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    Heppner Gazette Times, January 21, 19435
Red Cross Fund
CamDaiqn Slated
For Early March
Morrow county's quota in the Red
Crop? fund campaign which is sche
duled to onen the firF of Mah
has been placed at $2100. This
startling bit of information was
imparted to Hetpnr Lions club
Monday noon by Miss Carvl Hol
lingsworth, field representative for
the American Red Cross society,
who was in town for the purpose
of conferring with leaders relative
to the forthcoming drive for mem
bership and contributions.
While this figure may appear
large to local people, Miss Hol
lingsworth explained that war de
mands have caused an enormous
expansion of the national budget,
in proportion to all other agen
cies serving in this great national
emergency. Of the amount to be
raised here, $400 will remain in
the county to meet local emer
gencies. Miss Hollingsworth was intro
duced by Rev. Bennie Howe, Mor
row county Red Cross chairman.
Walter Skuzeski supplied the
entertainment feature of the meet
ing with several numbers on his
He brushed his teeth twice a day,
he had a medical examination twice
a year, he never failed to wear his
rubbers when it rained, he slept
with the windows in his room wide
open, he stuck to his diet of fruits
and vegetables, with plenty of spin
ach, he gave up his tonsils, appen
dix, and gall bladder and traded
in several worn-out glands; he
golfed and did his daily dozen for
exercise and saw to it that he got
at least eight hours' sleep out of
every 24. He never smoked, drank
lost his temper. But he forgot about
trains at grade crossings. His fu
neral was largely attended by sor
rowing friends. He is survived by
18 specialists, four health institutes,
six gymnasiums and any number of
manufacturers of health foods and
Amount of Victory Tax Deductible from Weekly
.Wages of Selected Amounts and Amount ol
Net Victory Tax After Deduction of Credits
Net Victory tag after credit!
wage I Gross I Single t Married t Married
(gross I Victory I person I person : person
amount)! iax t no dependents t wo dependents :two dependents
15 $ .15 $ .11 $ .09 $ .08
20 .40 .30 .24 .22
30 .90 .68 .54 .50
40 1.40 1.05 .84 ' .78
50 1.90 1.43 1.14 1.06
60 2.40 1.30 1.44 1.34
70 2.90 2.18 1.74 1.62
80 3.40 ' 2.55 2.04 1.90 '
91 , 3.90 2.93 2.34 ft 2.18
100 4.40 3.20 2.64 2.46
A regular meeting of the Episco
pal Auxiliary, scheduled at the par
ish house, will be held at the home
of Mrs. J. F. Lucas Thursday after
noon, Jan. 28. Mrs. George Evans
will be hostess and the program
will be in charge of Mrs. Ture Pet
erson. '
A newly developed chemical salt
"bath", poisonous for termites,
makes wooden freight cars termite -proof
and also prevents decay.
The credits may be taken currently or after the war. They
amount to 40 percent of the tax for married persons, 25 percent for
single persons, and 2 percent for each dependent. They may be
taken currently and will be based on (a) payments of premiums on
life insurance policies in force on September 1, 1942; (b) payments
of old debts; (c) net purchase of War Bonds, u. s. 'treasury Department
A G-T want ad will do wonders if you have anything to sell, trade
Gus Williamson, guard at the mu
nitions depot, was over from Her
miston the last of the week enjoy
ing the comforts of home for a brief
32 hours leave. Gus works the
"grave yard' shift and appreciates
a brief respite now and then.-
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Bradford
of Portland spent the week-end in
Heppner with Mrs. Bradford's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Happokl,
returning home Tuesday. Their
wedding was an event of the holidays.
To buy, sell or trade, use the G-T
Who Must File
State Income Tax
For your convenience in filing
your return, a state income tax
auditor will be at the court house
in Heppner, from 8 a. m. to 5 p.
m., on Jan. 29, 1943 and from 8:00
a. m. to 12:00 noon, Jan. 30, 1943.
No charge will be made for this
Under the Oregon state income
tax law returns must be filed by
the following persons:
Single persons (or married and
not livine with husband or wife)
having net income from all sourc
es of $800.00 or more, or having
surtax net income (intangibles in
come) of $500.00 or more during
the taxable year.
Married couples having com
bined net income from all sources
of $1,500.00 or more, or .having com
bined surtax net income of $800.00
or more during the taxable year.
All individuals or married coup
les with a gross income of $4,000.00
or more during the taxable year.
All returns for the calendar year
must be filed on or before April
1, 1943. All returns mailed so they
bear the postmark of April 1 or
before will not be considered
The law imposes minimum delin
quency charges of 5 percent of the
tax, plus $1.00, and interest at xk
of 1 percent per month from date
return was due, to date of pay
ment when delinquency is not due
to carelessness or neglect. Penal
ties up to 100 per cent of the tax
may be imposed for willful ne
glect or failure to file returns.
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wholesome and educational, yet
entertaining boy'a publication.
That's why, for 30 years, the Boy
k Scouts of America hat pub-
lished BOYS' LIFE.
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When Eating in The Dalles
The Editor Proved the Value of
The editor turned out the midnight light
over his littered desk and wended his weary
way homward. He took a short cut through
an alley to his back yard and noticed a prom
inent business man slipping out of the back
door of the residence of a lady whose husband
happened to be out of town that week. In the
next issue of his paper the editor told of the
occurrence without mentioning names, and
suggested that inasmuch as the man was not
already a subscriber it was hoped that he
would send in his subscription to the paper
so as to keep posted on local happenings.
The next day the editor received 52 new sub
scriptions from business men of the town.
After Reading the Above Yarn
Aren't You Convinced
lit Pays to Advertise