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    Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Thursday, August 17, 1939
Round-Up Ruler in
"Asleep on the Seat" is all too fre
quently the theme song of Oregon
drivers, warns Earl Snell, secretary
of state. During the first six months
of 1939 there were 118 drivers in
volved in accidents in which falling
asleep at the wheel was a contrib
uting factor. In an unusual case, the
trailer steersman on a load of 80
foot piling fell asleep and was killed
when his end of the load went into
a ditch.
Caravans Set
For Rodeo Visits
Page Two
SPECIAL Dance Thursday, the
first night of Rodeo, will be gen
eral admission and all novelty
singing and special orchestral num
bers will be given. Dances Friday
and Saturday night are jitney.
Vivian Lewis and her peppy all
girl orchestra, signed to play for all
Buckers, Racers Ar
rive; Fine Watch
Guarantees Timing
By paul Mccarty
John Day is sending a delegation
of people over to the Rodeo, Friday,
August 25, that will remain until the
conclusion of the show. This Grant
county group will be among the
largest single groups in Heppner
for the Rodeo. Another caravan is
coming from Arlington that will be
headed by Dave Lemon and Sam
Burnett. These two Arlington men
expect to bring as their guest, Earl
Snell, secretary of state, whose for
mer home was Arlington.
Heppner's huge wild west parade
on the final Rodeo day, August 26,
will include Queen Barbara Kirk
patrick of the Pendleton Round-Up
and her attendants. Local interest
in the Pendleton group centers
around Maxine McCurdy, Heppner
graduate who is an attendant to
Queen Barbara.
The Depew-Warren bucking string
has arrived and the Brahma steers
are expected Saturday. The Frank
Swaggart racing string is also here,
as well as other contesting horses.
Local residents who have rooms
to rent for housing accommodations
during Rodeo are asked to turn in
their names at Hotel Heppner.
Timer of all racing and roping Rodeo dances at the fair nalivion,
events will be John Carter of Long have traveled many thousand miles
Creek who will use a $250 stop- and climbed far up the ladder of
watch given him by Henry Trow- fame since their popular appearance
bridge, first person to bring race last year as official Rodeo orchestra
norses into urant county. Mr. Uarter The Lewis musical organization
turned down an offer of ?500 for returned a short time ago from a
tne watch, whose accuracy is so 10-month tour of the Hawaiian Is
, great that no question can be right- lands. People of Honolulu and the
fully made regarding inaccurate tim- rest of the Islands, after 10 months
tag. fauch an expensive and accurate of Vivian Lewis and her girl band,
watch is being used because of the liked the young Portland musicians
constant controversies caused by so much that, at a farewell dinner
supposedly cheap watches. given for them recently, the man
lom Williams, long a favorite with responsible for their triumphant tour
itoaeo lans and practically a fixed announced they would get first
character as race starter, will this choice when demand arose for an-
year retire from the position he other girls' band for island enter
has tor years held with the Rodeo, tainment.
lom has been with the Heppner Eight girls left Portland last fall
show in his position as starter for for Hawaii. One girl returned at
many Rodeos but now he is coming Christmas and the others stayed the
to Heppner on a dillerent mission, full 10 months, except Ruth Larson
tie is retiring as starter and at the Cutler, who married A. N. Cutler in
opening day show will turn the the islands, returned in June on a
starting flag over to the person honeymoon to her Vancouver. Wn..
l . i ...... ' '
wnom tne Koaeo association selects home
to replace him. Rodeo patrons have The girls played three months in
seen the last of him as a race start- various Honolulu night spots and
er, but despite his 78 years, Tom will also played some time in Hilo,
continue his yearly visit to the Ro- where they were designated as the
deo as probably the best known of official Elks' band. They appeared
Rodeo characters. in virtually every available place
- The grounds and arena are in top in the islands except that devoted
shape, according to Lou Bisbee and to a leper colony, barred to all vis-
Lee Beckner, Rodeo association itors,
members. Both men have charge of In the islands the girls were show
the arena and have been trucking ered with honors, including leis of
hay to the grounds at night, after gardenias which, Vivian remarked,
putting in a full day's work at their would have cost from $250 to $300
regular jobs. at Portland prices.
Another Rodeo feature that has This orchestra also played for the
become permanent is the Browning big Ice Follies and girl revue. Some
Amusement company of Salem. On of the performers in the Ice Follies
hand for the sixth year to entertain are now showing at the New York
rodeo visitors with their carnival, world's fair. It was the first show of
concessions, and, sideshows, this its kind ever produced in the Ha
company is probably the cleanest,
most popular, and squarest-playing
of any of the shows on the circuit.
The Browning contingent played
the Veterans of Foreign Wars con
vention at Pendleton recently and
there received many compliments
for the fine fashion in which the
Browning brothers conducted their
show. Brownings, just finished play- j
ing the state Legion convention at
Salem, will play at Milton-Freewa-ter
the week prior to the local ro
deo and after their stand here will
return to Salem for the state fair.
...with a modern
electric range!
wanan islands. People could not
believe the ice was real and after
each show would form a line and
walk past the ice and feel it with
their hands, even put their feet on
it to make sure the ice was genuine.
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temperature control ends
oven watching and guesswork.
leaving your car parKea in a
roadway is iiKe wearing a sign
labeled Kick me. In both cases,
something is pretty certain to hap
pen and in the case of the car, it is
likely to be involved in an accident.
There were 549 cars thus involved
in accidents during the first six
(333 CTBfogP 6CG) GT&Vfifiin
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months of 1939.