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    2 Heppner Gazette Times, February 11, 1943
By Margaret Thorpe
A. E. McFarland went to Port
land Tuesday where he spent two
days at a state wide dairyman's as
sociation meeting.
Effie Bullock was taken to the
doctor at ermiston Saturday by Ice
land McClouth and Mrs. Gus Mc
Clouth. Effie is still bedfast follow
ing her recent accident.
Mrs. Lew Morgan of Portland
came Monday in response to a call
due to the illness of Mr. Weston.
She took him home with her.
friends of th eNeal Blaakney fam-
Word has been received here by
ily that Neal, Jr., has passes his
exams to get into the air corps, and
is now waiting to be called. Bob
is in the medical corps in Califor
nia, and Awilda Clair is a steno
grapher at Walla Walla.
Don Potts has been called in the
navy and is now stationed at Far
ragut Ida
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Root, Mrs. Mef
ford and Vernon Root spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Root
and son at the Roy Cannon rach
at Athena where she has beencar
ing for her invalid father. Mrs.
Mefford remained for a few days.
Bob Miles who has been working
in the shipyards in Portand is now
staying at home and working at
the U.O.D.
Buddy Kristensen has been in
Portland all week under medical
Halord Tyler has been inducted
into the army and sent to Norfolk
Va. He has been working in the
shipyards for the past several
Mrs. Hazel Tyler Warner who
recently underwent an appendect
omy is reported as improving.
Pvt. and Mrs. Beavers have
moved into a trailer house in town.
Mrs. David Johnston aod daugh
ter Duree arrived Sunday for an
indefinite stay at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wil
son and family. Mr. Johnston, who
Meat Cut
Blade End of Pork Loin
tomb Shoulder
Nutrition authorities say that
Mrs. American Housewife's job of
feeding her family is one of the
most important in the war effort.
; For nourishing food is going a long
way toward building strength and
morale on the home front
At the same time, women are be
ing called upon to conserve food as
a wartime necessity. This means
they must use every ingenuity to
eliminate waste and get the most
out of the food they buy.
How to make their meat go fur
ther seems to be a subject of espe
cial interest, since building meals
around this food is an American
tradition. So home economics ex
perts have come to the rescue with
all sorts of ideas and recipes de
signed to extend the meat purchase
as far as possible.
Here are a few of many practical
ideas ..along this line.
First meal. Brisket cooked with
beans is a delicious dish for the
first serving. The beans are soaked
over night and brown sugar, onion
and seasonings added, then placed
in a covered kettle with brisket on
top. Brisket and beans should be
covered with water and cooked in
8 ' Stufr
is in the border patrol has been
sent to Alaska.
Boardman residents in Hermiston
Thursday were Mr. and Mrs. Na
than Thorpe, Billy ?md Jimmy;
Mrs. Francis Harter, Bill and Shar
on; Mrs. Ivan Brandon; Mrs. L. W.
Bush; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ball, Ed
win and Alber; Alvin Deulen; Mrs.
Conyers, and Frank Joes.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Tannehill,
Mrs. Russell Miller and Mrs. Art
Allen motored to Pendleton last
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Deulen are
the parents of a baby daughetr
.born Wednesday at the Hermiston
hospital. The baby weighed seven
pounds, eight ounces..
Mrs. Ethyl Nethercott arrived
Friday from Portland to spend the
week-end with her brother, Char
les Nickerson and wife. She went
on to Pendleton Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown went
to Walla Walla Friday to spend the
week-end. Mrs. Gladys Ford went
with them. Mrs Frank Jones is
working in the store during their
The ladies aid met at the home
of Mrs. Marion Van Metre Wed
nesday. Next meeting is to be am
all day meeting, Feb. 17 at Mrs.
W. A. Bakers.
Women interested in a class of
home nursing taught by the county
nurse, are asked to get in touch
with Mrs. Nate Macomber.
Boardman beat the Irrigon bas
ketball team on the home floor
Thursday night.
A large new water pump will ar
rive in the next few days which
will relieve the shortage of water
suffered by the city for sometime.
A rock crusher has been set up
on the land purchased by the con
tractors for gravel for the air port.
Meals are now being served at the
grange hall for the workers.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Forknelr
and children who have purchased
the John Jenkins place arrived on
Thursday to take up their resi-t'own.
First Meal
Second Meal
Pressing ,
Barbecued Pork Slices
Shoulder with Com Stuffing
a moderate oven for about three
Second meal. Broiled toastwiches
suggested for the second meal, are
prepared by slicing left-over brisket
and making into sandwiches. The
sandwiches are dipped in beaten
egg and milk and broiled until
Third meal. The left-over meat
from the brisket may be ground
and combined with boiled rice and
seasonings to make a stuffing for
green peppers. These are baked in
a hot oven until done about 45
First meal. Blade end of the pork
loin is excellent for a roast. The
end cut is lower in price than the
center cut Roasting is easy when
a few simple rules are followed. The
roast should not be covered and no
water added. A low temperature
saves both meat and fuel. A bread
dressing, shaped in balls and placed
around the roast half an hour be
fore it is done, will extend the serv
ings. This roast requires 30 min
utes per pound.
Second meal. The cold slices of
roast pork are delicious heated in
barbecue sauce. "
dence on their new farm. Mr. and
Mrs. Jesse Lower have moved to .
A miscellaneous shower was held
at Laverne Partlow's home Friday
honoring Mrs. Ruth Pettit. A large
crowd attended.
Word has been received by Na
than Thorpe that his brother Lester
who is in the navy has been in a
ho-pital at Savannah, Ga., since
Nov. 21 but expects to be dis
charged soon.
Mrs. Marion Pierce who has been
in the Hermiston hospital for some
time has gone to Portland accom
panied by Mr. Pierce. She plains to
visit her brother and wife, Mr. and
Mrs. Gus Slaughter and see a phy
sician while there. Mrs. T. T.
Slaughter, her mother, is caring for
the children.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Sweriingen
got home from Hillsboro Wednes
day. The Irrigon basketball team de
feated Stanfield Wednesday at Irri
gon. The Irrigon grade team also
The Boardman teams both de
feated Irrigon on the Boardman
floor Thursday.
Mrs. Theresa Connel of Board
man is spending some time in Irri
gon with relatives and friends..
Robert Larson injured his foot at
the basketball game Thursday so
badly that he did not go to school
Friday. v
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Glen O'
Brien Sunday a 9 pound 2 ounze
boy named Charles Chester.
Mr. Sparks, a former resident of
Irrigon Was left at Earl Connel' s
Wednesday night by his son Floyd
Sparks. He rolled or in some way
fell out of bed and tore the liga
ments of his leg and bruised his
side. They took him to a Pendle
ton hospital Thursday. Mrs. Pro
ventho and some friends went to
see' him Friday.
-Mrs. Nona O'Brien from Chehalis
Wash., is here to visit her son and
Third Meal
Perk Shortcake
Scotch Pancakes
Third meal. The trimmings from
the roast make a surprise supper
dish when combined with cream
sauce and served between layers
and over the top of biscuits as Pork
Short Cake.
First meal. A stuffed lamb shoul
der is a thrifty roast The bones
may be used to season vegetables
or to make soup stock. A tasty
stuffing is made for it by combining
whole kernel corn, cracker crumbs,
seasonings and minced green pep
per. The roast is placed on a rack
in an open pan and about 40 min
utes per pound allowed in a slow
Second meal. For the next night's
main dish, combine cubes of cold
roast with left-over vegetables and
enough gravy to hold together.
Place mounds of the mixture on
squares of pastry and fold over to
make a triangle. Pinch' the edges
together. Brown in a hot oven,
These are called Pasties.
Third meal. The remaining lamb
"bits" may be ground and mixed
with cooked oatmeal, an egg and
seasonings to make Scotch Pan
cakes for supper or for breakfast.,
wiiuKiiii.a i. .ijmutiLHiii
At Heppner
J. Fred Stilwell, Pastor
Sunday school, 10 a. m.
Preaching at' 11 a. m. Topic:
"The Higher Patriotism.'
Bennie Howe, Minister
Sunday, Feb. 14th:
Divine worship at 11 a. m. This
being Race Relations Sunday .an
appropriate sermon on that theme
will be delivered.
Church school at 9:45 a. m. Lucy
Rodger 3, superintendent. A class
for every grade and age.
" Youth Fellowship for juniors at
6:30 p. m.
Evening song and gospel service
at 7:45.
Wednesday Evenings:
Fellowship and prayer service at
7:45 o'clock Wednesday evening.
Thursday Evenings:
Choir practice Thursday evening
k at the parsonage.
Thought for Today:
It has been said of the world's
Mrs. Suddarth has rented the
Pete Burg place for the coming
Agnes Caldwell was thrown from
a horse. It bruised her face and
blacked an eye.
Sonny Marquam is moving to
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Amis are
Portland visitors, having left Sat
urday. Mrs. Jean Benefiel spent Sunday
with the Carl Haddock family. Mrs.
Haddock is her sister-in-law.
Now available for
Slab Wood
Heppner Lumber Co.
No Discount Under $1
Anything from $1 to $10 5 percent
Discount; oyer $10-10 percent Discount.
This discount does not apply to
trade dollar commodities suchas
Tobacco, Sugar, Coffee and Flour.
This does not affect our 30-day
accounts. We are still giving cre
dit for 30 days to reliable parties.
J mil- Jtn- Muiu juu jum juii.- jliil- jum iiuu inn-
history that "Might makes Right.""
It is for us and for our times to
reverse the maxim and show that
"Right makes Might." Lincoln.
Martin B. Clark, Minister
9:45 a. m Bible school.
11 a. m Communion and preach
ing. -6:30
p. m Christian Endeavor
7:00 p. m Choir practice.
7:30 p. m Pre-prayer service. ,
7:45 p. m. Evangelistic service.
7:00 p. m. Prayer meeting.
7:30 p. m Bible study.
Rev. Francis McCormack, Pastor
Schedule of services:
Heppner: Mass at 9:00 a. m. every
Sunday except 3rd. Mass on 3rd
Sunday at 10:30.
lone: 10:30 a. m, on 1st Sunday;
9:00 a. m. on 3rd Sunday.
Lena: 10:30 a. m, on 2nd and 4th
Week-day mass at 8 a. m. First
Friday, 7:30 a. m.
Confessions: Saturdays, 7:30 to
8:00 p. m, Sundays, 8:15 to 8:55 a. m
Sterl D. Spiesz, pastor
Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.
Worship, 11:00 a. m.
Evangelistic service, 7:45 p. in.
Tuesday prayer service, 7:45 p. m.
Thursday Bible study, 7:45 p. m.
Church school, 9:45 a. m.
Momnig Prayer and sermon, 11
o'clock .
immediate delivery
it .
.im .11111- 1),IL! 1UIm lllti lull- llfili IWfi lllffa ill It 111