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VIDUALS. I was Invited to speak before the
officers and salesmen of a large in
dustrial organization, and the other
speaker was Dr. Abraham Myer
son, the distinguished psychiatrist
He wanted to make those men
understand how every member of
an organization reacts and is react
ed upon subconsciously by every
other member; how none of us In
modern society Is a separate indi
vidual, but all, as the Bible says,
"members of each other."
He used this illustration:
"A comedy motion picture, which
I saw some years ago, showed a
section of a house with the various
rooms exposed and the people who
were in those rooms.
"In the front room was the mas
ter, waiting at the table to have his
meal served; in the next room were
the butler and the maid engaged in
what we should call a 'petting par
ty.' In the kitchen one observed
the cook feeding the butcher boy
some crackers and milk, while on
the back porch the cat slept peace
fully. Here was, apparently, a hap
py domestic scene.
"But see what happened.
"The butler came in with the food
which apparently did not please the
master of the house. He spoke his
mind freely and harshly to the but
ler, who, offended, returned to the
pantry and, instead of kissing the
maid, straight-armed her into a
"The maid burst into tears: she
went in to scold the cook, and dur
ing the subsequent argument, slap
ped the cook's face. The cook, in
her anger, snatched the food away
from the butcher boy, who, on his
way out, kicked the cat down the
back steps.
"A graphic example," said Dr.
Myerson, "of how an emotion of
fear or ill will or meanness spreads
through an entire organization.
Cheerfulness and courage can
spread Just as far and fast"
You and I are not individuals.
Even Robinson Crusoe ceased to
be an Individual with the arrival
on the scene of his faithful man
Friday. He became then a mem
ber of a society of two, ecah living
the life of the other.
I imagine that Dr. Myerson could
tell us many cases of men who have
gone downtown and worked faith
fully all day, only to utter a word
or cast a glance on their way out of
the office which more than nullified
their whole day's work.
"What you are," said Emerson,
"thunders so loud I can't hear what
you say."
What we are Inside changes the
Inner life of our families, our busi
ness associates, and our fellow citi
zens. We can not harbor fear or
anger or selfishness without dilut
ing the emotional blood-stream of
the race.
And every courageous or unsel
fish emotion builds up the whole
world's Btock of courage and faith.
town supported her. That's grati
tude. Nellie Gray is 72 years old and
has been a helpless cripple since
she was ten months old. Her gen
tie face in her wheel chair is famil
iar to everybody in the town. Up
to 25 years ago a sister supported
her, after the death of their parents,
but on the sister's death there
seemed to be no one to help, so the
The Federal Farm Board has too
much wheat and cotton on hand.
The Brazilian government has too
much coffee on hand. We want
coffee, Brazil wants wheat so an
International "swap" has been ar
ranged. The Chinese are suffering for
food. The Nanking government
has asked the Farm Board to sell
it 5,000,000 bushels of wheat a
month for six months, on lone-time
credit It may be a very long time, j
but it seems to me worth doing. It
will benefit millions and harm no
body. It will relieve this country
of much of its wheat surplus, save
storage charges and save human
lives. There ought to be nothing
in any laws to prevent it being
Now if all of the cotton states
will join in making it illegal to
grow any cotton at all in 1932, that
surplus will be wiped out and fair
prices will return In the cotton
Professor Willis A. Sutton, head
of the school system of Atlanta,
who has just retired as president of
the National Education Association,
says that the long Summer vaca
tion without responsibility does
children more harm than good and
puts too much of a burden on their
Dr. Sutton's remedy, so far as
city schools are concerned, Is to
give pupils summer work to do
which will take them out of doors
but still occupy time which other
wise would be spent in aimless play.
There is such sound sense in what
Dr. Sutton says that It will not sur
prise me if a complete revolution in
school systems results from it.
More vacations and shorter ones
are better for children and for their
families than the long, irresponsl
ble summer period of idleness.
Thirty-eight years ago a ray of
light left the star Arcturus and
started toward the earth. It takes
light, travelling at the rate of 186,
000 miles a second, forty years to
get from Arcturus to the earth. The
ray which started In 1903, the year
of the great World s Columbian Ex
position in Chicago, will reach the
earth in 1933, when Chicago intends
to stage another World's Fair.
At the Yerker Observatory at
Geneva, Wisconsin, the great tele
scope will be focussed on Arcturus
in the spring of 1933. The ray of
light which will have been forty
years on its travels will be reflect
. ed Into a photo-sensitive cell, which
will convert it Into electric energy.
This energy will throw a switch
which will turn on the lights of the
new World's Fair and officially open
the Exposition.
Nothing could be more fitting to
Illustrate the progress of science In
the past forty years. The exhlbi
tion which is to be opened by light
from a star will contain the great
est collection of scientific marvels
ever brought together. What the
mind of man has achieved in the
conquest of nature since the last
Chicago World's Fair is almost un
I want to pay my respects to my
neighbor, Miss Nellie Gray of West
Stockbridgo, Mass., who has done
something the like of which I never
heard of.
She has given the Town of West
Stockbrldge $5,000 as recompense
for the 25 years during which the
Save the Little Pigs
Spend a little time and give
the sow a clean place in far
row in.
Sprinkle pens and runs
with a one per cent tar dip
Use clean dry straw for
bedding, not too much nor
too long.
DON'T use dusty bedding;
it causes pigs to cough.
See that sow's teats, sides
and legs are clean before pigs
are born so they will not
have sore mouths, bull nose,
sniffles and worms.
fed to sows before farrowing
will assure you fully devel
oped and healthy pigs.
Trading Co.
With your friends
you're an Ass or
an Asset.
When he passes out the man
without Insurance is spoken
of in more kindly terms by
friends and family, but has
he given the latter a square
If yours Is a hard lot build
a house on It
Then have it Insured and
shako hands with happiness.
and Stockgrowers
National Bank
There Is No Substitute for
Selectmen have provided her a
meager living out of the town
funds every year since.
There was a brother, but he had
left home and nobody knew where
he was. Not long ago he was killed
by an automobile, and it was dis
covered that he was worth $70,000
all of which came to Nellie Gray.
And the very flrat thing she did
with her inheritance was to offer
$5,000 to the Town, to help pay for
the new $14,000 bridge over the Wil
liams river.
"I'm going to fix up the old Gray
homestead," Miss Nellie said, "and
live here the rest of my life. But
first I had to fix up the town that
has taken care of me so generously.
Everybody has been wonderful to
me, but you can't believe how hap
py I am not to be the town pauper
any more."
Only seventeen percent of the
feature motion pictures now being
shown in the United States are fit
for children to see, according to
"The Parents' Magazine." The mo
tion picture department of that
periodical is edited in cooperation
with the General Federation of
Women's Clubs, the Daughters of
the American Revolution, the Wo
man's University Club of Los An
geles and several other women's or
ganizations. The best current pictures, accord
ing to the same authority, are Cim
arron, City Lights, A Connecticut
Yankee, The Conquering Horde,
Daddy Long Legs, Father's Son,
The Great Meadow, The Million
aire, Pagliacci, Shipmates, Skippy,
Tom Sawyer and Trader Horn.
The motion picture industry has
criticized some of my criticisms of
Made from
Morrow County
Creamery Co.
the movies so severely that I am
letting somebody else say the same
thing, for a change!
W. C. T. U. NOTES.
MARY A. NOTSON, Reporter.
Such a studied effort Is made by
the wets to play up any and every
violation of the prohibition laws as
an argument for repeal that It is
well to pause once in a while and
get the views of observers from the
outside, especially when a fair com
parison can be obtained with the li
censed and government controlled
systemts of handling liquor sales.
J. E. Thomas of Melbourne, Aus
tralia, writing to the Clarion Call,
"It has been my privilege to
spend some months in Great Brit
ain and in the United States of
America so that it was possible to
compare two of the greatest nations
of the world in the light of the
drink traffic. In the Mother Land
there appears to be little reduction
of the traffic. In every prominent
place the people are advised to
have a 'Guinness,' and men are said
to be just longing for one. Drink
is the greatest parasite in Great
Britain. In the face of the greatest
industrial crisis the dear homeland
has experienced, the drink traffic
flourishes like the green bay tree.
Guinness had a dividend of 20 per
cent last year. Every day, and till
closing at night, men and women
are to be seen drinking their great
pots of bere. Wives can be seen
waiting with the children for the
husband to come home; and chil
dren, minding a poor baby, are of
ten waiting for mother to finish
drinking and gossiping and come
We can give you a
real grease job or
fix that blowout in
a hurry.
Have You Tried the
New Standard Gas?
Service Station
P. M. GEMMEIX, Prop.
"Our Service Will Please Ton;
Your Patronage Will Please Us"
home. Frequently, women and well
dressed young women, scarcely
more than girls, can be seen in a
pitiable state of intoxication.
"In America, I can say that I saw
no drink sold; two drunken men;
no drunken women; no children
ill-clothed, ill-fed or neglected, even
in the poorest parts; no open sa
loons to tempt those who passed
by; no liquor advertisements; no
lost home through drink; and,
though we stayed in hotels from
New York to Vancouver, we were
never asked to drink, nor did we
see any sign of drink. If prohibi
tion is the greatest curse ever in
flicted on the American people, I
think they still intend to keep It,
and I would rejoice if we were
cursed with the same blessing."
Wet propaganda tries to make it
appear that racketeering and gang
ster activities are a direct product
of prohibition. Official figures are
now available which show that the
racketeers do not obtain more than
20 per cent of their profits from the
liquor traffic. The gambling "rack
et" is the biggest one of all, and it
was thriving long before prohibi
tion, as were several others. It is
amazing what preposterous stories
the wets publish, and it is still more
amazing how many good people
thoughtlessly swallow them. The
issue is not, "Repeal prohibition be
cause it can not be enforced." The
real Issue Is, "Is government by the
people a failure?" If so, let us pull
down Old Glory and admit that
Washington, Jefferson, Adams,
Hamilton, and Franklin were
wrong when they established the
Fox I notice that since Doggett
got married he doesn't go round so
Hunt No, since the knot was
tied he hasn't had so much rope!
Kind One Mercy sakes, how did
you happen to become so disabled?
Tram pus Ma'am I overtaxed my
constitution lookln" for a Job.
Teacher What insect requires
the least nourishment?
Percival The motto; it eats holes!
Mrs. Snoops My husband has no
idea what I go through when he
Mrs. Skaggs Mine never knows
how much he has in his pocket,
FOR SALE 16 Hampshire ram
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' 11 L '
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