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    Page Eight
Heppner Gazette Times, Heppner, Oregon
Thursday, August 4, 1938
Four Adventuresses
See Canadian Wilds
On Three-Week Trip
Photographer and
Accountant Report
Experiences to Lions
. Miss Rose Leibbrand, protograph
er, and Mrs. Lucy E. Rodgers, ac
countant for a vacation party that
included Miss Leta Humphreys and
Mrs. Agnes Wilcox, reported their
angles of a three-week trip through
the Canadian Rockies before the
Monday Lions luncheon. Most dis
concerting experience was a mos
quito raid at Bonners Ferry, Idaho,
going. Among most pleasurable in
cidents were an evening launch ride
on Lake Louise, and tea at the fa
mous lake hotel, though a night at
Timberline lodge on Mt. Hood on the
return was just about equal in nicety
to anything experienced on the en
tire trip.
Miss Leibbrand told of "shooting"
moose in the Canadian park, taking
shots at Hazelton farthest point
north touched and the present nor
thern end of Three Flags highway
in a heavy downpour, and again
photographing clear views in the
dense forest fire smoke encountered
on the Olympic peninsula. They
were completely equipped, photo
graphically, for shooting anything,
said Miss Leibbrand, and the rain
feat was accomplished by means of
periscope finder and protection of
an umbrella. The smoke pictures
were made with filter and infra-red
The ladies stopped at auto camps,
travelling in Miss Humphreys' car,
,and pooled expenses. The money
was put in Mrs. Rodger's hands as
cashier. Final tabulation after ar
rival home showed that 3518 miles
had been travelled at a total cost
for car operation of $138.60, or $34.67
each. The largest amount paid for
a cabin was at Banff, where luxur
ious accommodations were obtained
at $5 for one night.
Among points of interest stressed
was Fort St. James, original capital
of Canada, where the large rambling
hotel was equipped with fireplace
faced in ore, reduction of which
would yield $1000 in gold, it was
Most of the Canadian road thru
the mountains was washboardy ma
cadam. Generator trouble at inter
vals caused some grief, and a few
storms were gone through that made
prospects dark at times. So virgin
was most of the country visited that
Miss Leibbrand said she felt that
Roy Chapman Andrews had nothing
on them when it came to explor
ation. An oddity of the trip was the pur
chase of a small original Indian to
tem pole by Miss Humphreys at
Hazelton. Bargaining for it, as real
Indian totem poles were not easily
had, she purchased it for $2. She
then expressed it home. On her
return she found that it was still
lying at the border awaiting pay
ment of $1.60 duty.
Miss Humphreys is slated to ap
pear before the club next Monday
to exhibit pictures which had not
been printed when Miss Leibbrand
spoke last Monday.
Guests for the day included Mrs.
F. W. Turner and Mrs. D. M. Ward.
Frank C. Alfred was introduced as
a new member.
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few years to bring the dairy under
first class rating by the state milk
control act. Included were expen
sive pasteurizing and cooling equip
ment and laying of concrete floor in
the barn. It appeared possible that
the concrete floor and concrete
foundations might be reclaimable.
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coach at Pacific university, hit
Heppner last Friday afternoon on a
scouting trip for football talent . . .
he was looking specifically for John
ny Hayes and La Verne Van Mar
ter, guard and halfback respective
ly on last fall's Mustang eleven.
Folgate, a basketball referee of note,
is of the opinion that the Oregon
Oregon State series is the toughest
working of any in the northern di
vision. Strange as it may seem, this little
ditty is intended to be humorous not
sarcastic . . . Henry Aiken, Lee
Beckner and Harlan McCurdy, the
boys who control the say-so in all
Rodeo affairs, have ordered new sad
dles from Gene Noble . . . using the
Noble production while astride
rambulating, four-footed Strawberry
Roans, this trio of gentlemen, ac
cording to secret dispatches, are said
to be physically able of sitting in a
saddle only once a year, that during
Rodeo . . . that's why Aiken, Beck
ner and McCurdy are called the
"three-day cowboys." Yipee!
Political items . . . The state con
vention of Oregon Republican club
will be held at Salem, Sept. 16-17-18
... all G. O. P.'s are strongly invited.
Since no party members from the
22nd district were nominated in the
primaries as candidates for the house
of representatives in the state legis
lature, the Democrats are planning
to put a couple of names on the bal
lot this November . . . the would-be
state congressmen, according to Han
son Hughes, wiil probably be select
ed from Morrow or Sherman coun
ties. Those on the inside seem to think
that the unannounced queen can
didate from Lena will be the girl
who went to school in Heppner
three years, stayed out one, then
finished this spring at Lexington.
Town talk ... A few counterfeit
dollars have been floating around
town the last few days, so keep your
eyes open; your riches may be la
den with illegal money. If the re
maining grange dances are as good
as the one at Rhea creek last week,
then it's a well-known fact that the
Saturday night fun-seekers are in
for some glee at Lena and lone. A
check-up will probably be made in
the near future on autos with in
adequate lighting facilities, namely,
those with only one light
Notice . . . Watch for the girls with
the ruffled skirts, bustles, and close
ly allied fittings!!!
Lex Postoffice
Being Improved
Some changes are being made to
improve the local postoffice. The in
surance and notary office is being
built in the front end of the build
ing and the show cases are being
more attractively arranged.
Vernon Warner who spent the last
three weeks at the home of his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Warner, de
parted Monday for Corvallis where
he will visit at the home of his sis
ter and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Hayes, for several days
before going to San Francisco to
board the U. S. S. Idaho.
Alice Rothwell of Pendleton spent
Monday at the home of Betty Smeth
urst. Both girls planned to leave
Monday evening for the John Moore
home on Rhea creek where they will
stay for a week.
Mrs. George York and daughter
Jay spent Tuesday at the Vernon
Scott home.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Breshears
and daughters, Helen and Edwina,
spent Thursday in Pendleton. v
F. M. Gatter, special agent for the
Ed Brown & Sons Ins., Co., called
on Mrs. Breshears, the local agent,
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Beach and
daughter Kay and Laurel Beach and
Marvin Cox were visitors here last
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Slocum
and children, Barbara and Peter,
spent Sunday at the S. G. McMillan
Among those spending Sunday
in the mountains were Mr. and Mrs.
Carl Whillock and daughter, Carla,
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Steagall and
children, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Din
ges and daughter Ruth and grand
daughter Ruth Anne.
Mrs. Earl Eskelson is visiting at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cut
ler. Mrs. Eugene Wardwell and child
ren, Gloria, Janelle and Gene, were
visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Archie Padberg Monday. The Ward
wells live on Rhea creek.
Mrs. Lorraine Kramer and chil
dren, Dolores and Velita, were taken
to their home in Ritzville Saturday
by Mr. and Mrs. Vester Lane. Mrs.
At Heppner
Bible School 9 :45 a. m.
Morning Service 11:00 a. m.
C. E. Society 6:30 p. m.
Evening Services 7 :80 p. m.
Choir Practice, Wednesday 7:30 p. in.
Midweek Service, Thursday 7:80 p. m.
REV. R. C. YOUNG. Pastor
Sunday : Bible School ... 9 :45 A. M.
Worship Service 11 :00 A. M.
Epworth League 7:00 P. M.
Evening Worship , 8 :00 P. M.
Tuesday: Boys' Club 7:00 P. M.
2nd Tuesday, Missionary Meet
ing . 2 :80 P. M.
Wednesday: Choir Practice 7:80 P. M.
1st Wednsday, Ladies Aid Business
and Social Meeting 2:80 P. M.
All other Wednesdays Sewing Group
Thursday : Prayer Meeting 7 :80 P. M.
"K" and Elder Sts., Rev. E. D.
Greeley, pastor.
Sunday Services : Bible School - 9 :45 A. M.
Devotion 11:00 A. M.
Evangelistic Service 7:80 P. M.
Week Day Services:
Tuesday Evening, Bible Study 7 :45 P. M.
Thursday Evening, Christian Heal
ing - 7:46 P. M.
Each Morning, Prayer Service 6 :00 A. M.
Saturday Evening, Open Air Service,
Up Town .-- 7:80
Kramer and children had spent last
month at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Clair Daugherty.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wright and
Stanley Barkulow made a business
trip to . Portland this week. They
were accompanied by Billy Bur
chell of Corvallis who spent the
summer here with his grandmother,
Mrs. Tempa Johnson. Billy plans to
visit in Portland at the home of his
brother and sister-in-aw, Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Burchell, before re
turning to his home.
Mrs. Mose Duran spent Thursday
at the home of Mrs. Cecil Jones.
Mrs. Cliff Daugherty and chil
dren, Yvonne and Jerry, motored
to Blalock Sunday where they plan
to .visit at the home of Mrs. Daugh
erty's sister for two weeks. Yvonne
is to have her tonsils removed in The
Dalles hospital early this week.
Mr. and Mrs. James Leach and
Mr. Leach's sister Opal spent Sunday
swimming at Alderdale ferry.
Mrs. F. E. Parker and daughter
Marjorie of Heppner and Mrs. Julia
Cypert of Tacoma visited at the Bar
nett home Sunday.
Vacation Bible school, which will
I hereby announce myself as an
independent candidate for the office
of county assessor at the General
Election to be held Noember 8, 1938.
(Pd. Adv.)
Now feature
our menu
We serve meals
at all times
at the
last two weeks, was started Monday
morning at the Christian church and
is conducted by Mrs. James Pointer.
Pat McGee, who has been working
for Howard Lane, left for California
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Harrison and
and children, Carlyle, Lawrence and
Bobby, who spent last week at the
home of Mrs. Harrison's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Palmer, re
turned to their home in Cascade
Locks Monday.
Mrs. Millett arrived Monday eve
ning for a visit with her daughter,
Mrs. George Peck. Mrs. Millett has
been visiting in the east for some
Church services will be held in
the Christian church next Sunday
evening at 8:15. C. E. is to be held
at 7:15 with Edith Edwards as leader.
Relatives here have received word
that Cecil Espy, son-in-law of Mrs.
W. P. Mahoney, recently completed
examinations qualifying him for en
trance into the naval engineering
corps. Should Mr. Espy accept the
position, he would be stationed as a
staff officer at Bremerton, Wash.,
for the first two years. With Mrs.
Espy, nee Patricia Mahoney, he is
now located at Bonners Ferry, Ida
ho, on government flood control
work Mr. Espy is a graduate of both
University of Oregon and Oregon
State college and was among the
first ten passing the recent examin
ations. Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Wilson of
Huntington Beach, Cal., are visiting
relatives and old-time friends in the
county. They spent last week at the
mountain camp of Mr. and Mrs. Mar
tin Bauernfeind. On the way up they
came through southern Oregon just
as the coast fires were starting and
encountered heavy smoke. Having
farmed in the lone section for many
years before going to southern Cal
ifornia, they counted as friends many
former residents who are now gone,
and the absence of whom was noted.
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