Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, April 08, 1943, Page 5, Image 5

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Heppner Gazette Times, April 8, 1943-
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THE GOVERNMENT of the United States is asking us to lend it 13 billion dollars
in the next few weeks. We can do it. And we must do it. Every American
must realize the truth:
In this, our toughest war, we've made a good start. We've trained a lot of men
made a lot of weapons built a lot of ships.
But it's only a start. No man or woman among us would contend for a single
instant that we're doing enough NOW to win this war!
We've Got to Build More!
We broke all records building 8 million tons of shipping last year. But grim-faced
Army and Navy men will tell you that the 18 MILLION tons we're building this,
year STILL won't be enough!
We've Got to Fight More!
From now till this war is won, America must be on the offensive. In ever-increasing
numbers, your sons, brothers, husbands must go into actual battle. Our lossles
have already begun to mount and they will not grow Wss,
And We've Got to Buy More War Bands!
Sure we're all buying War Bonds now. But we've got to help pay for our increased
fighting and building . . . We've got to match, as best we can, the sacrifice of those
Americans who are toiling and sweating on a dozen battle-fronts with the bloodiest
yet to come. The blunt fact is this: to keep our war machine going, we've got toi
dig up 13 billion EXTRA dollars this month. 13 billion dollars over and above our
regular War Bond buying!
In the next few weeks you may be visited by one of the thousands of volunteers
who arc contributing their time and effort to this Drive. But don't wait for him.
Make up your mind now that before this drive is over, you're going to march right
down to your nearest bank, Post Office or place where they sell War Bonds, and
do your duty. And don't ever forget this: in doing your duty, you're doing your
self one of the biggest favors of your life!
Fcr United States War Bonds are the greatest investment in the world bar none.
They're investments taiored to fit your particular situation. And they give you the
chance of a lifetime to order and GET the kind of world you want to live in after
this war. Every cent you put in War Bonds now will help to guarantee plenty of
peacetime jobp making peace-living for every one of us.
For your Country's sake for your OWN sake invest ALL YOU CAN!
There Are 7 Different Types of U. S. Government
Securities-Choose the Ones Best Suited for You:
for individual and family savings. Gives you back $1 for every $3 when the Bond
matures. Designed especially for the smaller investor. Dated 1st day of month in
which payment is received. Interest: 2.9 a year if held to maturity. Denomin
ations: $25, $50, $500, $1000. Redemption: any time 60 days after issue date.
Price: 75 of maturity value.
22 TREASURY BONDS OF 1964-1969: Readily marketable, acceptable as bank
collateral, these Bonds are ideal investments for trust funds, estates and individuals.
A special feature provides that they may be redeemed at par and accrued interest
fcr the purpose of satisfying Federal estate taxps. Dated April 15, 1943; due June
15, 1969. Denominations: $500-$1000 $5000 $10,000-$100,000-also $1 million if
registered. Redemption: Not callable till June 15, 1964; thereafter at par and ac
crued interest on any interest date at 4 months' notice. Subject to Federal taxes
ony. Price: par and accrued interest.
OTHER SECURITDZS: Series "C" Tax Notes; 7-8 Certificates of Indebtedness;
2 Treasury Bonds of 1950-1952; United StaUfc Savings Bonds Series "F"; United
States Savings Bonds Series "G".
The First National Bank of Portland
Heppner Branch
Gilliam & Bisbee
Rosewall Motor Company
Heppner Bakery
J. 0. Turner
Thomson Bros.
J. C. Penney Company
Charles B. Cox
Dr. L. D. Tibbies
Star Theatre
J.J. Nys
Pacific Power fir Light Company
J. 0. Peterson
Gordon's Drug Store
Elkhorn Restaurant
Case Furniture Company
Braden-Bell Tractor and Equipment
Dr. W. H. Rockwell
Huston Grocery
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Company
Central Market
Frank W. Turner
Heppner Market
Wilson's Men's Wear
P. W. Mahoney
Red & White Grocery
Humphreys Drug Company
Heppner Garage
Coxen's Barber Shop
Runnion's Cafe
Myrtle's Beauty Salon
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