Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, April 10, 1930, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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MRS. A. T. HEREIM. Correspondent
Earl Cramer and John Brice have
gone shearing. They have a small
plant of their own.
John Koski is here visiting at the
Hango and Olson homes.
Mr. and Mrs. Royal Rands enter
tained at a "500" party Thursday
for the pleasure of the teachers.
A lovely luncheon was enjoyed at
the close of an interesting game.
Miss Katharine Brown and Carroll
Kennedy received high honors and
Mrs. Dillabough and B. B. Lewis
low. Present were the Marschats,
Kennedys, Lewises, Fortiers, Dilla
boughs, Miss Spike, Mrs. Titus, Miss
Brown, Norma Gibbons, Mrs. Ray
Brown, J. C. Ballenger, Ray Barlow,
Rachel Johnson, Deibert Johnson,
Buster Rands and Howard Packard.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Springer and
three sons came Friday from Kala
ma, Wash., for a visit with Mrs.
Springer's uncle, Claude Myers, and
family. Mr. and Mrs. Springer, Mrs.
Myers and Wllma motored to Hepp
ner on Saturday to attend the decla
matory contest.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Huff and
baby of Dufur were here Sunday
visiting friends and on business.
They have rented their place at the
edge of town to Mr. and Mrs. Claude
Coats who will move shortly.
Coatses have been living at Messner
for the past year or so.
Friends of W. L. Suddarth of Ir
rigon were sorry to learn of his;
injury Wednesday afternoon at Irri
gon when his car was struck by a
train. He has been at the Hermis
ton hospital.
Jesse Eugene, the youngest son of
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Cox, former
Boradman residents, is seriously ill
at Medford with pneumonia and
had to have a drain tube inserted
in his lung. He is not yet six years
of age.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Waite return
ed Sunday from Portland and
Troutdale where they have been for
some time. Mr. Waite has been
taking treatments for rheumatism
from which he suffered after a siege
of flu. He is much improved,
friends are glad to know.
Macombers spent the week end in
Pilot Rock.
Elmer Tyler has been ill with a
bad siege of flu.
Jack Hale, who has lived on the
Calkins place the past year, has
traded the ranch for 132 acres at
Tillamook and will move shortly.
Rev. Boudinot Seely is conducting
services at Umatilla this week and
a number of Boardman people have
driven up to hear him again.
John L. Jenkins returned from
California where he went to shear.
He was forced to return because of
the strike.
Lee Mead and family spent the
week end at The Dalles. Clarence
Berger took Mr. Mead's place dur
ing his absence.
Water was turned into the canal
this week and the annual irrigation
round has started.
Mrs. Lottie Attebury and Billy
Price are in Portland. Billy Is with
his grandparents. He has whoop
In; eouirh and Mrs. Attebury is
with her daughter, Mrs. Clarence
Whooping cough Is the prevalent
popular malady here among the
youngsters. Mrs. Marschat's room
has been almost depopulated. Some
child had a light case of the disease
and it was not recognized as such
until everyone had been exposed.
Children at I. Skobos, Hereims, Har-
jus, Myers, Tylers, Coats, Meads are
Dr. Gray, county physician, was
over Sunday and he was piloted
about the project by Mr. Marschat.
The cases were diagnosed as whop
ing cough.
Andy Anderson of the Columbia
creamery of Portland, who was the
fortunate recipient of the fine cedar
chest raffled off by the Home Econ
omics club, very graciously present
ed the club with the chest and it
will be raffled again, locally.
Mrs. Chas. Nickerson left Sun
day for La Grande and thence to
Amercian Falls, Idaho, to visit her
son and family.
Janet Gorham Is ill with flu. Mrs.
Raymond Shnne Is nssisting at the
Gorham home for a time. Mrs. Gor
ham, who has been ill for the past
two months with heart trouble, is
much improved.
A pleasant afternoon was enjoy
ed la.st Wednesday at the home of
Mrs. Nate Macomber when the April
Silver Tea was held. Mrs. Macom
ber and Mesdames Messenger, Ay
ers, I. Skoubo, Dillon and Warner
served a dainty and unusual lunch
eon. A short business meeting was
held followed by a social hour. Mrs.
W. O. King and her committee plan
to have the May tea at the King
One of the lovliest of the many
card parties that have been given
this spring was that given Thurs
day evening by Mrs. B. B. Lewis
for her husband's birthday. There
were four tables of "500." When
scores were counted Mrs. Rands and
Carol Kennedy received the honors
with Mrs. Titus and Deibert John
son low score. Dainty refreshments
followed the game. Attending were
the Packards, Kennedys, Rands,
Coatses, Rainvilles, Ray Barlow,
Deibert Johnson, Rachel Johnson,
and Mrs. Titus. Mr. and Mrs. Lo
gan, a sister of Mrs. Lewis, came
in later in the evening.
Tillie Harju and Margaret Smith
represented the local school at the
first county spelling contest Satur
day at Heppner. The contest was
won by Doris Klinger, a little girl
from Strawberry, with Cleo Duncan
of Heppner second, and Clifford
Tarnell of lone third. Abeautiful
loving cup was presented by the
Lions club of Heppner as the first
prize, and banners to the other two
The cup must be won three years
to become the property of the
That Heppner must be fed up on
declamatory contests was shown by
the small .attendance which consist
ed mostly of relatives, friends and
teachers of the contestants, with
many vacant seats. Possibly if
Lexington, lone or some of the oth
er towns would have the contest,
greater interest would be shown,
There was much confusion Satur
day with children going out and in.
small folk pattering about, doors
slamming and an audience that was
absolutely unresponsive, all 01
which handicaps a speaker, large
or small. Another thing, persons
are tiring of hearing many of the
same youngsters year after year
and many of the recitations have
been used until they have become
Boardman did not fare well In the
declamatory contest. She sent four
contestants but brought home only
one second prize. Norma Gibbons
in the high school section. We play
ed in hard luck in the other divi
sions. Catherine Mead, in division
three, was unable to compete as the
physician found she had whooping
cough. Through an error in tim
ing, Mary Chaffee, who was the
first speaker in her division, was
stopped at the end of six minutes
instead of the allotted eight, making
her piece fall flat. Wilma Myers,
Boardman's third speaker, did very
well but did not place.
A number of Boardman grange
members attended the meeting of
Pomona Saturday at Irrigon. A
good program was given and a fine
feast enjoyed.
Adna Chaffee, the second son of
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Chaffee and Ed
na Broyles, eldest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. T. E. Broyles, were united
in marriage in Portland Sunday
evening, April 6. Both are employ
ed in Eugene where they will make
their home.
John Koski and Mae Hango left
Mnoday for Kelso, Wash., after a
week's visit with relatives.
Mrs. W. O. King is expecting her
mother this week for a fortnight
second addition to Heppner, loca
tion E side county road, 1 block N
courthouse, promissory note $1900,
March 8, 1930, due October 1, 1930.
Warranty Ded.
Anna D. Watkins et vir to H. A.
Schulz et ux, N 1614 feet, lot 9 and
S 4 feet, lot 10, block 4, Heppner.
F. A. Clarke et al to Heppner
Trading company, tract by metes
and bounds, Shipley's addition to
Heppner, $10.
Ada M. Ayers et vir to Mary B.
Patterson et al, tract by metes and
bounds, Heppner, $500.
Lutie Dinsmoor et vir to Cecil
Lutkins, NWViSEtt and NESW14
Sec. 23, tp. 5 S, R. 26 E, 80 acres,
approximate location NE Parkers
mill, $1.
Circuit Court Complaints.
David S. McCullough et al vs.
Hannah J. Paine et al. Plaintiff
seeks decree of court showing sole
ownership, SENW. SWNEtt,
NESW and NWttSE'4, Sec. 18
Tp. 3 S, R. 28 E, approximate loca
tion 9 miles SE Heppner.
Bert Bowker reports the Heppner
Flat country receiving a good soak
ing Monday afternoon, but the rain
did not reach far beyond Rhea
creek. It is a mighty boost to the
growing grain.
Release of Mortgages.
Peter Bauernfeind estate to J. W.
Osborne, Morrow county real prop
erty, $2039.88.
Ralph I. Thompson to John
Vaughn et al, Morrow county real
property, $1500.
Anna Hart D. Watkins et vir to
Ellen Buseick, N WMi feet, lot 9
and S i feet lot 10, block 4, Hepp
ner; promissory note $1300, March
19, 1930, 3 years.
Florinda F. Beymer et vir to O. C.
Wageman, lot 5, block 1, Morrow's
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