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    Thursday, August 7, 1941
Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Page Seven
Want Ads
Lost 4 ewes and black faced lam.
J. E. Craber, Anson Wright place.
Liberal reward offered. 20tf.
Wanted Manure
quire this office.
spreader. In-
W ANTED: Three sets of log cut
ters. $1.15 per thousand. No tools
furnished. Reed Lumber Company,;
Hardman, Oregon.
sibility toward preserving American
democracy. In these counties the
some demonstration agents have or
ganized discussion groups on such
topics as "Keeping Our Balance in
4-H Members Get
Marketing Lesson
From Lamb Sales
Ttr. tu r v. i ' a World of Propaganda," and "The
j.iitr isdiuzii sysitiu ' (j f O Am 'ca Way of
judging livestock was used for the T iAo pro materi
nrst time at a lamb show m Oregon. , , , , .
i ,, . i ? tt i has been prepared by the extension
here recently at the annual 4-H u a
i u i l i u 1. j i service in home economics and. is
club tat lamb show sponsored by ; ., , , , , ..
V, r c n nr. available for use by organizations,
the 0. S. C. extension service. The . , . . Aafa
new method of judging combined , , t ..
.,, i i i which the home demonstration ag-
with other features to make this! . . . , . i
, . I ent is helping is in aiding rural
year s fat lamb show an effective famiUes tQ advm
ineinuQ oi eaucation in me lunua
said court on the 6th day of June, acted upon by the board,
, .... .v- . , . , i . rjv havp
WANTED: Man with car for prof-j mentals of livestock marketing said f home and
rawe iwwieig.. iuui. mu oe Mi-j - . faciiities Simple home repairs, kit
isfied with good living at start,
Write Rawleigh's, Dept. ORH-101-101,
Oakland, Cal.
MAN AND WIFE for apt. house
janitor-mgr. State age, exp., refs.;
do painting, papering, etc. State
lowest wage, full details first letter.
George Taggart, 418 S.W. Wash.,
Portland. It.
More than 100 fat lambs were sep
arated into several market grades by
Harry Lindgren, extension animal
husbandman. The Danish method of
judging provides for the grading of;
animals into groups according to
their, value for the use intended. In
the case of fat lambs usual grades
are choice, good and medium with
Wanted to buy white face beef I segregations made according to con-
calves; the younger the better. State formation, finish and weight. Out
price. F. W. Siegenthaler c-o Gaz-! standing lambs were selected from
ette Times office. 23-25p. . the choice group tor special rec
For sale, 15 black faced bucks,
$15 each or will trade for white
face, half-blood bucks. Fred Hos
kins, Rhea Creek. 23-25p.
House for sale on Gale St. Terms
Inquire Heppner Garage. 18 .
IF party who took the Fuller brush
from my home May 28 will return it
by mail soon, no name will be men
tioned. Mary Hunt. 23p.
Well broke saddle horses and
mares for sale. Prices right. W. H.
French, Hardman, Ore. 13tf.
ognition as extra choice lambs.
The extension service officials be
lieve that this method of judging
livestock will gain in popularity and
use and that this type of show has
outstanding education value since
the club members can observe how
well their lambs meet present mar
ket demands.
At the end of the show a lamb
sale was held at which the best 40
lambs were sold individually at
auction, while the remainder were
sold according to grade, affording
club members a chance to observe
r rtTTinrrtnTr if AnTnm Lilt: usudi VLMiiiirm viai Lriatuvta.
iiiViOXUJ. mvrvrwiiji now open' , . . . . - , , ,
at Echo. Ore. Can handle all kinds !second l 0 lmed J
er coumy "-xx uuu mciuucis win
of cattle. I. A. Witter, Box D, Echo,
Oregon, phone 111. 12-15p.tf.
New or Used Office Machines sold,
serviced or rented. Leave word at
Gazette Times office. 12tf.
Peaches ripening from Aug. 1 to
31 at Edmonds Orchard, Umatilla.
Clucks hatched to fill at the date
you want them. Suddarth Hatchery,
Irrigon, Ore. 10tf.
FOR BETTER saw filing call 702.
FOR SALE Green cut wood de
livered, $6.50. Posts 9 cents each.
W. H. Tucker, Heppner. 18-30p.
be sold three or four weeks after
the first show, when they have
reached proper market quality.
Livestock authorities compare the
marketing of meat animals with the
marketing of strawberries. They say
that certain lambs are ready to sell
at a certain time, just as some
strawberries are ready to be picked.
If green or over ripe berries are I
offered for sale the grower loses,
and, similarly, if lambs are sold that
are .not ready for market the pro
ducer pays for the error.
H.D.A.'s Helping
With Many Items
chen improvement, and clothing
construction and tailoring are only
a few of the items in this project.
"Although farm income is in
creasing, the cost of living is also
rising," said Mrs. Sager, "hence the
home demonstration agent is giving
moi attention to budgeting and ac
counting to help the homemaker in
wise spending of the family income."
Market Quotas for
Irish Spuds Proposed
Oregon potato growers are being
asked to give their views on legis
lation pending in congress which
wculd establish marketing quotas
on potatoes, the state AAA office
has announced. Meetings are being
held in the principal potato-producing
areas, and in other counties
county AAA offices are contacting
growers to acquaint them' with pro-
I visions of the proposed legislation.
The measure was drafted at a con
ference of growers in Washington
in June, and later revised in accord
ance with suggestions from growers
in several states. The revised draft,
introuced in the House by Con
gressman Bonner, would apply the
same principle to potatoes now used
with wheat, for growers of more
than three acres.
The bill provides for proclamation
of quotas by the secretary of agri
culture not later than September 15
of each year, subject to approval by
the growers at a referendum not
later than September 30. If carried
by a two -thirds majority, quotas
would be in effect for the crop har
vested in the succeeding calendar
1941, in favor of F. B. Nickerson, 1
plaintiff and against L. A. Larson,
defendant, for the sum of $83.50,
with interest thereon from the 8th
day of September, 1939, at the rate
of six per cent per annum, the fur
ther sum of $25.00 attorney's f?js
and the cost of said action in the
sum of $20.00, and directing me to
soil the following described real
property 'heretofore attached in said
action, to-wit:
The SV2 of NEy4 of SWy4 and
the SEVt of SWV4 of Section 3G
in Township 5 North, Range 26
E. W. M., in Morrow County,
NOW, in obedience to said exe
cution I will on the 9th day of Aug
ust, 1941, at the hour of 10:00 o'clock
A. M. of said day, at the front door
of the Court House at Heppner Ore
gon, sell said real property at public
auction to the highest bidder f ir
cash and apply the proceeds of such
sale to the payment of said judg
ment and accruing cost of sale.
Dated this 10th day of July, 1941.
C. J. D. BAUMAN, Sheriff,
Morrow County, Oregon
on the second Monday in August
(Monday, August 11, 1941) the board
of equalization for Morrow County,
Oregon, will attend, at the court
house in Heppner, Oregon, and pub
licly examine the assessment rolls
of said County for the year 1941, and
will correct errors in valuation, de
scription or quality of lands, lots or
other property, assessed by the As
sessor of Morrow County, Oregon
as of March 1, 1941.
All persons interested or having
any complaints aganst their assess
ments for the year 1942, should ap
pear at that time. Petitions for the
reduction in assessment must be in
writing, verified by oath of appli
cant or his attorney and must be
filed with the board the first 15
days it is in session. Any petition or
application not so made, verified
and filed shall not be considered or
Dated at Heppner, Oregon, July
22, 1941.
THOMAS J. WELLS, Assessor,
21-23. Morrow County, Oregon.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned was duly appointed by
the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Morrow County, the ad
ministratrix of the estate of W. E.
Pruyn, deceased, and all persona
having claims against the estate of
said deceased are hereby required
to present the same to said admin
istratrix, duly verified as required
by law, at the law office of Jos. J.
Nys, at Heppner, Oregon, within
six months from, the date hereof.
Dated and first published this 7th
day of August, 1941.
u mm
America on guard!
Above is a reproduction of the
Treasury Department's Defense
Savings Poster, showing an exact
duplication of the original "Minute
Man" Btatue by famed sculptor
Daniel Chester French. Defense
Bonds and Stamps, on sale at your
bank or post office, are a vital part
of America's defense preparations.
TT-w Coin T7VYicr-r 4 yatrv Viao Hpr '
Jl Ui J01C 1 wVlftt) www, 0 .
Woods Bros, thresher, and RumleylOf Home UetenSe
hillside combine ready to go. See
Irene or Mrs. R. H. Zinter. 14tf.
Telephones bought, sold and le
uaired: new or used. W. L. McCaleb,
Dhone 313. 9 South Chase St. 20-23p. I home defense program, reports Mrs.
Azalea bager, state leaaer oi uus
Oregon's corps of home demon
tration agents with other home ec
onomics extension workers are al
ready playing a large part in the
For Sale A farm, total land 665
acres, cropland 491. Some buildiiigs.
Known as the W. C. Lacy farm, lo
cated in the Black Horse dist-.ct.
Mrs. P. E. Alger, 4133 S.E. 32nd Ave.,
Portland, Ore. 20-23.
division of extension work. In the
14 counties with home demonstra
tion agen,ts, four major projects are
being conducted.
"One of the first lines of home
defense is that 'every man, woman
land child have a sound, healthy
IN CAR ACCIDENT . j body," says Mrs. Sager. "Since one
Slippery pavement from the rain0f e bases for healthy bodies is
of Saturday night and Sunday morn- t an adequate diet, the home demon -ing
caused the car of Jack, Cecilia ; Oration agent, through the training
and Helen Healy to overturn Sun- 0f volunteer leaders and other
day morning a few miles west of I means, is giving out the latest in
Heppner junction as they were on j formation on nutrition. Demonstra-
By Betty Coxen
' A meeting of Nokomis group of
Camp Fire Girls will be held at the
I home of Betty Coxen on Saturday
the ninth. This is to be a very im
portant meeting as it will be the
last meeting before camp. Plans for
transportation and things that will
be taken will be planned at the
meeting. All girls should try to attend.
their way to Portland. The occu
pants escaped injury, other than for
a general shaking up, but the car
was materially damaged. They call
ed off the trip and returned to Hepp
Mr. and Mrs. George (Bruiser)
Thornton of Seattle called on old
friends here Monday while in the
city to look after graves of Mr.
Thornton's parents. He is employed
at 4he Boeing airplane factory in the
Washington city. His brother "Peck"
is now in California. The Thornton
boys will be remembered by many
residents, as they grew to manhood
in this city.
tions of adequate diets at low costs
are being conducted and families
are being aided in budgeting both
food purchasing and home produced
food supplies."
Even after all of the discussion
on nutrition in papers and maga
zines many homemakers are asking
questions about the various terms
commonly used, says Mrs. Sager.
One woman said recently, "I am
all confused are vitamins in cal
ories, or are calories in vitamins,
or are they both the same?"
In a number of counties the wo
men have felt the need within the
family and community of a better
understanding of a citizen's respon-
In the Matter of the Estate of
Clyde G. Wright, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned, as Administrator of
the estate of Clyde G. Wright, de
ceased, has filed his final account
in the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Morrow County, and
that Tuesday, the 2nd day of Sep
tember, 1941, at the hour of 10 o'
clock in the forenoon of said day
in the Court room of said Court
has been appinted by said Court as
the time and place for the hearing
of objections thereto and the set
tlement thereof.
Dated and first published this 31st
of July, 1941.
Administrator of the estate of
Clyde G. Wright.
Notice Is hereby given that undei
and by virtue of an execution duly
issued out of the Circuit Court of
the State of Oregon for Morrov
County, on the 8th day of July, 1941,
pursuant to a judgment entered in
m time
TELEPHONE MEN hold to the
policy that it's never too much
trouble to look for trouble.
Usually they find it before it
finds them a broken insulator
a worn part a hundred things
that might interfere with your tel
ephone service. They rarely do in
terfere because of this Bell System
practice: look for trouble before it
happens don't let it happen.
WKm in Aim us m -
Business Office: 4 W. Willow Street, Heppner
Phone 5
PETER PUBLIC Oopsydaisy!!
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