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    2-Heppner Gaiette Times, Heppner, Oregon, Sept. 4, 1947
Now for the Fair and Rodeo
It't l'.o.i' a tin.e n;.i:n. only t1 ;s year we have
omrthlnc more In think abo..t --the county fair.
It haS born a number of years since a fair was
held in Heppnei a:i.i it rrrr.v.r.s to be seen to
what i-xtrnt th.t part cf the week-end entertain
ment will auract people to Heppner. Interest
diiplayed to date indicates that the fair will
play no small part in creating interest in at
tendance at both the exhibit of products and the
wild west performance just over the corral fence.
As for the Rodeo, there is reason to believe that
fine show is in prospect. If preparations have
any influer. it should be the best show ever.
The d! rectors and others interested in the wel
fare of the Rodeo have been putting in some
hard licks to get the grounds in shape and it can
be said the arena, grandstand and all features
connected with the staging of the show have
never been in better condition.
As time goes on it Is hoped the fair and rodeo
will be under one management. Some duplica
tions of effort can be eliminated without detract
ing from either and eventually there will be one
good big show with backing of a larger number
of people.
Preparations for the fair are going on just as
fast as workmen can put them through. The ex
hibit hall is ready to receive the products of soil
and hand, and the livestock quarters were rapidly
nearing completion Wednesday evening. Inqui
ries about exhibit space have led fair officials to
believe that the space provided will be no more
than ample. This is a good trend and one that
will eventually make the Morrow county fair
nn event of annual importance.
To visitors to the fair and rodeo Heppner ex
tends the hand of welcome.
Stote Loses Good Citizen
In fie pr.ssir.g of Merle E. Chessman, publisher
of the Astorian Budget of Astoria, the state of
Oregon has lost a valuable citizen. His talent for
getting things done will be missed in his home
community where he took the leadership in nu-
merous civic enterprises; his accomplishment in
making Tongue Toint a major naval base, and
otherwise strengthening the defenses at the
mouth of the Columbia river, as well as service
on the state fish commission, the state highway
commission, and as state senator, all mark him
as a man of real service to his community and
to his state.
It is a notable fact that Mr. Chessman's career
as a newspaperman was spent with but two pa
persthe East Oregonian at Pendleton and the
Astorian Budget. He was an outstanding pub
lisher, a past president of the state editorial as
sociation, now the Oregon Newspaper Publishers
association, and at the time of his passing was a
member of the board of directors of the associa
tion. Band Spirit Renewed
For a number of years the Heppner school
boasted one of the best bands in the class B div
ision. With the coming of the war and a general
disruption of school activities, the band all but
disappeared. That nucleus which was sustained
throughout that trying period has been surround
ed by a new group of aspiring young musicians
and under the guidance of Billy Cochell we have
a school band once more that is going places. In
fact, the band has already been places within the
week and returned home with laurels seldom at
tained by a group with such short preparation.
Winning of the award in the Dress-Up parade
at Pendleton Saturday night was no mean
achievement for the Heppner band. Larger bands
from larger schools were in the parade also, but
none of them, in the opinion of the judges and a
large segment of the spectators, quite measured
up to the showing made by the Heppner band.
It is also reported that the same opinion prevail
ed at the Umatilla county fair last Friday-that
had there been awards made for bands the Hepp
ner band would have captured first place.
These are pleasant words and should encour
age our young musicians to strive for greater
awards. Nothing will be gained by resting on
laurels already won. That is just the starting
point ior greater things to come.
lift ijsd
From Heppner Gazette Times
Sept. 6. 1917
Jas. Covins, veteran ice mak
er and manufacturer of soda
water, will cease to be a famil-!
iar figure with his horse and j
wagon. Beginning Sept. 1, his'
Woodson, H. H. Hoffman and Os
car Bor; left Sunday for Lang
don lake to spend a week in re
creation. George Hendry sold his Hepp
ner bakerv last week to A. W.
grandson-in-law, Joe Snyder, has. Kb elan and A. C. Coffev. Thev
taken over the business. j will take over October 1.
the upper end of town to J. H
FYnrI tnct wool- lf.
I, I . "CA1W Munkers.
w itiu a nuuatr lur ine scnocu
Mrs. Clarence Hayes
Harry Van Horn of Heppner
has purchased the Warner's
i General Merchandise store from
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Warner. He
took over operation of the store
Mr. and Mrs. Koy Campbell
and Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Van
Winkle are attending the state
fair in Salem and visiting rela
tives and friends in the Valley.
Joe Delameter has purchased
a new seaplane and has it sta
tioned at the local airport.
Lyle Allen attended the Na
tional American Legion conven
tion held in New York City this
last week. He was a delegate
from the lone legion post.
Miss Winifred Zinter of lone
was honored at a bridal shower
last Friday afternoon at the La
dies Aid room. The hostesses
were Majo Marquardt, . Audrey
Majeske and Rena June Messen
ger. Miss Zinter is the bride
elect of Truman Messenger Jr.
Ronald Ansted of Medford is a
guest at the Adolph Majeske
home and will be here for the
rodeo and Pendleton Round-Up.
Word was received here of the
birth of a 6 lb. 10 oz. son, Wll-
liam Jay, on Monday, August 25
at t'endleton to Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Matthews. Mrs. Matthews
is the former Frieda Breeding,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Breeding of this community.
Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Harrison
and sons of Cascade Locks vis
ited last week at the L. A. Pal
mer home.
Clarence Buchanan burnt his
arm quite seriously on a burn
ing oil pot while working on the
highway one day last week.
Mrs. Sam McMillan drove to
Pendleton Tuesday. She was ac
companied by Barbara Slocum
of Heppner.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dinges of
Portland were week-end guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dinges.
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Trump and
family of Enterprise spent La
bor Day week end with Mrs.
Trump's sister, Mrs. George
Graves and family.
Mrs. Alonzo Henderson has re
cently received her pilot's li
cense. Many Lexington folks attend
ed the dress-up parade in Pen
dleton Saturday. Among those
going were Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Grant and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Orville Cutsforth, Mr. and Mrs.
Cecil Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Leon-
Mr. and Mrs. Ar
chie Munkers. Mr. and Mrs. Rov(
Martin. Mr. and Mrs Bill Sme-
thurst and daughter Betty, Mr.
and Mrs. Alonzo Henderson, Mr.
and Mrs. Oscar Breeding. Mr.
and Mrs. Bert Breeding. Mr. and
Mrs. Kenneth Marshall, Mr. and
Mrs. Ed McFadden and Harry
The Horizon club girls opened
their rental library Wednesday
in a room at at I.O.O.F. hall.
After this week, it will be open
to the public on Tuesdays from
4 to 6 and Saturdays, 2 to 4.
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Hechtner of
Walla Walla were week-end
guests at the Gus McMillan
Jo McMillan was hostess at a
chicken feed Sunday. The guests
were Roger Campbell, Iris
Bloodsworth, Ida Buchanan, Har
old Hoffman, Beth Edwards,
Stanley Cox and Mr. and Mrs.
Cecil Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Hender
son attended the air show in La
Grande Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed McFadden
and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mar
shall spent Labor day week end
in Hermiston.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted McMillan
and daughter Patricia are visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Pomeroy
in Kelso, Wash.
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Jones drove
to La Grande Sunday to visit
his father who is in the hospital
there. They were accompanied
by Jo McMillan and Ida Buch
anan. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buchan
an and son spent the Labor day
holidays In Lllensburg, Wash.
A wedding of interest to peo-!
pie of this community was that 1
of Gladys Standifer of Klamath
Falls to Bill Van Winkle, son of ,
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Van Winkle
of Lexington. The marrigae was
solemnized in Klamath Falls
last week. j
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Green
and family spent Sunday at Rit-l
ter. i
their son who has been visiting
here for some time, returned
home with them.
Mrs. Owen Leathers and son
Junior visited at Hardman and
her father, Ed McDaniel, at his
mountain camp.
LaVelle Moores returned this
week end to her home here for
school. She spent the summer
at Lonerock with her grandpar
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Rogers.
Mel Wham returned from
Portland where he had spent the
last week visiting his sister, Mrs.
Irene Matson.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnson
and daughter are visiting at the
home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Harve Boyer, from Bremer-
1 '
year but finding no houses fori home which he recently purch-
rm uib torcea to buy. The ased on Water street.
Wells family will soon move to
Jack DeVore, Rhea creek far- Countv Clerk Waters issued a
mer, was seriously injured Tu-1 marriage license Wednesday to, continue to live on the Rhea
the ranch just below town.
E. N. Gonty, the shoe store
man. this week purchased the
Jas. Haves property situated on
upper Gale street. The Gonty
family has made its home in
the Pin yes property for some
time. The Hayes family will
esaay wnen a header he was
driving got away with him and
rolled down the hill.
Roy E. Ball and Luda Jakes, j creek ranch.
popular young people of the
lone section.
A party consisting of Osmin j Jake Wells, county assessor,
E. R. Huston, manager of the
Heppner Milling company, is
moving his family and his
Hager, Dr. A. D. McMurdo, C. E. 1 sold his residence property in , household effects into his new
Born on Tuesday, Sept. 4, to
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Adkins of
Rhea creek, an eight pound boy.
Born, on Monday, a son to Mr.
and Mrs. Will Howard.
Emmett Carpenter, the Eight
Mile postmaster, was a Heppner
business visitor Monday.
M. L. Case returned Sunday
from Portland where he spent
ten days attending classes in a
school for embalmers which is
held there each year.
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Sales & Service
Heppner, Oregon
By Elsa M. Leathers !
As customary the local union
and Kinzua Pine Mills company
gave the annual Labor day pic
nic Sunday at Pioneers park. A
very large crowd attended, also
Camp 5 coming over. Lots of
good hot dogs, pop and water
melon were enjoyed, and lots of
laughs from tug of-war, fat man
races and many other games.
Mr. and Mrs. Kinard McDaniel
spent the vacation at Lonerock,
Heppner and Hardman, return
ing home late Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Stirling Wham
went to Bandon on Saturday
where they will spend several
days, and will then go to Cres
cent City, Cal., to spend the re
mainder of a two-weeks vaca
tion. Both are employed at the
local store.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Green and
small daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Green and small daughter
and John Green all motored to
San Francisco to visit a sister
over the vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Shorty Norris of
The Dalles were visiting at the
homes of her sisters, Lillian
Searcy and Mrs. Roy Davis. The
Morrises used to be here for
many years, so were also visit
ing friends.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. King and
daughter Joyce of Portland were
week-end visitors of Mr. and
Mrs. Slip Wright. Mr. King is a
brother of Mrs. Wright. Clyde,
From $30.00 Per
All lengths and sizes
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first come first served.
Scrap wood for haul
ing it away.
See Allen Kotera at
old Condon Grain
Growers warehouse,
Condon, or phone 83
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ton over the Labor day vacation. I U
Mrs. Kate Sudar was visiting , . U.flfir'j 8nd f
here from The Dalles, staying i uOOQ IICail J tin, olik hov
with Kate Jelllck. Mrs. Sudar i ta ill confidence in
" t RenallPreicriplic
only recently moved to The
DallPS where she is employed.
Red Henderson was attendinp
tO bllSlnpKS hfrp this U'pplf frnm
bisters. He is state forester. 1
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