest in history leu than half fie national average.
Pacific Power & Light Company
38 Year$ of Public Service
that at least one youth organiza
tion be made available for each
child but that children be en
couraged to carry no more pro
jects than can be successfully
carried out during the club year.
The group feels that 'if all lead
ers of youth organizations would
coordinate their programs tnat
there would be less duplication
and more possibilities of youth
finishing the projects that they
begin. This would cover school
activities, church activities, re
ligious youth groups, camps, and
all other youth organizations.
The committee also feels that
religious youth organizations be
coordinated with other programs
so that each youth would have
this type of background.
The committee urges that
youth organization leaders en
courage youth to develop useful
Happy people need not only a
job which is interesting to them,
but also some recreation which
will provide an outlet for their
social self. This applies to adults
and children alike, with the in
crease in labor-saving eauin
ment, people find that they have
more leisure time. This leisure
time should be used profitably.
This is especially true of the
children. With a directed pro
gram of recreation that is well
supervised, we would find that
there will be more children who
are happy and well adjusted and
fewer delinquents.
. Recreation Area. The com
mittee feels that more recrea
tional areas and facilities are
needed for the youth of Morrow
county. The committee therefore
recommends that the County
Court and county budget commit
tee give consideration to funds to
provide a year-around recreation
area in Morrow county. We rec-
ommend that the Herren Camp
area be investigated as a desir
able location and that the County
Court seek the cooperation or the
Forest Service in developing such
an area.
2. Park. The committee also
recommends that the City of
Heppner in recognition of the
business coming from the rural
areas provide picnic grounds and
park area with available rest
rooms for rural people who wish
to take advantage of this while
on their regular shopping trips to
The group made the motion
that a resolution be adopted re
questing the City Council to co
operate in providing funds for a
park in Heppner. This resolution
shall be sent to the City Council.
3. Camping Facilities. The com
mittee urges the Forest Service to
place picnic tables and camping
facilities in the mountains where
feasible. We ask that interested
groups contact Congress for funds
for this development.
We also recommend that tables
and benches be placed along
state highways wherever picnic
spots are available. These to be
cared for by the State Highway
Happy family life in childhood
is probably the most important
factor which may help a child to
become a happy, satisfied and
mature adult. Since marriage is
really a job for life, more people
should be made to realize that
there are rules to the game and
that one must work to make a
marriage successful.
1, Uniform Laws. The commit
tee recommends that the atten
tion of Congressmen be called to
the need for uniform marriage
and divorce laws and that state
legislation of these laws be made.
2. Preparation lor Family Lur
ing. The group recommends that
the State Board of Education
be urged to Include in the school
course of study beginning in the
grade schools courses that would
provide students with a prepara
tion for family life.
3. Better Family Life. The com
mittee recommends that the tea
ching of home economics and
farm shop courses be required In
all high schools.
The committee believes that all
girls should have In their home
economics curriculum some stud
ies on family life and home. In
addition, we believe that all boys
should have some cookery and
wardrobe school training as well
as home shop training for girls
which will provide a background
for better family life. These cour
ses should be required to provide
practical education.
4. Family Participation. The
committee feels that there should
be more activity in which the
whole family participates. At all
gatherings there should be some
provision made for activities
suited to the various age levels.
A youth program in conjunction
with each adult program would
be the best way to provide this
varied activity.
General Recommendations
The committee has given much
thought and careful considera
tion to the foregoing recommen
dations, believing that when they
are carried out the home and
community life of Morrow coun
ty will be greatly improved.
We believe that the Extension
Service may carry out a more
complete educational program
affecting farm home and rural
life, as well as agricultural sub
jects, if an adequate budget could
be provided by the Budget Com
mittee and Morrow County Court.
We also believe that it would
aid in achieving the recommen-
Hospitalized Vet
Writes Greetings
From Word Seven
From Ward No. 7, veterans hos
pital in Walla Walla, comes word
of appreciation from Obert Som
mervold, veteran of World War I,
who speaks for himself and other
veterans of the ward.
Greetings! A salute to the cit
izens of Morrow county, Oregon,
in behalf of your Red Cross chap
ter chairman, co-workers, in and
outside the county, and your
Gray Ladies, from a patient in
Ward 7, Veterans hospital. I am
not much familiar with the in
terpretatlon or meaning of Gray,
dations if the services of a Home
Demonstration Agent could be
employed for Morrow county.
We further realize that several
years will be needed to accom
plish these goals and that it will
be necessary to work toward
them as rapidly as money, ma-1
terials, and personnel are avail-',
but to nickname a person so far
from the resemblance to the ad
jective gray (or grey) has always
been a puzzle to this less talent
ed human.
I have yet to see one of these
Gray Ladles without a smile or
friendly approach when making
their rounds, and this writer is
now an old, ugly man, who, as
many more, is not expecting
friendly approaches at his age.
forts is A l. What I have seen,
as one confinned to bed and ben
efited, my feeling and apprecia
tion can not be overestimated, so
to you all, thanks, and may God
bless every one.
Sharon Lee Is the name given
by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomp
son to their baby girl born Jan
uary 17 at Seattle. The mother
la the former Catherine Turner,
Your generosity, Christian SDlr-! daughter of Mrs. Grace Turner of
it of good fellowship and endea-' Heppner. Sharon Lee is the
vor at all times through the year' Thompson's second child, the
in doing so much for our com- first one also a girl.
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