Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, April 27, 1939, Page Page Five, Image 5

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    Thursday, April 27, 1939
Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Page Five
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vanderpool
of Ardenvoir, Wash., and Mrs. Rob
ert Vehrens of Kellogg, Idaho, were
overnight guests last night at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Cum
mings. Mrs. Vanderpool and Mrs.
Vehrens are sisters of Mr. Cum
mings. Mrs. Cmmings accompanied
them home this morning to spend a
month's visit.
Mrs. A. D. McMurdo left this
morning for Pendleton where she
expected to join her sister, Mrs. M.
A. Leach, on a trip to the east coast.
They expected to visit Mrs. Leach's
daughter, Mrs. Richard Stockman,
in New York, and Mrs. McMurdo's
son, Ted, at University of Virginia
on a month's trip.
A new Soil Conservation service
demonstration project is being es
tablished at Monument. Woodrow
Morris, former agronomist at the lo
cal camp, and Robert Weir, with the
new project, were visiting in the
city Saturday.
Gerald Slocum was in town Mon
day from the ranch near Ritter. He
announced that he recently acquired
a place near Wallowa and expected
that he and Mrs. Slocm would move
there in the near future. He was on
a deal to dispose of the Ritter ranch.
Roy Robinson, breeder of fine
Hereford white faced cattle, was in
town Monday from the Hardman
ranch. He reported rain and snow
in the lower mountain region Sun
day night, bringing a welcome sup
ply of moisture.
John Farley motored over from
John Day Sunday and was accom
panied home by Mrs. Farley who
had spent two weeks here visiting
at the home of Mr. Farley's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. James Farley.
Eddie Walker was reported ill at
home last night suffering an attack
of tonsilitis. He is the son of Mr.
and Mrs. E. T. Walker, Mr. Walker
being service man at the Ford ga
rage. R. W. Turner, who has been crit
ically ill for some time, is reported
to be making good improvement. He
was able to sit up in the sunshine
for a while yesterday.
Scott Brown was a business visit
or in the city yesterday from Con
don, reporting the terrain just as
muddy in his section as it is in Mor
row conty.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
Stone of upper Willow creek at the
maternity home of Mrs. Corda Sa
ling in this city Friday, a 6V2 pound
Mrs. William S. Bennett returned
home Saturday from a week's visit
to Wenatchee and Seattle where she
visited with her sister and family.
Millard Rodman, district SCS su
perisor, was a business visitor in the
city the end of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. James Valentine left
Saturday for Portland, where Mrs.
Valentine went to undergo special
ized surgical treatment.
Dr. J. P. Stewart, Eye-Sight Spec
ialist of Pendleton, will be at the
DAY, May 3rd.
W. H. French was in town yester
day from the Blue Mountain farm
south of Hardman.
Woman wants work. Town or
farm. Mrs. Gallagher, city.
Former Heppner Boy
Honored by Company
Signal recognition is being given
a former Heppner boy by a group
of insurance companies with which
he will have served 15 years on May
1. The man in question is Cres Mad
dock who received his elementary
and high school education in Hepp
ner, and who for the last 15 years
has been connected with Loyalty
Group at Portland, at present being
agency organizer.
In honor of Cres, jointly with Ed
gar Stevens, district manager, who
also will have completed 15 years of
service on May 1, the "group" com
panies have asked their agents to
write complimentary policies. F. W.
Turner and company, local agents,
are participating in the event on
special notice from Fred W. Sulli
van, vice president.
Get results with G. T. want ads.
O Ten Years Ago
(Gazette Times, May 2, 1929)
P. A. Mollahan weds Miss Elsie
Owens at rites here last Saturday
Farm organization representatives
meet at Pendleton to push fight for
lower freight rates on grain.
' Heppner-Spray road receives
$40,000 federal aid money.
Soden whifs 15 as Wasco wins
ball game from Heppner, 5-1.
Operetta, "Pickles," slated for
presentation by high school next
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Minor moved
to Hermiston Tuesday to locate.
Miss Marjorie Clark has alto lead
in Junior Vod-vil at U. of O.
Shearing is on at Krebs Bros, and
Hynd Bros, ranches at Cecil. Frank
Turner crew shearing at Krebses.
Scouts from Pendleton and Her
miston join local troop in hike to
Phelps Funeral Home
Ambulance Service
Trained Lady Assistant
We will operate on a cash-and-carry
plan, giving our customers benefit of
lower cash prices.
We invite you to visit our store.
ELMER HUNT, Proprietor.
41. Is it proper for organizations
like the Odd Fellows, the Masons,
and Knights of Columbus, to dec
orate with Flags the graves of their
dead on Memorial Day ?
42. Is it proper to place the Bible
on the Flag?
43. What is the proper way to
carry a Flag in front of the body?
44. Is it considered good form to
display the Flag of the United States
on an automobile while driving thru
a foreign country?
45. Desrcibe, briefly, how you
would make a Flag of the United
46. What is the proper thing to do,
if "The Star Spangled Banner" is
heard over the radio?
47. Is it proper to display the Flag
from buildings or from poles on the
sidewalk: (1) when a state, county,
or other fair is in progress? (2) In
case of a convention?
48. (a) Where is the original Flag
that flew over Fort McHenry and
inspired Francis Scott Key to write
"The Star Spangled Banner"? (b)
Where is the original Flag that was
christened "Old Glory" by Captain
49. When and how was June 14th
as Flag Day established, or rather
. 50. (a) What is the proper atti
tude for all Americans when the
Flag is being raised or lowered, or
when it is passing in a parade? (b)
What has been your observaton with
respect to this?
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Heppner F.F.A.
Takes Fistic Meet
Three decisions, one technical
knockout, and two draws proved
the Heppner F. F. A. chapter boxing
team the better in Saturday eve
ning's 6-bout card with the Arling
ton chapter. Winning meant revenge
for the Heppner boys who were
similarly trimmed in a smoker at
Arlington a week previously.
The first and fastest bout of the
evening was Hill of Heppner and
Arlington's Mancel Krebs. Hill took
the decision. Swick, Heppner. and
McKinney fought to a draw, a close,
hard fight all the way. Also a draw
was the Johnson, Arlington, and
Stone match- Heppner's Patton won
via a technical knockout over David
Childs. Williams outboxed Arling
ton's Kurtz for the decision in the
semi-final. The finals gave way to
Gilman of Heppner over La Mance,
a blow for blow match with Gilman
dealing the hardest.
Gilliam & Bisbee, Green's Hard
ware 'and J. Logie Richardson are
each donating a new .22 rifle to be
given youngsters in the annual crow
and magpie contest of Morrow Coun
ty Hunters and Anglers club.
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May 5th.
Heppner, Oregon