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    Heppner Gazette Times
Volume 64, Number 25
Heppner, Oregon, Thursday, Sept. 11, 1947
Fair Wins Praise
From Exhibitors And
Visijors Alike
Many Forecast A
Bigger And Better
Show Next Year
Morrow county's first effort
In several years at having a fair
met with praise from everybody
participating, either as a visitor
or an exhibitor, and there were
many visitors and not a few ex
hibitors. There was so much
more to meet the eye than had
been anticipated that pleased
expressions of surprise were to
be heard on every hand.
There is no way of telling how
many people attended the fair,
due to absence of admission
charges, but the exhibit hall
was filled repeatedly with in
terested visitors and many peo
ple thronged around the live
stock sheds throughotu the two
days the exhibition was in ef
fect. The exhibit hall was filled
with products of field, garden,
kitchen and sewing room. The
new stock shed was completely
filled with beef type cattle and
additional shed space was pro
vided for dairy stock. There
were pens of hogs and sheep, as
well as poultry and rabbit exhi
bits. Quality of all exhibits was of
such high order that Judges
found it difficult to. make aw
ards and those lacking awards
were few.
Work done by the fair board
and helpers elicited much praise.
Time was short for preparation
for this year's fair and the of
ficials are laying plans for fur
ther improvements which will
be carried out long before the
opening date of next year's
show. By employing crushed
rock around the front of the ex
hibit hall dust was held to the
minimum. A sprinkler kept the
yard around the building moist,
and straw and sawdust kept the
. livestock quarters clean and
dustless. It is hoped to have the
ground near the highway seeded
this fall so that grass will hold
the dust down in the future.
farm exhibit: Cutsforth Corners ranch
KFA and 4-H Club: lone Sewing
8even 4-H club 1st; Heppner FFA 2nd.
Granite and Farm Organizations:
Commercial boolha: Grudy'a tireen-
nouae 1st: lum-A-Lum Lumber Co.
2nd; Ed Dick 3rd.
Shorthorns; Betty Graved 1st: Ger
ald Peterson (shown by Ingld Her
mann) nd; Harbors Sherman 3rd:
Louis Carlson 4th: Duane Baker 6th
Light Hereforda: JuAnne Gravea 1st;
Ingrld Hermann 2nd: Ida Lee Cha
pel 3rd; Kaye Cutsforth 4th: Jane
Heehafer 5th; Jimmy Wlghtman 6th;
Allen Hughes 7th; Ida Lee Chattel 8th
Heavy Heefords: Hleta Graves lat;
Dean Graves 2nd: Rodger Pamer 8rd:
Pat Cutaforth 4th: Kenneth ctusforth
6th; Frlti Cutsforth 6th; Sally Palmer
Grand champion of all breeds: Rleta
Reserve champion: JoAnne Graves.
Herefords Bulls: Allen Hughes 1st;
iaa Le i.napei zna.
Cows: Ida Lee Chanel 1st.
Shorthorns Cows: JoAnne Graves 1st
Cow with calf: JoAnne Gravea 1st
Grand champion of all breeds: Ida
Lee. Chapel.
Reserve champion: JoAnne Gravea.
Grub treatment: Ronald Baker, Du
ane Baker 1st
Grooming calves: Betty Graves, Jo
Anne Graves 2nd.
Junior: Keneth Cutsforth 1st: Du
ane Baker 2nd; Roge Palme 3rd.
Senior: Louis Carlaon 1st: JoAnne
Graves 2nd; Betty Grnvea 3rd.
Sheep: Peggy Wlghtman 1st; Ron
ad Baker 2nd.
Hogs: Mike Stalcup 1st; Marvin
Wlghtman Jr. 2nd.
Grand Champion Showman: Louis
Carlaon. Award: Leather show halter.
Betty Graves, Orvllle Cutaforth Jr.,
tied for 1st.
Ingrld Hermann, Dean Graves, Sally
Palmer. Ijoula Carlson, tied for 3rd.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Baxratt, (26.
awarded to Betty Graven.
Oreaon Woolgrowers Auxiliary 4-H
sheep project award, $10, awarded to
itonaio naaer,
Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Cutaforth spe
cial. $26. awarded to Ingrld Hermann.
Mr .and Mra. Stephen Thompson spe-
ctnl. siu, awarded to Keneth cuts
Loyd's Saddle Shop snecla, silver
belt buckle, awarde dto Duane Baker.
Mr. and Mrs. John Graves special,
$10. awarded to Ida Lee Chapel.
Ferguson-Sherman Ranch special,
$10, awarded to Rleta Graves.
Jim Valentine Shorthorn special, $10.
awarded to JoAnne Graves.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Thompson Hpe
Krank Holub Angus special $10.
awarded to Orvllle t utsfnrth Jr,
N. C. Anderson Showmanship spe,
clal. showmanship fitting sot, award'
nrl In Louis Carlson.
No one qualified for the Morrow
Comity Creamery company special.
(Other awards will be published
next week),
Guests at the Hynd home over
the week end were Mr. and Mrs.
Cecil Liouallcn of Pendleton
who returned via Heppner from
the state fair at Salem to have
a day at the Rodeo. Their daugh
ter Suzanne came over from
Pendleton accompanied by Irma
Jean Casteel and Louise Clous
ton, as did Frank Lleuallen,
who was one of the bronc rid
ers and was a guest at the Hynd
home. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert
Hynd and daughter Carol of Ce
cil Joined the party, making a
fair houseful for Uncles Will and
David and aunt, Miss Annie
Mrs. Mary Alice Hall of Van
couver, Wash,, Is a guest at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. "Scot
tv" Hall. She is "Scotty's" mo
ther. Another guest at the Hall
home during the Rodeo was Mrs,
Hall's daughter, Mrs. Betty Richards,
October 25 Condon.
One of the outstanding live
stock exhibits at the Morrow
county fair was the group of
Ayrshire dairy cattle brought
from the Dana Ayr farm at
Boardman by the owner, G. L.
Daniels. Mr. Daniels is an exper
ienced dairyman and exhibitor
and while his animals were the
only group of straight dairy
stock at the show, he would
have welcomed competition. His
nine months old calf, "Scotty
Girl," was the little beauty that
bore the Gazette Times banners
in the parade Saturday morning.
People wishing to see more of
these cattle will be afforded the
opportunity at the North Mor
row county fair to be held at
Boardman, Sept. 19-20.
Churches Unite To
Conduct Religious
Survey of District
The churches of Heppner are
uniting to take a community re
ligious survey on this coming
Sunday, September 14. There
are many who have lived here
a long time and may wonder
the need of such a survey. How
ever, the number of new peo
ple who have moved into the
community in the past few years
since such a survey was made
Justifies the need.
Members of the Episcopal,
Methodist and Church of Christ
will help take the survey. They
will all meet at the Methodist
church promptly at 2 p.m. for
assignments and then go to the
homes. The cooperation of the
people of the community will be
greatly appreciated.
The information you will be
asked is: your name, the names
of each member of the family
or others In the home; whether
your membership is a local
church; whether you attend a
local Sunday school, and If you
are not a member of any of the
churches of the community
whether or not you have a pre
ference among the churches.
By Elsa M. Leathers
A meeting was hrld Wednes
day evening to inslruct five per
sons how to operate the new in
halator. There will also be first
aid meetings all this week, each
evening, for the foremen of each
Grade school opened on La
bor da with many new pupils
and also two new teachers. Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Watson, Lula
Searcy and Edna Denton taught
last year.'
The high school students start
ed Monday, the 8th, to Fossil.
The company has purchased a
new school bus and Lee Hoover
is the driver.
Lillian Schott went to The
Dalles to enter high school on
Bee Morgan began work in
the confectionery on Saturday.
Darlene Samples had been work
ing there but quit to work in
the factory.
A bridal shower was given by
Mrs. Betty Shell and Mrs. R. J
Rogers for Elizabeth Hendrix on
Friday evening. A large crowd
of friends and relatives was pre
sent and she received many and
useful presents.
Layton Tripp is visiting here
this week from Pnneville.
Many Kinzua and Fossil peo
ple attended the Heppner Rodeo
on Saturday and Sunday. '
Postmaster Bert Hoover is in
Portland consulting a doctor
about his health, and Mrs. Joe
Miller is staying in the postof
flee while he is away.
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Graham
and family went to The Dalles
over the week end.
Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Bond of
Orange, Cal., were here over the
week end, guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Slippery Wright. Mrs. Bond
is Mrs. Wright's aunt.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Shell of
Arlington were here Sunday vis
iting Mr, Shell's mother, Betty
Mr. and Mrs. Oakley Caudell
spent Sunday and Monday in
John Day visiting at the Sim
Hendrix home. Mrs. Caudell and
Mr. Hendrix are brother and sis
ter. Mrs. George Close went to Se
attle Monday to visit with her
brother and sister-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. George Dickerson.
Mrs. Roland Furletto and
daughter Barbara left Monday
for their home In Los Angeles.
Kate Jelllck took them to Con
don. Mrs. Furlette had been
here for several months taking
care of her mother, Mrs. Roy
Davis who has been 111 for a
long time.
Joe French left today for Eu
gene where he will enroll at the
University of Oregon to take pre
avf. Joe was a member of the
class of 1947, Heppner high
Mr. and Mrs. Llge Davis, pro
prietors of the Rlller store, were
among the Grant county people
attending the Rodeo. While here
they were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Ed LeTrace.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Couture of
Fossil were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Massey while attend
ing the Rodeo and other festiv
ities over the week end.
Mr. and Mrs. Farrls Prock and
baby made a trip to Portland
Tuesday, returning Wednesday.
School Population
381 To Date Says
Supt. Henry Tetz
Hi School Drops;
Grade Count Same
As First Week '46
Heppner's school population
as of Thursday morning was 381,
according to figures released to
day by Supt. Henry Tetz. Brok
en down to grade enrollment we
find 38 in the first grade; 30 in
the second; 32 in the third; 39
in the fourth; 26 in the fifth; 31
in the sixth; 36 in the seventh,
and 36 in the eighth, for a total
of 269 in the grade schQol.
In the high school, freshman
registration to date is 23; soph
omore 41; junior 26, and senior
22, for a total of 112.
High school registration is
down considerably, compared
with 1946, when 127 students
signed up the first week. Mr.
Tetz expects a few more stu
dents to put In appearance but
last year's registration may not
be matched.
It is something of a coinci
dence that the grade school reg
istration is identical with that
of the opening week last year.
There may be some changes in
grade school enrollment but not
enough to materially change the
figures already given.
News From Irrigon . .
Marietta and James Haddox
have moved over to Sunnyside,
Wash., to attend school. Mariet
ta is staying at Leroy Darling's
and James at the James Faid
Mrs. Homer Hayes has 27 pu
pils in the 5th and 6th grade.
Mrs. Joy Smith has five 8th
graders and 10 7th graders.
The Adventist school has start
ed their school in the new school
building part of the church and
school building. They have 12
grade pupils with Mrs. Wallace
Hilde as teacher.
Mrs. Lora Stratman has 19 3rd
and 4th graders.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Duus
spent Sunday in Pendleton.
Leslie Lathrop of Portland ar
rived Monday to visit his sister.
Mrs. E. L. Rucker, and family
and to attend the Pendleton
Mr. and Mrs. Rollie Dexter of
Oceansidc and daughter Dixie
of Clatskanie spent a few days
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. B. Dexter and family. They
left for home Thursday. They
are Dotn teachers there.
Maurice Hill left for Cincin
nati, O., Monday. He has been
living with his brother Dan and
family for ten or more years,
excepting during the time he
was in the army in the Euro
pean theater.
Miss Agnes Jurgenson, mis
sionary for Japan, is being spon
sored by the Assembly of God
church of Irrigon. They put up
150 No. 2 cans of fruit in tin for
her. A missionary has to have
2 tons of food to take. She plans
to sail in December if possible.
Joe Paul has rejoined the navy
and is in Seattle temporarily
His wife and small daughter are
with her mother Mrs Fred Davis,
and family here.
Earl Steward is up from Rose
burg spending the week with his
mother, Mrs. Emma Steward.
Fred Reicks of Oakridge is also
spending the week wtih friends
in Irrigon. He sold the John Sa
branski farm to Mr. Sabranski
and also some other property
Troy Griffin is driling a well
for Warren McCoy in west Irri
gon. Lt. and Mrs. Glen Poulson and
small son and Mrs. Poulson's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. William
Koehn and son Billy of Iowa
have been visiting his mother,
Mrs, James Phillips and family.
They spent a few days in Se
quim, Wash., visiting his sister,
Mrs. Robert Sprague, and fam
ily. Lt. Poulson flew back to
Guam where he Is stationed by
way of Sacramento. The rest
started back to Iowa Friday by
Mrs. Lester Seltes and mother,
Mrs. Flora Aldrleh, took Mrs.
Seite's son Burl back to his
school at Salem.
School started here Monday
with the superintendent and
band leader, Alfred Solwold.
Mrs. Mary Bowen Brlcker and
Howard E. Molher in the high
school, and in the grades the 7th
and 81 h, Mrs. Joy Smith supply
ing until the other teacher ar
rives. Mrs. Homer Hayes has the
6l h and 7th grades, Mrs. Lora
Stratman, 3rd and 4th, and Mrs
George Russell, 1st and 2nd. Mrs.
Janle Grim Is cafeteria cook and
Calvin Allen and John Swerln
gen are bus drivers and janitors
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Muilln
burg of La Grande, Mr. and Mr s
J. P. West and children of Sum
mervllle were visiting the girls'
parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Cos
ner, last week.
Mrs. Mark Hlnkley, another
daughter of the Cosnor's, spent
a week in La Grande, returning
home with the Mulllnburgs
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Gillespie
and daughter were also Sunday
callers at the Cosner home
Bids On Hospital Lacking,
Court Considers Calling For
Bids After First of January
Although Thursday, Sept. 4 quirements have to be met to
was the day advertised for the1 comply with the new state law
opening of bids for construction ; regarding hospitals and for that
of the Morrow county hospital, reason it is not thought advisa
the county court, in session on ble to attempt to pare building
that day for the purpose of con-1 plans down any farther,
sidering bids, had nothing to do. Lack of bids is attributed to
Contractors neglected to send in the fact that most contractors
any bids. One arrived the next are busy in the fall of the year
Udy uui n wis too idie lur con-:
sideration, and besides, it was
for much more than the countvl
has on hand for the purpose.
Failure to receive bids leaves
the court with no alternative
but to readvertise and this, it
has been decided, will be done
after the first of the year. Since
the one bid received was for
thousands of dollars above the
$103,030 the county has to pay
for the building and there is no
likelihood that contractors will
lower their figures to any great
extent, another effort to increase
the hospital fund may be con
templated before readvertising
for bids.
Trimming of plans to meet the
funds on hand has its limita
tions, also, the court points out.
Certain specifications and re-
News Items of Interest Around Town , . . .
By Ruth Payne j
Mesdames W. O. Bayless,
Frank Wilkinson and Paul His
ler entertained Saturday after
noon with a lawn buffet lunch
eon at the Bayless residence on
S. Court street honoring Queen
Merlyn and Princesses Francine,
Corabelle, Shirley and Laurel of
the Heppner Rodeo and visiting
royalty of the Pendleton Round
Up and Grant County Fair and
their chaperones. Mrs. Charles
Johnson Jr. of Pendleton and Mr.s
Georgia Livermore of John Day.
Other guests included Mr. and
Mrs. Nolan Skiff, Mr. and Mrs.
Bus Howdyshell of Pendleton.
The Heppner Wranglers, local
riding club, were hosts at a lun
cheon Saturday following the
parade for visiting members of
the Hermlston Traildusters and ,
Pendleton Mustangers riding
clubs who participated in the
parade. This luncheon was held
on the grounds of the William
Greener residence. F. W. Turner
was in charge of arrangements.
Misses Helen Phelan and Ber
tie Witherow of San Francisco
were overnight guests Sunday at
the home of Miss Phelan's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Phelan.
They were en route to San Fran
cisco following a motor trip
through Yellowstone park.
Mrs. Lloyd Moyer entertained
Wednesday afternoon with a
lawn party honoring her daugh
ter, Nancy Kay, on the occasion
of her fourth birthday. Guests
included Laura Meek, Judy Van
Horn, Kay Keithley and Betty
Lou Moyer. Refreshments of ice
cream and cake were served.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Young of
Medford -are visiting here with
Mr. and Mrs. Clive Huston.
Thursday, they motored to Pen
dleton to attend the Round-Up.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Munkers
motored to The Dalles Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Merrill of
Klamath Falls spent the week
end in Heppner visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Prock
and other relatives.
Ted Murdock was over from
Spray to participate in the Ro
deo during the week end.
Mrs. Minnie Furlong is here
from Portland for a visit at the
homes of her daughters, Mrs.
Frank Anderson and Mrs. Dale
Brown, in the Eightmile section.
Charles Peterson of Portland
was a week-end visitor in Hepp
ner Chester Saling and Dan Brock
motored over from Dayville Fri
day to attend the Rodeo and vis
it with friends in Heppner.
Mr and Mrs. Bud Boyd of Sil-
verton were week-end guests at
the country home of Mr. and
Mrs. Howard Evans.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Smith
and children of Joseph were
week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Lloyd Moyer. The Smiths, for
mer Heppner residents, moved
to Joseph early in July, having
disposed of their property on S.
Main street at that time.
Mr. and Mrs. William Raw
lins left Tuesday for Corvallis
where Mr. Rawlins will continue
his studies at Oregon Slate col
lege. Mr. and Mrs. Rawlins spent
the summer at the farm home
of her parents, Mr. and Mr.s.
Claude Huston in the Eightmile
Mr. and Mrs. Suprean Mareiel
left the end of the week for
their home in San Leandro, Cal.,
after having spent the summer
here with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Fraters.
Miss Loma Mae Jones is
spending a brief vacation here
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs
Charles N. Jones. Miss Jones
has been attending the summer
sessions of a bible college in
Eugene and will return to her
classes when the fall quarter
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hynd
and daughter of Cecil, accom
ponied by Mrs. Alva Mason and
children of Portland, spent Sat
urdny in Heppner attending the
Rodeo and visiting friends,
and also that most of them do
not like to start a Job calling for
concrete work late in the fall
Since a large part of the pro
posed hospital building will be
of concrete it is thought advis
able to wait until after the first
of the year when the work would
be carried on towards warm
weather rather than into colder
The court and hospital com
mittee wish It to be understood
that not one cent of the hospital 1 ..fdpnt haonened Thev were
fund other than that needed forl"1 f Pf"fi L nI
preliminary work has been ex- Zt
pended or will be expended for
anything not peitaining to the
hospital. Any citteen or doubt
ing Thomas has the privilege of
consulting with the county trea
surer relative to the funds, for
they are in his charge.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Coblantz
and son Ronnie motored up
from Portland Friday to attend
the Heppner Rodeo and visit
with relatives During their stay
they were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Jack Miller.
Thomas Howell Jr. has gone
to Redmond where he will at
tend school this winter. He was
taken over by his sister, Nellie,
who returned to Heppner Fri
day. Charles Jenkins of McMinn
ville was a week-end visitor in
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Couture
and family of Fossil spent the
week end In Heppner visiting
relatives and attending the Ro
deo. Mr. and Mrs. Oral Scott have
returned to their home in Gre-
sham after attending the Rodeo
last week. During their stay
here they were houseguests of
Mrs. Ora Wyland.
Tom Michos of Portland was
attending to business matters in
Heppner Friday and Saturday.
Week-end guests of Mrs. Katie
Currin were Mr. and Mrs. Jay
Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Bud
Walton of John Day.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Boyer and
Mr. and Mrs. Don Boyer and
daughter of John Day were in
Heppner Saturday and Sunday.
They participated in the Rodeo
parade on Saturday morning.
Mrs. Morrow Needham and
daughter of Fallows, Cal., are
visiting here at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fra
ters, in the Eightmile district.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Beymer were
over from their ranch near Stan
field, Saturday, to attend the
Rodeo and visit with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Allstott Sr.
and Mr .and Mrs. Otis Allstott
and children of Hermiston spent
Saturday in Heppner.
Miss Helen Valentine of Santa
Rosa, Cal., was a week-end
guest of her brother and sister-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. James Val
entine. Miss Valentine was ac
companied to Heppner by her
nieces, Kay and Karen Valen
tine, who have been visiting in
Portland with their grandpar
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Val
entine. They flew up from Port
land and were met in Pendleton
Friday by James Valentine.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown of
Hermiston were visitors in Hepp
ner Saturday.
Week-end guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Munkers
were Mr. and Mrs. Kiley Mun-
i t a ! : .... j ti. ,il
iria ui si! uuiuii ctiiu jui. diiu
Mrs. Lester Gammell of Butter
Mrs. E. L. Moreland was up
from Lexington Monday attend
ing to business In Heppner. The
Morelands are leaving next week
for Miles City, Montana, where
Mr. Moreland has accepted the
pastorate of a church.
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Bailey
moved to Stanfleld Sunday to
make their home on the farm
recently purchased by N. D. Bai
ley. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fraters
made a business trip to Pendle
ton the fore part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mchin
ney of Mt. Vernon were week
end visitors in Heppner.
Among those from Condon at
tending the Heppner Rodeo Sun
day were Mr. and Mrs. D. N.
Dean and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce
Joe White, farmer near Hepp
ner Junction, was a business vis
itor in Heppner Monday.
Rev. and Mrs. Neville C.
Blunt returned the end of the
week from a month's vacation
in British Columbia.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Haddock of
Eugene visited over the week end
in Heppner at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bleak-
Mr. and Mrs. John Rnscoe
(Clara Belle Adams) of Reno,
Nevada, are visiting here at the
home of her mother, Mrs. Floyd
Last Rites Held
At 10 A. M. Today
For W. T. Doherty
Death Followed
Tractor Accident
At lone Monday
Services were held at 10 o'
clock this morning at St. Patrick's
church for William T. Doherty,
whose death occurred Monday
afternoon at St. Anthony's hos
pital shortly after being taken
there from lone where he was
fatally injured about noon that
day. Rev. Francis McCormack
conducted the service with the
Phelps Funeral home in charge
of arrangements. Interment fol
lowed at the Heppner Masonic
Mr. Doherty was working with
Catholic church. He was work
ing near a tractor that was em
ployed in moving dirt and fell
in the path of the machine. Be
fore it could be stopped the ma
chine ran over his right leg,
fracturing it both above and be
low the knee. He was rushed to
Heppner where a physician ex
amined the injury and orderd
him rushed to Pendleton. The
shock had been too great and
he died shortly after reaching
the hospital.
Mr. Doherty had been a resi
dent of the county since 1913.
Born in County Donegal, Ireland,
May 20, 1881, he came to Amer
ica in 1906, first locating in Ida
ho. He then moved to Morrow
county and engaged in the sheep
business with his brothers, Neil
and Dan Doherty, for a few years
and later bought the ranch near
Wells Springs which was his
home the rest of his life.
On Feb. 26, 1904 he was united
in marriage with Rose Doherty
of Lexington and to this union
four sons were born, Charles,
Thomas, William and Eugene
who, with the mother survive
him. Also surviving are three
brothers, Neil of lone, Charles of
Emmett, Idaho and Dennis of
La Grande, and three sisters,
Marjorie Doherty of Boise, Ida
ho, and the Misses Mary and
Bridget Doherty who reside in
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Beamer
and children returned the past
week from Albany where on
Sunday afternoon, Aug. 31, they
attended the wedding of Mrs.
Beamer's niece, Barbara Jean
Gammell, and Lawrence Edward
Duncan. The bride is the daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M.
Gammell of Albany and the
groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
Duncan of Lebanon. Janice
Beamer was flower girl and
Neil Beamer was junior usher.
The ceremony was held at 4 o'
clock p.m. at the First Method
ist church with the Rev. Edward
Terry officiating.
Jack Edmundson, Fred Rugg
and Gene Cutsforth will leave
Sunday for Corvallis where they
will enter Oregon State college.
The boys will have bachelor
quarters in Corvallis this win
ter. Bob Pinckney has returned to
Eugene after visiting here for a
week with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. B. C. Pinckney.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Pearce (Peg
Aiken) of Bend were week end
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Mr. and Mrs. Vawter Parker
and children were here from
Mrs. Venice Stiles is spending
a fortnight visiting in Portland,
having gone to the city last
Mr. and Mrs. Waldon Rhea of
Vancouver B. C, were week-end
visitors in Heppner at the home
of his sister, Mrs. Josie Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. Rhea left Wednes-'
day for Pendleton where they
will attend the Round-Up before
continuing on to their home.
They formerly lived in Morrow
Mrs. Peter Bruttig and son, Al
len, of Los Angeles are visiting
here at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Peter Lennon.
The Bookworms club met Tu
esday evening for a potluck
dinner at the home of Mrs. Ed
win Dick on Court street. Fol
lowing dinner, election of offi
cers was held with Mrs. Cornett
Green elected president; Mrs.
Fred Parrish, vice-president; Mrs.
Frances Mitchell, secretary
treasurer, and Mrs. Edwin Dick,
assistant secretary. Ten mem
bers were present.
Mr. and Mr.s. Douglas Drake
made a business trip to Pen
dleton Monday. Miss Marjorie
Sims returned to Heppner with
them and will visit here with
Dr. and Mrs. A. D. McMurdo.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Spittle
of Astoria are visiting here at
the home of their daughter, Mrs,
Ture Peterson.
Dr. and Mrs. A. D. McMurdo
returned home Sunday from
Portland. They were accompan
ied by his brother and sister-in-law,
Col. and Mrs. Charles D.
McMurdo of San Jose, Cal., who
will visit here for a time.
Police records fail to reveal
any undue hilarity or other dis
turbance attributable to the cup
that cheers during the Rodeo.
According to records in the
sheriff's office, where city
charges as weil as county cases
are filed due to the Jail service,
only two men's names were en
tered on the docket and they
were merely locked up to sleep
off their jags.
Ample policing was provided
by the sheriff's, office and the
city and from all accounts the
crowds were kept in line thru
out the Rodeo peridd.
Health Association
Laying Plans For
Mobile Unit Visit
Mrs. Douglas Drake, chest x
ray survey chairman of Morrow
county, announces a meeting of
the officers and chest x-ray sur
vey committee members of the
Morrow County Health associa
tion Wednesday morning, Sept.
17 at 9 a.m. at the office of
Miss Margaret Gillis, county
health nurse. This meeting is
being held to make preparations
for the chest x-ray survey which
will be held in Morrow county
in October. Lorraine Skibali, x
ray survey director of Oregon
chest x-ray survey and Dr. Al
fred R. Masten, M.D., of the
medical board for x-ray inter
pretation will attend this meet
ing to help the group to com
plete their plans.
The mobile unit has been here
before and it is an important
advantage to have for the wel
fare of the county. Its purpose
is to find the unknown cases of
tuberculosis and to bring them
to the attention of private phy
sicians and the health depart
ments. Positive tests are always
followed up. The goal of the
association is to have every ad
ult x-rayed in order to prevent
the further spread of this dis
ease. The Morrow County Health
association hopes that all ad
ults in the county will take ad
vantage of this test, which is
given free to them.
Announcement of the dates of
the mobile unit in Morrow coun
ty will be made later.
Four 4-H club parents who as
sisted with the club hamburger
stand during the queen and at
tendant as well as the Rodeo
dances are to be thanked. Par
ents who assisted one or more
nights were Mr. and Mrs. Orville
Cutsforth, Mr. and Mrs. E. M,
Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Wright, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. John
Graves, Mrs. G. Herman, Ruth
McCabe, Mrs. Ida Coleman, Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Seehafer, Henry
Peterson, Dick Wlghtman, Mr,
and Mrs. Eb Hughes, Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer Palmer, Mrs. Alex
Hunt, and Mr. and Mrs. N. C
The proceeds from the stand
are used each year to further
the 4-H -club program in Mor
, row county.
the club parents and mem
bers who assist in earning this
are real 4-H club backers.
Now that the county and state
fair are over, Morrow county
4-II members are finishing up
their 4-H projects, completing
record books and in the case of
agricultural club members, pre
paring fat steers and sheep for
Pacific International. Pacific In
ternational begins October 3 for
our club members, with 20 head
of fat lambs being taken from
The calf scramble event held
for the first time last year will
be replaced again this year with
Louis Carlson, Fritz Cutsforth
and Allen Hughes to participate
from Morrow county. Ronald Ba
ker and Helmuth Herman were
lucky winners last year who
brought calves home.
A livestock judging team com
posed of high scoring members
of the county fair judging con
test will take part in the judg
ing contest at Pacific Interna
tional. A visitor here this week is E
W. Rhea who is a guest at the
home of his sister, Mrs. Josie
Jones. Mr. Rhea, old time resi
dent of Heppner, now makes his
home part of the time at Van
couver, B. C, residing in the
States long enough each year to
retain his citizenship. He at one
time was engaged in the mer
cantile business in Heppner and
later moved to Echo which was
his home for many years.
The Vawter Parker family of
Mood River were week end vis
itors at the Frank S. Parker
home while taking in the fair
and other activities in Heppner,
Lee McRoberts of Heppner is
a recent acceptance to enter
Eastern Oregon college at La
Grande for the fall term begin
ning hept. 22. McRoberts wil
begin work in the field of liber
al arts.
Joe Stensen Wins
$50 Purse Posted
For Best Cowboy
Yakima Boy Gains
Most Points For
3-day Contests
Joe Stensen, young cowboy
from Yakima, Wash., was ad
Judged the top hand at the 1947
Heppner Rodeo after a summa
tion of points revealed that he
had won the greatest number.
With the award went a $150
purse offered by the manage
ment of Hotel Heppner, a bit of
change that inspired the cow
boys to do their best for the
three days. Stensen won his
points on cow milking and calf
roping, taking first in both ev
ents on the first day and first
In cow milkiug and second in
calf roping the third day.
Winners in the first day ev
ents were as follows:
Bull riding Pete Gordon, Duff
McKitnck, Joe Marion, Jack
Bronc riding George Lowe,
Numa McCoin, Wart Boughman,
Bud Morrison.
Bulldogging George Rich
mond, Joe Mendes, Howard Kel
ly, Ike Edison.
Calf roping Joe Stensen, Dav
id Wolfe, Howard Kelly, Joe
Cow milking Joe Stensen,
Lowell Shattuck, Roland Gridley,
Barney Willis.
Second day: Bronc riding
Wart Boughman, Numa McCoin,
3rd and 4th split on ground.
Bulldogging Joe Mendes,
Barney Wilis, Walt Heacock,
Howard Kelly.
Calf roping Barney Willis, Joe
Kelly, Jim Faught, Joe Mendes.
Cow milking-Joe Kelly, Cliff
Bryant, Howard Kelly, Al Bryant
Bull riding Joe Marion, Wart
Boughman, 3rd and 4th split on
Third day: Average: Bull rid
ing Joe Marion, Wart Bough
man, Pete Gordon, Duff McKit
rick. Bronc riding Wart Boughman,
Numa McCoin, George Lowe,
Jack Durham.
Bulldogging Joe Mendes,
Howard Kelly, Barney Willis,
George Richmond.
Calf roping Joe Kelly, Joe
Stensen, Howard Kelly, Jim
Cow milking Joe Stensen, Ro
land Gridley, Jim Faught, Joe
Wheat Growers To
Meet Wednesday
At Court House
Don Heliker, executive chair
man of the Eastern Oregon
Wheat league for Morrow coun
ty, has called a meeting of all
wheat growers in the county at
2 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 17 at
the court house in Heppner.
The meeting has been called
for the discussion of purposes
and the tentative program of the
Oregon wheat commission, es
tablished at the 1947 session of
the state legislature and will be
attended by the commissioners
and administrator of the wheat
commission as well as several
committeemen and officers of
the Eastern Oregon Wheat lea
gue. Included in the discussions
will be the tentative program
for the coming annual meeting
of the wheat league at Baker.
L. E. Dick Sr. was a Rodeo vis
itor Saturday, coming from Hel
ena, Mont., where he is located
for the present. He was accom
panied by his nephew and wife,
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Barnes. The
party left the first of the week
for Portland to spend a day or
two and to take in the Pendle
ton Round-Up .before returning
to Helena.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar B. Ayers
were greeting acquaintances in
Heppner this morning, having
stopped here overnight enroute
from their home in Los Angeles
to Pendleton to visit Mr. Avers'
sisters, Mrs. Ida Fell and Mrs.
Elsie Lasater. and to take in the
Round-Up. Mr. Ayers left here
in 1915 and had not visited his
native town since 1937.
Elbert Cox drove to RItter
Sunday, taking I. C. Bennett and
Joe Hughes Sr. to the springs
where they will remain for two
weeks in an effort to soak out
some neuritis that has been bo
thering them.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sanders
Jr. left today for East Lansing.
Mich., where Mr. Sanders will
enroll at Michigan State college
to study hotel administration.
He was a student at Eastern
Oregon college at La Grande
last year.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Sanders
spent two days at Lehman
Springs this week, going over
Monday and returning Wed lien
day evening. In their short ab
sence, Mr. and Mrs. Cachot
Therkelsen, who were here to
take in the Rodeo, took over
management of Jlolol Heppner.
Rev. and Mrs, Hcnrile Howe
drove over from Milton Saturday
to view the Hodeo parade, e
the county fair and visit friend
(or the day.