Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, November 04, 1937, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Balsiger Store Sold
To Omar Rietmann
P. G. Balsiger has sold his store
and home to Omar Rietmann and is
moving to White Salmon, Wash.,
where he and Mrs. Balsiger will
make their home near his brothers.
Mr. Balsiger has been in business
here for many years. Both he and
Mrs. Balsiger have taken an active
interest in church work and Mr.
Balsiger has served as councilman
for several years and also as a mem
ber of the school board. It is with
sincere regret that the community
bids them goodbye their place here
will not soon be filled. On Tuesday
evening the entire community gath
ered in the parlor of the Congrega
tional church to bid them farewell.
A pot luck supper was served and
several present paid tribute to the
years of faithful service Mr. and
Mrs. Balsiger have given the com
munity. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Salter are vis
iting a son at Olympia, Wash. They
were accompanied on their trip by
their daughter, Mrs. Clarence Bid
die of Lexington. ,
Mrs. Henry Beers and daughter
Irma and Miss Beatrice Poly, all of
Estacada, have been recent guests
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. F.
Palmateer at their home near Mor
gan. Mrs. Beers is a sister of Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E Yarnell were
called to Bickelton, Wash., last week
by the death of a brother-in-law, C.
L. Crider. Mr. Crider passed away
following an operation at The Dalles
the first of last week
Ralph Harris came up from The
Dalles Sunday, remaining until
Wednesday. He reports Mrs. Harris
to be recovering very slowly from
her recent operation. Until the past
few days it had not been possible
for her to retain the food given her.
This condition has improved during
the past few days so that it is hoped
that she will make at more speedy
Mrs. Ida Peterson had as her
guests for the week end Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer Peterson of Portland. On
Sunday other members of her fam
ily enojyed dinner with her. Those
present were Mr. and Mrs. Victor
Peterson and children and Mr. and
Mrs. Ture Peterson of Heppner and
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peterson and
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dobyns and
families of lone.
Everyone is rejoicing over the good
rain which fell on Friday night and
Saturday. The weather observer at
Morgan reports .72 of an inch and
the Gooseberry station .7 of an inch.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bristow have
rented the Congregational parson
age and are moving into it this week.
A nice sum was realized by the
Past Noble Grand club from the
supper they gave at the I. O. O. F.
hall last Thursday evening.
r ' ' Joe Engelman returned Tuesday
from Portland where he has spent
the past two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bergevin de
parted Tuesday for Gibbon. While
Mr. Bergevin is on his farm there
Mrs. Bergevin will visit her daugh
ter, Betty, at Baker. They will be
away about three weeks. Mr. and
Mrs. Dorr Mason are staying at their
farm while they are away.
Visitations Feature
Week at Boardman
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Peck and
family spent the week end in Yaki
ma where they visited friends and
H. E. club was held at the home
of Mrs. Nathan Thorpe this week
with a large attendance. The women
H. A. Thomas spent Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday in Walla Walla
where he attended a conference for
Miss Barbara Narkoski returned
to La Grande Sunday after spend
ing the week end visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Narkoski.
Miss E. Tildon and J. Rothenber
ger spent the week end visiting par
ents and friends in Portland.
Tom Miller returned from Long
view, Wash., this week and is visit
ing at the A. R. Hug home.
Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Wilson of La
Grande visited on the project over
the week end.
Warren Dillon motored to Port
land with Mr. Shepherd of Portland.
Warren is going to consult a doctor
concerning his leg which was hurt
while he was working on the dredge.
Eldon Shannon of Lexington spent
the week end in Boardman visiting
relatives and friends.
Mrs. Bill Lily spent the past week
visiting relatives in Weiser, Idaho.
Mrs. Ida Harlow and Mrs. Elva
Roberts returned from Monument
Friday where they have been vis
iting. Mr. and Mrs. J. Comstock of Ba
ker visited at the Parson home this
Miss Virginia Compton spent the
week end visiting at the home of
Mrs. Gumpton in The Dalles.
H. B. Thomas took Mrs. A. Taylor
to Hermiston where she received
treatment for her wrist.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Harwood mo
tored to Hermiston Saturday on bus
iness. Miss Jean Bauer spent the week
end visiting in Echo.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Ingles of Forest
Grove and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Camp
bell of Lexington were on the pro
ject hunting Saturday. Mr. Ingles
will be remembered as our last year
Mike Healy and Mary Healy of
Portland visited their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Mike Healy, this week end.
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Root and Mrs.
Ed Barlow and daughter left for
Portland this week where they will
visit friends and relatives for a short
Lloyd Bell motored to Goldendale,
Wash., where he was married this
week end. They will live in a small
trailer house in the camp ground.
A dance was given in the grange
hall Saturday evening with a large
crowd. Those playing were Mrs.
Kobow, Ted Wilson and Nate Ma
comber. Miss Bertha Akers of lone spent
the week end visiting her sister,
Mrs. Russell Miller.
Otto Lubbes returned from Bon
anza where he has been employed
for the past few months.
Lester , Uthe and Mr. Peck were
business visitors in Pendleton Monday.
Give G. T. Want Ads a trial.
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Party, Play Enjoyed
By Hardman Folk
Saturday night the high school
gave a community party after the
grade school play. Twenty came in
costume and those not in costume
decided upon the prizes to be award
ed. First prize was given to Forrest
Adams, second to Vera McDaniel
and Mildred Clary and third to Ce
cil McDaniel and Junior Leathers.
Dancing, games and supper added to
the enjoyment of the evening.
The play, "Just a Little Mistake,"
was given by the upper grade room
under the direction of Miss Morton.
The cast was: Mrs. Ball, Vera Mc
Daniel; Elsie, Alice Inskeep; Roy
Nona Inskeep; Helen, OUie Hast
ings; cook, Herbert Schunk; Jerry,
Mildred Clary, and the announcer,
Albert Schunk. It was well prepared
and we all enjoyed it.
Oscel, Frances and Alene Inskeep
attended the show in Heppner Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Robinson re
turned Sunday for a trip to Medford.
Mrs. Herman Clemmer moved to
Heppner Sunday where she will live
for a month. She will move to Oral
Scott's ranch for the winter.
On Friday afternoon Miss Morton's
pupils had a party and spent the
time in games and stunts. Refresh
ments consisted of cider, cookies and
candy. Hallowe'en caps and party
favors made it a gay event.
Frances Inskeep and Opal Hast
ings, the, teachers of the Little Citi
zens' club, gave a Hallowe'en party
last Thursday for their pupils. Bas
kets of candy were passed out and
refreshments consisted of cake and
cocoa. There were ten present:
Joyce Buschke, Kenneth Schunk,
Jean Schunk, Yvonne Hastings, Syl
via Clemmer, Junior Leathers, Lily
Hastings, Harley Gallagher, Billy
Lee and Cecil McDaniel.
Mrs. Muriel . McCutcheon had a
party for her pupils on Friday af
ternoon. Refreshments were served.
Children as well as visitors par
ticipated in games. The mothers
present were Mrs. Max Buschke,
Mrs. Carey Hastings, Mrs. Albert
Schunk, Mrs. William Lee, Mrs. O.
Leathers and Mrs. Harlan Adams.
Christian Endeavor was led Sun
day night by Mrs. Muriel McCut
cheon. The topic for discussion was
"The Golden Rule."
Mrs. Beulah Bell and Mrs. Steagall
motored to Spray after attending
institute at The Dalles.
Mrs. Blaine Chapel visited Hard
man Thursday.
Both of the school boards are
meeting in special session on Satur
day, Nov. 6.
Tom Kurth returned from Port
land and after a brief visit here he
left for North Dakota on Monday
night. He expects to go into the
creamery business there.
Mr. and Mrs. Carey Hastings and
children drove to Pendleton Mon
day. They went to an occulist to
have glasses fitted for Yvonne.
Foxy Grandpa -
knows what's best for
his grandchild! '
1 . My lands, the way my Father
acts you'd think Baby was his
child, rather than his grand
child. He comes over every day
and watches me feed and bathe
little Tom. Frankly, he used to
get on my nerves.
2. Whatever Baby does is all
right with him. So if I scolded
littleTom, I got scolded. I flared
up one day and told him to go.
I just couldn't help it. I was so
tired, my head ached. I was
sorry afterwards, of course.
3. Fatherdidn'tcomebackuntil
the day after and he had a lady
with him. "Now what?" I
growled. "This is Miss Benson,
a home lighting advisor. We're
going to light condition this
house and don't you argue . . .
4. ... Poor light is making you
a nervous wreck. Good light
will help you. And it will pro
tect little Tom from possible
eyestrain. My grandchild won't
be an eye cripple if I canhelp it."
i A
I.E.S. Lamps make
seeing easy!
. . , and they add beauty
to your home!
One of the most popular I.E.S.
lamps is the bridge model. It
fits in nicely by easy chair or
davenport. The translucent
bowl makes the light soft and
glareless and sends part to the
ceiling for general illumina
tion. The model illustrated is
available with eitner parch
ment or silk shade. The stand
ard has silver and gold finish
and a useful night light in the
5. As soon as I had the proper
light, I felt myself relaxing and
smiling again. I realized poor
light had been making me a
cross-patch. Father knows I'm
grateful tohim now.Iwasafraid
having plentiful light would
cost a lot. It hasn't though
because Pacific Power & Light
Company's rates are so low. For
your children's sake and your
own, ask their home lighting
advisor to tell you about light
conditioning. She'll do it free!
Always at Your Service