Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, January 22, 1948, Image 5

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    Want Ads
FOR SALE 10-foot Aermotor
windmill and tower. Lee Beck
ner, lone, Ore. 44-4fr
FOUND Shovels on highway
near Lena. Call 102, Heppner.
WANTED Reliable person with
business knowledge to repre
sent Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., as
a correspondent-investigator in
Heppner and lone. Part time
work of a fee basis. Write P.O.
Box 111, Portland, Oregon, At
tenlion: B. H. Robinson. 44c
FOR SALE Cheap, year old Gen
' eral Electric automatic iron,
UKe new. Phone 2605. 44c
FOR SALE Mall chain saw. See
Bert Kane. 43-44p
We have received a small ship"
ment of y4 h.p. split phase and
12 h.p. capacitor General Elec
tric Motors. Heppner Hardware
& Electric Co.
WANTED - Reliable man with
car to call on farmers in Mor
row county. Wonderful oppor
tunity. $15 to $20 in a day. No
experience or capital required.
Permanent. Wrije today. Mc
NESS COMPANY, Dept. B, 2123
Magnolia St., Oakland 7, Cal.
FOR SALE-Two 7-ft. Interna
tional disc plows with McClin
tock hitch. Arthur Hunt, Lex
ington. 44p
FOR SALE One F. M. light
plant, 32-volt, 750 watt, with
batteries, one iron; 12 horse
power motor; 3 dozen bulbs
and some wire. Thoroughly
overhauled. Can be seen at Car
roll Equipment Co., Pendleton,
Ore. 42-4 tc
FOR ALE 32-volt light plant,
$250; 32-volt eectrlc drill, $55;
In an effort to help turn the tide of
inflation, G.E. is reducing the prices
on a wide range of producst. The re
duction is effection JAN. 1, 1948.
The products on our floor affected
by the reduction are:
NOW 334.75 Was 349.75
NOW 324.75 Was 339.50
NOW 118.75 Was 124.50
Also Vacuum Cleaners and Watre
What Is The State Of
Your Office Stationery?
This is a good time to bring your supplies up-to-date.
This is true for two reasons:.. You have been through
your stock inventory and should know what is needed,
and this is a good time to hand your jobs to the printer
for it is a quiet season with him.
The Gazette Times Printery
is equipped to handle your printing needs. Call 882 and
a representative will call at your place of business and
talk over your needs with you.
Mail Orders
for printing will be given prompt and careful attention.
Letter Heads, Statements, Envelopes, Labels, Window
Cards, Posters, Pamphlets, Books, Personalized Station
ery, Checks, Receipts you bring in the job, we'll figure
if out for you.
Heppner Gazette Times
Phone 882
32-volt 14 h p. motor, $10; 32
volt iron, $5. Fully automatic,
used 3 years. Will consider
trade. L. E. Ruhl, Lexington
TREE TOPPING, trimming and
removing. Gordon Grady, land
scape gardener. Phone 2193.
BILLY GOAT service. F. M. Nich
ols owner, P. O. Box 163, lone,
Legal Advertising
Nolire is hereby Kiven tliut the un
derHtgnerl haa been duly appulnted hii
miiilnti'atrtx of the estate of August
Andereon, deceased, by the County
Court of Morrow County, Oregon, and
haa ai-cepted such truflt. All persons
having claims agalnHt said exlute are
hereby required to present the same,
with proper vouchers attached, to the
administratrix, at the offlc of J. O.
Turner, in Heppner. Oregon, on or be
fore six months from the date of the
firHt publication of this notice.
bated and flrBt published this 22n.l
day of January. 1948.
44-48. Administratrix.
Notice is hereby given that in
accordance with the statutes gov
erning the sale of estrayed ani
mals, I will on Saturday, Janu
ary 24, 1948, at the hour of 10
o'clock a.m. at my place on Rhea
Creek, sell to the highest bidder
for cash in hand the following
described animal: One Hen-ford
steer about two years old, no vis
ible brand, notch out of lower
part of right ear. Said sale sub
ject to right of redemption by
original owner.
42-44c J. J. Hayes.
Notice is hereby given that the
City of Heppner will receive seal-
bids for the sale of the following
real property, to-wlt:
Fractional Lots two (2), three
(3), four (4) and five (5) in
Block 3 of Ayer's Third Addi
tion to the City of Heppner,
also, Lot three (3) in Block
Bible school, 9:45; C. W. Bar
low, superintendent; Beverly Yo
com, junior superintendent; Mrs.
Joe Jewett, primary superintend
ent. Morning worship, lljcommun
ion and preaching; sermon topic,
"The Sending of Missionaries."
Evening evangelistic service at
7:30. Special music. Sermon top
is, "The Courage of Paul."
Choir practice Thursday eve
ning at 7.
Bible study and prayer meeting
Thursday evening at 8.
Meeting for the children is
Wednesday at 2:40 and 4.
J. Palmer Sorlien, Minister.
Morning worship and prayer at
11 a.m.
Sunday church school at 9:45
a.m. We have classes for all ages.
Mrs. Lucy Rodgers, superintend
ent; Mr. Robert Owens, assistant
superintendent; Mrs. J. Palmer
Sorlien, superintendent junior de
partment. Wednesday: Midweek devo
tional services at 7:30 p.m.
Thursday: Choir practice at 7
p.m. Mrs. Thomas Wells, direc
tor. The Womens Society of Christ
ian Service meets the first Wed
nesday of each month.
Junior Youth Fellowship, first
and third Wednesday of each
month. Mrs. Carl McDaniel, lead-
Schedule of services:
Mass in Heppner on the 1st
and 3rd Sundays at 9 a.m.; 10:30
on the 2nd and 4th.
Mass in lone on the 1st and
3rd Sundays at 10:30 a.m.; 2nd
and 4th at 9 a.m.
Mass on the fifth Sunday one
one (1) of the original City of
Rids will be received bv the
City Recorder until February 2,
1948 at the hour of 7:30 o'clock, in
the afternoon of said day, at
which time the same will be op
ened by the Common Council.
The Comon Council reserves the
right to reject any or all bids.
By order of the common coun
42- 45. City Recorder.
uary 9, 1948, I am authoized and
directed to advertise and sell at
public auction at not less than
the minimum price herein set
fori h :
Tract No. 60 and Tract No. 79
of Heppner, Oregon for the
minimum price of $40.00,
Lots 9, 10, 11, 12 in Block 31
of Irrigon, Oregon for the
minimum price of $40.00,
Lots 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,
24, 25, 26. 27, 28. 29, 30, 31 and
32 in Block 28 of Irrigon, Ore
gon, for the minimum price
of $80.00 cash.
THEREFORE, I will on the 14th
dav of February, 1948, at the hour
of 10:00 a.m., at the front door of
the Court House in Heppner, Ore
gon, sell said property to the
highest and best bidder.
C. J. D. BAUMAN, Sheriff,
43- 47 Morrow County, Oregon.
mass only in Heppner at 9 a.m.
: Holy days of obligation: Maw
, in Heppner at 7:30 a.m.; mass
I T . ft
ill tunc di a a.ju.
First Fridays of the month:
Mass in Heppner at 7:30.
Septuagesima Sunday:
Holy communion, 8 a.m.
Church school, 9:45 a.m
Morning prayer, 11 a.m.
Junior Fellowship, 6:30 p.m.
Senior Fellowship, 7:30 p.m.
News From
C. A. Office
Many farmers are asking ques
tions about weed control these
days and a spirited drive is be
ing made by chemical and equip
ment manufacturers to sell 2,4-D
and equipment with which to ap
ply it.
A word ol caution is given by
this office to farmers who plan
to buy this winter and spring.
First, investigate the company
who is selling such materials.
There are many good reliable
dealers in chemicals and equip
ment. Yet there are always a few
that are trying to make money
fast rather than sell materials
and" equipment that are thor
oughly tested and proven. Com
panies with only a year or two
experience in the manufacturing
field are generally not in the po
sition to provide quality mater
ials like an older firm.
Second, when purchasing
equipment, make sure it will
meet qualifications for thorough
application. In purchasing a
sprayer be sure that it is capable
of spraying at least 10 gallons
of liquid per acre. Lower applied
tions are not recommended by ex
periment stations, Oregon State
college or reliable chemical or
equipment companies who have
experimented with application.
A final word of caution, which
applies to not only chemical and
equipment sales is to watch out
for high pressured salesmen who
have a product to sell.
E. R. Jackmanlong-time farm
crops specialist at Oregon State
college, claims the good life isn t
found in the large cities of the
country. He says to look 10 the
small towns for color and inter
est. In fact, Jackman attempts to
prove his point in an article
which will be printed in the Jan
uary 31 issue of the Saturday
Evening Post.
Burns, Oregon, is the town he
uses as a case in point.
In telling about the life in
Burns, Jackman takes the part of
the eastern Oregon stockman de
scribing his way of life and char
acter. Many incidents using
names of actual persons gives the
article a true eastern Oregon fla
vor. Many of Jackman's arguments
in favor of the small town way
of life are illustrated with hu
morous anecdotes which makes
the story about Burns as refresh
ing as an eastern Oregon breeze.
The U. S. depatrment of agri
culture has estimated that cattle
grubs cause a loss of from 50 to
100 million dollars annually. This
is the loss represented in wasted
meat trimmed from grubby car
casses and the loss in damaged
hides. Buyers the country over
make a reduction on purchases
of grubby animals because they
know there will be a loss in meat
and hides. Not all ranchers are
aware they are being thus pen
alized when selling their grubby
animals. We have first-hand in
formation showing that grubby
cattle normally suffer a price
concession of about 50c per cwt.
This price concession of 50c per
cwt. applies during periods of
normal receipts, but during per
iods of heavy receipts buyers are
naturally more selective and
would be inclined to pass infest
ed animals in preference to grub
free animals. There have been
many instances when grubby cat
tie do not receive a bid until late
in the day and often penalized
be8lnwlih ftS
... V, the weight of or Ji
nary blinds because it's made of
spccial(flexible aluminum alloy.
Lovelier . . , Flexalum's satin
smootn plastic finish blends with every
decorative selling.
Easier to Clean ... Its flexibility
makes cleaning so simple and quick.
Longer Lasting . . . Flcxalum is
sun-proof, rust proof, warp-proof, will
not crack chip or peel, resists weather
stains and soil.
Custom mailt to fit windows ex
actly, king your measurements in to
day. Hcxalum s low cost will surprise
you. '
Case Furniture
as much as $1 per cwt. The pen
alty reflects the situation encoun
tered In beef coolers where grub
by carcasses are normally penal
ized around $1 per cwt. and the
loss in damaged hides which are
substantially reduced in value
because of their damaged condi
tion. The above cited loss does
not take into consideration the
less tangible consideration of re
duced weight gains due to the
presence of grubs or the running
of cattle by the adult heel fly.
Buyers of feeder cattle are report
ed to be giving more and more
consideration to the origin of the
cattle they purchase and whether
they came from areas known to
be heavily infested with grubs or
if the cattle came from areas
treating for grub control.
Rotonone is the only Insecticide
now being recommended for the
control of cattle grubs. Recent
checks on Morrow county cattle
show that in the lower part of the
county it is now time to treat for
grubs. The cattle in the higher
country will be ready to treat
shortly after February 1st as it
now appears. A repeat treatment
should be made 30 days later.
In treating ro grubs there are
two methods commonly used in
Morrow county. Dusting: use
about 3 ounces of 5 rotonone
per animal, dusting well into the
hair over the grubs. Spraying
use seven and one-half pounds of
t rotonone powder in 100 gal
Ions of water. Spray with 400
pounds pressure with nozzle 10 to
12 inches above the back of the
Commercial liquid rotonone
concentrates are available local
ly. If these are used instructions
on the package should be follow
Arrangements were made this
past week whereby a carload of
nitrogen fertilizer was shipped
into lone for distribution to far
mers. The fertilizer will be used
by farmers for application on dry
land wheat as well as irrigated
pastures and legume seedings.
A few tons of this nitrogen fer
tilized is available of anyone is
interested in using some.
Have you started to keep your
farm account records for 1948?
If not, now is a good time to get
a record book from the county
agent's office and begin your rec
ords at once.
Moisture prospects for the 1948
wheat crop in eastern Oregon are
described as excellent At least
for this time of the year. In fact,
some county agricultural agents
from Oregon's bread basket re
cently described the moisture
conditions for January as the best
they have seen for the past five
or six year.
However, along with heavy
rains recently, there has been
considerable water erosion dam
age to wheat lands in their sec
tions Assistant County Agents
LeRoy Fuller and Lee Foster of
Umatilla county, say that little
washing or gullying occurred on
land in that county which was in
peas or wheat last year, then fall
plowed and left rough for spring
The answer: The U. S.
We are better fed, better clothed, and" have more
automobiles, refrigerator, telephones, and radios
per capita than any other country.
Why ? One reason is the efficiency of the American
fanner. In countries where farm production is low,
th standard of living is low.
Heppner Gazette
planting. Summerfallow land in
1947 which was rod weeded before
fall planting to wheat was not
badly damaged.
But there was damage to Uma
tilla wheat lands as a result of
recent heavy rains. The assist
ant agents state that summerfal
low sections which were worked
down too fine and seeded late in
the fall are the lands which show
the most washing. Especially on
the steeper slopes.
The Union county agricultural
agent, R. M. Schaad, reports a
formula which has prevented
blowing in the wheat lands of his
county. Schaad says farmers who
have applied nirtogen fertilizer to
wheat stubble and Incorporated
the straw into the top few inches
of the soil surface have escaped
and ONLY Chevrolet
in REGISTRATIONS of cars and of trucks . . .
in Passenger Car Production In 1947 according
to published production figure.
FIRST in Truck Production in 1 947 according to pub
lished production figures.
FIRST to Produce over a Million Cart and Trucks in a
postwar year, 1947 according to published pro
duction figures.
FIRST in Total Passenger Car Production and Sales for the
total 17-year period, January, 1931 to January,
1948 according to published nation-wide figures.
FIRST in Total Truck Production and Sales for the total
17-year period, January, 1931 to January, 1948
according to published nation-wide figures.
FIRST In Total Number of Cart and Trucks on the road
today according to official nation-wide registrations.
Heppner, Oregon Phone 403
Do People Live the
Times, Heppner, Oregon,
The little city of Burns, Ore.,
will break into the national spot
light in the pages of the January
31 issue of Saturday Evening
Post as the result of the success
ful effort of E. R. Jackman, O.S.C.
extension farm crops specialist,
to get a "break" for America's
small towns.
Jackman, who has worked in
rural Oregon for close to 28 years,
wind erosion damage.
Soil moisture conditions might
be excellent now but when the
combines begin to roll is still
six months away. About July, in
fact. In the meantime, the coun
ty agent says weeds, insects and
a spring drought could change
the wheat picture considerably.
in Passenger Car Sales in 1947 according to
incomplete but conclusive tales records.
in Truck Sales In 1947 according to incomplete
but conclusive sales records.
United States?
The American farmer represents only 2' per
cent of the world's farmers, yet he produces approxi
mately 20 per cent of the world's food supply.
Steel production also is an accurate measure of
living standards. America, with only 7 per cent of
the world's population, produces 50 per cent of the
world's steel.
January 22, 1948-3
offered Editor Ben Hibhs of the
Post a story of Burns as a part
of the series of American cities
that magazine has been running
for the past year or so.
"Even a hasty survey of our
literature and art seems to indi
cate that if we have any truly
national culture it stems from
the small town and the nearby
farm," says Jackman. "There in
dividuality grows, flowers and
bears fruit sometimes Just odd,
other times laughable, but al
ways interesting."
The article, to be well illustrat
ed, consists mostly of ancdotes
that Jackman has accumulated
around Burns and elsewhere
which he recounts in illustrating
various phasse of everyday life
in this part of rural Oregon.
DAlR-and every otto Chev
rolt dealer in America or bote
proud and happy to make the fol
lowing report to buy en and prospec
tive buyers of Chevrolet product
Again in 1947, Chevrolet built and
old more con and no re ftvdri than
any other maker in the industry, just
os Chevrolet has buitt and sold ewre
cars and more frvdu than any other
maker for the total seventeen year
period, daring frost ianvory, 1931 te
January, J948 the modern period
of motor cor history
Naturally, we as well as the Chev
rolet Motor Division of Genera!
Motors are deeply grateful for
America's outspoken preference for
Chevrolet passenger cars and trucks
and we are determined so do every
thing in our power to continue so
deserve this preference in me future
as in the past. 1
We want to thank each and every
person m this community for Ms friend
ship and goodwill for this organi
zation. We solicit and appreciate your
patronage. We are doing cur level
best to prove that, by filling orders
for new Chevrolet! just as p romp try
os we can even under today's trying
condition and we jre deeply and
doubly appreciative of the patience
and understanding of all our cus
tomers who are awaiting deliveries
of new Chevrolet.
Needless to say, you buy wisely
when you buy the product of the
world's largest producers of cars and
trucks, for that is the way to maxi
mum dollar value I Rest assured that
we'll fill your order for a new Chevrolet
fust as soon as it is humanly possible
to do so. Meanwhile, please let m
help to keep your present cor or truck
imgood running condition by bringing
it to us for skilled service, now end
at re gut or intervals.
330 Fifth Avenue, Nw York 1, N. Y.