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    Heppner Gazette Times, July 15,, 1943 7
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: Advertisin
County Court Report for June, 1943
fVUill ijL CO'the State of Oregon, by and through KkAL IKOILUIV WARRANTS DRAWN ON assistance
- " its State Highway Commission, did IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE GENERAL FUND Bert Johnson, Judge, aid to
?- on the 8th day of July, 1943, file STATE OF OREGON FOR THE dependent children
FOR SALE: Saddls folding, two with the Board of Directors of .the , COUNTY OF MULTNOMAH Edna Hughes, deputy salary $ 97.60
Edna Hughes, deputy salary
years old. very gentle, partly West Extension Irrigation District ftnuui ur x-iwdaxx. Neva s Wells, deputy salary 144. V'J Neva S- wells deputy salary
trained, should make 1100 lb. a petition praying that the following In the Matter of the .Guardianship Marie Barlow, deputy salary 97.60 Marie Barlow, deputy salary
saddle horse. Martin Bauern- described lands be excluded from of j. q Archer, janitor salary 83.35 Bonnie McClintock, svpt. assis-
feind, Mor"" Ore. 16-17 the boundaries of the West Exten- PATRICIA YVONNE HUGHES, a Bonnie McClintock, Supt Asst 30.00 tant " 80-00
LOST Poc'-etbr"'-. c:nin:.ig ra
tion book . Finder reu: n to Ga
zette Times o'F.cr
sion Irrigation District, to-wit:
Parcel Now 1.
FOR SALI" -140 ewes and 2 bucks.
Box 585, Heppner, Ore. I6p
LOST One small hand truck on
highway by Pendteton-Herpner
Frieght Line. Reward. 16p
FREE! If excess acid causes you
pains of Stomach Ulcers, Indiges
tion, Heartburn, Belching. Bloat
ing. Nausea, Gas Pains, get free
sample, Udga, at Humphreys
Drug Company.
Butler, Cecil, Ore.
Minor. rn A- r. McMurdo, phy-
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that sician saiary
A parcel of land lying in the U"7V , "c ' busie W. Miner, court re-
KTTjn ,i r.TiTT o a.- 11 and license duly made and issued - rrtpr
NWV4 of the SWy4 of Section 11, . . jo poner
TWichin 4 North Ranffe 25 ut f the abVe entltled Court on John H. Fuiten, circuit court
Township 4 North, Range & & 4& d of March, 1943 the Un- $32i0- sheriff $22 65
East, W. M., Morrow County, , . ,J ,. ' , ' , .iv, sneujl
I on dei signed guardian of the above Anne M Thomas countv
Oregon, containing 3.51 acres a, . b , . 10,, Anne lvi- i nomas., mumy
, , '. . f t j. j named minor child will, on the 13th nilr
the S-S&i'fflA. ky f AUgUSt' 1943 ffer fr State Dept. of Agri., district
the Boartoan-btaimeld Uigft- and publiJ auction or private
Ogonfrom T. E- Hunt nd fe ffr Ca. r 1?" PadfiC PWGr ,& LigM C-
Katherine E. Hunt bv deed dat- ? abo'i by the above ento- courthouse $20.90; ration-
.T.n,,. 1Q41 tied Court, at the law office of J. ing board $2.29
oc ioJi ; ' i, ' Ai b, J- y3- Attorney at Law, Heppner, j. q. Turner, civilian defense 25 00 control
.npiji xotXm in v uiu-iiic 1 1 , x ate r n , i ! i i
il of th Deed Records of Mor- "-&"" ine iiarooara xwgers o..
di, ot tne JJeed Kecoras oi ivior seventh jnte of the above named ,
row County, Oregon. m- VatlJMa
child. Patricia
FOR SALE Jersey -cows, two half arcei no. c. Hughes in and to the following expense
guernsey. All double tested. Ralph a parcel or iana lying in me described real property, situated in Lucy E. Rodgers, Supt-$9.24;
in xii 74 oi uie ovv74 oi orcuvu ix, the county of Morrow, state of Ore- cupt travel Ex. $45 45
Township 4 ' South, Range 25 gon toit; Lula M.' Hager, health (emer-
cui., vy. ivi., avuuiiuw umy, ine southeast quarter ot the
Uregon, containing acres and
FOR SALE One No. 7 Internation
al combine, 16-foot. A. G. Piper,
Lexington, Ore. 14-17c
FOUND A purse. Owner may re
claim by identifying same and
paying for this advertisement.
Gazette Times.
FOR SALE Milk cows and Delaval
separator. J. E- Craber, Hard
man. 13-16p
WANTED Turkey gobbler, any Parcel No. 3.
being the right of way of the
Boerdman-Stanfield highway pur
chased! by the State of Oregon
from The Federal Land Bank of
Spokane by deed dated May 17,
1941, recorded May 29, 1941 in
Volume 47, Page 82 of the Deed
Records of Morrow County, Oregon.
strain. W- H. Cleveland, Phone
8F11. 13tfc
DRY WOOD Blackburn Mill. See
Dan Bishop. 42tfc
LAWN MOWER sharpening, fac
tory style. N. D. Bailey 4-tf-c
WANTED Man and wife on
ranch, $175 and everything fur
nished. W. H. French. 15tf
Legal Notices
A parcel of land lying in the
SWy4 of the SEVi of Section 11,
Township 4 North, Range 25
East, W. M., Morrow County,
Oregon, containing 2.35. acres and
being the right of way of the
Boardman - Stanfield Highway
purchased by the State of Ore
gon from The Federal Land
Bank of Spokane by deed dated
April 26, 1941, recorded June 16,
1941 in Volume 47, Page 97 of
the Deed Records of Morrow
County, Oregon;
said described lands being now
within the boundaries of said dis-
T. C. Archer, janitor 83.35
25 00 Bf. A. D. McMurdo, phyi.ician 25.00
Susie W. Miller, reporter, 25-00
25.00 L. D. Neill, county cou.1, 20.00
C. W. McNamer, county court, 25 00
54.75 Bert Johnson, county court,' 4.55
Lovinger Disin. Co., court
130.97 house 292.50
Bonnie McClintock, deputy v
615 sheriff 19.23
Susie W. Miler. circuit court, 1.77
P. W. Mahoney, district att. 27-50
23.19 Wightman Bros., Bangs Disease
Bushone & Co.. sheriff 185.00
16.15 Bushong & Co., sheriff, 1.43:
clerk 6. 62 8.05
55.68 State Dept of Agri, district
sealer, 6.15
54.69 J. O. Turner, civilian defense 25.00
Pac. Tel. & Tel. Co.., current ex-
6.75 pense 57.78
6 62 Heppner Gazette Times, off.
pub. 62.55; Supt 34.30; clerk,
43.98 140.83
12.00 Heppner Gazette Times, clerk,
90.00; county court 10 00 100.00
4.00 Pac. Power & Light, ration
3 30 board, 2.37; court house 27.20 29.57
John H. Fuiten, circuit ct. 53.95
3.20 Sher. 46.45; jail, 0.55 100.95
Rofct. S. Farrell, Jr. Sec of
15.60 State, audits 450.00
15 60 Collector of Int. Rev., Victory
southwest quarter, the south- Hermner Red & White, jail
west quarter of the southeast w. O. Dix, assessor mileage 18.90
quarter and the east half of the Mrs. L. L. Taylor, Bang's
southeast quarter of section 7, disease control
the south half of Section 8, jerry H. Brosnan, Bang's
the west half of Section 15, all disease control
of Section 16, the north half Frank S. Parker, circuit Ct.
of the northeast quarter, the Cora Mae Ferguson, circuit
northeast quarter of the scuth- court
east qutrter of Section 17 M- Orkna Suddarth, circuit
also beginning at the northeast court
corner of the northwest quar- Paul Smith, circuit court
ter of Section 17, running thence H. E. Yamell, ciruit court
West 23 chains, thence South Fred J. Nickoson, circuit Ct.
45 45' East -7 chains, thence Ture Peterson, circuit court
South 37 East 10.30 chains thence Henry Vogler, III, circuit Ct
South MMf East 6.67 chains, Garcld Hartsock, circuit Ct.
thence South 34 East 17-30 J. D. Owens, circuit court
chains, to the East line of said George Rugg, Sr., circuit Ct. 9-00 Clair Ashbaugh
northwest quarter, thence North Lowell Rugg, circuit court 9.00 H. Sherer
3415 chains to place of beginn- Heppner Gazette Times, offi
ing, all in Section 17; and the cial publication
northeast quarter of Section 18, Heppner Market, jail
all in Township two (2) South, Central Market, jail
Range 26 East of the Willamette State Industrial Aeci. Com.
Meridian, in Morrow Countv. sheriff $2.97: sheriff salarv
6.60 tax
8-60 Alei t Connor
12 00 Walter Gilman
9.00 Dale Ray
Oregon. $.31 ; deputy salarw $.31 3.59 E- A. Kelley
Dated and first published this Bert Johnson, Judge, general Chas. Williams
10211 Frank Nixon
Notice is hereby given that the
,mWnrcifTnoH hoc hW.Pn fill V an n . . i r . 1 i f . - .
ua.t,.. - j -r AU persons interested are request- ioui day or July, 1943. assistance
pointed executrix of the Last Will ed to appear at office of the Date of last pubiication August Don Strait, circuit court
and Testament of James E War- board of of district 12 1943. , Elkhorn Restaurant, cireuit
field, deceased, by the County on Lotg 6 and 7 Block 45 Townsite GRACE E. HALE, court
Court of the State of Oregon, for of Irrig&nf Morrow County, State Guardian of the Estate of Patricia Bert Johnson, Judge, old
the County of Morrow and has of 0regon) on Tuesday, August 3rd, Yvonne Hughes, a minor. age assistance
accepted such trust All persons 1943 said date CLIFFORD G. HOLLAND, Bert Johnson, Judge, aid to
having claims against the said es- mceting date of aid and Yeon Building, Portland, Oregon. blind
tate are hereby requested to pre- fie in &eir objectionS) jf Attorney for Guardian. . 16-20 Bert Johnson, Judge, aid to
sent the same to the Executrix at wh w petition should not : dependent children
the office of J. 0- Turner in Hep- be ranted NOTICE OF SALE OF COUNTY aePnnt . cnnaren
..v. granted. Ray Drake, circuit court
pner, Oregon, within six months Dated 15th day of July 1943. PROPERTY Tom Cadell circuit
from the date hereod. Dated and , r woTTfTHTON P.V ttpttto 'att am r-o-c T. - t : t.
,. ... , j U- 1CT, J,,, rtf ' 1 11 WlVULjiV Ui H ci UtWB, UIUUll tviuiu
July, 1943.
Garnet Ashbaugh
38.80 A. J. Chalfee
3.35 Win. Hanison
7.44 L. N. Morgan
W. Cunningham
Jack Stotts
12.00 H. Tamblyn
Nelson Equipment Company
6 30 Union Oil Company
Union Oil Company
318.80 H. & L. Company
Pcnland Brothers Transfer
6.00 Columbia Equipment Co.
Kilham Stationery & Print
3260 ing Co.
14.00 Jack .Allen Supply Co.
16 00 Heppner Gazette Times
10.80 Ferguson Motor Company
12.60 Shell Oil Company
Notice is hereby given that the IN THE COUNTY COURT OF mum price herein set forth:
undersigned has been duly ap
pointed executrix of the Last Will MORROW COUNTY
and Testament of Daniel D. Sum- In the Matter of the Estate)
mer, deceased, by the County Court of ' )
of Morrow County, Oregon, and has Jefferson Evans, Deceased )
accepted such trust. All persons NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN a m nT' , IZ7 J i , J, ,
21.80 State Industrial Accident Com. 61-04
Secretary, the County Court, dated June 7. Garland Swanson. circuit Ct
West Extension Irrigation District. 1943, I am authorized and directed Charles Klinges, circuit court 15.60 Pacific Power & Light Co
lb-18 to advertise and sell at public auc- Raymond Wright, circuit Ct. 11.40 Tress McQintock
NOTICE OF HEARING OF tion' t'le f0llwing described pro- Frank Munkers, circuit court 13.80 Charles Vaughn
FINAL ACCOUNT periy at not less tnan tne mini- Ernest rieliker, circuit court 14.UO Air neuuction oaies o.
D. F. Ransier, circuit court
THE STATE OF OREGON FOR 18 AA ana 12 m " oper- Henry V. bmouse, circuit Ct. 15.&0 w. n. lucKer
ry s iind Addition to the City of Jesse Warfield, circuit court 16.60 City of Heppner Water Dept
lone, Oregon for the minimum Leonard Carlson, circuit Ct. 14.00 Loban Chevrolet Company
price of $20.00, cash. W. A. McClintock, circuit Ct. 15.00 E. A. Kelley
THEREFORE, I will on the 7th Lee C. Sparks, circuit court
day of August, 1943, at the hour of Loyal Parker, circuit court
13.80 Chas. Williams
12.20 Frank Nixon
having claims against the estate are that the undersigned has filed his ST r u 01 tf8 naifn- circult w; OTn
hereby required to present the finaI accost Z report in the n STL? "I 7?' ?T Margaret Blake, circuit court 10.50 A. J. Chalfee
same with proper vouchers at- above entitled matter a the Court fc circuit court 6-20 Clair Ashbangh
tached, to the executrix at the office has fixed Friday, August 6, 1943, at eSt 8nd w "T - I S AshbaUgh
of J. O. Turner in Heppner, Oregon, the hour of ten o'clock a. m. of OOTtTT J0 A Harley Anderson circuit court 16.00 H. Sherer
within six months from the date d day as the time, and the Coun- "S&iSi M0RR0W C0UN- t SrT S w n 1
hereof. ty Courtroom of the County Court- OREGON 15-19 Mary McMurtry 9-20 Walter Gilman
Dated and first nublished Julv h, at Hn. M, rwt Robert Smith, circuit court 13.80 Wm. Cunningham
1, 1943
Oregon, as the place for hearing
1943 CROP INSURANCE GOOD Helen Currin, circuit court 13.00 Albert Connor
y . T T ir.1 i in rtn T T rr il..
BERTHA DINGES exceptions and objections to said nunuanoe oy congress ot narry iviunKers, circuit court. 10. u "mrayn
- Executrix final account and report Objec- the federal CTOP insurance program John R. Voile, circuit court 22.00 Columbia Equipment Co.
14-18 tions to said final account' and re- n affect on the B. C Pinckney, circuit court. 3.20 Pacific Power & Light Co-
port should be filed on or before iJ" -P, nence msurea ur- xwrence ixeaamg; circuit "Z nT,
egon growers will receive full pro- court 13.00 WARRANTS DRAWN ON
Notice is herebv eiven that the rwi v n, u) tection on their crops through har- Walter Beckett circuit court, 15.60 MARKET ROAD FUND
undersigned has been duly appoint- 8th day of July, 1943.
vest, the state AAA office reported Roy A. Campbell, circuit court 12.20 H. Tamblyn
ed executrix of the Last Will and
Testament of Bertha A. Leicht, de
ceased, by the County Court of
Morrow County, Oregon, and has ceased,
accepted such trust. All persons
having claims against the said , AttorTMW fnr Administrator
estate are required to present the Address: Lock Box 275
same, with vouchers attached, to Athena, Oregon.
J- 0. Turner in Heppner, Oregon,
within six months from the date FOR SALE Modem well built
hereof. Dated and first published house .and outbuildings, in good
July 1st, 1943. ' condition. Six acres berries, fruit
NELLIE L. NETTER, and garden ground. .Box 364,
14-18 Executrix. Heppner. lGtfc
FATU FVAN? Adtninictraw week- Clyde Kiddle, crop in- Ray Pollard, circuit court 11.00 L- N. Morgan
witK ii Will Arz,wi tui sur-ance assistant, said that all loss- E. H. German, circuit court 27.20 A. J. Chaffee
Estate of Jefferson Evans De- es to 'nsureo crops will be settled Gerold Hartsock, circuit court 14 00 Wm. Harrison
promptly and premiums will be col- George W Rugg, circuit court,
lected on 1943 contracts. He report- Lowell Rugg, circuit court,
ed that wheat crops on more than Jerry Eaton, circuit court,
4000 Oregon farms are insured this Elz Hartsock circuit court
year. j. D. French, circuit court,
John Nooy, circuit court,
The Axis Stops at Nothing. Tom Mclntire, circuit court,
Don't stop your War Bond R M Fouett, circuit court,
9.00 Clair Ashbangh
9.00 Garnet Ashbaugh
8.00 H. Sherer
12.00 Dale Ray
8.00 Walter Gilman
15.00 Wm. Cunningham
13.00 Albert Connor
13.20 H. Tamblyn
rayroiisavingsatiuy.Ji.very Robert ShiUer, circuit court, 10.00 WARRANTS DRAWN ON MIS-
soldierta a 100 percenter. Fig- Qrin Wright circuit 440 C ELLA NEONS FUND
ure It out yourself. Bert Johnson, Judge, blind K-R-O Company 7.14