Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, November 21, 1940, Page Page Two, Image 2

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    Thursday, November 21, 19'40
Girls League, Scout
Meetings Attended
Mrs. Johnny Hanna and new
daughter, Judith Lee, returned home
from Heppner to the Reaney farm
this week.
Lavonne McMillan returned home
from the Heppner hospital Monday.
Edith and Jerrine Edwards and
Louise Hunt attended the Columbia
Union Christian Endeavor conven
tion in Hermiston Saturday and
Sunday. Edith was elected as pray
er meeting chairman for the union.
Mrs. L, R. Foos, Albert Edwards
and Joe Way attended a Boy Scout
conference in La Grande Friday and
Mrs. Ivan Amend entertained the
Study club at her home Monday
Bill Nichols spent Sunday in Stan
field. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marquardt
" were called to Portland last week
by the death of Mr. Marquardt's
mother and father.
Rae Cowins spent the week end
in Heppner.
Bob Campbell took May Rauch,
Doris Scott, Lavelle Pieper, Colleen
McMillan, Edwina Breshears, Mar-
cella Jackson, Juanita Bellenbrock
and M,iss Chambers to Stanfield
Saturday to attend a Girls' League
Suzanne Buchanan is at home
again after working in Heppner the
past several months.
A fire broke out on the roof of
the Callie Duncan residence last
Thursday, but the blaze was ex
tinguished before serious damage
was done.
Mrs. Fred Wehmeyer and Mrs.
Lee Sprinkel of Heppner were guests
of Mrs. Vernon Scott Thursday af
ternoon. Ralph Jackson spent part of last
week in Portland.
Mrs. Effie Parkins is visiting in
Washington. During her absence her
mother, Mrs. Sarah Booher, is being
cared for by Mrs. Vera Berry.
Mrs. Hugh Berry is back, taking
care of Grandma "Sally" Booher.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Rice spent a
few days in Spokane last week.
They were accompanied by Mrs.
Hugh Berry, and on the return the
party stopped at Walla Walla to
see Mrs. Berry's brother at the U. S.
Veterans hospital.
Rhea Creek News
H. E. C. will meet at the hall on
November 26 with an all-day meet
ing. Pot luck dinner will be served
at noon. Miss Ellsworth, a clothing
specialist from Oregon State college,
will conduct a discussion, "Selection
of Materials and Styles." Everyone
is cordially invited to attend.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Osmin and
daughter Eunice visited at the John
Bergstrom home Sunday.
The Charley Beckets, Walter Bec
kets, Ben Andersons and Clive Hus
tons visited at the Tyndal Robison
mountain home.
About sixty people attended the
oyster feed at Rhea Creek last Fri
day evening. Six tables of pinochle
were in play. High scores were won
by Alice Anderson and Ben Ander
son; consolation by Blanche Conrad
and Harley Anderson.
Mrs. Charley Becket is spending
a few days at the home of her par
ents at Fossil.
Mrs. Carrie Becket and Mrs. Han
nah Anderson are spending the time
collecting for the annual Red Cross
Kenneth L. Robertson, junior in
agriculture at Oregon State college,
from Mallott, Wn., has won this
year's Swift and company college
essay contest and will receive a free
trip to Chicago at the time of the
International Livestock show. These
'awards are made to one student in
each state who places first in the
essay contet. While in Chicago all
of the winners are shown the work
ings of the meat packing industry
in all its phases. Robertson's winning
essay was on the subject "Meat
Packers as Middle Men."
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E. O. W. L. Officers Ready
lAWiS- ' ft J-4 mmMSm
4 6e W,4&&SL Ldr II 111 ""fill I M iw I IIH m mlm V'l I Jk
Eastern Oregon Wheat League Officers shown here have completed
details for the annual convention to be held December 5 to 7 in Pen
dleton. The first day will be devoted to committee meetings. One com
mittee and considerable program time will be devoted to consideration
of the present AAA and related federal programs.
Those shown here are, first row, from left: Clyde Denney, Morrow
county executive committeeman; C. K. Barker, Condon, president; S. J.
Culley, Weston, vice-president; C. W. Smith, Corvallis, secretary. Stand
ing aie executive committeemen: J. Z. Weimar, Gilliam county; R. B.
Taylor, Umatilla county; J. L. Staggs, Wallowa county; and Millard
Eakin. Sherman county.
Morrow Students at
Many State Schools
Eugene More than 50 young men
and women of Morrow cqunty have
been registered in Oregon state in
stitutions of higher education during
the past two years, a geographical
tabulation of enrollment prepared
for the 1939-1940 biennial report of
the system to Gov. Charles A. Spra
gue reveals.'
For the 1939-40 school year a total
of 50 students in state schools listed
Morrow county as their home. They
were enrolled as follows: Oregon
State college, 19; University of Ore
gon, 15; Eastern Oregon College of
Education, 13; Oregon College of
Education, 3.
The previous year the county sent
52 to state schools with O. S. C. get
ting 20; the University of Oregon, 15;
E. O. C. E., 14; and O. C. E., 3. The
figures showed a slight increase over
1936-37 when only 47 students from
Morrow county were enrolled.
Populous Multnomah county
ranked first with 2,522 students in
1939-40 and 2,449 in 1938-39. Lane
county was second with 1,246 and 1,
202 for the two years. .
Total cumulative enrollment for
the system was over 11,000 for both
years of the biennium. All except
about 1,400 students were residents
of the state. Actual number of Ore
gonians during 1939-40 was 10,086.
Every county had representatives
in at least four of the six state
schools. E. O. C. E. had students
from 26 Oregon counties; S. O. C. E.,
from 27; Medical School, 31; O. C. E.,
34; O. S. C. and the University, from
every Oregon county.
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Heppner, Ore.
Lexington Home Economics club
met last week at the home of Mrs.
Lawrence Palmer and elected offi
cers as follows: Gladys Cutsforth,
chairman; Thelma Smethurst, vice
chairman; Mrs. Myles Martin, trea
surer; Mrs. Bernice Bauman, sec
Outstanding warrants of School
District No. One, Morrow County,
Oregon, numbered 6361 to 6380, both
numbers inclusive, will be paid on
presentation to the district clerk.
Interest on said warrants ceases
November 22, 1940.
School District No. 1,
Heppner, Oregon.
W ' " ' ' ' ' 1 P 1 1
Hthe Salesman -tVa
House Finished on
Robinson Ranch
Miss Lucille Vale, county health
nurse, visited the Hardman schools
Tuesday. She also called upon some
of the parents.
Delvin McDaniel is. visiting his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kinard Mc
Daniel, and friends in Hardman
while on a lay off. He is working
for H. D. McCurdy on Rock creek.
Nute Matteson, trapper, has mov
ed to town in the Farrens property.
He has been living near Parkers
Mill on Frank Wilkinson's place.
After the dance Saturday night,
Ivan Leathers visited at the Owen
Leathers home Sunday.
Eck Warren who has been building
a house for Roy Robinson on their
lower ranch finished this week. He
stayed overnight in town before
going to the Catherine Mclntyre
ranee to do some carpenter work.
Raymond Howell came out from
Heppner Thursday evening and vis
ited his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
Sam McDaniel, Sr., and other rela
tives, returning on Friday.
While buzzing up wood at the
garage one day this week, Nels
Knighten had the misfortune to have
a jack slip and hit him. He consult
ed a doctor and several ribs were
found to be torn loose.
Roy McFerin, Fred Knighten,
Jeanette Renoe, Joan, Perry and
Norvin Adams were all absent this
week from grade school, due to the
colds. Maxene McDaniel was ab
sent from high school.
Mr. and Mr. Neal Knighten, Mrs.
Marvin Brannon and Miss Lois Hew
itt attended the C. E. rally at Her
miston Saturday.
The children of Mrs. Earl Red
ding, La Delle Knighten, the two
Burnside children, Marlene Fisk and
Monte McDonald have all been quite
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B. C. PINCKNEY, Manager
deppbeb mm
sick this week with the flu that's
making the rounds.
' Donald and Creston Robinson have
bsen making gates across the new
highway that Kinzua built this sum
mer and fall. The highway is ready
for the oil in the spring, and if trav
eled any this winter time would be
lost preparing it again in the spring.
The gates will be padlocked.
Mrs. Harlan Adams had to take
two of her children to Heppner to
the doctor Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Carey Hastings took
Mr. and Mrs. Sam McDaniel, Jr.,
to Pendleton on Monday, where she
will be operated on Tuesday. Sam
will stay there.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Redding took
their small daughter Ilene to Hepp
ner to the doctor Sunday evening.
Mrs. Redding stayed in Heppner at
the M. R. Saling home.
Nick Leathers and Mr. and Mrs.
C. C. Carmichael visited a while on
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Owen
Tom Brown was in town Tuesday
working on his car.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hughes and
Catherine Mclntyre went to Hepp
ner on Tuesday to shop for Thanks
giving. Miss Pat Bleakman was home over
Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Robison were
in town on Monday.
Barnard D. Joy, a former promi
nent 4-H club boy of Ashland and
later a graduate of Oregon State
college, is senior author of a national
extension service circular entitled
"4-H Club and Older Youth Studies."
Joy was one of the first college
graduates selected for a special ex
tension service research fellowship
in Washington, D. C, several years
ago. He has been the author of sev
eral bulletins and circulars report
ing the results of his work.
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Iti mis