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    2 Heppner Gazette Times, January 21, 1 943
Mrs. America
Meets the War
Rayon to Mrs. America these
but to Uncle Sam it means war
goods cords for military tires,,
paratroop uniforms and lining for
cords for parachutes, material for
military uniforms. Perhaps you
wonder how that delicate material
in stockings or dress materials can
be toughened to a war job. Ac
tually the same ingredients and
manufacturing technique are used
for rayon as milady knows it and
as it goes to war. The weight is
superstrong for its military role,
the main difference and it is made
So far it has not been necessary
to prohibit the manufacture of any
rayon product because of its ex
panding use for war. However, the
range of hosiery colors has been
reduced, and some simplification
of construction may follow.
. Home may have never been quite
like this, but soon Mrs. America
may have skillets made from heat
resistant glass, dust pans of paper
board and molded fibre, and
ruga ted paper board. When store
clothes hangers made from cor
keeper's inventories run low on
civilian goods made from steel and
other critical materials, certain
substitutes may save the day for
some articles which otherwise may
be out. There is more wood furni
ture replacing metal furnishings,
and wood also will be used for
buckets, trays, washboards, vege
table bins which have been made
of metal. Glass, bone and non
critical plastics also will be used
for these articles.
Butgeting homemakers should
welcome the .OPA action in setting
new and uniform margins for re
tailers on nine food commodities
coffee, canned fish, cooking and
salad oils and hydrogenated and
other shortening, corn meal, can
ned citrus fruits and juices, " evap
orated and condensed milk, pure
maple syrup, pure corn syrup,
flour and flour mixes. The uniform
mark-ups will be applied to his net
cost by your storekeeper to deter
mine his ceiling prices. This is part
of the OPA program designed to
simplify price control for Mrs.
America as well as her grocer. It
is expected that this uniform
mark-up procedure will be followed
by broader action on other pro
ducts. Packaging is the latest civilian
convenience to lose more frills for
the duration. The WPB has cut the
production of boxes used by re
tailer merchants for packaging
merchandise, and at the same time
board which can be used in the
restricted the quality of paper
manufacture of special gift boxes.
The WPB expects to provide more
containers for products that for
merly were packed in tin by the
new order.
And speaking of packaging, the
expression "wrapped in cellophane"
is about to become more of a war
casualty. Cellophane is the best
known form of cellulose film which
has become a much-needed war
material. Among the packages
which formerly had cellophane
wrapping, but won't any more,
are boxes of candy, tea, spices, pep
per, unshelled nuts. If you used to
find certain cartons of dried fruits
with overwraps of this material ,or
rice, barley, macaroni, noodles, ect,
they'l be without from now on.
The housewife in rural communi
ties stands to benefit today from
the government order limiting big
store inventories. Her home-like
merchant will be able to have a
better stock of goods from which
shse can choose since the order is
intended to make a more equitable
distribution of goods instead of al
lowing them to accumulate in
warehouses. So in these days of gas
warehouses. So in these days of gas
rationing, when trips into the city
are difficult, Mrs. Rural America
should find that she will have ac
cess in her own community to the
things her family needs.
The WPB sometimes gives as it
Lexington News
I5y Mrs. Maxine Gray
Alb-art Edwards, Joe Way, Clauds
Way, Leonard Munkers, T. R. Bur
ton and Mrs. Dan Way were vis
itors in Pendleton the first of the
Mrs. Edna Munkers visited at the
Cteile Jackson home on Thursday
Miss Jean Rauch is -pending a
month at the Al Fetch home in
Vesta Cutsforth was a Wednesday
night guest of June Van Winkle.
Business visitors in Heppner this
past week-end were: Mr. and Mrs.
Munkers and daughter Marilyn,
George Peck, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon
Ralph Leach, Edith and Jerrine Ed
wards and niece Clara Griffith,
Frieda Breeding and Mrs. Fay Ruhl
Mrs. Cleo Van Winkle visited at
the Merritt Gray home Wednesday.
Ralph Jackson was a business
visitor in Spray for several days
this week. He returned home Fri
crumple a fender and bend the
day. He had the misfortune to
hood of his car. The accident was
due to slick roads and a car parked
in the middle of the road.
Wanda Breeding spent Thursday
night at the home of Rena June
There were quite a few out to
the Red Cross sewing meeting last
Wednesday. More are urged to
Visitors at the Al Fetch home on
Friday afternoon were Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Rauch, May and Fay and
Sgt. Henry Rauch and Cpl. James
Pvt. Al Winkleman returned to
Fort Lewis Monday.
The Lexington basketball team
played Irrigon Thursdy night with
Lexington winning the first game
and Irrigon the second.
The high school student body had
evening. A good time was had by
a party in the gymnasium Friday
Sgt Henry Rauch Jr. left Sunday
morning for Massachusetts where
ho will be in the hopital for
several months.
Mis. George Peck was a Friday
afternoon caller at the Art Hunt
Mr. and Mr. Delbert Vincent and
son Richard are viiting at the home
of Mrs. Vincent' parent, Mr. and
Mr. Chester Buchanan. Mr. Vincent
has been employed in Seattle for
the past several months.
L. E. Ruhl home Sunday afternoon
Michael Lee Gray stayed at the
and evening.
Albert Edwards was indisposed
at his home with the flu for several
days this past week.
Doris Scott of Pendleton visited
friends here Saturday and attended
the dance at the grange hall in the
There was a very good crowd at
the grange dance Saturday evening
considering the weather and condi
tions of the roads.
Word has been received by Mrs.
Edward Rice from her brother Pvt.
Jim McLaughlfh at) Guadalcanal
Pvt. C. C. Carmichael is in New
Jersey at the present time.
Don Hanson of Spokane has been
Visitting at the home of his aunt
and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Emery
Bob Burnside has received word
that his brother Burt has been pro
moted to sergeant. He is stationed
at Geiger field naer ' Spokane.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burnside
and Mr. and Mrs. Truman Messen
ger and two sons, Franklin and Tru
man Jr. motored to Pendleton one
day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Jones and
daughter Charlene are visiting t
the home of Mrs. Jones' parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Ted McMillan.
takes away if you take for example
the situation of many foods which
according to a recent WPB order
are not to be canned in tin. Now,
a provision has been to allow clo
sures using rubber and metal for a
arge number of these foods packed
in glass. Amang these are beets,
carrots, tomato catsup, vegetable
juices, apple sauce ,apricots, figs,
cheese spreads, malted milk, boned
chicken and turkey, chopped
luncheon meats, dried beef, peanut
butter nd othei's.
At Heppner
Kenny Treatment Is Demonstrated
Martin B. Clark, Minister.
Bible school, 9:45 a. m. A class
for everyone.
Communion and preaching 11:00
Topic: "Missions for a time like
Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p. m.
Pre-piayer service. 7:30 d n
"The Work of the Holy Spirit To
day" evening sermon.
Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. Service
men's "Recnite". The Crusaders
class is sponsoring an evening of
Christian entertainment each week
at this same time for those service
men who are interested in this type
of fellowship.
Bennie Howe. Minister
SUNDAY, Jan. 24:
Divine worship at 11 a. m. Special
music by choir.
Church school at 9:45 a. m. Mrs.
Lucy Rodgers, superintendent. A
class for every grade and age.
Youth Fellowship for Juniors at
6:30 p. m.
Evening song and gospel service
at 7:45. .
Wednesday, Evenings:
Fellowship and prayer service at
7:45 o'clock every Wednesday eve
ning. Thursday Evenings:
Choir practice every Thursday
evening at the parsonage.
Thought for Today: I am only one,
but I a mon I can not do every
thing but I can do something. And
what I can do I ought to do and by
the grace of God will do. Moody.
. t f f x r , f i V' ? 1
I I Z ' ' - ' X 1
: & I s ' '4 - V. "I
i '-- '-' --" L '
Rev. Francis McCormack, Pastor
Services in St. Patrick's church
on Sunday next will be at 10:30
a. m. instead of the usual sched
uled time. The announced visit of
Sitters Maurina and Posetta in con
nection with the confraternity of
christian doctrine on Sunday next
is cacdled because of bad travelling
weather; hence there will be no
general meeting on Sunday. All
other meetings announced are can
celled. The visit of the listers is
postponed until February.
St. Patrick's Altar society will
hold a card party in St. Patrick's
hall on Wednesday next, Jan. 27 at
8 p. m. Everyone is welcome to
attend and an enjoyable time is
" Although the Kenny method
was a matter of pronounced skep
ticism 'until three years ago, its
amazing results since have won
the endorsement of the American
medical profession. After a thirty.
year struggle for recognition the
Australian Bush nurse came to
this country in 1940 and through
funds provided by the National
Foundation for Infantile Paralysis
she was established at the Univer
sity of Minnesota. Further study
at the Minneapolis General and
University of Minnesota Hospi
tals was made possible by the
Foundation and has enabled
scientists throughout the nation
to carry on extensive research
into the subject. 4
The Kenny method of treat
ment consists of the use of hot
applications plus a highly spec
ialized method of restoring weak
ened muscles to their normal use.
It does away with splints and
plaster casts. It is by no means
a cure. It is, however, a tremen
dous step forward in the treat
ment of the disease, and in many
cases eliminates painful and crip
pling after-effects.
A government appeal agent, and
in most instances, an associate gov
ernment associate appeal agent, has
been appointed for each local selec
tive service board.
Any registrant, may, without
charge, obtain from these officers
advice as to their rights under se
lective service law and regulations
and, where necessary, obtain assis
tance in taking appeals.
The names and addresses of these
officers for this local board are as
follows: J. J. Nys, government ap
peal agent, and P." W. Mahoney, as
sociate government appeal agent,
both of Heppner.
Butter developed for shipping
without refrigeration or for use in
tropical countries combines pure
butter oil with skim milk powder.
lvS for
fPr More I
mffjRi ,.ry ur
Sterl D. Spiesz, pastor
Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.
Worship, 11:00 a. m.
Evangelistic service, 7:45 p. m.
Tuesday prayer service. 7:45 p. m.
Thursday Bible study, 7:45 p. m.
Church school, 9:45 a. m.
Momnig Prayer and sermon, 11
o'clock .
J. Fred Stilwell, Pastor
Sunday school, 10 a. m.
Preaching at 11 a. m. Topic:
"What the New Testament teaches
about War."
The Church of Christ in Hepp
ner had one of its most successful
years in two decades or so. This
was revealed very satisfactorily in
the annual reports of the Church.
Beginning the year with nearly
$2,000 indebtedness, the church,
under the leadership of T. J. Hum
phreys, was able to clear itself of
his obligation and still have some
to spare. For the first time in 22
years the church is free of debt,
and has an adequate surplus in the
general fund with all bills paid.
When most other Bible scshools
have been showing a decrease in
attendance, as national figures re
veal, the Bible school of the church
had an increase of over 15 percent.
The increase in membership was in
proportion. There were 23 baptisms
and 13 statements of membership
last year as compared to the same
number in the last four years.
Bear This Fact
In Mind. . . ,
You can always get the best fresh pro
duce it is possible to buy when you
shop here . . . We make it our duty to
provide only the best for our custom
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