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    Thursday, August 22, 1940
Washington, D. C, Aug. 22 This
week end Senator Charles L. Mc
Nary will fly to Oregon for his no
tification ceremonies as republican
nominee for vice-president. It will
be the first time that the senator
has been in a plane for more than
20 years, when he flew in an open
crate over the national capital with
other togamen. The following day
the plane cracked up with several
fatalities. The evolution of the plane
in 20 years is comparable to the
advance from the Model T to the
Being a dirt farmer and champion
of agricultural relief, Senator Mc
Nary has selected the Oregon state
fair grounds as the location for the
notification. The fair grounds in
any county or state is the rallying
point of farmers; it is not a magnet
for city folk; the county or state
fair is especially for the farmers,
where they meet, talk and view the
exhibits. It is a perfect background
for a candidate selected because of
his knowledge of agriculture and his
identification with farm legislaton.
Henry A. Wallace, secretary of ag
riculture, picked by Mr. Roosevelt
to off-set McNary's popularity in
the farm belt, will have his notifi
cation in his native Iowa following
the republican ceremonies at Salem.
Despite Wallace's connection with
the tall com state, surveys indicate
that Iowa will be in the republican
column in November. Only expla
nation is that "people are voting dif
ferent this year." Iowa went demo
cratic in 1932 and 1936. Mr. Wallace,
as everyone knows, was a republic
an until shortly before his appoint
ment to the cabinet by Mr. Roose
velt. In the coming election the new
deal and the republicans are fight
ing for the farm vote. On the face
of the returns in 1936 Mr. Roosevelt
swept everything but Vermont and
Maine, but analysis of the vote in
that contest discloses that a few
thousand votes properly distributed
would have told a different story as
to the number of states carried by
Mr. Roosevelt. In 1896 Bryan was
defeated by McKinley, yet a hand
ful of popular votes scattered suit
ably would have given Bryan the
election. The year Cleveland ran
and was defeated he carried the pop
ular vote; It was the big city vote
that gave the result to Mr. Roose
velt four years ago, and this year
the powerfully organized political
machines in the large cities will be
in the new deal camp once more.
There are no republican political
machines, as they expired for lack
of patronage.
With the city machines for Mr,
Roosevelt, the republicans are striv
ing to increase their strength in the
rural areas in the hope of overcom
ing the metropolitan majorities.
Political observers in the national
capital are unanimous in agreeing
that events in Europe between now
and the end of October will have an
important influence in determining
the issue between Mr. Roosevelt and
Mr. Willkie. They do not particular
ize, but state it as a fact. These ob
servers intimate, however, that in
vasion and seizure of England by
Herr Hitler will make Mr. Roose
velt's election for a third term in
evitable. Industrialists in Oregon and Wash
ington employing mechanics are
alarmed at the flight of skilled labor
to California and Puget Sound,
where national defense contracts re
quire mechanics. The increasing
shortage as mechanics are tempted
away from their present jobs cause
plant managers to wonder where
they can obtain replacements. They
vision in a few months only the older
Coquille Boy Wins Ford
Eighteen-year-old Ray Gaulke of Coquille, has been declared Oregon
winner in the Ford Good Drivers League contest for 1940. His
parents Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Gaulke, of Coquille will accompany him to
New York where during the week of August 26, he and 47 other
state winners will compete for national prizes totaling $30,000.
mechanics remaining, and while
these are competent their years slow
them down and they require more
time in which to perform a task; and
this, of course, increases the cost
of production.
It is a situation which may pre
vent assignment of government or
ders to Oregon and most of Wash
ington outside of Puget Sound.
Senator Ashurst of Arizona, the
cowboy who became the most schol
arly and Chesterfieldish member of
the senate, wrote a prediction as to
the identity of the next president
last spring, sealed it in an envelope
and waited until after the nominat
ing conventions. In the presence of
newspaper reporters the forecast
was read:
"The next president will have a
double letter in his name."
When the senator wrote his pro
phecy many names were being men
tioned. Under his prediction the
winner can be either Mr. Roosevelt,
with a double "o" or Mr. Willkie,
with a double "1." Senator Ashurst
is certain to be a true prophet.
When Vice President Garner
walked out of the senate chamber
and returned to Uvalde, Tex., he
planned never to return to Wash
ington. Upper case democrats wrote
dozens of letters for him to come
back for the sake of the party. Mr.
Roosevelt did not write.
Want Ads
3-room apt. for rent. Phone 722.
Saddle horses and mares for sale
or trade for cattle, $20 up. W. H.
French, Hardman. 25 tf.
For Rent Rooms single and
housekeeping rooms at Jordan Apt,
lone, Oregon. 23-25.
Want woman for 3 or 4 weeks,
housework. Inquire this office.
For Sale Purebred buck lambs,
Hamps, Shrops, Romneys. One reg
istered outstanding Brown Swiss
bull, four years old, gentle, sure
not breachy. F. M. Page, Monument,
Oregon. 22-26.
For Sale Hampshire bu0ks, 3
yearlings and 9 lambs. W. H. Cleve
land. 23tf.
For Sale Well built house, terms
reasonable. A. Q. Thomson
House or apartment for rent. See
A. Q. Thomson.
Six-room house, all modern, com
pletely renovated, for sale or rent at
Lexington. Inquire Elmer Hunt
Service Station.
Wood for sale $6.00 per cord. Fir
and tamarack post 8c delivered to
Heppner. Green cut wood at Ar-
buckle corrals $3.50 a cord. W. H.
Tucker. 8-mn-tf.
Gazette Times, Heppner,
Good Driver Contest
SUMMONS (Equity No. 3420)
M. J. FITZPATRICK, Plaintiff,
his wife, whose true name is un
known to plaintiff, all the un
known heirs of THOMAS BEN
NISON, deceased, all the unknown
heirs of Preston Campbell, deceas
ed. Also all other persons or par
ties unknown claiming any right,
title, estate, lien or interest in the
real estate described in the com
plaint herein, Defendants.
To Oregon and Western Coloniza
tion Company, a corporation, Pres
ton Compbell and Mary Doe
Campbell, his wife, whose true
name is unknown to plaintiff, all
the unknown heirs of Thomas
Bennison, deceased, all the un
known heirs of Preston Campbell,
deceased; also all other persons or
parties unknown claiming any
right, title, estate, lien or interest
in the real estate described in the
complaint herein, Defendants:
OF OREGON, you and each of you
are hereby required to appear and
answer plaintiffs complaint filed
against you in the above entitled
court and cause within four weeks
from the date of the first publication
of this summons ahd if you fail to
so appear or answer plaintiff will
apply to the aboev entitled court for
the relief prayed for in his com
plaint, to-wit:
For a decree quieting plaintiffs
title in and to the following de
scribed real property, situate in
Morrow County, Oregon, to-wit:
The north half, and the north
half southwest quarter of Sec
tion 20 in Township one (1)
North, Range 25 East of Willam
ette Meridian;
and that plaintiff be adjudged the
owner in fee simple of said real
property and that you and each of
you be forever barred of and from
all right, title, estate, hen or inter
est in or to said real property and
every part thereof, and for such
other and further relief as may be
just and equitable.
This summons is served upon you
by publication thereof in the Hepp
ner Gazette Times, once a week for
four successive weeks pursuant to
an order of Hon. Bert Johnson,
Judge of the County Court of the
State of Oregon for Morrow Coun
ty, which order is dated August
13th, 1940, and the date of first
publication of this sumons is Aug
ust 15, 1940.
Attorney for Plaintiff,
Residence and Postoffice Address,
Heppner, Oregon.
More Co-Op Houses
Slated at College
Oregon State College More coop
erative houses than ever before will
be operated here this year to ac
commodate students seeking a col
lege education at lowest possible
cost. Four men's cooperatives with
a combined capacity of close to 100
students will be operated, compared
with three last year, and seven wo
men's cooperatives will be in ser
vice instead of the five last year,
accommodating about 170.
The increased number of women
applying for entrance at Oregon
State this year brought so many re
quests for admission to cooperative
houses that two new ones have just
been arranged. With students do
ing most of their own work in these
houses the cost of board and room
does not exceed $20 a month.
E. B. Lemon, registrar, has re
ceived many inquiries from men
students regarding enrollment in
view of the possible national de
fense demands. In reply he is pass
ing on to them President Roosevelt's
recent statement that "it is their
patriotic duty to continue the nor
mal course of their education unless
or until they are called."
He is also calling attention to the
availability of thorough military
training in the R. O. T. C. in con
nection with college work.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned, administrator de bonis
non has filed his final account of
his administration of said estate with
the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Morrow County, and
that said court fixed Monday, the
23rd day of September, 1940, at the
hour of 10:00 o'clock in the fore
noon of said day at the County
Court room at the Court House at
Heppner, Oregon, as the time and
place for hearing objections to said
final account and the settlement of
said estate, and all persons having
objections thereto are hereby re
quired to file the same with said
court on or before the time set for
said hearing.
Dated and first published this
22nd day of August, 1940.
Administrator de bonis non.
Department of the Interior, Gen
eral Land Office, The Dalles, Oregon.
July 2, 1940. Notice is hereby given
that Albert W. Gentner. 825 Failing
Building, Portland, Oregon, made ap
plication No. 031577 on June 21, 1940,
unde the act of March 20, 1922 (42
Stat. 465), as amended by the acts
of March 4, 1925 (43 Stat. 1279), and
February 28, 1925 (43 Stat. 1090), to
exchange land within and adjacent
to the Umatilla National Forest,
Oregon, for timber within the same
forest. The applicant offers the fol
lowing described land which con
tains 2,240 acres, namely: T. 4 S. R.
29 E. W. M. Sec. 8, SEy4SWi4, SWy4
SEV4; Sec. 10, SSEy4, NEy4SEy4;
Sec. 11, Sy2SEy4, NEy4SEy4; Sec. 13,
SEy4, wy2Nwy4, Nwy4swy4; Sec.
14, NEy4SEy4; Sec. 15, NNE;
Sec. 17, Ny2NWy4. T. 5 S. R. 27 E.
W. M. Sec. 14, SW'4. T. 5 S. R. 28
e. w. m., Sec. 6, SEy4swy4, swy4
SEy4. T. 6 S. R. 27, E. W. M. Sec. 4,
Wy2SEi4, sy2SWy4; Sec. 5, Ey2SEy4;
Sec. 21, SWy4. T. 6 S. R. 28 E. W. M,
Sec. 8, Wy2NEy4, NNWy4; Sec. 12,
SNEy4, NSE; Sec. 16, EVfe
NWy4, ESW; Sec. 18, SNEy
NENEy4, NWSEy4. T. 6 S. R. 29
E. W. M. Sec. 4, SWy4, in exchange
for which the applicant selects an
equal value of timber from portions
of the following described land: T,
6 S. R. 23 E. W. M. Sec. 31. T. 6
S. R. 24 E. W. M. Sees. 32 and 33.
T: 7 S. R. 23 E. W. M. Sees. 9, 11, 12,
13, 14, 17 and 24. T. 7 S ? 24 E. W.
M., Sees. 4, 5, 6, 7,-18, 19, 20 and 30.
The Dalles Freight Line, Inc.
Arrive Tucs., Weds., Friday, Sat.
Warehouse: KANE'S GARAGE Carl D. Spickerman, Agent
Page Seven
Portions of the offered land are sub
ject to a right to use one one-hundredth
(0.01) cubic feet of water per
second from Tupper Soring located
on the SEy4SWy4 Sec. "4, T. 6 S. R.
27 E., which was appropriated under
Permit No. 10352 of the State of Ore
gon; and to a right of way ten (10)
feet wide for a pipe line now located
on the ground and beginning at the
spring and ending at a point one
chain east of the quarter corner
common to Sees. 4 and 9 located in
the SE'4SWy4 and the SWy4SEy4
Sec. 4, T. 6 S. R. 27 E. W. M. Any
and all persons claiming the lands
and timber selected, or having bona
fide objections to the exchange
should file their protests on or be
fore the 23rd day of August, 1940, in
the District Land Office at The
Dalles, Oregon.
W. F. JACKSON, Register.
In the matter of the guardianship
of the estate and person of Dor
othy Farrens, a minor.
pursuant to a license to sell, granted
in the above entitled matter on the
24th day of July, 1940, the under
signed will sell at private sale the
following described property, to-wit:
An undivided one-fourth in
terest in and to the following
described real property:
East Half of Section 32, Town
ship 2 South, Range 23 East, W.
M.; the North Half of Section 33,
Township 2 South, Range 23
East, W. M; and the West Half
of the Northeast Quarter of Sec
tion 4, Township 3 South, Range
23 East, W. M., in Morrow Coun
ty, State of Oregon,
subject to the dower rights of
Fannie H. Long, widow of Rufus
A. Farrens, deceased, and to
those certain mortgages of rec
ord against said property in
favor of the Federal Land Bank
of Spokane and the Land Bank
This sale will be made from and
after the 26th day of August, 1940.
Bids in writing for said property
may be left with the undersigned
guardian at the office of W. Vawter
Parker in Heppner, Oregon, or filed
with the Clerk of the above court.
Sale will be made for cash, subject
to confirmation by the Court.
Dated this 24th day of July, 1940.
Phone 452' Heppner, Oregon
Heppner Blacksmith
& Machinery Co.
D. H. JONES, Mgr.
Expert Acetylene and Electric
Welding, Blacksmithing
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