Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, May 02, 1940, Page Page Three, Image 3

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    Thursday, May 2, 1940
Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Page Three
Students Rank High
at Speech Arts Fete
The high school students with
Mr. and Mrs. Tyndal Robison and
Mrs. Marie Clary, left early on Fri
day morning on their trip with the
Eastern Oregon Speech Arts festival
in La Grande as their main object
ive. Mrs. Robison went only as far
as Butter creek where she stopped
for a visit at the Chas. Bartholomew
home. The first stop was at the
big supply dam near Pendleton.
During the day visits were made
at the Eastern Oregon hospital, the
new sawmill and box factory, the
East Oregonlan, the courthouse, the
woolen mills and the Collins flour
mill. Then after a full day in Pen
dleton they went on to La Grande
where on Saturday in the forenoon
Vera McDaniel and Mildred Clary
participated in the poetry reading,
all attending the picnic supper in
the patio on the campus, and in the
evening Vera and Vern McDaniel,
Jeanne Leathers, Mildred and Irl
Clary put on their play, "Orville's
Big Date." Plays were put on all
during the afternoon and evening,
with those who had previously
shown their ability being given the
better places. The Hardmanites did
very well for themselves and were
pleased when they were given one
of the best places on the program.
The students had worked hard on
their play and poems, and although
the events are all non-competitive,
the criticism given by experts is
often urettv severe. Pendleton, Ba
ker and La Grande and such schools
are the ones who always take part,
and both by the applause of the
audience and the estimate of critics
Hardman did very well.
On Sundav the group spent the
forenoon visiting the new hall for
the eirls at the Eastern Oregon Col
of Education, and the perfect
and beautiful new St Joseph hos
pital, after which Mr. and Mrs. Har
ry Owen and little Dean were guests
nf the crowd at lunch, Mr. and Mrs.
Owen are now living at Union and
the Misses Vern and Vera McDan
iel and Jeanne Leathers spent Sat-
urdav nieht at their home.
At 2 o'clock the bunch arrived
at. the Tutuilla Indian mission where
a special meeting of the Christian
Endeavor was held for the pur
pose of meeting the Hardman peo
tile, and during the afternoon vis
itnra frnm Pendleton. Salem, Mt.
Vernon and Chicago also arrived
The five high school students sang
a special number accompanied by
Mrs. Clarv. After the services in
the church the Indians served a
delicious meal in the long-house.
Group pictures were taken and ev
erybody enjoyed the hospitality of
the Indians. At the close all joined
hands and Vera led in a number
of songs, the last of which was
"God Be With You Til We Meet
Again," sung first in English and
then in Indian.
On Sunday Max Buschke and
Marion Saling left for Bull prairie
where they will do maintenance
Mrs. Max Buschke left several
-days ago to help at the home of
Max's father, who was stricken with
paralysis some weeks ago.
" The high school commencement
exercises will be held in the high
school auditorium on Friday, May
10, at 8 p. m., with Frank Alfred
as the speaker. The diploma to the
one graduate, Frances Inskeep, will
he presented bv Mrs. Lucy Rodgers.
Then on Wednesday, May 15, at 8
p. m, the eighth grade will have
their exercises also in the high school
auditorium. Alene Inskeep, Ollie
Hastings and Maxine McDaniel are
onmnletine the grades. Everyone is
cordially invited to be present on
both occasions.
Although the weather reporter
was absent from Morrow county
over the week end, the weather con
tinued as usual, we are told, but
it was nothing to brag about. A
great deal of unneeded rain fell on
Sunday. On Monday there was a
changeableness which predicted any
thing, and that anything turned to
the very worst, for on Tuesday
morning we were greeted by a snow
storm, low temperatures, and fin
ally by a disagreeable rain, accom
panied by wind.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Reed took
Mrs. Bernard Bleakman to Salem
on Saturday to visit her brother,
Jim McDaniel.
Allen Phares who has been en
listed in the U. S. army at Monterey,
Cal., for the last four years visited
friends and relatives here part of
last week. Early in May, Allen plans
to go to Seattle where he will re-
enlist and go to Alaska where he
will be stationed at Chilcoat.
Mrs. Ethel McDaniel and Cecil
and Delbert Robinson took Mrs.
Kinard McDaniel to her home at
Lonerock Friday. Mrs. McDaniel
was here visiting her sister, Mrs.
Ben Stanton of Freewater.
Henrv Vorlickv of Pendleton and
E. B. Nedry of Tigard who are in
charge of the National Youth ad
ministration, called at the high
school on Thursday of last week.
At the request of Mr. Vorlicky and
Mr. Nedry the high school students
sang a number of popular songs.
Roy Robinson was in town Wed
nesday. He reports he has moved
from the Steers place to the moun
tain ranch.
Mrs. Bert Bleakman, Mrs. Ken
neth Bleakman and Mrs. Owen
Bleakman called on Mrs. Charley
McDaniel and at the J. J. McDonald
home one day last week.
During the latter part of last week
Mrs. John McDonald went to Hepp
ner to take care of Mrs. Marion
Saling and her children. Mrs. Sal
ing has been ill for some tune.
Mr. and Mrs. George Caskey of
Pullman, Wash., visited at the Owen
Leathers home on Saturday. Mr.
Caskey was head of protective as
sistance in the Heppner forest dis
trict of the Umatilla National forest
last year. He is being transferred
to Tollgate where he will be with
the protective assistance.
The Reids sawmill shut down last
week indefinitely because of the
shortage of logs and the mountains
are too wet to haul the logs in.
All the leaders of the 4"-H clubs,
Miss Sparks, Miss Raimey, Mrs.
Clary and Mildred Clary as well
as the members are working on a
program to be given at the high
school auditorium at 2:30 p. m.,
Wednesday, May 8. All parents and
friends are especially invited to be
present. Talks and demonstrations
will be given, and there will be ex
hibits by the various clubs.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Buschke, ac
companied by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Carrol, visited at the Max Buschke
home one day last week.
Mrs. Vester Hams was in town
Friday visiting Mrs. Jim Hams.
Word was received here that Ken
neth Bleakman has been transfer
red to the Wallowa National forest.
He has worked here on the Uma
tilla forest for 12 or 13 years. He
will report for work April 29.
Mrs. Ben Stanton and Dale Stan
ton of Freewater visited at the Ethel
McDaniel home from Tuesday to
Tommy Graham of lone visited
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. D.
Inskeep on Sunday.
Mrs. Sanford Kane, sister of Max
and Claude Buschke, visited here
last week. 1
The church in Hardman, services
Sunday, May 5, 1940: 11 a. m., sub
ject, "Christ Our Passover," a com
munion service; 7:30 p. m., subject,
"The Thousand Years Reign of Christ
and His Saints," Rev. 20. A cordial
welcome to all. E. L. Ely, pastor.
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