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Lexington NgWS box factory at the Ordinance depot.
By MARGARET SCOTT Mel fiel who
. at Camp Bowie Texas has left for
a foreign country according to his
Freida Breeding was a guest of sistcr Mrs. Carl Haddock.
Laverne SteagaU Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. James Shoun have
Mr. and Mrs. Art Hunt were bus- a baby girl born Dec. 31 in a Day-
iness visitors in Pendleton Thurs- ton, Wash., hospital. James is sta-
Mrs. America
Meets the War
Friday dinner guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Breshears were Mr.
and Mrs. Wilbur Steagall and fam
ily, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Whillock and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Gib
son and Helen Crump of Hermiston.
Mrs. Richard Schoonover is in
Washington with her father who is
seriously ill.
tioned at Norfolk, Va.
We have a scant inch of snow try
ing to cover up a great quantity of
Mrs. J. A. Shoun spent Saturday
in Walla Walla with her son An
drew and family.
Ralph Acock was a Sunday vis-
Editor's Note War touches ev
ery home and every citizen..
This column, based on official
government information and
pepared by the Office of War
Information, shows how the war
will affect Mrs. America and
her home.
Life may not be as soft for Mrs.
ItVl Oil lllrtj V. 11 t t m tl .1
Mrs. Martha Ferril arrived home America s lamiiy curing xne corn
Wednesday from Ellensburg. Mrs. lnS vear ,for "Peered furniture
Mr. and Mrs. Laurel Ruhl and W. T. Godwin brought her home. over f11 springs win De a new
Skin and Dickie, and Nor- M.rtl,, NHt a home-iurnisnmgs note, tsut ser-
man Ruhl and Merntt Gray spent hours in Irrigon meeting her mo- 1fsl7 Mioppeis niay re suie uui not ed by Mrs. America and Mrs. Ella Bleakman has been
Friday at the Gene Gray home in ther, Mrs. Godwin here. hey lU get thel.r morey s her friends. But she should curb staying in town for several days.
Stanfield. from her son Elden Allen. He is Lm ue ne P'"uu-,i. ti uie u - her discussions to prevent any vital Mr.
Jack O'Hara, who was unable to
Heppner Gazette Times, January 7, 1943 3
work, rub it on a little salt sprink- their son Vonnie operated on at
led on paper or smooth with par- Pendleton to remove his tonsils,
affin or beeswax. This is one of the He was not able to return to school
tips contained in a new pamphlet, Monday. The Adams expect to
"Making Ironing Equipment Last move to Heppner this week.
Longer," which has just been issued Mrs. Floyd Adams and small
by the OPA and the department of J?ughter spent the vacation with
agriculture bureau of home econo- Mr. Arams at the ranch,
mics. Putting a pinch of salt in the Mrs. Vester Hams has been visit
starch helps to keep starched cloth- ing Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hams this
es from sticking to the iron ,it is week.
pointed out. And once a month wax During the Christmas vacation
the ironing surface while still warm while Mr. and Mrs. Oren McDaniel
with a small amount of paraffin or were at their ranch their small son
beeswax, making sure to wipe off swallowed a small magnifying glass,
any excess wax. Keep the iron and Other than being choked, the child
the' surface clean and smooth . was not harmed, since it did not
, . . even make him sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Leathers were
Legitimate discussion of the war dinner guests of Mr. .and Mrs.. Dal
its progress and its aims need las McDaniel Sunday
Mrs. W. H. Grim had a letter
fice of Price Administration
deturn to college last week on ac
count of illness returned this week
to resume his studies.
Mrs. Elsie Beach is visiting rela
tives in the east.
New Years day guests at the
and Mrs. Marvin Brannon
s information laTHncf tViroiKTri to the fiwm TTVir in Qimlou 1ac
- i ' 1 - " - O iji Itu ivr.ii: uviuj vr krui.uuj ill...
stationed in New Guinea. tnw-iunR u u ouuuuu- Axis through careless gossip. Per- week from their home at Mt. Ver-
Lavelle Marquam spent two days tl0ns for .metal sPnnfs measure UP haps the wrong person might over- non.
in Pendleton arriving home Tues- to ;rtain standards. Furniture hear at her brother in the service Pvt. Al Winkleman is visiting in
day. ' manufacturers must have wooden was sailmg or same other infornia. Hardman from Fort Lewis.
Miss Virginia Taylor came back '"K . &"v" tion welcome by the enemy. Here Mrs. .T. R Wacken and small
from her vacation spent, at Lewis'
can are a few simple rules suggested daughter returned to Salem after
aP" for casual conversation: "If vou vicitincr liaro tim oIr!
ernment station before they
Hereto All. Vinmo wro Mro PVIdo G,,nA,ir TU Mha tr.Vi suomix tne c,niLies ior price
Cowins, Rae Cowins and Mr. and ers also returned and school was "u'v"- utw , B , , hear it from someone, don't repeat
Mrs. Carl Allyn and daughter, resumed Jan. 4. manufacturers of upholstered wood it If you see it yourseslf) keep it to TRAFFIC DEATH RATE
Maxine of lone. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Harness vis- chail.s' j sola . beds' studl yourself. But if you read it in a FOR 1942 ANNOUNCED
Mrs. Al Fetsch has been confined ited at the Tom Caldwell home ?.hes and .f?' "P, t reputable publication or hear it on Qreaon's traffic death rate for
. . , , . , . ....... . WP i mder nmhiLited the use of n. . ... .i- , . , i, i . wrtguu s ucuiiu u-aui iaw? jam
to ner home by luness ior me past Thursday night. Mr. Harness ana - ,mhoktered I ' , 8 8816 1 U 1942 wa 8.3 persons killed per one
three weeks. Mr. Hazelrigg spent Friday in Hep- nietal. spnngs ,ln wcxf ,uPholstered Stop and thjnk you talk
. . . . Tmnimitv ann an rnaiir woonen ,t. , . . " "
mat careiess gossip cannot cost i,0 aarna Da fw
chalk wooden
ingenuity of
rroll nnira rni l rTi ir Vioit Virvmo t.rV.j-v.r. liiir Vinj-1 oil rl-nr ry-iai vi rf SpFlHS lip 0 C
in Lebanon after spending the hoi- Mr. and Mrs. Art Rathkie of Uma- manacturers.
idays here. till a took supper with the C. D.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Breeding Whitneys. junior can smear the peanut but-
maved their household goods to Mrs. Marion Pierce is ill at her er on more thicklv now that this
Hardman News
the McMurdo farm Thursday where home.
the family will make their home.
Mrs. Breeding will drive the chil
dren to scshool each day and will
also prepare the hot lunches for the
school children who bring their
lunch to school.
Al Winkleman who is with the
armed forces has been visiting here
this week.
product has been bi -'gi1- under a
10 months of the year, according to
figures compiled in the office of
state traffic safety division.
The fact that the rate for the 11
months was the same as for the 10
his month period indicates Oregon driv-
Golden Wedding
Observed at Irrigon
By Elsa M. Leathers
W. H. French returned to
temporary 60-day price ceiling. And home this week from St. Martin ers and. pedestrians are driving and
salted and shelled peanuts also now Springs in Washington. Mr. and walking more safely, the division
are under price control. These three Mrs. William Maness and daughter reported.
commodities have been exempt came with him to work. The daugh- For the month of November alone,
from price control since July 29, ter will attend school in Hardman the death rate was 7.7, compared
but now Mrs. America will not be and is in the seventh grade. Mr. to 11.2 for the corresponding month
charged more than the ceiling price French is still suffering with rheu- in 1941.
which is each individual seller's matism and is not in verv good The death rate indicates the num-
By Ruby D. Jones, Irrigon
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Jones, ton nrtrv during fht nfrirw1 frnm VhjqHVi of Viie. rvHinrr TKir7nnn Kpr rvf fatal itia m iha ctato in rtrrt.
- X rt " I ' " . . V. . . . . til 'J. H U 1,111.) nilUllgl ..Ul.J I"'" V' . - .. u W.W hVUW U-
Dale Papineau has been confined whose home is 623 S. 20th avenue,, December 19 to 23, inclusive,
to his home by illness this week. Yakima, Wash., celebrated their
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McMillan, La- golden wedding anniversary at the
vonne and Denny have returned home of their nephew, R. Vernon It takes 15 pairs of discarded silk tertained Cpl. Lauren Haynes and
nome rrom a two weeics vacation Jones, at irrigon on iNew lears i""s iui uira ma cacius
in Portland and vicinity. day, 1943. to reclaim enough silk to make one
Mrs. Ralph Jackson and daugh- A turkey dinner was served at 6 average size powder bag for mili
ters were Sunday dinner guests at o'clock p. m. The table was beauti- tary use. And Uncle Sam's nieces
the home of Mrs. Laura Scott. fully arranged with imported china turned in enough worn silk stock-
... . - , . . in . J i s 1 tlli IKfl
ileien urump ana uons jsamger ana suver, set on wim me giow or '"s uyjig umwi urc ai pc Vester Hams is at
left for Hermiston Saturday where soft candle light which was used as roauction ooara s nosiery salvage camp
they have employment. the center iece. Members of the im- collection to make over 100,000 pow- Mj.' and Mrg Carol Robe md
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Van Winkle mediate family were present, in- der bags. The 2,800,000 pairs of old Qwen 'Jr visited at Kin.
and Mr. and Mrs Lawrence Palmer eluding Ihe double nephew, R. silk ana nylon sackings turned in zua 1 Robeg
left Tuesday for Salem where they vernon Jones, nis wire nuoy ana u the Ivor Nelsons and Owen with
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Adams.
inches of snow is reported at the portion to the exposure to accident,
French place. as revealed through travel over
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Leathers en- Oregon s highways and streets.
stretch across
,iii .w a w rla,r TW daughter Lucille, grand niece of rrom New York to ban Francisco
accompanied by Mrs. Cora Van the honored couple. they were stretched end to end
Winkle of Arlington who has been Gilbert Jones is a brother of " you want to contribute discarded
visiting here. Lorinne and June Van Vernon Jones' father and Mrs. silk or nylon stock.ngs for the
Winkle will stay with Emma Peck Gilbert Jones is a sister of Vernon's manufacture of war materials,
, ... ' t awa mother. A remarkable incident in simply wash them and then drop
TWt , WoSfcn i hPv this family is that three Jones them in the collection box in the
?f 7 S d J aV Ts It 1 Mothers, including Gilbert, married hosiery department of retail stores
ankle several days ago is still un- ,' . fa . ' thronfhmit tho mimt
able to attend sschool and gets hree sisters, includmg Mrs. G. R thioughout the country,
about on' crutches. Jones of the Ashbaugh family and
Don CampbeU and Marjorie Un- onf,of -Jones girls married an Remember to have your tires
derwood who have been guests at Ashbangh boy, a total of four inspected before Jan. 31, the dead-
the Roy Campbell home returned doulle marriages between the two ine for the first compulsory tire
rArcrf r.rnvo S-mrlav who Tnn i''miui.b. inspection lor eveiy passenger car
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Jones were in United States. Following the
united in marriage by his brother, first check-uo of vour nrecious
.. r i n ir . " .
and Mrs. El- JUSUUB 01 V" mxa iauiei ul v- tirts it will be no-xss.aiy to have
Jones. Joth are early morrow them inspected every four months
brothers, Charles and Duane HAS PLEASANT VACATION
and Earnest Lovgren from Hills- . T . . , , . ,
, XT , .. J. Logie Richardson returned
boro New Years. Cpl. Haynes was ... l ,
x e i r l Monday from Portland after en-
enroute from, California to a camp . . ' .. , , .
i ni j t j Joymg a vacation of nearly two
the Same rio. 11c ouii viiaiauiicU9 t hlxiibm.
field with his daughter and her
husband who recently returned to
Oregon from New York state. On
this occasion the entire family was
assemble for the first time in four
years. Remainder of the vacation
was spent in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Adams had
to Forest Grove Sunday where Don
attends college.
' Mr. and Mrs. Harry Duvall were
Friday visitors of Mr.
mer Hunt.
Friday evening dinner guests of county PIoneo;r Mr- JToms as' if you have an "A" mileage ration.
living in 1004 emu ivxia. ounva in Holders of B an "C" suiplemtn
18S3. They spent over 20 years near tal raliong arc to h tire inspect.
uWiu- aim aie nuw ucmmui- cd evcry two months. Tires murjt
row county celebrating their outh
Mrs. Merritt Gray were Mrs. Ver
non Scott and sons and Miss Frei
da Breeding who spent several days
with Mrs. Gray.
Dinner guests of Gene Majeske at
be checked by an authorized OPA
wedding anniversary. Mr Jones is insnector and ouito a number nf
home were Donald Campbell, an fctive nter, working at his local fiing slalionSi tho rcpair
and Robert trade
shops and garages have been au
thorized. But if you do wot know
the location of an official tire in-
Marjorie Underwood
Michael Lee. infant son of Mr. 1943 MOTORCYCLE STICKERS
and Mrs. Merritt Gray, has been MAY BE PLACED ON GAS TANK spection station near you call your
quite ill with a cold. Stickers validating 1943 registra- war price and rationing board and
Mrs. C. C. Carmichael accompan- tions for motorcycles may be placed find out. The inspector may charge
Jed Mr. Carmichael as far as Arl- to the left side of the gasoline tank, up to 25 cents for inspo-ting all
ington Tuesday evening when he toward the forward end, it was an- the five tires on your car if he
left for army duty. She was met nounced at the state department doesn't have to remove any.
there by Mr. and Mrs. Ladd Sher- today in answer to many queries . ,
man of rrigon who brought her on this matter,
home Wednesday.
By MRS. J.
Burl Sites left Monday for the
deaf school in Salem after spend
ing his vacation at the home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Sites.
Leslie Rucher has joined the navy
Motorcycle owners were informed
the stickers should be placed in
warm water for a minute or so,
then the back removed and placed
on the tank surface, face up. A
coat of clear shellac or varnish is
recommended to assure the sticker
remaining in place.
Heres news that the children of
the country apparently won't find
distressing. The War Production
Board reports that less than one
month's supply of castor oil at the
on hand this month because of the
normal rate of consumption will be
limited amount of shipping space
available from South America. But
there will still be enough castor oil
HnnrtHnrf T,t Rose Trfihhr;ind. Mr. for the iuniors of thf conntrv. Thf
and is to leave about me na 01 flnd Mrg j q r Jr, invitefl policy of exempUng from allocation
r tt . , aa 3 fW ee!Jor dinner Monday f mcdicinal ses
C. M. Dexter of Hermiston was evening. Including the honoree the
an Irrigon visitor Monday. guests were Mayor and Mrs. J. O. Probaby will continue.
. m . . TIT T-ITT-. 1 T r .
Isom and Mrs. Coleman lurner, Mrs. w. . .rruyn ana miss
joined the women at work in the Leta Humphreys.
If your electric iron sticks as you
Is a mark of distinction
That's why so many
business houses prefer
printing that comes
from the
Gazette Times