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4 Hoppncr Curette Time s October 17, 1946
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A lady well qualified has spoken with authority; she has said:
: has been a long fight to put the control of our eco
o'clock is
nomic system in the hands of Government, where it can
be administered in the interests of the people as a
WHEN the interests of the people are at stake in any question the
issue is public and not political. Putting control of our economic
svstem in the hands of Government is something the public
should have a lot to say about; and it shouldn't happen unless the people,
knowing what they are doing, agrve to it. The beginning of wisdom is call
ing things by their right names. Or "economic system" is all our busi
ness activities. When the people of this country realize just what it will
mean to them when Governmnt takes over all business activities, they
will fight it tooth and nail. They will see their liberty and their freedom
going down the drain, if the take-over is achieved. Even- citizen must un
deitand and tell others what this means. That's why, as a citizen, I
am giving the "take-over" plan the pit. less publicity it deserves.
Senator Byrd of Virginia sized up the situation exactly when he said:
"The people must realize . . . lliis dictatorship is not a thing born of
war. It was conceived 10 years a;o. when the New Dealers came
into office and stealthily tiptoed towards the abandonment of gov
ernment by the people... Under these war powers they have the '
authority to do what they hae always dreamed, of to take com
plete control of the fortunes and the conduct of every citizen."
This "long fight" for Government control was engineered behind the
iron curtain in Washington. It was not a "long fight" in the open. The
people were unaware of what was happening to their liberties. They were
lulled into a false sense of security that all was well, and that superior
minds would take care of everything.
The present plan to take ever all business, the system by which all our
wealth has been created, involves you and every citizen of this republic.
Everything you own in the way of property and all savings you have
made by your own efforts will be taken from you.
' Having once capUircd the Go, rumcnt and shelved the Supreme
Court, we would nationalize as many large industries as we could
chew. We would do it peacefully if possible, and otherwise if
The take-over will include ail the grocery stores, markets, manufac
turing plants, publishing businesses, life insurance companies, real es
tate, stocks, bonds, and mortgages. All business is now earmarked for
complete con;:.l by Cc-.err.ment. This will set up an entirely new type of
management political management rather than know-how management
The Government take-over" m;ar.i that people knowing nothing
whatever about production will be in charge of production and people
knowing nothing whatever about distribution will be in charge of distri
bution. Everything you own as an individual will be taken away from you
and made Government property.
"All owners of stocks, bonds, mortgages, lands, buildings or equip
ment shall be required to surrender them in return for Common
wealth Bonds."
The quoted statements are declarations of intent by high Government
officials. You did not elect them. They were "appointed." And all of them
solemnly swore to defend the Constitution and your liberties! How they
abided by their oath and how they plan to sell you down the river is re
vealed above in their own words.
The size of the prize our business system has not been afpraised
by many Americans. It is not to be evaluated in terms of what it is
plants, tools, machinery, equipment, and buildings. Its true value lies in
what it his done and what it cun do under the direction of men having the
Know-how to produce. America, economically, is today the sum total of
what our business system has done. Here is an appraisal from outside
"The C. S. has 67c of the world's an :t and 7c of its people. It has
W'c of the telephones. Mt'c of the motor cars, 33 of the world's
railroads. It produces "n'.'c- of the world's nil, 60 of wheat and
cotton, 50 of copper and pi;; iron, 10 of coal and lead. It has
eleven billion dollars in cold. It has tv.o-tirds of the world's bank
ing resources. The pur basing power of its people is greater than
that of all the people ot I "rop;- or all the people of Asia. Respons
ible leadership which c.mnot translate su h a bulging economy into
an assured prosperity is destitute of capacity. But pompous states
men looking ove r tin estate sol nmly declare that the methods by
which it was created wete all wrong, ought to be abandoned, must
be discaidcd, and that the time has com" to substitute political
management lor inditidual initiative and supervision. There is
only one way to charade, i.c that proposal and that is as just damn
It was the editor of the London Sphere who made this appraisal. It
should have been made long ago by the leadership men of industry and
labor in these United States!
LET'S R E V I E W a few of 0,6 things
our business system has done
for the people. Then let's review what Government as done TO the people.
GASOLINE. The petroleum industry has reduced the price of good gasoline
consistently since 1930. The actual price of gasoline today is 14c a gallon. What
makes the price over 20c? Federal and State taxes levied directly upon you,
the buyer! Did "Government" bring gasoline down t 14c a gallon? No! Business
did it. Did Business slap taxes on gasoline to make the retail price over 20c
a gallon? No! Government did it
ELECTRIC CURRENT. Consistently, throughout the country, the rates for do
mestic and industrial power and light have been reduced. Hundreds of small
communities now enjoy rates as low as those of metropolitan districts. Did the
Government do this? No! Business did it.
RAILROADS. During the first World War the Government took over the rail
roads. They were operated at a loss of $1,600,000,000 by the politicians! The
people were taxed to pay the loss! that was Government control." During
World War II the railroads were not taken over by Government. The railroads
did a far bigger job of moving men and material than in the first World War.
They paid the Government $4,600,000,000 in taxes! Business management, not
Government management did that!
RADIOS. In 1920, radios were a luxury. When radios went into mass production,
millions of people had far better radios for $25 than hand tailored production
gave for $250. Did Government do this? No! It was done by American Business.
AUTOMOBILES. In 1903, automobiles were luxuries. By 1933, 80 of the
world's cars were owned by Americans; the best cars in the world at the lowest
cost! Can we thank Governmnt for this? No! As he price of automobiles went
down, Government raised the taxes! Today a thousand-dollar car carries
$173.63 in taxes. Business makes a better car at a lower price; the Government
taxes it.
OTHER PRODUCTS. Between 1926 and 1941, vacuum cleaner prices dropped
19; electric refrigerators 54, electric irons 51. Automobile tire mileage
increased from 100,000 miles to 25,000 miles as the price of tires dropped 25 or
more. Five thousand refrigerators were made in 1921. Almost 2,000,000 were
made in 1933. The price dropped from over $500 to less than $100 per unit. In
1900, the telephone was a luxury. Now, 60 of the world's telephonaes are in
America. Our telephone cost is the world's lowest for the world's finest service!
Did the New Deal do this? No! American Business did it! But American Busi
ness did even more than this.
From 1932 to 1940, our National income was $536,500,000,000!
This is the common wealth created by our business systems the profit and loss
competitive system. In that system, there are plenty of losses taken but never
collected by "law" from the taxpayers.
Now what has Government ddne the Government that proposes to take
over our Business System and run it ?
INCOME TAXES. Between 1933 and 1940, the Government collected from you
and ether individuals : - - $6,360,000,000
During the same period of years it collected in cor
poration income taxes - $6,704,000,000
in liquor taxes - - 3,592,000,000
in tobacco taxes 4,096,000,000
That is a total of over , $20,000,000,000
These figures and facts are all pre-war no figures given deal with the justifia
bl costs of war and victory. What did the "Government," which plans to take
over all American Business, do with this twenty billion dollars enough money
to run the country for ten years? Did they run the country for ten years on that
money? No! They "borrowed" $30,000,000,000 more, created hundreds of new
Government agencies, established scores of so-called "Government Corpora
tions," set up subsidy programs, and hired millions of people to insure the vote
and keep bureaucracy in power.
Government paid subsidies of over four billion dollars to control the supply
of food! You may well ask: Who got the subsidy money and why? Subsidies
were paid to keep down the prices of meats, dairy products, and other foods
but you paid for them perhaps more than you would have paid if prices had
been established by the law of supply and demand! What did an OPA Chintf
say about this? He said: "We are in the business of interfering with the law
of supply and demand; there's no question about that" There you have a shin
ing example of Government management!
Did business advocate this deficit financing? This destiny by debt? No! Govern
ment did it! Was it in your interest? Is it to your interest to have your income tax
raised and the money wasted? To live under insolvtnt bureaucratic government?
To your interest that a large group of politicians and ideologists, without any know
ledge of how to run a business profitably, take over the system that has made this
country great?
When and If Government Is the Center of Control of Business Activities, of
Medicine, Law, Schools, Science, Church, and ALL the Private Activities of Men
and Women That Means the End of Your Liberty and Freedom!
The lady has said this take-over is "in the interests of the people as a
whole." I am opposed to that statement because it just isn't so. It means:
Have you had any measure of success? Are you a better plumber, prin
ter, taxicab driver? Are you a better salesperson, a better manufacturer?
Have you any ambitions or ideals, any plans for yourself or your family
and your children? Tramp on them right now! You are not going anywhere
but down when the "long fight" to put control of business in the hands of
Government finally ends with business in the hands of Government.
Then you will have the "collectivist state". It will collect you will give
It Is Twelve o'Clock Now In America !
It is now a race between education and
American business must state its case and state it now. No man's judgment
is better than his information. The American people want information.
Already they show evidence of being aware that those they once trusted
implicitly tried to fool them unmercifully. The American people can do
anyhing, if you will only tell them why. But they must be told.
The best brains of America should plan a forthright nationwide effort
at straight-from-the-shoulder education. The businessmen of our country
should stand up and be heard from. The labor leaders of our country
should stand up and be counted. Their opinion should be expressed openly.
Liberty, in the land that gave it birth, cries for defenders! We have
disregarded the wisdom of Lincoln and Wilson. Lincoln said: "Eternal
vigilance is the price of Liberty." Wilson said: "The history of liberty is
the history of limitation upon the powers of Government."
Everybody has a stake in this vital question: Can politicians and bu
reaucrats 75 of whom never created a pay check and most of whom
never earned as much as they are now paid with your income tax money,
run the transportation system of our country? Can they make automo
biles? Can they run the electrical industry? Can they run the food indus
try? Remember how they tried to make an economy of scarcity by killing
little pigs and plowing under every third furrow? They really believe that
plenty can be accomplished by waste. They attempted to do it by spending
fifty billions of your dollars in the 'days of experimentation." Now they
are power mad and want to spend everything in America including every
thing you have.
It Is Twelve o'Clock In America!
The "long fight" to tak over all Business is a wide-open family question.
It boils down to this: If you want your freedom, fight the "take-over "
But remember! Once we "socialize" this nation at an election, we cannot
"de-socialize" it at the next.
There won't be any next election.
Many heads of American Business are hesitant about spending out of
profits for any kind of publicity other than advertising products or services.
They are afraid the people who have money in the business would be
opposed to advertising dealing with public questions. That is why you
should write to the presidents of insurance companies in which you have
policies, and to the heads of every business in which your money are
invested, and tell them to do somthing about this great public question.
Labor, too, should fight the "take-over" tooth and nail. When once it is
accomplished, labor will have nothing more to say, and will do precisely
what it is told to do.
All the businessmen of America should, actually, get together with but one
purpose in mind to practice the "eternal vigilance" needed to protYt the lib
erties of the people and the freedom of enterprise that gives every man and
woman in America a chance to go as high as their own ceiling. It is to he hoped
and prayed that siirh a movement to exercise vigilance will spring into being.
It will have but one client the pamie of the Ration. It will have but one pro-'
duct to sell the Constitution of our country and its Bill of Rights.
Industrial management has too long overstressed the value of silence
while others have been affecting public opinion.
Whatever Is right can be achieved through the irresistible power of awak
ened and informd opinion. We should not consider whether a thing can he done,
but whether it ought to be done. If It ought to he done, we should cxrrt
the force's of publicity. Then public opinion will compel it to be done, You can
be sure there is still a majority In America who want liberty and freedom pre
served! i
This expressed viewpoint is my own responsibility, paid for by me, and is in no way connected or identified with any group, organiza
tion, or company. Telling this story to the American people is a job that should be done by our business system itse t. What is i said
here is said in the hope that our business system will recognize its responsibility and proceed at once to tell the people ot the U. 5. A.,
in a broad scale advertising program, just what this take-over means to the people. "Error of opinion may be tolerated when reason
is left free to combat it."
Westbury, Long Island, N. Y.
This advertisement sponsored by the Citizens'. Committee for the Preservation of Constitutional Govcrnmi nt.