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    6 Heppner Gazette
' AT fTHE " '
Washington, D C Feb. 10 IT is
becoming more and more apparent
to candidates of both parties that
a union labor endorsement for any
political office is almost equivalent
to the kiss of death, so say the po
liticos who keep their ears to the
ground. Many candidates up for
election and re-election have told
their campaign managers to turn
thumbs down on any idea of having
union labor organizations come out
actively for them. Any such open
support and publicity, they beieve,
will work to the detriment of any
candidate. In fact, it is agreed by
the wise boys that to have union
labor come out openly against a
candidate is one of the best bets
he has 'for election.
Many labor leaders know such to
be the truth, They also know a
large percentage of the rank and
file of liheir membership will not
follow organized labor's political
endorsements but, on the contrary,
will vote the other way, which has
been proved m P3 elections. A
good 75 percent of all union mem
bers belong to the union because
tihey have to, so to speak. When
they get in the election booth it's
one of the few times they are ac
corded an opportunity to register
their dislikes and! the antagonism
they hold toward certain union
TOP flight labor leaders know
that the public is fed up on war
time strikes. William Green, presi
dent of AFL, has taken the lead in
attempting to smooth over the bad
relations existing between organized
labor and the public by again re
iterating his pledge of no strikes for
the duration, regardless of any
grievances labor may have. "No
matter how great the grievance or
how aggravated a situation might
be, there can be on justification
for local strikes or local stoppages
of work. Our soldiers are meeting
their situations in a courageous
American way, and our soldiers of
production must meet the situation
in the same courageous way," said
This word has been passed on by
the big chief of the AFL to his sub
ordinates in no uncertain terms. It
is expected Philip Murray, presi
ident of CIO, will come out with a
like statement very soon. Labor
Pin-up for Those Not Buying Bonds
This American soldier took refuge under a truck during a Jap bombing
raid of our position! on Rendova. A Nipponese bomb, however, had his
number on it. Here you see his comrades gently removing his body from
under the engine. When 700 arc asked to buy War Bonds think of this
picture. Fttm U. S. Tttamuf
Times, February 10, 1944
leaders know their political influ
ence at present is at an all-time
low. It's the intention of both or
ganizations to make every possible
effort to build up good will before
the fall elections. Organized labor
would like to make its voting
strength count this year. But com
petent observers say labor has a
huge amount of fence building to
do pronto if they expect to get
back in the good graces of John Q.
JUDGING from reports received
back here, the high command of
the Democratic party is pleased
with the political outlook in the
northwest After Vice President
Henry A. Wallace, Robert E Han
nagen, national chairman, and Os
car R Ewing vice chairman, broke
bread with the faithful last Tuesday
in Portland at the annual Jackson
day banquet, they held some long
pow-wowa with northwest party
leaders on the strategy to be used
in the coming campaign. The party
war horses predicted both states
are in the bag for the fourth term.
The trio stopped off in Seattle for
a day on their way east to talk
shop with the Wahington state big
wigs, who assured them '.every
thing was safe for democracy"
around those parts. Wendell Will
kie, accompanied by Ralph Cake,
his western poitical Moses, will
now take up where the Democrats
left off by feasting with the boys
and girls in Tacoma and Portland
the last of this week.
IT is predicted the coming cam
paign will see many prominent
Democrats on the Republican band
wagon, who are against a fourth
term. And by the same token, some
big shot Republicans will be all out
for Mr. Roosevelt and a fourth
term. The politicos don't think ex
Secretary of War Harry Woodring's
move to start a stop Roosevelt
campaign among the Democrats
will get anywhere. The former
Kansas governor is not popular
enough with any group to success
fully put over such a deal. A cou
ple of G. O. P. senators were all set
to turn loose a blast concerning
the $25,000 a year salary the Demo
crats are going to pay their brand
new national chairman, Robert E.
Hannagen, until it was announced
that the G O P paid JohnD M Ha
miton the same amount when he
was chairman. Incidentally, this is
the first time the Democrats have
ever paid any national chairman a
THE margarine vs butter battle,
which has been on. the active list
pf congress since the war began
is all set to open up again. High
ration points for butter plus a de
crease in production, has caused the
margarine manufacturers to keep
plugging away in their fight to
have congress abolish the 10 cents
per pound federal tax. A more than
ample stock of raw materials is
avaiable, say the margarine manu
facturers, to increase their output a
hundred million pounds a year.
Army Sitnal Coins Photo
County Court
Proceedings For
January 1944
The minutes of Dece mber 1943
term were read and approved.
The Court orders the following
Bangs' Disease Claims paid: Or
ville W. Cutsforth, $8.00 and Wight
man Bros. $44.00.
The Court orders the publication
and sale of the following county
Approximately 4,360 acres in Sec
tions 27, 28, 29, 32, 33, 34 in Town
ship 6 South, Range 27 E. W. M.;
Sections 32, 34, and 36 in Town
' ship 4 South, Range 28 E. W. M.;
Section 36, Township 4 South,
Range 29 E. W. M.; Sections 31,
32 in Township 5 South, Range
29 E. W. M.; Sections 4, 5 and 16
in Township 6 South, Range 28
E. W. (ML; Sections 16, 31 and 32
Township 6 South, Range 29 E.
W M. for the minimum price of
Also lots 25 and 26 in Block 7 in
the City of Boardman for the
minimum price of $15.00 cash.
Also N of SEy4, SMj of NEV4
except 2 acres in Section 3 Town
ship 1 North, Range 25 East of
Willamette Meridian for mini
mum price of $1.00 per acre, 20
percent down balance on con
tract. The Court drew the folfowing
names for a Circuit Court jury list
for Morrow county for 1944:
Acock, Chas. W..; Adams, Ethel N
Adams, J. B.; Akers, Berl; Aldrich,
F. C; AUstott, R. D. Alstott, Jr;
Anderson, Frank; Anderson, Har
old; Andrews, Effie; Applegate, Iv
an; Archer, Letha; Ayers, Clayton;
Ayers, A. L.
Baker, E. Markham; Baker, J.
Henry; Ball, William Y.; Barratt,
Cyrene; Barratt, J. G.; Bartholom
ew, Phoebe; Bartholomew, Chas.;
Bauman, Bemice; Beach, Elsie M.;
Bechdolt, Archie S.; Bechdolt, W.
W.; Beckett, Chas.; Beckner, Lee;
Benge, Ella; Benge, Terrel L.; Berg
strom, Carl; Bergstrom, E.; Bennett,
Edd; Banker, Gordon; Bibby, Reita;
Buibee, Emellne F.; Bisbee, Louis
K; Blake, Kenneth; Brace, Frank
D.; Brace, Oran O.; Brenner, Clar
rence E.; Breslin, Ed; Brosnan, Jer
ry; Brown, Alta; Bryant, Howard;
Bryson,, J H.
Campbell, May A.; Chaffee, A. J.;
Carlson, Chas.; Casebeer, Prudy;
Cason, Lewis; Chapin, Guy; Chinn,
Edward; Clark, Henry E.; Cohn,
Helen; Cotter, Mabel; Cox, Clara L.
Cox, Claude; Cox, Dee Jr.; Coxen,
Edna, O.; Craber, J. E.; Craw
ford, Viola D; Crawford, Wate C;
Cutsforth, O. W.
Dalzell, Arthur; Davidson, James
F; Denney. Clyde;. Devine, Pearl;
Dick, L. E. Sr; Dinges, Bertha; Din
ges, Harry; Dillon, Chas; Doherty,
Bernard J; Doherty, Neil; Dolvin,
Raymond M; Drake, Cleo? Drake,
Emma K; Dobyns, Walter; Duran,
Moses E; Duvoll, H L; Edwards,
Alonzo; Edwards. Mary; Edwards,
E E; Ely, Franklin; Ely, George:
Emert, Delbert; Evans, Earl; Evans,
Mrs George; Evans, Harold; Evans,
Howard; Faler, Ida; Farris, John;
Farley, James Sr; Ferguson, E 0;
Ferguson, Raymond; Finch, Marion
C; Fitzpatrick, M J; Florence, N G;
Furlong, Scott; GammelL Arthur W;
Gilliam, Leonard L; Gillespie, Zearl;
Gilliam, Earl E; Gilman, Walter L;
Gordon, Charlotte; Gordon, M E;
Gorger, Henry; . Grabill, Robert;
Graham, Claud; Green, Alex; Green
Herman; Griffith, Elmer; Griffin,
Philip S.; Grim, Chauncey W; Gro
shens, Emile;
Hager, Lulu; Happold, H C; Har
ris, Clarence; Henderson, Alonzo;
Hiatt, J W; Higgins, Phil; Hirl,
Chas; Holboke, L H; Hoskins, Fred;
Houghton, A C; House, K A; How
ell, Etta; Huber, Alex; Hughes, Ed
win; Hughes, Mabel; Hughes, Paul
ine; Humphreys, Leta M; Hunt, El
mer; Hunt, Mary; Hurst, Roy E;
Hynd, David; Hynd, Herbert.
Instone, W. H.
Isom, Blaine E; Isom, Anna;
Isom, Earl E.
Johnson, John J; Jackson, Ralph;
Jones, Alva; Jones, Floyd R; Jones,
'Ola N; Jones, Ralph I.
Keithley, Howard; Kilkenny, W
P; Knighten, Neal F; Krebs, John
Lanham, Conley; Lindstrom,
Franklin; UiuLstrom Roy; Lucas,
Fred; Luckman, W W; Lundell, A
W; Lindsay, Jatmvn
Malumey, Josephine-; Mnjeske, A
F.; Mankin, In-ulan; Mai.kti. Fred;
Miijeskc, Freda; MarquunU; Chas
A; Martin, My lea E; Mtwon, Bert;
Massey. Albert; Miller, It M; Miller,
Miireelll; MouaRle, Chas; Moore,
Clarenvei Mow, Ellon; Moore,
Russell; Morgan, Milton R Jr; Mor
gan, S M; Mover, M E; Musgrave,
Joseph E; Myers, Jasper E; Mc
Cabe, Alonzo A; McCnbe, Ltmnic;
McCurdy, Harlan; MeFarland, A E;
McMillan, John F; McMurtry, R G;
McNamer, Sarah E,
Neill, Nora Moore; Nikander, G
O'Harra, Newt; Olden, Grant;
Orwick, Frances.
Padiberg, Darrell; Padberg, John
H; Padberg, Louis J; Palmateer, W
G; Palmer, Elmer; Palmer, L A;
Palmer, Marion; Parker, Frank E;
Peck, Buxton K; Peck, George N;
Peterson, Elmer; Peterson, Oscar;
Peterson, P C; Pettyjohn, Fred.
Quackenbush, Roy
Rauch, Fred; Renoe, Virgil; Rice,
Edward; Rietmann, David; Riet
mann, Juanita; Rietmann, Victor;
Rietmann, Werner; Ring, Harvey;
Rosewall, W C; Rugg, E E; Ruhl,
Otto; Rumble, Frank; Rutledge, H
Shaffer, E R; Smith, Dixon;
Smith, Hugh; Sprinkel, Lee A;
Smetburst, Velma; Steagall, Wilber
C; Stefani, A E; Swaggart, Frank;
Swaggart, Gerald; Swanson, A C.
Thompson," Sophrona; Thomson
Jas G Jr; Thorne, Cecil H; Troed
son, Carl W; Turner, F W; Turner,
Sam J; Turner, Virginia C.
Vey, Antone J; Vinson, E H; Vin
son, G M.
Warren, Clarencle; Wattenberger,
Bernice; Wells, Dick; Wells, Neva
S; Wells, Sylva; Way, Dan; Wight
man, Hattie.
Zinter, Sidney
The Court selected the Judges
and Clerks of election for the years
1944 and 1945 as follows:
(Precinct, judge and clerks in this
Alpine Bernard Doherty, Hanna
Rauch; Russell Moore, Wm J Do
herty, Frank Saling.
Boardman Grace Macomber,
Seth C. Russell; Roy Ball, Flossie
Coats, William A Baker.
Cecil Margaret A. Hurst, J A
Troedson; H O Ely, Fannie G Grif
fith, Herbert Hynd
Eightmile Walter Becket, Mrs.
Floyd Worden; Frank Anderson,
John Bergstrom, L Redding
Gooseberry Chas. T). McElligott,
A W Lundell; Jesse Warfield, Char
les Et Anderson, C. 'F Bergstrom
Hardman Guy Chapin, Henry
Knighten; James Hams, Edward
McDanieL Glen A Farrens
lone H. E. Clark, Fred Mankin;
George N Ely, Elaine Rietmann, E
M Baker
lone, 2nd board Lee Beckner, E.
R Lundell, P J Linn, Eva Swanson,
Juanita Rietmann
Irrigon H. W. Grim, Delia A Coul
ter; A C Houghton, R V Jones, Roy
H Minnick
Lena Phil Higgins. Gerald Swag
gart; Leona Instone, Kethleen His
ler, Annie Shaffer
Lexington, 1st board E J Evans,
B H Peck; Vera Whillock, Ralph
Jackson, Bertha Dinges
Lexington 2nd boardAmanda
Duvall, L A Palmer; Edna Hunt, El
mer Hunt, Cora Warner
North Heppner 1st Board Alex
Green, Ralph Benge; Flora D Nys,
J. W. Hiatt, R A Campbell
2nd board O Wendell Herbison,
Ealor Huston; Cyrene Barratt, Lo
rena Jones,, Letha Archer
Pine City Chas. H Bartholomew
Jasper E Myers; Clayton Ayers,
Marion Finch, Faye Finch
South Heppner 1st board F. E
Parker, C. R McAlister; Ella Benge,
Oma J Cox, Josephine Mahoney
2nd board C N Jones, Etta Ho
well; Grace Nickerson, Sarah Mc
Namer, Neva Matteson ,
The Court selected the Gazette
Times as the official paper for Mor
row County for the year 1944.
The Court selected Dr. A D Mc
Murdo as the County Physician for
the years 1944 and 1945.
The Court orders dog license for
1944 to be sold at the rate of $1.00
for males and spayed females, and
$2.00 for females until March 1 and
after that date the rates to be
Edna Hughes, Dep Salary, 122.81
P A Mollahan, Deputy 156.45
Rita Mclntyre Office Clerk 110.40
Marie Barlow Deputy 110.40
Letha Rippee, Supt Assistant 50.00
J O Archer, Janitor 90.40
Dr. A D McMurdo Physi
cian 25.00
Susie W. Miller Court Report
er , 25.00
First Nad Bank of Portland
Withholding Tax 150.76
Pacific Power & Light Co.,
Court House 33.13
Children's Farm Home, Juve
nile Court 5.00
Loui.se Home, Juvenile Court 3315
West Coast Printing St Bind
ing Co., Juntice Court 62.25
State Dept of Agr., District
Sealer 6.15
Wightman Bros. Bangs' Dis
ease Control 44.00
F W Turner, Bonds 195.00
Susie W Miler Circuit Court 2.84
West Coast Printing & Bind
ing Co. Assessor 44.90
Bushong & Co,, Clerk 10.46
Harbord Rogers Co. Sher
iff, 3.10
Natl Surety Corp. Bonds 175.00
Heppner Market, Jail .78
J O Turner, Civilian De
fense 25.00
Oregon State College County
Agent 1200.00
Gilliam & Bisbee, Court
House 5.40
Dr AD McMurdo, Cor
oner 44.80
Pacific Tel & Tel Co. Cur
rent Expense 49.20
Gazette Times, Offic. Publi-
cation $15.70; clerk $86.50;
Sheriff 4.75 106.95
Central Market, Jail .35
A C Houghton, Sheriff 1.00
John H Fuiten, Sheriff, 14.30
John H Fuiten, Circuit
Court $21.30; Sheriff
$49.55 70.85
Anne M Thomas, County
Nurse, 126.41
Lucy E. Rodgers, Supt $6.50;
Supt Mieage $18.00 24.50
State Industrial Accident
Comm., Sher. $5.50; Sher
Dep 0.31; Sher Sal 0.31 6.12
First Nat Bank of Portland
Withhoding Tax 7.06
L D Neill County Court 30.74
Bert Johnson Judge. General
Assistance 146.99
Bert Johnson, Judge, Blind
Assistance 7.00
Bert Johnson, Judge, Aid to
Dep. Children 42.80
Bert Johnson, Judge, Old Age
Assistance 333.60
Harold Wilson 140.94
Clarence Wise 14.98
Milt Spurlock 142.17
Harold Sherer 287.89
E A KeUey 170.35
L N Morgan 18255
Chas Wiliams 88.53
Frank Nixon 29.85
M V Nolan 133.76
Harry Quackenbush 108.06
A J Chaffee 140.98
Wm Harrison 97.41
Robert S Wilson 27.96
Walter Gilman 172.90
Wm Cunningham 141.49
Austin Wilson 155.34
I R Robison 7 5
Lex Oil Cooperative 38.10
F W Turner 26.00
Jackson Implement Co 87.83
Union Oil Co 151.30
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co
City of Heppner Water Dept
Ferguson Motor Co
Rosewall Motor Co
First Natl Bank of Portland
Penland Bros Transfer Co
Pacific Power & Light Co
Gilliam & Bisbee
State Indus Accident Comm
Columbia Equipment Co
Jack Allen Supply Co
Charles Vaughn
James Chetwood, Rodent
Fund 7.50
Joseph Baltrenas Rodent
Fund 20.00
First Natl Bank of Portland
Rodent Fund 10.00
Jackson Implement Co 26.83