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    Page Six
Published by the Students of
Heppner High Schbol
Editor Omer McCaleb
Assistant Editor .... Betty Robinson
Student Opinion Thomas Gonty
Sports, Milton Morgan and Howard
Humor, Bill Barratt and Betty Hap
pold Gossip, Helen Egan and Sibyl Howell
Did You Know That? Andy David
son and Bob Scrivner
Heppner-Fossil Game, Leland Ed
mondson and Floyd Williams
Drama, John Crawford and Emery
Club Activities, Dick Wilkinson and
Bethal Blake
Assembly Don Frederickson
Ten Years Ago Marshall Fell
Ten Years From Now .... Art McAtee
Local Team Swamps Fossil
The Heppner Mustang football
team won a decisive victory over
Fossil at the Rodeo field last Fri
day afternoon and from all indica
tions will provide stiff competition
for a strong Joseph eleven here next
Friday (tomorrow).
Heppner received the ball on the
first kick-off, and by line plunges
and end runs scored the first touch
down, made by Gilman. In the sec
ond quarter two more touchdowns
were made by Hayes and Morgan,
running the score up to 20 to noth
ing at the half. In the third quarter,
Joe Aiken intercepted , a pass, ran
for 20 yards and was tackled on the
three-yard line. Aiken scored after
two plays. In the final quarter the
second team went in and ran the
ball up to the 1-yard line and there
lost it. In the final three minutes,
Coach Knox sent back the first
squad which after a few plays sent
Gilman over for the final touch
down, making the score at the end
of the game, 32-0. Only once did the
Fossil team advance beyond the mid
field stripe, and then only to the 40
yard mark.
On the line were Vance, R. E.;
McAtee, R. T.; Armstrong, R. G.;
Crawford, C; Patton, L. G.; Apple
gate, L. T., and Drake, L. E. In the
backfield were Coxen, Q.; Morgan,
L. H.; Gilman, R. H., and Hayes, F.
The substitutes for the line: Tam
blyn, Bogoger, Fay, Dick, Barratt,
Aiken. For the backfield: Bennett,
Merrill, Aiken and Bogoger.
Joseph Plays Here Friday
Friday, September 30, at 3 p. m.,
Heppner high school's football team
will meet Joseph in a game that
promises to be one of the best of
the season.
Although Joseph had a weak team
last year, it is reported to be among
the strongest now. The visitors' line
averages about 175 pounds to Hepp
neis 160 pounds, giving the Joseph
team a distinct weight advantage.
While Heppner was beating Fossil
32 to 0 last week, the Joseph team
was scoring a 36 to 0 victory over
Joseph traveling squad and prob
able line-up: L. Hamilton, L. E., 160;
F. Morgan, L. T., 155; M. Bennett,
L. G., 155; F. Reed, C, 150; E. Parish,
R. G., 160; D. Crawford, R. T., 160;
R. Graham, R. E., Capt, 165; M.
Hayes, L. H., 150; G. Barton, R. H.,
165; D. Reece, F. B., 175; S. McFet
ridge, Q. B., 160; M. Dawson, end,
A. Chandler, tackle, 155; F. HaU,
guard, 140; C. Hall, center, 165; L.
Hayden, guard, 135; J. Chandler,
back, 160; D. McKenzie. back, 120;
S. Barton, tackle, 155.
Club Activities
The H club is planning to meet
and elect a president before getting
its activities under way. One possi
ble activity is an H club dance.
Last week most of the Girls'
League members bought themselves
scarfs. They will hold their next
meeting Friday.
The Benzine Ring will meet soon
to elect officers and plan initiation.
The band will organize a new pep
band in the near future.
School Hears Able Speaker
The students of Heppner high
school had the honor and pleasure
Monday afternoon of hearing Mr.
Kerrick from the secretary of state's
office speak on safe driving. Mr.
Kerrick made a very interesting talk,
bringing out many points and facts
of interest to any person who has
driven a car. Some safe driving
slides were shown, which empha
sized the many points brought out
in the lecture.
At the conclusion of the lecture
many of the school's fastest drivers
were seen with very serious looks
on their faces.
Here and There
It seems that all of the band boys
at John Day had a grand time and
talk only of blonds. Joe decided he
found his heart throb. My! My! Mil
ton where did you lose your voice?
It seems Armstrong was in the
ditch; at least his car was. Don't
give up, Margaret, and fight hard,
Carolyn now let's see who's going
to get Applegate. Dubby is com
plaining; his girl friend happened
to live only two blocks from the
school at John Day. Too bad, Dub
by! It seems that Richard drank an
awful lot of water when he saw a
certain girl waiting table. Connie and
Don Evans are really that way about
each other. Floyd Williams will fur
nish a girl friend to anyone who will
take him to Pendleton. By the way,
Jack and Donnie, tell us how to
make money as you did at John Day.
Successful Study Habits
Everyone, at some time or other,
has heard about the ten command
ments, but very few have thought
of them as a code for successful
study. The ten commandments that
have been handed to us to improve
our school study are as follows:
1. Study with a system.
2. Get on your marks, get set, and
go speedily.
3. Work hard and intensely.
4. Make your daily assignments
part of a connected whole.
5. Do your own work.
6. Use your extra time for quick
mental reviews.
7. Know your textbook.
8. Recite outside of class, as well
as in.
9. Keep a systematic notebook.
10. Never stop learning.
If every one of these ten com
mandments were put into daily
practice, as our means of study, the
outcome would be sure to prove
successful, especially when one gets
into college or into his first job, be
cause he will find good work habits
are the most useful traits he ever
learned in school.
Did You Know That
Cocoanut fibers were the first fil
aments in incandescent light globes?
In the manufacture of a car, steel,
iron, glass, rubber, lead, tin, zinc,
mohair, nickle, lumber, aluminum,
cotton, leather, copper and many
more, are required?
Behind every worker in manufac
turing there is an average invest
ment of $7,600?
One out of three working hours
has become leisure time since 1890?
Of the one hundred and twenty
seven students of Heppner high
school, there are thirty-one more
boys than girls?
Student Opinion on Suspenders
Bob Scrivner They look snappy.
John Crawford O. K., until some
one snaps them.
Art McAtee Fine without a shirt.
Bethal Blake More attractive
than belts.
Emery Coxen It's hard to keep
the shirt tail in.
Sibyl Howell They're all right as
long as they serve the purpose.
Sixth Grade News
The room has elected officers for
the coming two weeks. They are as
follows: President, Marylou Fergu
son; vice-president, Mary Davidson;
secretary, Jean Turner; treasurer
Betty Marie Coxen.
Those who brought flowers to the
room during the last week are Al
fred Rugg and Lerra Ewing.
Miss Forsythe brought from Port
land a cactus for the room.
Kahryn Howell brought a brown
bachelor spider to' school Friday
morning. The class named it Anna
bella. There are three new students in
the sixth grade, Rose Bethke, Mary
Davidson and Leland Feisterman.
Submitted by reporter, Betty Ma
rie Coxen.
Gazette Times, Heppner,
In last week's game Heppner Hi
gave the public a glimpse of what it
had in the way of a football team
and what it could do.
The remark was made that the
boys played in mid-season form and
like they really meant it. Heppner
started to move with the kick-off
and didn't stop until the final whis
tle. When that whistle did sound
it left Heppner deep in Fossil ter
ritory with the ball and a score of
32 to 0 for the Mustangs. This next
week the boys meet a team from
Joseph. Up to date there has been
little news as to what kind of a team
Joseph has. Last year the game be
tween Joseph and Hermiston was
forfeited to the latter due to lack of
reserves. This year it is rumored that
their line averages 175 lbs. They
won from Richland, 36 to 0. So one
shouldn't get the idea that this team
is a set-up. It will be a football
game all the way through, but I
might venture a prediction of a score
of 12 to 7 for Heppner.
Bowman is out of the Arlington
line-up with an appendicitis opera
tion. Coach Vince Barrett states
that he has a much lighter line-up.
One shouldn't worry for Arlington
has a way of pulling out of tight
spots like this.
It seems that a prediction in this
column or rather a statement went
far wrong as to Pilot Rock being
the strong team in the Umatilla six
man league. Adams who has figured
to have small chances was the team
who stood on the top after the games
were over at Athena last Friday. It
appears that they have filled the
holes left by graduation from last
Here and Yon
This year the injuries have been
comparatively few in high school
competition. Some are humorous al
though serious.
Dick Yantis is out of the Mac-Hi
line-up, maybe for good; because
some enthused spectator tackled
him after he had crossed the goal
line for another score over Enter
prise. This is a serious loss as far as
Mac-Hi is concerned because this
little boy was carrying the ball for
an average' of 10.7 yards a try, and
a total for this year of 198 yards.
A Grant Union boy had retired
from practice and was looking on
when a player charged into him,
fracturing his leg below the knee.
Their newspaper editor can sympa
thize with him for he had his leg
broken in the same manner when
watching a football game as an in
nocent bystander.
A few changes in the rules this
year may be of interest to some of
the spectators. It is illegal to use
one's hands upon an opponent's
head. The purpose of this is to elim
inate injuries. A free kick out of
bounds will be brought in on the
35-yard line if there are no penalties.
A fumble may be advanced only by
the offensive team. It isn't good
sportsmanship to change snap sig
nals during the game. The offense
must remain stationary for one sec
ond after the shift. An incomplete
pass behind the offensive goal line
is not a touchback until the fourth
The boys called off the House ol
David act immediately after the foot
ball game. The agreement was not
to shave, until a game was officially
For the benefit of those who have
n't heard of Vernon Knowles and
Fred Hoskins recently, they are can
didates for , the E. O. N. football
Five Years Ago This Week
Heppner high school's football
squad was for the first time to play
two games in one day. Heppner
played both the Lexington and Echo
teams on the home field. The scores
were Heppner 13, Echo 0; Heppner
16, Lexington 0.
The f rosh humbled the sophomores
by winning the class rush from
Ten Years From Now
Heppner will have one street car.
The swimming tank will be com
pleted. The gymnasium will be paid for.
There will be two yellow lines on
Main street.
The football team will have lost
its first game in years.
Facts About Our School
Have you students ever wondered
about the busts of George Washing
ton and Abraham Lincoln which
stand in our assembly hall? In 1917,
the Philomathian and Ciceronian
literary societies of Heppner high
school purchased these with the
proceeds of two patriotic programs.
Mr. Peavy: "Anna Marie, what is
the definition of the word spine?"
Anna Marie Johnston: "A spine is
a long limber bone. Your head rests
on one end and you sit on the oth
er." The philosopher calmly defined
the exact difference between life
and love: "Life is just one fool thing
after another; love is just two fool
things after each other."
Love is blind, but marriage is an
Mr. Knox to Helen in Lab.: "Hel
en, I wish you wouldn't whistle at
your work.''
Helen: "I wasn't working; only
Miss Nordstrom: "In which of his
battles was King Gustavus Adolphus
of Sweden slain, Jack?''
Jack Vaughn: "I can't say for
sure, but I think it was his last one."
Harry O'Donnell (becoming in
dignant at the slow pace of the
Heppner Limited): "Say, conductor,
is this as fast as you can go?"
Conductor: "No, but I have to stay
on board.''
For sale: 1910 Model T Ford in
first crash condition. See Harry
A lecture is the process by which
the notes of the professor become
the notes of the student, without
passing through the minds of either.
Advice to Carolyn Vaughn: Any
girl can handle the beast in a cer
tain football player if she's cagey'
Advice to ???? Some men would
be more spic if they didn't have so
much span.
Charles Hynd and son Ewing of
Ukiah were visitors here yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ewing Hynd, nee Beu
lah Eskelson, report the arrival of
a son born at St. Anthony's hospital
last week end.
ATwater 4884
5th at Washington
A. D. MeMurdo, M. D.
Trained Nana Assistant
Office in Masonio Building
Heppner, Oregon
Morrow County
Abstract & Title Co.
Office in New Peters Building
F. W. Turner & Co.
Old Line Companies Beal Estate
Heppner, Oregon
Jos. J. Nys
Peters Building, Willow Street
Heppner, Oregon
Laurence Case
"Just the service wanted
when you want it most"
Thursday, Sept 29, 1938
J. 0. Turner
Phone 173
Hotel Heppner Building
Dr. Raymond Rice
First National Bank Building
Office Phone 523 House Phone 823
Abstract Co.
Roberts Building Heppner, Or.
P. W. Mahoney
Heppner Hotel Building
Willow St Entrance
J. 0. Peterson
Latest Jewelry and Gift Oia
Watches . Clocks - Diamonds
Expert Watch and Jewelry
Heppner, Oregon
Vawter Parker
First National Bank Building
Dr. Richard C. Lawrence
Modern equipment including X-ray
for dental diagnosis
Extraction by gas anesthetic
First National Bank Building
Phone 562 Heppner, Ore.
Dr. L. D. Tibbies
Physician & Surgeon
Rec. Phone 1162 Office Phone 492
W. M. Eubanks
on Heppner Branch
V. R. ftunnion
Farm Sales and Livestock a Specialty
405 Jones Street, Heppner, Ore.
Phone 462
Frank C. Alfred
Telephone 442
Rooms 8-4
First National Bank Building
Peterson & Peterson
U. S. National Bank Building
Practice in State and Federal Courts
Real Estate '
General Line of Insurance and
Notary Public
Phone 62 lone, Ore,
your new or old wheat, see
for grain stored In Heppner and
at lone for rest of Branch
Representing Balfour, Guthrie & Co.