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    Page Eight
Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Thursday, April 17, 1941
At Heppner
Sunday school at 9:45. Morning
worship at 11 a. m. Epworth League
at 6:30. Evening services at 7:30 p.
m. Society of Christian service
meets the first Wednesday of each
month at 2 p. m. Society of Mission
study meets the third Wednesday of
each month at 2 p. m. Bible study
and prayer meeting Thursday at 7:30
p. m.
James Wilkins, Pastor.
Martin B. Clark, Pastor
Bible School at 9:45.
Communion and preaching, 11:00.
Christian Endeavor, 6:30.
Evening service, 7:30.
7:15 p. m. Wednesday, choir prac
tice. 7:00 p. m. Thursday, prayer meet
ing. 7:30 p. m. Tursday, Bible study.
Sterl D. Spiesz, Pastor.
Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.
Worship, 11 a. m.
Evangelistic services, Sunday, 7:30
p. m.
Tuesday, 7:30 p. m., cottage pray
er meeting.
Thursday, 7:30 p. m., Bible study
at church.
There were a number of visitors
in Heppner last week end to be
with friends and relatives for the
joyous Easter - day. Among them
were Mr. and Mrs. John Turner of
Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Crocket Sprouls
of Bend, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Gaily of
Pendleton, Mr. and Mrs. John Par
ker and baby of Portland who spent
the week end with Mr. and Mrs.
Frank S. Parker. LaMoyne and
Malbro Cox of the U. S. Marines
were with their father, Elbert Cox.
Mr. and Mrs. William Crawford and
daughter, Nan and Joan, spent Eas
ter with relatives here. Robert Tur
ner of Portland was with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Turner.
Mrs. Carlos Hanks and two daugh
ters of Silverton, her son James and
his wife and baby, visited with Mr,
and Mrs. Earle Bryant. Mrs. Madge
Bryant, who is Mrs. Hanks' sister-in-law,
was also a guest. Mr. and
Mrs. Larence Lutcher of Milton. Mr.
Lutcher's mother, Mrs. Charles
Cockbum and Mrs. T. N. South
worth of Helena, Mont., visited with
Mrs. Percy Hughes. Mrs. Lutcher
is Mrs. Hughes' daughter. Mr. and
Mrs. Harold Buhmarr had a large
family gathering at their home in
cluding Mrs. Buhman's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. George McDuffee of Mon
ument, and her sister, Miss Lucille
McDuffee of Portland, and Mrs.
Howard McDuffee. of Portland, and
another sister, Mrs. Dorr Mason and
children of lone.' Mr. and Mrs. Olin
Applegate of Hood River and Mr.
and Mrs. James Farley of Condon
spent the day with Mr. and Mrs.
James Farley, Sr., here. Mr. and
Mrs. Truman Babb of Portland ar
rived Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs.
Jap Crawford.
Others visited away from home.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Ferguson and
Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Pinckney spent
the day in Pendleton, as did Mr. and
Mrs. Jap Crawford and Mr. and Mrs.
Harvey Miller. Mr. and Mrs. L. E.
Bisbee went to Oregon City for
Easter with their daughter, Kath
erine. Mr. Bisbee returned home
here Monday, but Mrs. Bisbee' re
mained for the rest of the week. Mr.
and Mrs. John Wightman and Miss
Leone Graham spent Sunday with
Mr. nd Mrs. Marvin Wightman at
Pendleton. Mrs. Lucy Rodgers spent
Easter with Mr. and Mrs. James
Burgess at Milton. Miss Patty Ca
son spent the week end in Portland
where she visited friends. Miss
Mary White and Miss Jean Mcll
hinny drove to Portland with Mr.
and Mrs. Ivan Amend of Lexington.
Miss White spent the week end with
Miss Anabel Turner, while Miss
Mcllhinny went on to Salem to be
with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Har
lan McCurdy were at Forest Grove
to be with their children, Maxine
and Harlan, Jr., returning home
Monday. Mrs. McCurdy spent the
week previous there.
The American Legion auxiliary J
met Monday evening at the nome
of Mrs. Harold Cohn, with Mrs Gar
net Barratt assisting the hostess. The
drawing for the navy plate was
held, with George Howard winning.
Plans were made for the dinner to
be held Thursday evening at the
Lucas Place in honor of the depart
ment officers. Among the out of
town guests will be Laura Good of
Portland, state president, and May
Whitcomb of Portland, secretary.
Mrs. George Howard will entertain
the What's Trumps club at her home
this evening.
Mrs. Comett Green, assisted by
Mrs. Oral Wright, entertained her '
bridge club at her home last Thurs
day afternoon. High score was won
by Mrs. Norbert Peavy, with Mrs.
Wright winning second.
Mrs. Anna Bayless was called to
Prairie City last week end by the
seious illness of her daughter-in-law,
Mrs Howard Swick, who is at
the Prairie City hospital. She found
her a little improved, but it will
be necessary for Mrs. Swick to re
main in the hospital for at least six
The missionary meeting of the
Episcopal society will be held next
week at the Parish House on Wed
nesday afternoon at 2 p. m. Hostess
es will be Mrs. L. E. Bisbee and
Mrs. Charles Thomson. A special
speaker will be Mrs. Nettie Gal
braith, principal of the St. Paul
Episcopal school at Walla Walla.
Lt. and Mrs. Edgar Grimes be
came the parents of a baby boy,
named Mahlon Henry, on March 31,
at Corvallis. They are expected to
return home in the near future.
Miss Corrine Van Winkle of Port
land visited with Mr. and Mrs. Clar
ence Rosewall last Friday and Sat
urday. The Wednesday club met at the
home of Mrs. Ray Ferguson yester
day for a dessert bridge. High score
was won by Mrs. Ferguson and
second by Mrs. Leonard Schwarz.
Miss Elta Dale of Seattle, former
teacher in the local schools, was
married Sunday in Pendleton to Mr.
Bernard Seager of Pendleton.
Mrs. Ralph Wickersham and child
of Portland visited the Harry Du
vall home over Easter.
Mayor Asks Everyone
To Aid Safety Record
Mayor J. O. Turner today called
upon citizens of this city to cooper
ate in the campaign to keep Oregon
at the top of the list in traffic safety
by driving and walking carefully
during the remainder of the year.
In a statement calling attention to
the recent announcement that Ore
gon had won first place in the Na
tional Safety council's 1940 traffic
safety contest in the western div
ision, Mayor Turner stressed the fact
that ths state already had made a
good start toward a favorable record
for 1941 by leading the nation in
traffic fatality reduction during the
first two months of the year.
"In this modern era of automobile
travel, the reputation of being a
safe area in which to drive is of
inestimable value in attracting tour
ists to our state," the mayor declar
ed in his statement. "In addition
to the high distinction conferred
upon the state by winning the con
test, there is a tangible value involv
ed in being recognized as the safest
state in the west. It is to our inter
ests to maintain tlus reputation as
long as possible.
"Traffic accidents can be prevent
ed. Figures compiled in the office
of Earl Snell, secretary of state, show
that for the first two months of this
year, traffic increased 15.6 percent,
as shown by figures on gasoline
consumption. But during this same
period traffic fatalities decreased 40
percent. Clearly, the mere fact there
is a great volume of traffic on our
highways and streets does not mean
there must be a correspondingly
great volume of traffic fatalities.
"If we, as individual drivers, will
hold down our speed on the high
ways, approach intersections with
greater caution, always remember" to
give proper hand and arm signals
and to observe the rights of others,
we can prevent accidents, as pedes
trians, we can cross streets only at
intersections where we can use
crosswalks, watch for approaching
traffic before leaving the curb, walk
to the left of the highway, facing
traffic, and wear something white
at night.
"In this way, we can avoid be
coming involved in traffic accidents
and each one of us can thus do his
part in maintaining the state's repu
tation as a safe place in which to
drive and walk."
unhealthy and insanitary. Shower
rooms need refinishing. The whole
condition of dressing rooms needs
urgent and immediate attention.
(g) While improvements hav
been made in the housing of the
library, there is much yet to be
done. It is recommended that the
possibility of moving the library
across the hall to occupy the space
now taken up by cloakrooms and
run in connection with the study hall
be considered. 1
(h) All doors should be equipped
with panic bolts.
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(b) Wainscotting should be paint
ed in soft colors. Boys' and girls'
lavatories should be refinished. Col
ors are entirely too harsh.
(c) Seats and lumber should bt
removed from under main stairs
because of the fire hazard this cre
ates. (d) Cluttered ' condition in boiler
room should be remedied.
(e) Basement floors should be
treated to reduce dirt and dust.
(f) Dressing rooms need to be
cleaned up. Lavatory conditions are
Some Oregon high' school student
is going to be famo'us as a "slo
ganizer" this summer. The "Show
Boat" which the forestry depart-;
ment sends over the state giving
shows in schools, granges and other
gatherings, will carry, painted along,
either side the forest fire prevention
slogan which the judges consider
best of all sumitted in the slogan
contest now under way in Oregon
high schools. The state has been
divided into eight groups of coun
ties. A person prize of $5.00 and
a school trophy will be awarded for
the best slogan from each group. A
grand prize of $10.00 and a grand
trophy will be awarded for the best
slogan of the eight group winners.
Entries can be submitted until April
28. The rules will be found on every
high school bulletin board, or can
be obtained by writing to Slogan
Contest, School of Forestry, Corvallis.
Landscape Section
Sets Anniversary
Oregon State College The thir
tieth anniversary of the founding
of the department of landscape ar
chitecture will be observed here this
spring in connection with the annual
Corvallis and state college garden
program May 8 to 11.
The course here, established soon
after Dr. W. J. Kerr assumed the
presidency of the institution, was
the first started west of the Missis
sissippi offering degrees in this field.
A. L. Peck, present head of the de
partment, has been on the staff since
its inception and in addition to the
teaching work has directed the de
velopment of the campus landscap
ing. Insect Control Guide
Issued by College
The best of vegetable garden seed
planted on excellent land will still
not insure a crop unless the plants
are protected from insects. In answer
to the constant requests for inform
ation on garden insect control, the
entomologists at Oregon State col
lege have just prepared a revised
extension bulletin No. 551, which
gives the latest recommendations for
controlling garden pests.
The bulletin discusses various
types of dusts and sprays, and me
thods of application, and also con
tains a chart showing recommended
control of insects for the different
kinds of garden crops. The bulletin
may be obtained free from any
county extension office.
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