Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, February 29, 1940, Page Page Three, Image 3

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    Thursday, Feb. 29, 1940
Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Page Three
Lexington People
Attend Hoop Tourney
Mr. and Mrs. S. G. McMillan and
Mrs. Eula Barnhouse returned on
Thursday from Portland.
Those attending the basketball
tournament in Condon over the
week end were Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Campbell and son Bob, Gerald Ack
len, Maxine and Zelma Way, Ladd
Sherman, Kenneth Klinger, Irvin
Rauch, Annetta Colvin, and the
team members, Joe Way, Carl Mar
quardt, Elden Padberg, Kenneth
Jackson, Elroy Martin, Duane John
ston. Eugene Maieske, Don Camp
bell, and Coach Ivan Amend. The
team was eliminated in its first
game, meeting defeat at the honds
of Irrigon, 29-19.
George Peck accompanied other
members of the county court to
Pendleton on Friday to attend a
joint meeting with the Umatilla
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bauman en
tertained a group of friends at their
home Saturday evening. Various
games were played during the eve
ning and delicious refreshments were
Pendleton visitors Friday were
Henry Rauch, Jr., Sam McMillan,
Vester Thornburg and E. C. Daugh
erty. Robert Robson of Heppner was a
guest at the Charles Breshears home
Local people attending the Irri-
gon-Heppner game in Hermiston
last Tuesday evening were Roy
Camnbell and son Don, Ladd Sher
man, Ivan Amend, Gerald Acklen,
Kenneth Jackson, Elden Padberg,
Eugene Majeske, Lavelle Pieper,
Claude Wav. Duane Johnson, A. M.
Edwards and daughters and sons,
Edith, Jerrine, Albert and Clyde.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rauch and
daughters, May and Fay, spent Sat
urday in Pendleton.
Mrs. Iona Galbraith of Dayton as
visiting her mother, Mrs. Sarah
Norma McRoberts is working at
the W. E. Francis ranch near Hepp
ner. Mrs. Clarence Carmichael was ill
at her home one day last week.
Thomas Bowling of Freewater is
working for A. M. Edwards.
Mrs. Maude Pointer was a dinner
guest of her daughter Harriet and
Florence Bergstrom in Heppner on
Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Allyn and
Maxine of lone were dinner guests
of Mr. and Mrs. George Allyn Sat
urday evening.
Gerald Acklen took the Boy Scout
troop on an outdoor trip Sunday
afternoon where they passed some
of their cooking tests.
Dorothv Peck returned home Fri-
. dav from Portland where she had
been a patient in the Doernbecker
The 43rd anniversary of the PTA
was observed in a fitting manner
by the local association last Wed
nesday evening. Following the bus
iness meeting a program bearing
on Founders Day was given, after
which refreshments were served
which included a large birthday
Mr. and Mrs. George Peck had
as dinner guests Wednesday evening
Mr. and Mrs. James Leach, Mr. and
Mrs. Moffatt Dennis, Mr. and Mrs.
Callie Duncan, and Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Dinges.
John Padberg is in a Portland
hospital and Mrs. Padberg is stay
ing in Portland.
Donald Lee Hunt, infant son of
Mr. and Mrs. Art Hunt, has been
ill at his home this week.
Oris Padberg was painfully in
jured Thursday when he threw his
knee out of joint while jumping
from a load of hay.
A group of friends assembled for
a housewarming Friday evening at
the new home of Ralph Leach.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hanks were
in Heppner Tuesday morning taking
their son Larry who was recently
burned severely to a physician for
further treatment.
Georee Allyn was involved in a
minor accident when his car col
lided with a car from lone one day
this week.
Edna Munkers entertained a group
of friends at her home Sunday eve
ning. Games were played during
the evening and refreshments were
Mr. and Mrs. Bergstrom moved to
Heppner Sunday to make their
home. They were living on the
Reaney place below town.
Juice Consumption
Up 56 KWH in 1939
Average residential consumption
of electricity in the territory served
by Pacific Power and Light com
pany increased 56 kilowatt hours
during 1939 to a new high of 1606,
according to R. P. Kinne, agent for
the company.
This is one of the highest system
averages for any utility in the na
tion. Average annual residential
use of electricity for the rest of
the United States is 900 kilowatt
Average mice received by the
Pacific company per kilowatt hour
for residential service was 2.54 cents,
38 per cent less than the national
average price of 4.07 cents. '
Pacifio customers purchased ap
proximately $3,846,000 worth of elec
trical appliances during 1939, accord
ing to reports from dealers through
out the system, indicating the large
amount of equipment which must be
out to wor kto cause such on in
crease in residential use of electri
Included were 6055 refrigerators.
5707 washers, 1963 ranges, 1259 wa
ter heaters, 13,624 radios and 15,614
I. E. S. lamps.
Lex Graders Learn
Newspaper Routine
Pupils of the fourth, fifth and
sixth grades of Lexington grade
school paid the Gazette Times office
a visit Tuesday afternoon to see
how a country weekly newspaper is
made. Under the escort of Gerald
G. Acklen, fifth and sixth grade
teacher, the youngsters swarmed
over the GT office, manifesting a
keen interest in everything from
the editor's desk to the metal melt
ing pot.
Mailing plates were made up and
run through the mailing machine,
the intricacies of the Linotype were
explained in part, make-up and press
work, paper cutter, wire stitcher
and other machines common to the
printer were demonstrated for the
benefit of the visitors, all of whom
wprp hnsv taking notes and asking
i. XTTI -11
questions, wnen au were sure
could edit and print a newspaper
each was given a linotype slug with
his or her name and a pad and re
turned to Lexington to resume class
room work.
In the party were Charles Bu
chanan, Billy Scott, Vernon Pad
berg, Audrey Majeski, Alice Marsh
all, Marcille Pieper, Gerry Cutler,
Carolyn Bauman, Eugene Marshall,
Buddy Peck, Archie Padberg, Roger
Campbell, Kenneth Way, Robert
Buchanan, Marvin Way, Gene Cuts
forth, Wesley Fleenor, Dorothy
Cutsforth,' Roberta Miller, Lorine
Van Winkle, Demoine Hanks and
Lavonne McMillan. The children
were brought to Heppner by Mr.
Acklen, Ladd Sherman, principal,
and Adolph Majeski.
Dr. J. P. Stewart, Eye-Sight Spe
cialist of Pendleton will be at the
Merle Baker, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Baker of Eight Mile, recently
em oiled in the Anderson Airplane
school in Los Angeles.
D toning i5 5o simple and
fia5t with a new
OR? 12
Sit down and iron com
fortably and quickly with
a Thor Electric Ironer.
Control the machine with
finger, knee, foot which
ever is convenient. Huge
ironing roll is open at end
for easy ironing. Even a
child can turn out beauti
fully finished work with a
Thor. A real buy at this
low price.
Buy en Convenient Terms
Pacific Power & Light Company
Always at Your Service
...when you own an
all-electric home laundry
operated with
low-cost electricity!
O Extra hours of freedom are yours when
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New Electric Washers
Do you have trouble with torn fabrics
or clothes that are hard to clean?
Then you need a new electric washer.
Gentle "swlshing"action reduces wash
wear. Beautiful 1940 models wash four
times as fast as many older washers.
Electric Ironers
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trie ironer. All you do is arrange you
clothes on the machine. Your ironed
does all the lifting and pushing yod
did with a hand iron. j.h finiikM
work is so nice I. A
Electric Water Heater
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you don't get free hot water from
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