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    6 Heppner Gazette
Group Considering
Pasco Hospital in
Activities for Year
By Mrs. R. I. Thompson
Much interest was displayed at
the committee meeting held June
17 at the Ralph Thompson ranch
in the work being planned for the
coming year for the patients at
McCaw hospital, the Veterans hos
pital, the seven wards at Walla
WaUa air base and the four wards
at the Pasco naval air station.
A group of committee members
plan to go to Pasco station this
week and perhaps they will decide
to furnish a sun room off one of
the four large wards there. This
work has been rather neglected by
the council and so far our county
has done little for the boys in the
Collections are coming in slowly
from some parts of the county and
other places are doing a fast job in
a very fine manner. Orchids this
week should go to Mrs. Fred Man
kin and the peaple of lone and
vicinity for their generous res
ponse, to Ed Rugg and the people
oC Rhea creek who have been so
generous and to the following so
licitors who have gathered in so
much cash from the east side of
Heppner: Mrs. Sprinkel, Mrs. Ed
Bennett, Mrs. Max Buschke, Mrs.
Leona Marquardt and Mrs. Law
rence Miles. It looks at this time
that the committee will be able to
continue the work started a year
ago and for which the patients at
McCaw and the commanding offi
cer, Col. Gaines are so grateful.
; Some feel Morrow county is do
ing more than its share, but with
1200 patients at McCaw, the wards
which care for 200 men at Pasco,
the seven wards at Walla Walla air
base and the boys with tuberculosis
at the Veterans hospital you know
that one ' county can do just so
much and no more and that other
counties in the council' are doing a
good job as well. Patients are pour
ing in at McCaw and will continue
to arrive in greater numbers from
the invasion of France and they
are happy in using the gifts our
money has supplied. The recorder
passes so many lonesome hours and
the boys can "talk" letters home;
the little piano finally has wheels,
and entertainers who go to McCaw
roll it from ward to ward. The
phonograph in the recreation room
and the many records purchased
with Morrow county money does
much to pass time which hangs so
heavily when boys can walk but
still must remain Ln the hospital.
The money for the telephone call
home that is given at the monthly
birthday parties at McCaw is such
an appreciated gift as well as the
small things which we wrap and
send for prizes in the Bingo games
which the boys insist in playing
each Saturday night. We could
send money for birthday cakes as
with so many more patients the
cake fund does not make the
Of a total of $500,000 in war
.bonds purchased by the Pacific
Power & Light company, Morrow
county will receive credit for $6,
000 on its Fifth War Loan quota,
K. A. House, local manager of the
company, announced today.
. The half million total thus, in
vested in war bonds normally
would be expended by the com
pany for , improvements and addi- .
tions to company properties.. Be-'
cause of war time shortages of:
materials, which limit construction
to bare necessities, the company
olficials are making this sound in
vestment in war bonds to provide a
suitable fund for post-war ex
pansion. Each county in which the
company operates will be credited
-with its share of the $500,000 bond
Mrs. Percy Hughes will be hos
tess to the congregation of All
Saints church and their friends at
a picnic at her -home following the
morning prayers at 11 o'clock. All
tttending are reminded to bring
their own table service in order to
eliminate dish washing.
Times, June 22, 1944
Irrigon News Notes
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
Carl Haddox was born Wednesday
night and died ' Thursday and was
buried Friday in the Irrigon cem
etery. Graveside services were con
ducted by Rev. Cecil Warner of
Second Lt. Earl Steward and his
mother Mrs. Emma Stewart arriv
ed from Portland Thursday. He das
been stationed at Huachuca Ariz.
Arnold Wm. Gollyhorn is sta
tioned at the Aberdeen proving
ground in Maryland.
Ritchie Wetzell went to Portland
Thursday to visit his parents and
a brother home from the army. He
is working on the Don Kenny
Pvt Elmer Farley of Fort Doug
las, Utah, is home with his family
in Umatilla. He and Mrs. Farley
and children and Mrs. Jennie were
Irrigon visitors Thursday. He has
a 30-day furlough.
The Dan Hills had their baby
daughter Theresa Yvonne, chris
tened Sunday at the Hermiston
Catholic church.
Joy Weigand and small daughter
of Kennewick came over to Harry
Smith's Sunday. Mrs. Weigand re
turned Monday leaving Theresa
with her grandparents for a while.
Pfc Leslie Ruicker is at home be
tween being transferred from Los
Vegas Nev. to Nebraska. He ex
pects to be sent over seas soon.
He is an airplane gunner.
Carl Reichs of Medford arrived
Monday. He' recently sold his nlace
to Mr. Schbransky and is finishing
the deal at this time. Mr. Schbran
sky has been the school janitor for
a year.
Vvonne Kendler of Portland -3
here with her grandparents the
W. C. Isoms
Milt Connell has joined the arm
ed forces according to liis brother
Earl Connell. He is a former Irri
gon resident and has been working
in an airplane plant near Los An
geles for most of two years.
Wm. Voile is in New Guinea and
he thinks it really rains down there.
Billy would like it much better if
it didn't rain quite so regularly.
Billy Allen was a week-end vis
itor at the H. W. Grim home where
he visited with his brother Calvin
Alien S2jc and other relatives.
H. W. Grim has been ill but was
able to go back to work at the
ordnance Monday.
CWO Wiley Benefiel and Mrs.
BeneeJiel are the proud parents of
an 8 pound 8 ounce son born at
Seattle Saturday. His aunt, Mrs.
June Cooper, went over to see him
The Pentecostal people have the
north wall of the church basement
ready for the cement.
Mrs. Robert Smith and Mrs. Tom
Caldwell were Hermiston visitors
The school meeting washeld at
8 o'clock Monday evening. Marshall
Markham was elected director for
three years, and Harvey Warner
was reelected clerk for one year
They voted to raise the six per
fpnt limitation also.
HERE'S what war bonds mean
to our boys overseas .... more ships , and
planes, more guns and ammunition, more
of all the implements they need to win!
Back the Attack Buy More Than Befo
Pacific Power & Light
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Black mo
tored to Wallowa for the week-end
where they were met by Mrs.
Black's mother and father whi
have recently come from Utah on a
Mra. Buster Rands took Mary
Ann and Nancy to Culver to stay
with Mr. and Mrs. Royal Rands
while she goes to Sacramento to
secure work.
Ladies Aid met Wednesday at the
home of Mrs. Seth Russell with a
good attendance.
Mrs. R. Fortner entertained HE
club at the home of Mrs. Harter
Thursday afternoon with a large
crowd coming out. The next meet
ing will be held with Margaret
Mrs. Francis Harter and children
motored to Penddeton Saturday.
Mabel Peck is in Portland visit-
ing friends and relatives.
Jim Gilstrap returned from Oma
ha Tuesday night where he had
been called due to the illness of
his father.
Ernest Tyler underwent an ai
fcendbctomy at the St. Anthony
hospital in Pendleton Wednesday
Mrs. Mary Burgess and grandson
of Chicago are visiting at the home
of her brother Jack Gorham and
sister Mrs. Ackerman.
Mrs. C. Graham returned from
the valley Saturday where she had
been visiting her brother.
Mrs. Anna Skoubo and Mr. and
Mrs. A. E. McFarland left Saturday
night for Grants Pass to attend
State Grange.
The cannery has .been started and
it has been hoped to get it into
operation in the next two weeks
Volunteer workers are asked to see
Mr. Lall as to the time of working.
Mrs. Effie Miller and Grace Mil
ler returned from Wallace, Idaho,
Sunday night where they had been
visiting. Mrs. Miller went on to,
her home in Portland Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Allen and
Gene are here to spnd a week.
Cspt. and Mrs. Hervey Ide vis
ited their sons who are staying
with Mif. Mefford. Capt. Ide has
been transferred to Ft. Lewis.
7:15 p.m.
Standard of California
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