Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, June 22, 1939, Page Page Five, Image 5

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    Thursday, June 22, 1939
Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Page Five
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Crawford
and sons, John, Hugh and Calvin,
returned Monday afternoon from a
vacation trip to California. Three
pleasant weeks were spent in the
San Francisco bay area where they
visited Mrs. Crawford's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. H. C. Githens, and other
relatives, and took in the Treasure
Island exposition. It was their priv
ilege to see the "Swing" Mikado, a
modernized version of the celebrat
ed Gilbert and Sullivan comic op
era as interpreted by a cast of col
ored players. Upwards of 125 peo
ple were in the production, which
the Heppner folks contend was one
of the great attractions at the fair
the past week.
Postmaster Chas. B. Cox and L.
E. . Bisbee returned Tuesday eve
ning from Ashland where Cox at
tended the Oregon state postmas
ters' convention and Bisbee enjoyed
the Ashland climate. The return
trip was made via Diamond lake
where the Heppner men had some
good luck angling. They report the
weather rather cold at Diamond
but weather is no deterrent to ar
dent fishermen if the fish are hun
gry. Both men report a good time in
the southern Oregon city, which
they claim is genuinely hospitable.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Dix returned
Tuesday from a ten-day trip to San
Francisco where they visited the
fair. They report the big show up to
their expectations and well worth
a trip from any distance to see. They
were accompanied home by Mrs.
Lutie Dinsmoor, long-time resident
of Heppner, who will spend some
time here visiting Mr. and Mrs. L.
E. Bisbee and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Crawford and
son Jim, Mrs. Truman Babb and
Louise Anderson left Sunday morn
ing for Los Angeles on a 10-day
trip. Returning they will be accom
panied by Norton King, who went
on to Los Angeles from San Fran
cisco following an engagement at
the exposition with the Oregon State
college band for a visit at the home
of his brother, Martin King.
Mrs. Lucy Rodgers left Wednes
day afternoon for Forest Grove to
attend the conference of the Meth
odist church. From Forest Grove
she will go to Salem to attend the
annual meeting of the county su
perintendents of the state. She may
go on to San Francisco to see the
fair before returning to Heppner.
The Season's '
Now Feature
Our Menus
New Fountain
Larger Lunch
New Booths
Contributions taken for
and official receipt given
ED CinNN, Prop.
Mr." and Mrs. R. B. Ferguson and
Marylou, Mrs. Leonard R. Schwarz
and Jo Anne Crawford drove to Jo
seph Saturday afternoon to get Kay
Ferguson, who spent two weeks at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Everett
Hayes. The party experienced rain
on most of the trip and found crops
looking fine in the territory covered.
Dr. and Mrs. E. A. Vaughn, Mrs.
Bertha Richardson and Miss La
velle Florence of Portland are guests
this week of Mrs. Vaughn's and Mrs.
Richardson's brother, L. L. Matlock.
The visitors arrived Monday and
were accompanied to Heppner by
Mrs. Josephine Jones who had been
visiting in Portland.
Mrs. Wm. Greener of Hardman
and her mother, Mrs. A. Hector of
Ritter returned Friday from an ex
tended visit in California. They spent
five weeks in the southern state,
taking in not only the world fair at
San Francisco but many other points
of interest in the Golden Bear state
as well.
E. D. Hallock, former Heppner
banker and now a resident of Red
mond, paid Heppner a brief visit
Tuesday afternoon. Hallock, who is
Redmond district manager for the
Production Credit, corporation, was
returning from a trip to Kennewick
where he left his family, and to Spo
kane, where he transacted business.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Schiewe of
Molalla were guests from Thurs
day to Monday of Mrs. Schiewe's
brother, M. E. Cumming. Mrs. Schie
we was a member of the class of
1920 of Lexington high school and
this was her first visit to the county
since her graduation.
Jo Anne Crawford returned to
Portland Wednesday morning after
a visit of two weeks with Heppner
relatives. She accompanied Mr. and
Mrs. C. W. Barlow, who were leav
ing on a vacation trip.
John Parker, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank S. Parker, is recovering from
a major operation which he under
went in Portland Wednesday, June
14. He expects to spend some time
at the Parker ranch recuperating as
soon as he is able to stand the trip
Business callers in Heppner Tues
day morning were Mr. and Mrs. J.
0. Kincaid of lone. Mr. Kincaid was
reelected clerk of School District No.
14 at the election Monday and was
making his report s.U the office of
the county superintendent.
Mrs. Ora R. Bleakman of Milady's
Dress Shop is spending a few days
in Monument and Long Creek where
she is showing lines of women's
clothing. She left for Long Creek
yesterday and will return here from
Monument Tuesday.
TVyft qi"1 TWVe riarwtta TVToTli l f f oo
week after spending the past winter
and spring in Portland. They will
rpmain Viprp indpfinitelv while look-
i -
ing for a permanent location.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Clark have
been enjoying a visit from their
daughter, Mrs. Frank Riggs, and her
son . Clark. They came from their
home at Cottage Grove last week
for a stay of several days.
F. F. Wehmeyer and Ed Parker of
the local forest office are attending
a fire school at Toll Gate this week.
Toll Gate is located on top of the
Blue mountains between Weston
and Elgin.
over the
4th of July
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fares for an economical,
safe, comfortable "over-the-4th"
vacation trip.
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OREGON (on Union Pacific,
Huntington West), Washington
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tain points in British Columbia.
July 1st to 4th inclusive
Return by Midnight July Bth
Half Fare for Children of
five and under 12
For further details, coll on
Local Agent
Phone 132
Among visitors at the big exposi
tion on Treasure Island this week
are Mr. and Mrs. H. T. O'Donnell
and family of Heppner. They left the
latter part of the week for the Bay
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Barlow and
daughter Lucille left Wednesday for
Portland and other western Oregon
points on a vacation trip which will
keep them away for a week or ten
Mr. and Mrs. Cornett Green spent
the past week end at Suttle lake. The
weather was a little damp but they
encountered no snow. They went
Friday and returned Sunday.
Harold Scritsmier, one of the op
erators of the Scritsmier mill at the
old Hamilton ranch on Rhea creek,
left Sunday for Portland on matters
of business.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Becket and
daughters, Florence and Mrs. John
ny Hanna, visited relatives in Fos
sil Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Palmateer and
family of Morgan were transacting
business in the county seat Wednes
day. .
Dr. Alfred E. Jones, sight spec
ialist of Boise, Idaho, was at the
Heppner hotel last Friday. The doc
tor uses the new Bosch & Lomb Ferris-Rand
projector, similar to a
movie projector, to throw different
letters, colors and designs on a
screen. This makes for more thor
ough examination. Watch this paper
for next visit. Adv.
ueen's Wool Cloth
fures Women
Oregon State College A piece of
wool dress material, almost as sheer
and soft as silk, had women of the
Oregon State grange convention
"oh'ing and ah'ing" as they crowded
around to feel as well as see. The
piece of fabric was a yard from the
bolt of cloth used in making the
gown presented to Queen Elizabeth,
of England and worn by her when
she arrived in Washington, D. C.
The dress was a gift from the wool
growers of the United States. The
sample was shown here by R. A.
Ward, manager of the Pacific Wool
Growers' cooperative.
An examiner of operators and
chauffeurs will be in Heppner Mon
day, June 26, at the city hall be
tween the hours of 10 a. m. and 3
p. m., according to an announcement
from the secretary of state's office.
All those wishing permits or licenses
to drive cars are asked to get in
touch with the examiner during these
Henry Tetz and family of Adams
are visitors in Heppner today. Mr.
Tetz, former Heppner teacher and
for the last three years at Adams,
was recently elected principal of the
Grants Pass high school and with
his family will take up residence
there soon.
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