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    Page Six
o More Recruits
Flying Trip
Budget Scanning
Salem. An additional 1584 re
cruits will be needed to bring Ore
gon's national guard units up to
full peace time strength.
This was revealed by records of
the adjutant general office here fol
lowing unofficial but apparently re
liable reports that the guard would
be put on a peace time footing im
mediately following its mobilization
into the regular army, tentatively
set for September 16.
At the present time there are 4567
officers and men in the Oregon
guard contingents. These include the
162d and 186th infantry regiments,
the 218th field artillery regiment,
the 249th coast artillery corps, the
Lebanon company of the 116th medi
cal regiment and the headquarters
companies and detachments of the
41st division and 82d brigade.
It is understood here that there
will be a period of ten days between
actual mobilization of the guard
and the departure of the units from
their home stations for camp at Fort
Lewis. This time will be allowed the
men to set their private affairs in
order for ther extended absence
from home. During this waiting per
iod also efforts will be made to
bring the various units up to peace
strength by intensive recruiting
drives in the various cities in which
guard organizatons are located.
Supporters of the candidacy of
Dean Walker for the presidency of
the state senate are now claiming
that the veteran Polk county legis
lator has enough votes pledged to
assure his election. The only other
candidate for this post so far is
Senator Douglas McKay of Marion
Reargument of the highly con
' troversial antl-picketing case before
the state supreme court has been
scheduled for early October when
it is expected that all seven justices
will sit in on the arguments. When
the case was argued before the high
court several months ago two mem
bers were absent, Justice Bean being
ill and Justice Bailey being absent
from the state,
Accumulated profits from the
state's liquor monoply permitted of
the retirement of $400,000 of the li
quor certificates which had previous
ly been issued to keep the state re
lief budget on a cash basis, State
Treasurer Pearson announced. This
leaves only $100,000 of the certifi
cates still outstanding but retire
ment of the certificates has left the
relief cupboard bare again so that
it will be necessary to float another
loan immediately, Pearson explained.
State Budget Director Eccles has
found it necessary to warn the man'
agement of the Oregon, exhibit at
the San Francisco fair against un
authorized expenditures. In a letter
to Mrs. Mabelle Marble, manager of
the state's exhibit, Eccles declared
that he is "greatly concerned" over
the condition of the exhibit's finan
ces and warned that in the future no
expenditures should be made unless
first approved by the World's Fair
Members of the Oregon State
Board of Control made a flying trip
to Lake county Saturday.
Boarding a plane at the Salem
airport Saturday morning the of
ficial party made the 300 mile hop
to Lake county, attended to their
business, took in the Laheview
round-up and were back in the cap
ital that night.
Business that took the board mem
bers to Lake county was the inspec
tion of 10,000 acres of swamp land
the state owns in south Warner
Lake. The board also visited the
ranch of William Kittredge, Lake
county stockman, who has reclaimed
some 4000 acres of land similar to
that owned by the state and which
is now in a state of high productiv
ity. Kittredge has proposed to lease
the state lands which he would also
reclaim and the board is understood
Ellis Says Sheep
Industry Threatened
"Inequalities in AAA which are
moving eastern Oregon's sheep pop
ulation to farm flocks in the middle
west must be ironed out," declared
Senator Rex Ellis, republican nom
inee for congress, when in Heppner
Tuesday. "I find an alarmed bunch
of large sheep operators in this sec
tion who can see finish written to
their operations operations that are
bearing a big share of the local tax
burden unless something is done
about it."
Senator Ellis said the provision
in AAA that pays middle western
farmers for taking land out of corn
production and for putting in forage
crops is resulting in those farmers
going into sheep breeding where be
fore they did only feeding. The re
sult has been the moving of the cen
ter of sheep population eastward,
much to the economic insecurity of
eastern Oregon counties where the
income from sheep has been very
important The senator promised he
would do all in his power to protect
eastern Oregon's large sheep indus
try if he is elected in November.
Senator Ells spent the day here
visiting prospective supporters in
November, and gave an insight into
his legislative record at the Tuesday
Lions luncheon.
Mr. and Mrs. James Driscoll re
turned home Saturday evening from
their wedding trip and are making
their home in the Wells apartment
house on Gale street.
to be giving his proposition serious
Board members makng the trip
included! Governor Charles A. Spra
gue, Secretary of State Earl Snell,
State Treasurer Walter A. Pearson,
and Louis Griffith, clerk.
There is still a lot of room for
improvement in Oregon's public
school system in the opinion of Rex
Putnam, state superintendent of pub
lic instruction. Many of the state's
979 one-room schools could be con
solidated to the advantage of both
the taxpayers who support these in
stitutions and the pupils who attend
them, Putnam said. Putnam also
favors a re-vamping of the method
by which education in this state is
supported in order to equalize the
financial burden. ,
The 74 law-school graduates who
successfully passed the bar exami
nation held here this summer are
to appear before the supreme court
to take the oath of office as at
torneys on September 20.
Board or control members are
scrutinizing biennial budgets of the
several state institutions. Particular
attention is being given by the board
to building needs of the several in
stitutions. While most of the build
ing requests are admittedly meri
torious, state finances will not per
mit of the construction of all needed
buildings during the next biennium.
It will be up to the board, therefore,
to pass upon the various requests
and decide which shall have priority
before the budgets are submitted to
the legislature when it convenes in
A flagpole for the new capital is
nearing materialization. Designs for
this improvement were placed before
the board of control this week. When
the board makes up its mind as to
the type of pole to be erected the
improvement will be financed out
of unexpended funds in the approp
riation for the state library.
Events other than strictly state
business have been occupying much
of the time of high state officials
during the past month. First there
was the Salem Centennial in which
a number of officials appeared as
participants in the governor's ball.
These included Governor Sprague,
Secretary of State Snell, State Trea
surer Pearson, Justices Rossman and
Kelly of the supreme court and
others. Then came the notification
ceremonies for Senator Charles L.
McNary last week with another call
upon the time of officialdom. This
week it was the state fair with its
two holidays Labor Day (Monday)
and Salem Day (Wednesday) to
again cut in on the regular routine.
Gazette Times, Heppner,
Cow Elk Tags Go
Quickly for Season
All cow elk tags, authorized for
issuance by the Oregon State Game
commission, have ben sold. Inas
much as practically every newspaper
in the state carried at least one story
and many two stories on the cow elk
tag sale, sportsmen were given am
ple notice. The cow elk season ex
tends from November 1 to 16, both
dates inclusive.
A limited supply of antelope tags
are still available, and hunters plan
ning to indulge in antelope shooting
should make applications to the
Portland office of the commission
at once for 'the antelope tags.
The antelope season is from Sep
tember 29 to October 6, both dates
inclusive, and the territory open to
antelope hunting includes portions
of Lake, Malheur and Harney coun
Notice is hereby given that on
Tuesday, October 1, 1940, at 8:00 P.
M., the Directors of the West Exten
sion Irrigation District, acting as a
Board of Equalization, will meet at
the office of the District in Irrigon,
Oregon, to review and correct the
annual assessment to be levied on or
before the first Tuesday of Septem
ber, 1940.
A. C. HOUGHTON, Secretary.
In the Matter of the Estate and
Guardianship of CHARLOTTE
pursuant to an order and license
made and entered by the above en
titled court on the 15th day of Aug
ust, 1940, the undersigned guardian
of the above named minors will from
and after the 27th day of September,
1940, offer for sale and sell at private
sale for cash, subject to confirmation
by the above entitled court, at the
law office of Jos. J. Nys, Heppner,
Oregon, all the right, title and inter
est of the above named minors in
and to the following described real
property, situate in Morrow County,
Oregon, to -wit:
The E of NE14, NWy of
NEi4, E of SE14, SWy4 of
SEV4 and SEV4 of SWA of Sec
tion 23, and SWA of NEy4, Sy2
of Nwy4, Nwy4 of Nwy4, swy4
and NW of SEy4 of Section 24
in Township five (5) South,
Range 26 East of Willamette
Dated and first published this 29th
day of August, 1940.
ADA L. CANNON, Guardian.
SUMMONS (Equity No. 3420)
M. J. FITZPATRICK, Plaintiff,
his wife, whose true name is un
known to plaintiff, all the un
known heirs of THOMAS BEN
NISON, deceased, all the unknown
heirs of Preston Campbell, deceas-
ed. Also all other persons or par
ties unknown claiming any right,
title, estate, lien or interest in the
real estate described in the com
plaint herein, Defendants.
To Oregon and Western Coloniza
tion Company, a corporation, Pres
ton Compbell . and Mary Doe
Campbell, his wife, whose true
name is unknown to plaintiff, all
the unknown heirs of Thomas
Bennison, deceased, all the un
known heirs of Preston Campbell,
deceased; also all other persons or
parties unknown claiming any
right, title, estate, lien or interest
in the real estate described in the
complaint herein, Defendants:
OF OREGON, you and each of you
are hereby required to appear and
answer plaintiffs complaint filed
against you in the above entitled
court and cause within four weeks
from the date of the first publication
of this summons and if you fail to
so appear or answer plaintiff will
apply to the aboev entitled court for
the relief prayed for in his com
plaint, to-wit:
For a decree quieting plaintiffs
title in and to the following de
scribed real property, situate in i T
Morrow County, Oregon, to-wit: J. U. I UmeT
The north half, and the north ATTORNEY AT LAW
half southwest quarter of Sec
tion 20 in Township one (1) Phone 173
North, Range 25 East of Willam- Hotel Heppner Building
ette Meridian; HEPPNER, ORE.
and that plaintiff be adjudged the '
owner in fee simple of said real
property and that you and each of D J D
you be forever barred of and from UT. KaymOnd KlCC
all right, title, estate, lien or inter- PHYSICIAN & SURGEON
est in or to said real property and
every part thereof, and for such Office
other and further relief as may be First National Bank Building
just and equitable. Office Phone 523 House Phone 823
This summons is served upon you ' "
by publication thereof in the Hepp- i -
ner Gazette Times, once a week for HeDDner
four successive weeks pursuant to .
an order of Hon. Bert Johnson, Abstract CO.
Judge of the County Court of the jr. LOGIE RICHARDSON, Mgr. '
State of Oregon for Morrow Coun- bates SEASONABLE
ty, which order is dated August . 4
13th, 1940, and the date of first Roberts Building Heppner.
publication of this sumons is Aug-
ust 15, 1940. . I - ... kA ,
jos. j. nys, P. W. Ma honey
Attorney for Plaintiff, attorisify at I AW
Residence and Postoffice Address, ATHJKNM Al LAW
Heppner, Oregon. OENEBAIi urSTTBAJJCE
NOTICE OF FINAL ACCOUNT Heppner Hotel Building
Notice is hereby given that the Willow St Entranco
undersigned, administrator de bonis
non of the estate of Mary D. Mc- i
Haley, deceased, has filed his final J Q PefrS0n
estate with the County Court of the
account of his administration of said JwI?7 and Gift ftooda
State of Oregon for Morrow County, WaUk " clock -
and that said Court fixed Monday, ExPrt gSSLtrtS Jew,lry
the 23rd day of September, 1940 at Heppner, Oregon
the hour of 10:00 o'clock in the fore-
noon of said day at the County
Court room at the Court House at j i
Heppner, Oregon, as the time and VaWter Parker
place for hearing objections to said
final account and the settlement of ATTORNEY-AT-LAW
said estate, and all persons having
objections thereto are hereby re- , , -
. j . .,, First National Bank Building
quired to file the same with said i
court on or before the time set for I '
said hearing.
Dated and first published this i r
22nd day of August, 1940. Dr- R,chard C Lawrence
Administrator de bonis non. X-Ray and Extraction by Gas
" I First National Bank Bldg.
Prof CSS lOtl Q I Phone 562 Heppner, Oregon
. Directory Dr. L. D. Tibbies
' j Physician & Surgeon
Maternity Home first national bank bldg.
1 Rec. Phone 1182 Office Phone 492
Mrs. Lillie Aiken HEPPNER, OREGON
Phone 664 P.O. Box 142
Heppner, Oregon
Jos. J. Nys
Phelps Funeral Home attorney at law
Ambulance Service Peters Building, Willow Street
Trained Lady Assistant , Heppner, Oregon
Phone 1332 Heppner, Ore.
v J I
' new auto policy ' V R R"nn'on
Bodily Injury & Property Damage AUCTIONEER
Class A $13.60 Class B $17.00 Farm SalM nd Livestock a Speoialty
See us before financing your 405 Jones Sreet Heppner, Ore.
next automobile. jj. dates at my expense
F. W. TURNER & CO. 1
Heppner City Council Frank C. Alfred
Meets First Monday Each Month ATTORNEY AT LAW
Citizens having matters for dis- Telephone 442
i Rooma 3-4
cussion, please bring before Flr8t National Bank Bulldlag
the Council. HEPPNER, OREGON
G. A. BLEAKMAN, Mayor. 1 '
GLENN Y. WELLS I Peterson & Peterson
ATwater 4U4 V. S. National Bank Building
6th at Washington Prattle lm Stat ana rral Oonrta
A. D. McMurdo, M. D. I Ral Jftat
' General Line of Insurance and
Trained Kara Aiilitaat W. M. EUBANKS
Office In Masonic Building Notary PafcH
Heppner, Oregon Phone 62 lone. Ore.
Morrow County m- l- case g. e. ntkander
Abstract Cr Title Co. Directors of
Office in New Peters Building 862 Phones 202
Thursday, September 5, 1940