Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, February 10, 1944, Page 5, Image 5

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    Mrs. America
Meets the War
If you've had trouble finding the
kind of shoes you want for your
children, here's encouraging news.
The WPB, in a move to meet the
shortage of infants' and children's
footwear has recquired tanners of
upper shoe leather to set aside a
stated amount of their monthly ci
vilian production to be sold only
for manufacture of youngsters'
shoes. This action means about 20
percent more upper leather for in
fants' and children's footwear.
And while we're on the subject
of shoes, February seventh marked
one year of this rationing program.
The first anniversary finds pro
duction of ration-type shoes for ci
vilians fairly stable, although the
leather situation still remains tight.
That means the ration cannot he
increaed, but will go along at the
same ratio. Meantime, stamp num
and the airplane stamp No. 1 in
Heppner Gazette Times, February 1Q, 1944 5
Book Three are each valid indefi
nitely for one pair of shoes.
When the new ration token plan
goes into effect on Feb. 27, food ra
tion stamps will be good for a much
longer period thn at present . So
Mrs. America will be able to bud
get her food points, a longer peri
od without having to be crowded
by expiration' dates. And tokens,
which will be given as change for
stamps, will be valid indefinitely.
Another feature of the ration token
plan which will simplify the food
rationing program is the fact that
all stamps validated after Feb. 27
will be worth the same ten points
each. Thus, housewives will have
oonly two denominations of ration
currency for both meats and fats
and for processed foods the one
point ration tokens and the ten
point stamps.
Good news ahead for home can
ners who need materials. Metal
cans, glass jars and the closures for
ber 1j from War Ration Book One
them are expected to be available
So You Can't Buy Another Bond
in needed quantities. As a matter
of fact, the new supply of home
canning jars is expected to be more
than four times the number pro
duced in 1941. Further, metal cans
for home and community canning
are under no limitations, and there
are no restrictions on the manu
facture of lids and closures for
home canning use. So with victory
garden and necessary materials for
canning, a record home preserva
tion program is anticipated.
Keep your eye on care of tires on
the family car and be sure to recap
them in time. The tire situation is
so critical that drivers who do not
use their cars in connection with
their work must depend on recap
ping for they will continue to be
ineligible for tires of any sort. Only
the most essential drivers will qua
lify for new tires, and if they can
not find them available they may
get ration certificates for grade
three tires used and war tires.
Motorists who use their cars for
less essential occuplational driving
will be eligible for grade -three
Ration . points for waste fats are
given housewives on the basis of
net wight of the salvage material
turned in to the butcher. That
means the dealer is to deduct the
weight of the can in which the fat
has been saved. For your guidance
here's the can weight for some ty
pical containers No. 1 soup cans,
weight 2.2 ounces. No IV2 dog food
can 2.7 ounces, No 2 vegetable can,
3.6 ounces, No. 3 full quart vegeta
ble can, 5.3 ounces.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Graybeal
of Northwest Christian college of
Eugene are visiting a few days at
the home of Mrs. Graybeal's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles N Jones.
They are also enjoying a visit with
Mrs. Graybeal's brother Sgt C. M.
Jones who is on furlough this week
from Fort Knox, Ky.
A son, Stephen Thomas, was
born Feb. 5 at Emanuel hospital to
Mr. and Mm Virgil Hatfield. The
baby weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces at
birth. Mrs. Hatfield is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Instone of
Mrs. W. H. Instone, who recently
submitted to a serious operation in
Pendleton is recuperating at the
home of her sister in Hermis
miston. Mrs. Instone is regaining
her health steadily she reports.
Francis W. Bush and wife who
have been working for Frank E.
Parker, moved to Grass Valley the
first of the week.
Army Signal Corps Pnoto
Take a good look at this American soldier as he lies in the mud of Ren
dova Island in the Southwest Pacific, victim of a Jap air raid. It is not a
pleasant scene, is it? When you are asked to buy an extra War Bond to
Back the Attack think of this picture of your fellow American blasted by
the concussion of a Jap bomb thousands of miles from home. Then brother,
don't you think you will want to dig a little deeper to back up his comrades?
From U. S. Treasury
Jack & Heintz Workers Buy
Four-Motor Bomber With Bonds
Pictured above is the Liberator four-motor bomber "Spirit of
Jahco Associates" purchased with money raised in the form of extra
War Bonds bought in addition to regular 15 payroll deduction by
the 7500 Associates employed at Jack & Heintz, Inc. of Bedford,
Ohio. Picture of the bomber has just been released.
Jahco Associates (every worker
is called an Associate) set out
several months ago to buy a
bomber, under a plan of the War
Finance Committee of the U. S.
Treasury Dept., by purchasing
$450,000 worth in 30 days for
cash. In 15 days they exceeded
the quota, actually purchasing
$532,868.75 worth of War Bonds.
Jack & i::v'.tz, Inc. is that
manufacture .' ; .-.sential aircraft
units which ;.L'n in the head
lines a good oaal, but this paper
ca:i reveal soma iacts that have
had little attention. It is pos
sibly the only plant in the coun
try to operate 12-hour shifts and
7-day weeks, ' thereby conserving
skilled labor by avoiding the need,
for thousands more men.
The hourly pay is the same as
Is paid for the same skills in
other shops in the Cleveland
Detroit area. The greater take
home pay is because the men
work longer hours at production.
The publicized benefits enable
the men to continue efficient pro
duction the year around. Strikes
and absenteeism are unknown and
production is so efficient that
when parts must be bought out
Bide they cost up to ten times as
"much as when produced by Jahco
The Associates contribute reg
ularly every month to send boxes
to men in the Armed Forces, and j
their wives have a club which j
packs and mails them every,
month. Soldiers all over the
world, some complete strangers, j
have written favorable letters to
the company.
Wounded soldiers are not for-;
gotten either. Recently Associates :
donated $25,000 to buy radios for j
Crile General Hospital, just com-)
pleted by the Government for re-1
turning wounded soldiers. ,
The products of the company.
cannot be talked about freely in
war time, but it can be said that
no American fighter plane can
start its motor without a Jahco
starter, and other products are
almost as important.
The company operates on flat
price contracts, undersells other
manufacturers, and has volun
tarily reduced prices and made
refunds to the Government.
Recently the Renegotiators
have called their profits excessive
and have ordered the return of a
sum which will result in Jack &
Heintz, Inc. sustaining a net loss
on its 1942 operations.
To buy, sell or trade, use the G-T
advertising columns.
Mrs. Keith Mrshall and baby will
Saturday night for Courtland, Ala.
to join Mr. Marshall who is in
training there.
t " 1 s
For Dependable, Profitable
Chicks buy
All breeders rigidly culled
and bloodtested. New Hamp
shire and White Leghorn
Vigorbilt Hatchery
at Hermiston, Oregon, for
prices and delivery dates.
A good cup of coffee is the
perfect complement to a sat
isfying meal. Our food is
good, well cooked, and taste
ful; our service is prompt and
we are pleased to serve you.
Due to shortage of help we
remain closed all day on
Try our meatless meals ev
ery Friday.
Wood Fuel
I am booking or
ders for slab wood
for spring delivery
Place your orders
now and be assur
ed of next winter's
fuel supply.
Lloyd Moyer
Phone 1484
Regular Prices or
Sale Prices
you do better at Gamble's
Unfinished Chests - - $8.95 up
DeLuxe Baby Buggy Reg. $35.95
Sale price $29.95
Wire-weeled Buggy Reg. $21.95
Sale price $16.95
Bench model Separator - $32.95
Gamble Store Dealer
Conley Lanham, Proprietor
Help Speed the Day of Victory
Produce More Food!
THE more Victories there are the more food is needed
by our Armed forces. Not only for themselves but
for the people of liberated countries. These people
must be fed so they can have the strength both in morale
and physical condition to back our armies in the fight
for freedom.
It's up to American farmers to produce for Victory.
If your machinery has taken the brunt of years of hard
work, let us overhaul it so that you may get maximum
performance from your equipment now when you need
it most.