Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, November 26, 1936, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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C. H. Castner, field representative
for the commission of public docks
in Portland, was a business visitor
in the city Friday. He was checking
up on interior shipments that might
"be affected by the strike situation.
He said he did not look for an early
settlement of the maritime strike.
Fred Hoskins was in town Mon
day from Rhea creek. Fred went to
Portland last week, taking the big
elk head from the animal he bagged
in the open season. He was told at
the police station that the head was
the largest brought into Portland.
Fred left it to have it mounted.
Burton H. Peck was in town Tues
day from the Clarks canyon farm.
While it has been very dry, the
worst part of it is that there has not
been wind enough in the last two
weeks to work their windmill and
they have had to pump water by
hand, Mr. Peck said.
Mr. and Mrs. Pruitt Cox and chil
dren arrived the first of the week
irom their home at Oregon City,' in
answer to word of the serious ill
ness of Mr. Cox's father, James H.
Cox. The elder Mr. Cox is confined
at the hospital.
J. L. Gault. receiver for local
banks, and S. E. Notson, district at
torney, were in Pendleton Monday
to confer with Representative Wal
ter M. Pierce on the matter of turn
ing bank lands in the forest into the
national reserve.
The P. M. Gemmell family, Mrs.
Emma Gemmell and Mrs. Eliza Ah-
ern departed Tuesday for Salem
where the P. M. Gemmell's will make
their home and the elder Mrs. Gem-
rnpll and Mrs. Ahem will remain
for the winter.
Miss Anabel Turner is holding a
part-time stenographic position with
Meier & Frank while attending bus
Judge C. L. Sweek and son Jack
were visitors in the city Saturday
from Pendleton, Mr. Sweek coming
over to hear the report of the grand
jury while Jack visited some of his
young friends.
J. E. Swanson, manager Morrow
County Grain growers, was a busi
ness visitor in the city Monday from
Mr. and Mrs. W. Y. Ball returned
the first of the week from a three
weeks' visit in the Willamette val
Tress McClintock was a business
visitor in the city Tuesday from the
Dry Fork district.
William Greener was in the city
Tuesday from the south Hardman
mountain ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Bucknum and
son JLOwin were visitors in jomi
Day Sunday.
Old Grads Honored
At Homecoming
The O. S. C. homecoming at Cor
vallis last week end was a spectac
ular one for students and graduates
of the college, and included many
exciting events aside from the an
nual Oregon-O. S. C. football clash
which ended with a score of 18-0 in
favor of 0. S. C.
Graduates returning for the event
were welcomed by traditional signs
on all campus buildings and house
signs at the numerous fraternities
sororities and living quarters on the
campus. House signs this year were
especially- attractive in their por
trayal of the homecoming slogan,
"Back to Bag the Quack," many be
ing electrically operated in amusing
demonstrations of the Beaver best
ing the university Duck.
The annual rook bonfire, an event
of Friday evening, was a sensation
iness college in the city, according when an explosion accompanied its
ienition. shattering many windows
in nearby buildings and generally
surprising onlookers. The explosion
to word received by her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Turner.
Dr. J. Perry Conder, former local
naturopath and minister, was a vis
itor in the citv yesterday. Dr. Con
der has recently been holding re
vival meetings at various places
over the country.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Tamblyn, L.
W. Briees and F. S. Parker returned
home vesterdav from Portland
where the gentlemen attended ses
sions of their respective state as
sociation meetings.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lundell of
lone were in the city Monday, call-
ins at the hospital to see their son
Norton, who was seriously injured
in an automobile accident Jnday
Mr. and Mrs. Alden Blankenship
intended to drive through to Seattle
after close of school yesterday eve
ning, in time to see the annual U. of
W.-W. S. C. football game in Seattle
Mrs. Frank Shively returned home
from Howe. Neb., where
she was called recently by the ser
ious illness of her father. He died
while she was there.
A 7-nound daughter, Darlene
Rose, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jas.
Brannon of Hardman at the mater
nity home of Mrs. Pat Mollahan Fri
Mrs. Jack Hughes is reported to
have undergone an operation in
Hood River last week, from which
she is making satisfactory recovery.
Mike Kenny, Butter creek pioneer,
was greeting old-time friends here
Mondav. His sons John and Joe
were also visitors the same day.
TV .T. P. Stewart. Eve-Sight Spec
ialist of Pendleton, will be at the
Max Buschke was down from
Hardman Monday, transacting bus
Tilden Williams was a business
visitor in town Monday from Eight
was probably due to excessive sat
uration of the debris with gasoline.
On Saturday at the football game
the varsity "O" grads paraded single
file around the football field in or
der of years of graduation with their
names announced over the loud
speaker to the spectators.
The university and college bands
played a spectacular part in the col
orful maneuvers before the game
and between halves. Rooters for
both sides entertained with varied
Following the game Saturday af
ternoon, graduates participated in a
get-together, or "round-up," renew
ing old acquaintances and meeting
friends in the Memorial Union
building, center of campus activities.
This building, built from voluntary
subscription funds of students, hou
ses the campus store, a beautiful
lounge, a ball room, as well as of
fices and club rooms. Among the
club rooms is that of the Varsity
"O" association. Two large football
plaques decorate the walls of the
room, one for 1925, the year O. S. C.
won the northwest football cham
pionship, and the other for 1926,
when O. S. C. won the northern
division of the Pacific coast confer
ence in football, and when the col
lege football squad was nationally
rated as the first on defensive foot
ball, and tenth on offensive football.
Each plaque contains the name of
every opponent for the season, the
score of each game, and the names
of the O. S. C. players for that year.
Among those names appear two of
local interest, Dallas Ward, formerly
of Lexington, and M. E. Dixon, CCC
camp educational adviser.
The Union Missionary society will
meet at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon
the Christian church.
The teachers gave a program at
the school house Friday evening,
honoring Thanksgiving day. Re
freshments were served by the la
dies of the community.
Holmes Gelbart of the Master En
gravers of Portland visited the high
school Tuesday afternoon. The se
niors placed their orders with him.
Dr. D. V. Poling of Corvallis vis
ited the high school Wednesday af
ternoon and spoke to the seniors
and juniors about the advantages of
attending college.
Hardman is boasting of three new
citizens the past week. A daughter
was born to Mr. and Mrs. Carey
Hastings, a daughter to Mr. and
Mrs. Lewis Batty, and a daughter
to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burnside.
Kinnard and Sam McDaniel were
transacting business in Heppner
Alta Stevens is employed at the
home of Lewis Batty this week.
Ellis Wilson and Bud Ayers were
calling here Friday afternoon.
Word has been received by rela
tives here that Roger Howell is ser
iously ill in a hospital at Pendleton.
He is suffering from pneumonia.
There will be a public dance at
the I. O. O. F. hall Saturday, Nov.
28. Music by the Peterson orches
tra. Everyone invited
Jim Hams went to Portland Sun
day Mrs. Hams and Mrs. Chas. Mc
Daniel accompanied him as far as
Arlington. Mrs. McDaniel brought
her granddaughter home for a visit,
Mr. and Mrs. Duff McKitrick, Mil
dred McDaniel and Jake Adams
were shopping in Heppner Saturday,
Newlan F. King and Mrs. Tomp
kins are spending Thanksgiving in
Mr. and Mrs. Sam McDaniel and
Yvonne Hastings spent the week end
in Heppner.
Richard Robison was visiting in
Heppner Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Harshman
and Gay visited with friends here
Lew Knighten is ill at his home
A group of young people attended
the show and dance at Rhea creek
Saturday night.
Mrs. Chas. McDaniel was consult
ing an eye specialist in tleppner
W. F. Galliger took a truck load
of turkeys to Portland Saturday.
The high school is selecting a play.
It has been the custom since Mrs.
Clary has been principal to give a
play to benefit the senior class and
this year will be no exception. An
nouncement of the time and other
details will be made later. Members
of the class are Roland Farrens and
Pat Bleakman.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Dixon
drove to Corvallis for O. S. C. home
coming, Saturday, and enjoyed see
ing their alma mater win'over U.-O.,
traditional rival, 18-0. Mr. Dixon
took part in the activities as an Or
ange letterman, having played a
regular line berth on the football
team in 1925 and 1926. He was a
teammate of Dallas Ward of Lxing-i-ffi
jo uos '8 'uioj;s3j9g anxfuv
viser at the local CCC camp. Mr.
and Mrs. Dixon accompanied Mr.
and Mrs. V. P. Butternich of Pendleton.
Brig.-Gen. D. C. Marshall of the
U. S. army, district commander in
charge of Vancouver barracks, made
an inspection of Camp Heppner,
CCC, yesterday. He rated the camp
high in all departments.
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