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    Thursday, January 9,
Visitations Feature
Week at Lexington
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Williams and
daughter moved into the Ralph Phil
lips house.
Charles Schriever motored to La
Grande Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Breshears,
Helen and Edwina were dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Whil
lock last Thursday.
T. W. Cutsforth returned home
Sunday from the Hermiston hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Glover Peck and
children and Carl Whillock visited
at the Burton Peck home Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Art Hunt and son
Dean spent Thursday in Pendleton.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Phillips and
daughters of Arlington visited here
George Tucker was a Sunday din
ner guest at the A. M. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Gray and
Mrs. Gene Gray of Stanfield visited
here Tuesday and Wednesday.
Vera Whillock entertained the
Study club at her home . Monday
evening. t
Juanita Belenbrock was a guest at
the Henry Rauch home Monday
Harry and Dan Dinges attended
the basketball game in Condon
Monday evening.
Art Hunt and George Tucker were
in Hermiston Saturday.
A. M. Edwards motored to Pen
dleton Wednesday.
New students in school here are
Doris Williams and Lovall Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Al Fetsch and son
spent Sunday at the Henry Rauch
Ruth Cowins of Heppner was call
ing in town one day this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Eslie Walker and
son spent Monday in town from
their farm home.
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Daugherty en
tertained a large group of friends
with a buffet style chicken dinner
Sunday at their home.
Harvey Miller of Heppner spent
Tuesday at the Henry Rauch home.
The new daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Bernard Doherty has been named
Mary Bernita.
Ray Kinne of Heppner was a bus
iness visitor in town Tuesday.
Miss Peyralans New
Teacher at Boardman
Word was received by Mrs. Mar
garet Klitz of the birth of a baby
born to Mr. and Mrs. Alton Klitz
in New York City on December 30.
Alton Klitz will be remembered as
a former resident of Boardman.
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Varner of Los
Angeles arrived at the Tannehill
home on Tuesday, Dec. 31, for a
week's visit. Mrs. Varner is Mr.
Tannehill's sister.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Root of Ar
lington spent New Years with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Root.
Ralph Skoubo returned Wednesday
to Corvallis where he enrolled for
the winter term at Oregon State
Mr. and Mrs. Jim James of Eu
gene spent New Years and the week
end with Mrs. James' parents, Mr.
and Mrs. A. B. Chaffee.
Mr. and Mrs. Tannehill and Mr.
and Mrs. Varner spent Thursday in
Heppner on business.
Miss Denise Peyralans of Portland
was hired to fill the vacancy in the
Boardman high school teaching staff
left by the resignation of Miss Hazel
Saremal. Miss Peyralans is a grad
uate of Marylhurst college. She is
teaching home economics and Jiing
Dan Ransier and Kenneth spent
Friday visiting friends and relatives
in Echo and Pendleton. Kenneth
returned to Fort Lewis, Sunday.
Morrow county Pomona grange
was held at lone Saturday. Those
attending from here were Mrs. G. A.
Corwin, Mrs. I. Skoubo, Mrs. A. E.
McFarland, W. A. Baker and F. M.
Word was received Sunday that
W. H. Mefford was seriously ill with
flu and a heart attack in Leanon.
Red Cross Members
at Hardman Thanked
I wish to thank all the following
people who made possible Hard
man's good contribution in the re
cent Red Cross roll call, the largest
amount contributed from here for
a number of years. Memberships
for 1941 go to Mary Greener, Mary
McDaniel, Harry French, Eva Rob
inson, Ethel Knighten, Hardman
high school student body, Roxie
Lovgrcn, Victor Lovgren, Nelson
Knighten, Ruth Eversole, Cecilia
Bell, Lois Hewitt, Lurline Sparks,
Edward McDaniel, Lewis McDonald,
Elsa M. Leathers, Catherine Mcln
tyre, Mrs. Sam McDaniel, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam McDaniel, Sr.,
motored to Pendleton to take Mrs.
McDaniel to the doctor. She was op
erated on some time ago and is re
turning only for a check up. They
were accompanied by Forest Adams
who also was seeking medical ad
vice. Mrs. Oren McDaniel and children
returned from Lone Rock, Sunday,
where she has been visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack An
drews. Both grade and high school open
ed January 6 after a two weeks'
vacation. All the students are glad
to be back in school again after
happy holidays.
Mrs. Frank Howell left for her
home at Top, Monday. She has been
staying with her parents who have
been sick.
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Knighten and
children went to Portland Saturday
where they will visit for a week.
Those who have the flu this week
are Dick Steers, John and Sabin
Hastings, Mrs. Oren McDaniel and
children, Buster Bleakman, Mrs.
Dewey Britt, Mrs. Al Lovgren and
son, McRoberts and Devin children,
Delvin McDaniel.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McDonald
and son and Raymond Reed went
to the Zornes camp Sunday.
Billy Reynolds was in town on
Mrs. Al Macomber of Heppner, and
Mrs. L. V. Root left immediately to
be with him. The two women are
daughters of Mr. Mefford.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Macomber of
Grandview celebrated ' their fiftieth
wedding anniversary at the home
of their son. Nate Macomer. in
Boardman on January 3. Those pre
sent were Mr. and Mrs. Al Macom
ber and children, Viola, Dale and
Lee, of Heppner; Mrs. Frank Dar
rah of Grandview; Mr. and Mrs. Gil
bert Pettys and children, Garry and
Beverly of Boardman; the guests of
honor, and the host and hostess, Mr.
and Mrs. N. A. Macomber.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Finch and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Ayers
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. E. B.
Wattenburger and family were din
ner guests Saturday evening at Pilot
lock with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Barnes,
It being Mrs. Barne's birthday the
evening was spent in playing cards.
Miss Patty Finch is recovering
from the flu.
School started Monday with a full
attendance. Miss Marie Klages re
turned from her home at Joseph.
Mrs. Kingo and Mrs. Stover spent
their vacation in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rice and
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. McGreer left
Monday for Redmond and a trip on
to California as far as Los Angeles.
Mrs. Dunn of Seattle is staying
with her son Bobby Groundvold
while the McGreer's are gone.
August, Ina and Dona Rauch call
ed Saturday morning at the E. B.
Wattenburger home.
Mrs. Harold Wilkins made a bus
iness trip to Ukiah Sunday.
An examiner of operators and
chauffers from the office of the
secretary of state, will be in Hepp
ner, Thursday, Jan. 16, at the city
hall between the hours of 11 a. m.
and 4 p. m. All those wishing per
mits or licences to drive cars are
asked to get in touch with the ex
aminer during these hours.
Gazette Times, Heppner,
Butter Moisture,
Fat Control Found
A method of controlling moisture
and fat in butter, said to be far
more accurate than anything here
tofore available, is described in a
! new bulletin, No. 376, just isued by
the Oregon experiment station. This
is a highly technical publication
containing many mathematical cal
culations, and designed primarily for
the use of those engaged in cream
ery operations.
In the 11 years of educational but
ter scoring carried on at Oregon
State college, a large percentage of
the samples submitted contained an
excessive amount of fat while some
others contained less than the legal
amount. Too much fat in butter
means depriving the manufacturer
which means the producer in the
case of cooperatives, of rightful re
turns, while too little fat means de
priving the consumer (of what he
pays for.
Under the methods described in
the new bulletin the percentage of
moisture in the finished butter was
within 1-10 of one percent of that
desired in 85 percent of the test
churnings . The bulletin contains de
tailed tables for use by buttermak
ers, which eliminate mathematical
Eastern Oregon College of Educa
tion, La Grande, January 4. Sixty
three students, 40 women and 23
men, made the scholastic honor roll
during the fall quarter at the East-
O Hare you become so accustomed to
trailing extension cords that you don't
realize how ugly they look . . . how
unsafe they are . . . and how they waste
electricity that has passed through
your meter?
Why not check up right now? Do
you have enough convenience outlets
so that you can rearrange the furni-
...for convenience, safety, economy
and beauty. The cost now is small!
ern Oregon College of Education, j quarter hours of work. The Mor
In order to earn a place on the honor , row county student who made the
roll a student must make a min- honor roll was Kathryn Parker,
imum average grade of B in all Heppner, who is a member of the
courses and must carry at least 12 ' sophomore teacher training class.
Throws plenty of soft, glareless light
so that you can relax and read in
comfort. Bronze or ivory and gold
finish. Attractive parchment shade.
100-200-300 ftOQC
watt bulb.
$1.45 down... $1.30 a
month for 6 month
ture as often as you like . . . and still
be able to plug in a lamp or radio by
any chair . . . without stringing exten
sion cords or overcrowding sockets?,
The modern home has convenience
outlets not more than six feet apart.
This advertisement is published in the interests
of your greater enjoyment of the cheap electricity
made available by
Protects growing eyes
against strain, makes home
work easier. Bronze or sil
ver finish, complete with
parchment shade, translu
cent bowl, and tAAK
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Moatk for 4 month