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Heppner Daiyman Grew
Up in Industry in East
Under the above heading, Oregon
Farmer of March 7, gave recogni
tion to Alfalfa Lawn Dairy, Hepp
ner's chief milk source, in the fol
lowing interesting manner:
"I started In the retail milk bus
iness back in Pennsylvania in the
days when we drove a wagon and
housewives came out with pitchers
and pails. That was in the '90s, and
it wasn't until about 1900 that bot
tles came into much use," recalled
R. C. Wightman of Wightman
Brothers Alfalfa Lawn dairy near
ticket Mrs. Carey Hastings and
Miss Zetta Bleakman will serve
supper. Music from lone.
J. W. Stevens was 111 the latter
part of the week, suffering from
rheumatism. He is much better
The school boys have begun prac
tice for the annual spring track
meet which will be held in Heppner
in May.
Esten Stevens and his father J.
W. Stevens report good luck with
their lambs this spring, to date no
loss whatever.
Mr. De Moss had dinner and spent
the evening at the home of Mr. and
Heppner, whose nifty delivery truck Mrs. Irl Clary on Friday. The eve-
... , , n ntr pninvpd nlnvmi? hndire.
now serves most of the households
in the Morrow county seat. "I sold
14 Quarts of milk for $1 when I
nir.g was enjoyed playing bridge.
Little Monte Koy, the infant son
of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McDoiv
starteTrn business here 30 years aid, was taken to the doctor last
week but is now improving.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Beard and
family have moved to Blackhorse
where they will farm.
Miss Pat Bleakman has been quite
ill at her home for the past week.
ago. Now we get 11 cents for
whole Guernsey milk. The quality
is much better and costs of produc
tion have increased enormously."
The Wightman ranch on Willow
creek, three miles northwest of the
j -.:-.. , thnna-
and acres of range and farming Gordon Hidings Makes
land, but takes its name from a bO-
acre planting of alfalfa made by
previous owners, but now all reseea-
ed to Grimm, It was about the first
in the district, and the ranch is one
of the oldest. The owner remem
bers plowing under bunch grass.
Good Hoop Record, N.Y.
An orchid to you Gordon Rid
ings (star of the N. Y. A. C. quin
tet and former captain of rOegon).'
With credit for the honorarium to
the "E-reat sace." these are the
It takes a herd of 60 or 70 mature wrj. nf stanlev Rrodv. snortswrit-
cows, besides the young stock, to er for Seth LoW junior college
keep 40 milking, and 40 milking ..... Ynrlc Citv. in aDDlaud-
cows just about keeps the Heppner jng Coach Ridings' son-in-law of
population of 1200 souls in good M d Mrg M 0 aark o
supply. The herd now is mosuy cjtysuccessful basketball season.
Guernseys and it is headed by a His Seth Ll0W team won 13 out 0f
purebred Guernsey nun ana con- 15 games piayed, while Ridings him-
tains 20-odd purebred females, the
increase from 10 heifer calves ob
tained from Wallace & Fordyce of
Yakima some yaers ago. The fa
mous bull Chicona Lover Bold ap-
self was assisting the New York
Athletic club through a good sea
son as high point maker.
Mr. and Mrs. (nee Marjorie Clark)
Ridings are both doing graduate
peared in their sire's pedigree and work in teachera college, Columbia
also in that of the herd sire's dam,
a Troutmere cow. There are
number of Ayrshires still in the
stanchions at Alfalfalawn, but
their days are numbered, for the
owners have decided on Guernseys.
Associated with R. C. Wightman
are J. J., his brother, and M. R., his
brother's son. They have the Hepp
ner market practically to themselves
as far as other dairies of any size
are concerned, but they get plenty
university, aside from Ridings
coaching position with Seth Low.
Mrs. Ridings has been one of the
hottest fans at the games in which
her husband or his team partici
pated, and the good reports reach
ing home folks have been joyously
Mrs. Ridings writes that they
have had a wonderful time in New
York this winter, but that they are
already studying road maps to
of competition from the one and two Lhoose the route they will take
cow kind, it appears. Their daily
distribution is 75 to 80 gallons of
milk, besides cream.
A birthday dance was given in
honor of Victor Johnson at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Walt Scott
March 8th. Supper was served at
midnight. A good time was report
ed by all.
The high school entertained the
grade school pupils and teachers on
Friday afternoon at an ice crean-.
party. Miss Creth Craber of the
senior class presided as hostess.
Toasts and jokes were given fol
lowed by solos by Vera McDaniel
were the Deos and Lundell families.
Other guests were Mr. and Mrs.
Grimmet of Pendleton and Jimmie
Monahan of Heppner.
The young folks serving on the
kitchen committee this month are
setting up some "feeds" that make
the older heads sit up and take no
tice. Well done, young people.
Worthy Master and Sister Spaul-
ding motored to Hood River Sun
day morning where they visited
with Rev. and Mrs. Spaulding, par
ents of Master Spaulding.
Past Master Oscar Lundell and
Sister Ida Kopp carried home the
prize chickens donated by Past
Master Vida Heliker. Let's all look
forward to a chicken dinner; what
say, brother and sister?
Brother Otto Kurth "took the
cake" Saturday night; meaning he
was fortunate in getting the won
derful fudge cake sold by the
grange. The cake was a piece of
perfection demonstrating the culin
ary art of Sister Margaret Hurst
If Otto were the brother he should
be, the cake would be featured in
that chicken dinner of Oscar's and
Next grange meeting Saturday
night, March 23rd, when the 3rd
and 4th degrees will be exemplified
and another installment of the ser
ial story, "Emandeen" will be read,
The young folks committee will
serve lunch.
Sisters Annie Krebs and Harriet
Deos who have been under the care
of a physician are both much im
proved at this writing.
Sermon, "A Real Revival."
Prayer meeting Thursday, 7:30.
You are cordially invited to at
tend all the services of our church.
Sunday School 30:00 A. M.
After Service 11:00 A. M.
Evening Service 7.30 P. M.
Tuesday night prayer meeting
only, 7:30.
Thursday evangelistic service 7:30
At Heppner
Bible School
Morning services
C. E. Society
Evening services
9:46 a.
11 a. m.
6:80 p. m.
7:30 p. m.
7 :30 p. m.
. 7 :80 p. m,
home to Oregon as soon as the
school year closes.
More from the pen of Stanley
not Steve Brody, follows:
'There comes a time when all
good men must speak up. . . . Today
I dedicate this column to the ere
ating of confusion among the ranks
of the deprecators of the zone de
fense and to the praise of Gordon
Ridings whose team has just com
pleted the most successful season
in the annals of Seth Low basket
ball. . . .
"The Eagles won forty-three and
lost twelve, since Gordon Ridings
took charge of their fortunes. Of
the 12 lost, five were played on our
home court During these fifty-
and Charles Johnson and a number flve gamesi Sitt,1VLoW SCOr!l?n "
average oi uiu uy-iiiuc uuinta
Choir rehearsal, Wednesday
Midweek service, Ihuraday
Morning sermon: "Borrowed Re
Evening sermon: "How Can We
Know What is Wrong?"
Morning services: Sunday school
9:45. Public worship, 11. Special
music by the choir. Sermon topic,
"Thought Control."
Evening services: Epworth Lea-
gue, 6:30. Preaching service, 7:30.
The Pine City high school pupils
are working on the three-act play,
What a Mix-Up," to be given April
Miss Isabella O'Brien, who has
been home sick with flu for the past
two weeks returned to The Dalles
Monday where she is attending the
St. Mary's academy.
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Neill and Mrs.
Ollie Neill were business visitors in
Heppner Saturday.
E. B. Wattenburger and R. W.
Hardman were business visitors in
Walla Walla Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Coxen, Mr. and
Mrs. C. H. Ayers and family and
Mr. and Mrs. Marley Gardner sur
prised Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ayers
with a card party Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Wattenburger
were transacting business in Her
miston and Echo Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Burl Coxen and
daughter Betty Marie and son Glen
of Heppner were dinner guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Ayers Sunday.
T. J. O Brien and daughter Isa
bella were business visitors in Pen
dleton Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Myers and
son Jerry svent Sunday visiting at
the home of Marion Finch.
Tom J. Healy and Lewis Doney
were in Boardman Saturday eve
Mrs. J. J. Chisholm and daughter
Marjean and Mrs. Roy Conser of
Walla Walla spent Sunday after
noon visiting their aunt, Mrs. Ollie
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Hixson of
Pleasant Valley spent the week end
visiting their daughter, Mrs. H. E.
Miss Cecelia Brennan, who has
been in the Heppner hospital for
the past two weeks, returned home
Friday. She resumed her job of
teaching Monday.
Several people from Pine City at-
tended the show Friday evening in
Mr. and Mrs. Emery Cox and
family from Heppner were Sunday
dinner guests at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. E. B. Wattenburger.
A. J. Vey motored to Spokane
Friday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Helms were
business visitors in Echo and Her
miston Monday.
Mrs. Frank Ayers spent Sunday
afternoon visiting Mrs. Ollie Neill.
Mr. Dufault from Heppner is now
painting the A. E. Wattenburger
Mrs. Ralph Corrigall, Mrs. Isa
bella Corrigall and Mr. and Mrs.
Wilbur Gourley visited at the T. J.
O'Brien home Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Neill, Miss
Frankie Neal and Guy Moore were
business visitors in Hermiston on
Mrs. Earle Abbott was a business
visitor in Pilot Rock and Pendle
ton Thursday.
Pat Healy of Boardman spent
the week end at the John Healy
Johnny Veedman and Ralph Neill
were in .Pendleton Saturday eve
Mr. and Mrs. Burl Coxen and
family visited at the Mrs. Ollie
Neill home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ayers vis
ited at the A. E. Wattenburger
home Friday.
Mrs. Ollie Neill and Mrs. C. H,
Bartholomew visited Mrs. Roy Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Young and
family were business visitors in
Hermiston and Echo Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Watten
burger spent Friday night at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Wat
Miss Mary Carlisle has returned
to Irrigon and enrolled in school.
She is staying with Mrs. Don Ken
The water has been turned into
the canal again, and many of th
ranchers are glad.
Little Jimmy Markham, Infant
son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrenc
Markham, is very much improved
He has been quite ill with bron
chitis. Mrs. Lawrence Markham
is visiting Mrs. Jess Oliver this
week. '
Wayne Caldwell was selected a
member of the all-star team of bas-
ketbal players. The team was cho
sen from about 64 pupils from Gil
liam, Wheeler and Morrow counties.
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Seits have re
turned from California where they
have spent the winter. We are glad.
to see them again in our midst.
Mrs. L. L. Stellar of Stockton, Cal.,
sister of Mrs. Seits, came with
them and is visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Aldrich and her
brothers, Glen, Fred and Lloyd.
A grange dance was held In Ir
igon Saturday night.
Ilene Markham has been ill this
Mrs. Fred Markham, Mrs. Law
rence Markham and Mrs. Jesa Oli
ver went to Hermiston Tuesday.
Monday night the Pestacostal
folks went to Hermiston to the
Full Gospel Mission where Rev.
Grice is holding revival services.
Tuesday night at a business meet
ing the Irrigon Pentecostal church
gave a call to Claud Crawford to
be their pastor. Rev. Farrens is to
remain till the new minister comes
but the special meetings will close
Sunday night.
The time for the Presbyterian
services has been changed. There
will be services every Sunday after
noon at 2 o'clock. Rev. Thomas
spoke last Sunday and Rev. Payne
is to preach March 10.
Mrs. John Graybeal is much bet
ter. She enjoyed her seventy-sixth
birthday last Tuesday. Her grand
daughters arranged for a song to be
sung for her over the radio. Visit
ors at her home on this day were
Mr. and Mrs. Mac Graybeal of
Mack McCoy of Imbler was an
overnight guest at the home of his
grandmother, Mrs. John Graybeal,
on her birthday, March 6.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Isom left Fri
day morning to visit their son Don
at the CCC camp over the week end.
Frank Brace has been nursing an
infected finger the past week.
Mrs. Walter Glider was bitten by
a black widow spider. She went to
the doctor Friday evening.
Mrs. Cecil Sparks has returned
from California where she has spent
the winter.
Otto Beneflel has had an infection
in his eyes this week.
Local ads Id
bring results.
the Gazette Times
Stockholders of Morrow OH Co.
will meet at Leach hall, Lexington,
Saturday, March 23, at 2 o'clock p.
m. for the purpose of deciding
whether to change the form of or
ganization from a corporation to a
cooperative association. 52-1.
Heppner Transfer Co.
Anywhere For Hire Hauling
Bonded and Insured Carrier
"Just the service wanted
when you want it most"
Low Passenger and
Express Rates
Orders Taken and Delivered.
of action songs by the primary pu
pils. Then the group indulged in
a regular "sing," the popular songs
being preferred. Miss Delsie Bleak
man and Irl Clary were outside
The 4-H sewing club held its 6th
meeting on Friday afternoon. Miss
Delsie Bleakman Is leader this
year. There are ten girls and four
boys. The work is progressing
Miss Ruth Nylund visited at the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Cal Robison at Lonerock Saturday,
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Chrisman were
in town Sunday.
Richard Robinson .was visiting
friends here one day last week.
Mrs. Ada Osborne who has been
caring for her father, B. F. Devore,
returned to her home in The Dalles.
Case Adams took her as far as
Heppner and she took the stage
from there.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Harshman
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Lovgren, Miss
Gladys Lovgren and Delsie and
Buel Harshman were visitors here
Mrs. Retta Knighten gave a quilt
ing party Thursday afternoon.
Those present were Mesdames Dick
Steers, Max Buschke, Charles Mc
Daniel and Neal Knighten. Lunch
was served.
The Rebeccas surprised the Odd
Fellows Saturday night Refresh
ments of cake and ice cream were
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Corrigall and
twenty-six for the opposition, which
Is a record to be proud of in any
man's league.
Typical of many clippings re
ceived, is one from the New York
Times, concerning Ridings' playing
with N. Y. A. C
"Starting the second half with
the slim lead of 14-13, the New
York A. C. basketball team con
tinued a steady attack to defeat
the Columbus Council K. of C. quin
tet, 35-21, on the latter"s court in
Brooklyn last night. The game was
an Eastern Athletic Clubs League
encounter and also was one of the
engagements in. the George V. Mc
Laughlin tournament
Gordon Ridings, Winged Foot
left forward, proved outstanding in
the victory drive after the interims
sion. scoring five field goals In a
row for scoring honors.'
The card party sponsored by Wil
lows grange last Saturday night
proved an entertaining variety from
an all-evening dance as heretofore.
A couple of hours spent in dancing
with a nice lunch completed a very
pleasant evening. Winners at Pe
dro were: high score, George Krebs
and Hattie Crabtree, low score, U.
L. Lundell and Mary Lindsay. Win
ners at 500 were: high, Marie Led-
better, low P. C. Peterson. Winners
at pinochle were: high Alex Huber
and Opal Finn, low Harry Shipley
and Ida Kopp. Date for another
Ho'well were visiting card party will be announced later
fr-iono onrt relatives tlore SnndaV. in U11S COlUmn.
Lucille Farrens returned with them on &unaay, marcn inn, memuei
where she will visit for a short will meet at the Willows grange
Spring Requisites
March 15, 1935.
Maybe you've noticed it!
There are some things in life that just seem, to go together.
To be admirably mated and supremely suited to each other.
Like a boat on the water, or
a knob on the door, or a
pint on the hip.
That's the way it is with
that elusive something or
other known as STYLE. For
more than thirty years the
A uxvuntlli people nave jjui.
Vfif it INTO their Suits and Top
coats and made 'em different.
You've seen men wearing
clothes that seemed to be
nothing more than a back
and a front and a pair of
sleeves. While other men
wear clothes that seem to "stand out in a crowd." That's Style!
CURLEE CLOTHES embody wonderful workmanship, mar
velous materials, the season's newest color combinations and,
best of all
They do not cost you a penny more than the other kinds.
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don't come in soon.
We're waiting for you.
Cordially yours,
Will Start Taking
Stamp Pictures
for short time only.
5 FOR 15c
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cDecBunce Studio
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If you have never tasted FOLGER'S, your first cup will probably
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With lib.
of coffee.
Office Court House F. B. NICKERSON, President
Complete Bankruptcy Reports and Service
Vern McDaniel who has been ill
for a month is able to be out. She
is not improved sufficiently to be
back in school, however.
The grade school is holding a
benefit dance on Saturday, March
16 at the Odd Fellows hall. Forty
cents will be charged for a dance
hall at 10:00 o'clock, with a pot-
luck dinner at noon. Officers will
practice degree work, while other
members and H. E. club will mature
plan3 for new cupboards and kitch
en improvement.
Barney Devlin, one of our genial
patrons, entertained with a turkey
dinner Sunday.' Grangers present
Lawn, Flower and Garden Seeds in bulk
and packages
Gilliam 6 Bisbee
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THE new Ford V-8 is a car of major
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