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    Thursday, February 13, 1941
Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Page Seven
Want Ads
County Warrants
For January Term
i Warrants Drawn on General Fund
' for January, 1941
Rooms to rent and board if pre- j Patterson & Son, Jail $
-t r . o a i x u i m - ,1 v .i
Ierred ior men. ma nouse wesi u-. rnomson Brothers, Jau
brary. 47tt
Want horses and ponies. State age,
size, color and price broke or un
broke. Write W. Wyss, Aloha, Ore.
Black stallion, 1700 lbs., 7-yr.-old,
broke single or double, a good bree
der. Will trade even up for Here
ford bull, yearling or 2-yr-old. W.
H. French, Hardman, Ore. 48tf.
Order baby chicks and poults now.
New Hampshire and Hanson strain
White Leghorn day-old, $9.00 per
hundred. Custom hatching reason
able in either large or small orders.
Suddarth Hatchery, Irrigon, Ore.
W. 0. Dix, Jail 24.31
Heppner Market, Jail 4.04
Pac. Tel. & Tel. Co.. Cur
rent Expense 54.60
Dr. A. D. McMurdo, Insane
$5.00; Coroner $32.40 37.40
Assoc. of Oregon Counties,
County Court 64.45
Wanted 3 bottom tractor play, 16
inch. Bill Seehafer, lone. 49-50p.
For sale cheap: Used Case 7 ft
harrow plow, 22" disks; used Oliver
10Vz ft. harrow plow, 26" disks; both
have new axles and wheel bearings.
Three 16x10 brand new McCormick
Deering 13 ft. semi-deep furrow
drills, tractor hitches, large steel
wheels, end levers, large hoppers,
full length foot boards. Substantial
discount. Terms if desired. Pendle
ton Grain Growers, Phone 141, Pen
dleton. 49-51.
For lease, Baker Chapman sheep
ranch on upper Big Butter creek.
About 4900 A. Write Ethel Badoux,
1400 S. W. Emigrant, Pendleton, Ore.
WANTED 200 Morrow county
residents to try Foster's Bread. Ask
your grocer.
Will share expenses for transpor
tation to Corvallis or Portland. H. H.
this office. 50.
MAN WANTED. Good nearby Raw
leieh route now open. If willing to
conduct Home Service business
while earning good living, write im
mediately. Rawleigh's, Dept. ORB
84-45, Oakland, Calif.
For Sale, good two & three tray
kerosene incubators, various makes.
Suddarth Hatchery, Irrigon, Ore.
"BEES for sale. Write S. C. Salter,
lone, Ore. 50-51p.
The Irene Sherman property for
sale; across from general hospital.
Inquire of Ruth Robison.
Furnished apartment to let. Hal-
ton Apts. 50-51p.
To those who wish glasses:
Until further notice there will be
available at my office an .oculist in
fitting glasses. No charge for exam
ination. Fair prices on glasses. Dr.
A. D. McMurdo. oOtt
FOR SALE Wood, $7 cord. Posts
8c. W. H. Tucker. 50-51p
Neat, capable, intelligent and ex
perienced lady of forty wishes work
in a home or place of business, wag
es $4 to $6 week. Excellent charac
ter reference. Write Mrs. L. Thomp
son, 1503 SW Mill St., Portland, Ore.
FOR SALE Buildings to be re
moved from Cummings place. Phone
462. 50-51p.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for the County of Morrow.
In the Matter of the Estate of PER
RY TAYLOR, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned was duly appointed by
the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Morrow County, as ad
ministrator cum testatum annexum
r,f the estate of Perry Taylor, de
ceased, and all persons having claims
against the estate of said deceased
are hereby required to present the
coma with nroner vouchers, duly
verified as required by law, to said
administrator, at the law office of
w Vflwrfpr Parker in Heppner, Ore
gon, within six months from the
date of this notice.
Dated and first published this 13th
day of February, 1941.
Administrator cum testatum
annexum of the Estate of Per
ry Taylor, deceased.
A. E. Simmons, Treasurer....
C. J. D. Bauman, Circuit
Court $7.35; Sheriff $1.90
Bruce Bothwell, Sheriff
Pac. Sta. & Print. Co., Sher
iff $10.35; Clerk $14.77;
Treasurer $21.97 47.09
F. W. Turner, Bonds 125.00
Vivian Kane, Bonds 15.00
National Surety Co.. Bonds 175.00
First Nat. Bank of Hermis-
ton. Bonds 10.00
P. W. Mahoney, Bonds 50.00
Frank W. Turner. Bonds .... 50.00
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co.,
Sheriff 2.55
Central Market. Jail 2.35
F. W. Turner, Insurance
$64.00; Bonds $25.00 89.20
Bert Johnson, ' Judge, Gen.
Assistance 262.63
Heppner Gazette Times,
Sheriff $8.25; Tax. Coll.
$15.00: Jus. Ct. $10.00; Of
ficial Publications $26.36...
Orville W. Cutsforth, Bang's
Disease Control
State Industrial Acc. Comm.,
Sher. $4.53; Sher. Sal.
$0.31; Sher. Deputies $0.62
F. W. Turner, Bonds
Bert Johnson, ffudge, Blind
Bert Johnson, Judge, Old
Age Assistance 354.80
Bert Johnson, Judge Aid to
Dependent Children 49.60
Oregon State Ag. College,
County Agent 1,200.00
George N. Peck, County Ct. 25.10
Warrants Drawn on General Road
Fund for January, 1941
Gamble Store Dealer $269.93,
Heppner Garage $11.75, Kane's Gar.
age $51.55. Shell Oil Company $444.-
00, 1. R. Robison $123.35, Ore. Culvert
& Pipe Co. $317.04, Penland Bro
thers Trans. Co. $6.08, City of Hepp
ner Water Dept. $1.70, Crystal Bar
low $2.51, E. W. Peck $3.34, Fee
naughty Machinery Co. $44.30, Kil-
ham Stationery & Print. Co. $2.11,
Columbia Equipment Co. $19.01,
Braden-Bell Tract. & Equip. Co.
$410.76, Thomson Bros $0.22, Patter
son & Son $0.50, Marion Hayden
$8.64. Jack Allen Supply Co. $69.10,
Rosewall-Gentry Motor Co. $22.85,
Tum-A-Lum Lbr. Co. $9.70, F. W.
Turner $26.00, Ferguson Motor Co.
$170.04, First Nat. Bank of Portland
$1034.64, Art Ritchie $47.39, Heppner
Gazette Times $1.65, State Ind. Acc.
Comm. $52.10, Eastern-Western Lbr.
Co. $144.05, Bradley Castle $29.90,
C. R. Langdon $17.94.
Warrants Drawn on Market Road
State Industrial Acc. Comm. $7.51,
Harrv Tamblyn $50.00
Miscellaneous Fund. January, 1941
Frank S. Parker, dog fund, $40.00
Pocatello, Idaho, ofice, added that a
preliminary survey has been made
on the Trout creek watershed in
Jefferson county. In these and other
undertakings that may develop un
der the Pope-Jones water facilities
act operative in 17 western states,
three engineers and a part-time
farm planner are expected to as
sist the eastern Oregon landowners !
and operators. They are workmg
with local Farm Security adminis
tration supervisers and the county
extension agents. Establishment of
the water facilities areas also
involves bureau of agricultural ec
onomics and water facilities board
Under the program, farmers and
ranchers needing stock water, sup
plemental irrigation and similar farm
water developments may apply for
FSA financing assistance and SCS
technical help. Wells and springs.
sprinkler irrigation systems, im
provement of other irrigation plants,
dams and ponds, windmills, and so
on, are included in the permissable
In all cases, too, the water facility
farmer works out with service as
sistance a general land-use im
Drovement plan that he follows dur
infi the life of his development. Im
proved cropping and tillage prac
tices for erosion control, and revis
ed irrigation practices for water
conservation are among those de
veloped under such a plan.
within six months from the date of
this notice.
Dated and first published this
J6th day of January, 1941.
Bv virtue of an ORDER OF THE
COUNTY COURT, dated February
6, 1941, I am authorized and directed
to advertise and sell at public auc
tion at not less than the minimum
price herein set forth:
SM.SWy4, SWy4SEy4 Section
12; NWy4NEy4 Section 13, Twp.
4 S., R. 29 E. W. M., Morrow
County, Oregon for the mini
mum price of $350.00, cash.
Lot 11 and the South 75 feet
of Lots 9 and 10, Block 9 of
Sperry's 2nd Addition to lone,
Oregon for the minimum price
of $25.00 cash.
Lots 4, 5, and 6, Block H;
North 30 ft. of Lot 4, Block B
in the Town of Hardman, Mor
row County, Oregon for the
minimum price of $15.00 cash.
THEREFORE, I will on the 15th
day of March, 1941 at the hour of
2:00 P. M., at the front door of the
Court House in Heppner, Oregon,
sell said property to the highest and
best bidder.
C. J. D. BAUMAN, Sheriff,
Morrow County, Oregon.
The applicants offer the SWy4SEVi
Sec. 22; NWy4NEy4; ENW Sec
27, T. 6 S., R. 27 E. W. M., in ex
change for an equal value of timber
from approximately 110 acres com
prising part of Sees. 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11,
14, 15, 21, and 22, T. 4 S., R. 32 E.
W. M.
Portions of the offered land are
subject to a reservation for an ex
isting road and telephone lines.
The purpose of this notice is to
allow all persons claiming the se
lected lands or timber or having
bona fide objections to the proposed
exchange, an opportunity to file
their protests or other objections in
this office within 30 days from the
date of the first publication of this
W. F. JACKSON, Register.
Date of first publication, January
30, 1941.
Help With Water
Facilities to Be
Expanded by SCS
Baker An expanded program of
farm water development in eastern
Oregon during 1941 is in prospect
with the setting up of a special wat
er facilities office here by the Soil
Conservation service.
The new office with W. R. Stan
ley, water facilities engineer in
charge, will be responsible for tech
nical assistance and other coopera
tion with farmers and ranchers be
tween the Washington and Califor
nia state lines and from the Idaho
boundary to the Cascade mountains.
Two water facilities areas, on the
Burnt river and John Day river
watersheds, are included.
Construction is being completed
on the approximately $50,000 Lake-
view Water Users project, involving
reconstruction of a dam and irriga
tion distribution system. Stanley
disclosed that plans also are being
made for building a dam at Badger
lake on the eastern slope of the Cas
cades in Wasco county.
Stanley, formerly of the service's
Market Service
To Be Expanded
By OSC Changes
Expanded service in agricultural
marketing in Oregon has been ar
I ranged by the extension service at
Oregon State college and aproved
by the state board of higher educa
tion. with the appointment of Clif
ford L. Smith as assistant extension
economist in marketing. Smith, who
is now regional chief of the farm
management service for the Farm
Security administration, wtih head
quarters in Portland, will assume
his new duties about February 13,
according to W. L. Teutsch, assist
ant director of extension.
Smith, a graduate of Oregon State
college wi a master's degree from
Kansas State, was for four years
county agent in Clatsop county,
which position he left in 1935 to be
come director of rural rehabilita
tion in Oregon in the federal ser
vice, a position he held until ap
pointed to his present office about
a year ago.
In recommending his appointment,
William A S.choenfeld, dean and di
rector of agriculture, stated that
Smith's wide experience in agricul
tural work throughout the state, and
his broad view of all phases of the
industry in the Pacific northwest
fitted him admirably for his new
In his new position in the exten
sion service Smith will be assistant
to Paul Carpenter, present exten
sion economist in marketing, and
clans have been drawn for a com
prehensive program to be carried on
by these two specialists.
Both Carpenter and Smith will de
vote attention to programs for hand
ling Oregon's agricultural output to
the best advantage, both in the live
stock and crops fields. The present
service to Oregon cooperative organ
izations will be continued and ex-
nandpd. and more service can be
rendered to those groups interested
in marketing agreements than heretofore.
Detaileld plans for carrying out
the enlarged program will be for
mulated as soon as Smith reports tor
duty. The increased service is ex
pected to be of benefit directly or
indirectly to all agricultural en
terprises in Oregon, according to
extension officials.
Frank Wilkinson, Plaintiff,
Russel Hogeland. and Ida Hogeland,
husband and wife. Also all other
persons or parties unknown claim
ing any right, title, estate, lien or
interest in the real estate describ
ed in the complaint herein,
To Russel Hogeland, and Ida Hoge
land, his wife. Also all other per
sons or parties unknown claiming
any right, title, estate, lien or in
terest in the real estate described
in the complaint herein, Defend
OF OREGON, you are hereby re
auired to appear and answer plain
tiffs complaint filed against you in
the above entitled court and cause
within four weeks from the date of
the first publication of this sum
mons and if you fail to so appear
or answer the plaintiff will apply
to the above entitled court for the
relief prayed for in his complaint,
to-wit: For a decree quieting plain
tiff's title in and to the following
described real property, situate in
Morrow County, Oregon, to-wit:
The SW of NE4, SV2 of
Nwy4 and Nwy4 of swy4 of
Section 24 in Township five (5)
South, Range 26 East of Will
amette Meridian,
and that plaintiff be adjudged the
owner in fee simple of said real
property and that you and each of
vou be forever barred of and from
all right, title, estate, lien or interest
in or to said real property and every
part thereof; and for such other and
further relief as may be just and
This summons is served upon you
by publication thereof in Heppner
Gazette Times, a newspaper of gen
eral circulation, once a week for
four successive weeks pursuant to
an order of Hon. Bert Johnson,
Judge of the County Court of the
State of Oregon for Morrow County,
which order is dated January 29th,
1941, and the date of the first pub
lication of this summons is January
30th 1941.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Residence and postoffice address,
Heppner, Oregon.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned will at a regular meet
ing of the Common Council of Hepp
ner, Oregon, on the 3rd day of
March, 1941, at the hour of 7:30 p.
m.. of said day present to said Com
mon Council, a petition to vacate
the following portions of streets
within said city, to-wit:
All that ortion of Huggins Street,
Clark Street and Sterling Street
within the following tract of land,
Begining at a point 26.8 feet west
of a point on the East line of Section
27 in Township two (2) South,
Range 26 East of Willamette Merid
ian 1531.2 feet South of the East
quarter Section corner of said Sec
tion and running thence North 54
degrees 30 min. West 332.1 feet,
thence South 35 deg. 30 min. west
60 feet, thence West 69.8 feet, thence
South 54 deg. 30 min. East 424.9 feet,
thence East 29 feet, thence North
102.7 feet to the place of beginning.
ALSO, that portion of Center Street
in the City of Heppner, lying be
tween the East line of Chase btreet,
and the West line of Oregon-Wash
ington Highway,
and all persons having objections to
the vacation of said portion or said
Streets are hereby required to pre
sent such objections and file the
same with said Common Council on
or before the time said petition will
be presented. '
Dated and first published this tin
day of February, 1941.
GROWERS, INC, a corpora
tion. 49-51.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned was duly appointed by
the County Court of the State of Or
egon for Morrow County, Adminis
trator of the estate of Clyde G.
Wright, deceased, and all persons
having claims against the estate of
said deceased, are hereby required
to present the same with proper
vouchers duly verified, to the said
Administrator at the law office of
P. W. Mahoney, at Heppner, Oregon,
IOR, U. S. Land Office, The Dal
les, Oregon, January 22, 1941.
Notice is hereby given that on
January 22, 1941, Helen M. Clay, Er
win R. Mowrey, and Lola M. Case,
whose address is given as in care of
F. S. Clay, Kerr Gifford, Inc., Port
land, Oregon, filed formal applica
tion No. 031680, under the act . of
March 20, 1922 (42 Stat. 465) as
amended by the act of February 28,
1925 (43 Stat. 1090, 16 U. S. C. 486)
to exchange land for timber within
the Umatilla National Forest, Oregon.
On December 2, 1940, an ordin
ance was passed by the City Coun
cil of Heppner, requiring all per
sons keeping livestock within the
City of Heppner to secure a permit
from the said Council for that pur
pose. This ordinance became ef
fective January 2, 1941.
Application must be made to the
Council in writing for such permit
and if acted upon favorably by the
said Council, the permit will be
issued by the recorder at a cost ot
Notice is hereby given that all
persons, who are keeping horses,
cattle or sheep, within the city lim
its of the City of Heppner, must
secure a permit on or before March
1st, 1941.
Dated and published this 23rd day
of January, 1941.
J. O. TURNER, Mayor.
Land Office at The Dalles, Ore
gon, January 10, 1941.
NOTICE is hereby given that Elza
H. Vinson, of Lena; Oregon, who, on
December 12, 1395, made Additional
S. R. Homestead entry, Act. Dec. 29,
1916, No. 029027, for SWy4, Ny2SEy4
Sec. 17; WNEy4, ENWy4, SEy4
NE, NWy4NWy4 of Section 20.
Township 9 S., Range 26 E., Willam
ette Meridian, has filed notice of in
tention to make three-year Proof,
to establish claim to the land above
described, before C. W. Barlow,
County Clerk of Morrow County,
Oregon, at Heppner, Oregon, on the
1st day of March, 1941.
Claimant names as witnesses: Ed
ward Clark, of Heppner, Oregon;
Sylvaneous Wright, of Lexington,
Oregon; Dick Robison, of Kimberly,
Oregon; Lee Flannings, of Kimberly,
W. F. JACKSON, Register.