Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, June 26, 1947, Page 6, Image 6

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    6-Hcppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon, June 26, 1947
Weddings Rule News at Boardman
At beautiful ceremony in
thf FirKt Christian church in
The Da Hps, Fleanora Axelgarde
Fkouho, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Adolph Skoubo of Board
man and Toivo Similia of Port
land were married at 4 p.m..
Sunday, Juno 15, the Rev. Cecil
Warner Sr. performing the dou-
hie ring service.
The bride, given in marriage
by her father was gowned in
long white taffeta with fingertip
veil, carrying a white bible with
gardenia flowers. Her maid of
honor was her twin sister, Asta
Skoubo. wearing pink and cot
sage of sweet peas. Bridesmaids
were Erna and Dagmar Skoubo.
sisters of the bride, and Daphne
Gilbert of Portland, niece of the
bridegroom. Best man was Geo.
Similia. brother of the groom,
and usher was Gunner Skoubo.
brother of the bride. Little Bar-
bara Anderogg. daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. Amieregg. was
flower girl, and Jimmie Garri
son, son of Mr. and Mrs. James
Garrison of Oregon City, was
" .
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See these grand
I ring bearer. Maxlne Ely and
Carolyn Sicard of Boardman
' wrt r.imtlo lirM-rc
Mrs. Russell DeMauro (Fran
cos Skoubo), cousin of the bride
sang two songs. "Because," and
"I Love You Truly," accompan
ied at the piano by Ruby Schmidt.
A reception followed in the i
church basement where the
bride and goom cut the first
piece of a three-tiered cake, this
being served by Mrs. Paine of
Hermiston. Mrs. Chas. Anderegg
of Boardman poured the coffee
and Mrs. Cecil Warner of The
Dalles was at the punch bowl.
Miss Patricia Warner was in
charge of the gift book.
The bride and groom were 'pre
sented with a silver service for
eight from Mr. and Mrs. Harvey
Paine and Dr. Marble of Her
miston. .
At a beautiful wedding cere
mony Sunday in The Dalles at
the Baptist church at 3 p.m.,
June 15, Lois Ellen Messenger,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. T.
Messenger, became the bride of
Mr. Ronald Alvin Willett, with
the Ministers Losi and Cleveland
performing the double ring cer
emony. The bride was given in mar
riage by her fat Iter, who was
dressed in dark blue, and was
lovely in a white gabardine suit
with white accessories. She car
ried a white Bible with orchid
and lavendar streamers with
small white flowers. The groom
wore grey with a white carna
tion. The altar was decorated
with calla and regal lilies with
hells on white streamers. Mrs.
Shirley Spickerman sang two
songs. "Because" and "I Love
You Truly." accompanied by
Mrs. Dorothy Roth.
Mrs. Frank Hammell of The
Dalles, sister of the bride, was
matron of honor who wore a
grey suit with a corsage. Brides
maid was Mrs. Don Roach of
Enterprise, wearing a yellow
suit. Rena June Messenger of
Lexington, niece of the bride
and Jessie Berger of The Dalles
were candle lighters, each wear
ing blue suits.
Best man was Glenn Willett
and the ushers were Jedd and
Mike Willett, all brothers of the
At the reception which follow
ed. Mrs. Leonard of Portland
served the wedding cake, while
Mrs. Truman Messenger of Lex
ington and Mrs. E. J. Sharp did
the pouring. Miss Marie Mes
senger and Mrs. Robert Berger
assisted in the serving. Mrs. U.
H. Messenger of Portland had
charge of the guest book.
The wedding of Miss Charlotte
Jacqueline Wooley, daughter of
Mrs. Bernedette Wooley of Al
berta, Canada, to Donald Clyde
Tannehill, eldest son of Mr. and
Airs. Clyde Tannehill, was an
event of Sunday, June 22, in the
Boardman Catholic church, the
Rev. O'Sullivan of Pendleton
performing the ceremony at
high noon.
The bride was given in mar
riage by her uncle. Luki Culm A Vorih Xfr.rr.wu rnuntv Falr.bn nrosirlent: Mahol Allpn. Clvde Mrs. Roy Partlow and datiRh-
of Alberta. She wore a white board meeting was held at Fred Tannehill, and Buster Rands of ter Patty left Friday for Junction
dress, street leneth with a white ; Hniiphtnn'e nftico in lrrmon lnst I Rnarrlman Don Kpnnv and Ad- City to spend a
week with her
Penney's will be closed Friday-Sat., July 4-5
hat and carried her erandmoth.
er's rosary. Her flowers were an
old fashioned bouquet.
Mrs. Bell Campbell, an aunt
of the bride, also of Canada, was
matron of honor. She wore black
and carried an old-fashioned
Best man was Keith Tanne
hill, brother of the groom.
A wedding breakfast was held
at the home of the groom's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Tanne
hill, Mrs. Campbell, aunt of the
bride, assisting Mrs. Tannehill
with the serving.
Only immediate members of
the families were present. Com
ing from Alberta, Canada, were
the bride's mother, Mrs. Berne
dette Wooley; her grandmother,
Mrs. Bulger; an uncle, Luke
Bulger; aunt, Mrs. Bell Camp
bell, and a cousin, Regina Fra-
zier. the grooms parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde Tannehill, and
brothers Keith and Lyle, were
also present, the latter coming
from Eugene Saturday for the
The young coupie will make
their home at Messner where
Mr. Tannehill is second trick
operator at the U. P. depot.
Surveyors are working on the
project and so far local residents
are very curious as to what they
are doing. Doesn't cost to won
Building Is a very popular '
work on the project at present.
Russell Miller and Leo Potts are
both making additions to their
homes and Fred Smith is again
busy on his cabins.
Frank Ofner of Condon visited
over the week end here with Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. Stoltnow. I
week. Present were Ralph Skou-train Allen of Irrigon.
mother, Mrs. Marie Golden.
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JULY 1, 1947
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