Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, January 30, 1930, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Nolan Tajfe Take Position With
Vniversity of Wisconsin; Sheep
Being Moved for Lambing.
Mrs. Mary Shaver, wife of Char
ley Shaver, died at her home in
lone at 11:30 a. m., Tuesday, Janu
ary 2S, following an illness of two
weeks duration. Mrs, Shaver had
been suffering from tonsilitis, but
seemed much improved and the
friends who were caring for her felt
that she was on the road to recov
ery, when death came without any
warning. Mr. Shaver, who was lo
cated out from Bend, was reached
with much difficulty. He left Bend
Monday night and is expected to
reach lone Tuesday night No fun
eral arrangements will be made un
til he reaches here. Besides her
husband, Mrs. Shaver leaves to
mourn her passing, her mother and
step-father who reside in Boise, Ida
ho, and a sister, Mrs. Kelly, who's
home is in Caldwell, Idaho. Mrs.
Shaver was an active member of
Bunchgrass Rebekah lodge, No. 91.
Mrs. R. E. Harbison of Morgan is
receiving treatment in the Portland
Medical hospital. Mrs. Harbison
has been in poor health for some
Wavne Sperry of Portland, a for
mer lone boy, was calling on friends
here Saturday.
Many townspeople have found it
necessary to remove the snow from
the roofs of their business houses
and dwellings.
Friday the thermometer began to
show an upward trend. Since that
time it has remained above the zero
Wate Crawford had considerable
difficulty breaking a road into town
on Thursday of last week in order
to get his children back to school.
He remained in town over night, re
turning home Friday.
Many of the rural pupils are
boarding in town during the time
that the roads are impassable.
Lee Beckner broke road from his
place to town on Wednesday of last
week and on Thursday broke road
in the opposite direction. Carlsons
broke road from their place to con
nect with Beckner.
W. A. (Bill) Thomas, a former res
ident of lone who now resides on
the old Jim Allen place below Mor
gan, met with a painful accident the
latter part of last week. Mr. Thom
as went out to put down straw for
his horses when the stack toppled
over on him, completely burying
him underneath. Glen Ball who is
in the habit of going each day to
see how Mr. Thomas is getting
along, found what had happened
and extricated the imprisoned man.
When released Mr. Thomas was al
most unconscious. He is recovering
nicely. Mr. Thomas is well along in
years and quite badly crippled. He
lives alone.
The little five-year-old child of
Mr. and Mrs. Wate Crawford is
very ill with pneumonia. The child
was moved to the home of Mrs. M.
Jordan on Sunday that he might
have better care.
The regular monthly missionary
meeting of the Congregational
church will be held Thursday after
noon, Feb. 6, at the church parlor.
Everyone is invited to attend.
Mrs. Harlan McCurdy who is
quite ill with influenza, is receiving
treatment in the Heppner hospital.
Arthur Ritchie has been ill with
Elmer Peterson came near having
a serious automobile accident Satur
day evening near Morgan. Due to
the failure of his lights, his car
went into the ditch. No one was
Ordie Farrens, who has been at
tending school in Portland, enrolled
in the lone school Monday for the
last semester's work.
The county get-together meeting
of Odd Fellows and Rebekahs to
have been held January 25 at Mor
gan has been postponed to Febru
ary first
On Thursday evening, February
6, Bunchgrass Rebekah lodge will
hold its regular social meeting. All
members are urged to be present
On Monday Harlan McCurdy ar
rived at the creek ranch below town
with his band of sheep, bringing
them from the Rock creek ranch.
It was necessary to break the trail
much of the way, but he made the
trip in less than four days. Lambing
will begin February 5.
Mrs. Carl Barlow and son Jackie
came Sunday for a visit at the home
of Mrs. Barlow's sister-in-law, Mrs.
Lee Howell.
Nicholi Thompsen, who has been
working in Portland for a few
weeks, returned Wednesday of last
week to his ranch home.
Walter Eubanks shipped two tons
of dressed turkeys January 16.
Mrs. Frank Engelman returned
the middle of last week from a
pleasant visit in Portland.
On Thursday of last week we had
no mail until noon. Because of
trouble on the main line our engine
had to make a trip to Umatilla.
Mr. and Mrs. John Louy left on
Saturday night's train for Seattle,
where they go for a visit with Mrs.
Louy's sister and other relatives.
Larry Londergan returned Satur
day from a visit in Portland.
The Henry Cohn sheep that have
been feeding at the McMurray
ranch above town, were moved last
week to the Sloan Thompson ranch
on Butter creek for lambing.
A birthday dinner was given Sun
day at the Victor Rietmann ranch
home at which Mrs. Rietmann s mo
ther, Mrs. Frank Engelman, was
the honor guest. All of the Engel
man family was present except Mr,
Frank Engelman.
Virgil Esteb left Monday for Port
land where he was called by the
death of his mother, who passed
away Sunday. Interment was made
in a Portland cemetery. Mr. Esteb
has the sympathy of his many
friends here.
Walton Young has returned to
his home after a week spent in
Jesse Daley of Salem Is here for
a visit at the home of Mrs. M. Jor
dan. Mr. Daley arrived Sunday.
Nolan Page, who for the past
year and a half has been doing
graduate work at the University of
Iowa, goes February first to Madi
son, Wis., where he has a position
for this semester as instructor in
the materials laboratory of the Uni
versity of Wisconsin. Mr. Page will
return to the University of Iowa for
summer school. He is an lone boy,
graduating from the high school
with the class of '24.
Children Give Recital
On Piano for Mothers
Mothers of pupils studying the
piano, under Mrs. William Poulson,
were guests at a tea and recital
held at the Poulson home in the
Case apartments Saturday.
The following numbers were in
cluded on the program: "Across the
Brook" by Blake, Helen Egan; "The
Juggler" by Blake, Pauline Piercy;
'The Duke's Song" by Verdi, Helen
Egan and Mrs. Poulson; "In Hang
in Gardens" by Davies, Margaret
Brosnan; "Lively Dance for Two,"
Pauline Piercy and Mrs. Poulson;
'The Goblin's Frolic" by Kern,
Katherine Healey; "Swanee River"
by Foster and "Battle Hymn of the
Republic," Howard Cleveland; "Con
fetti" by Media, Nancy Jane Cox;
"Valse" by Friml, Winifred Case;
"Dance of the Bubbles" by Preston,
Phyllis Jane Jones; "Robin's Re
turn," Violet Hinton; Valse Chro-
matique" by Godard, Teresa Bres-
lin, and Spanish Dance by Moz-
cowski, Frances and Mary White.
Statement of Taxes
(1929 ROLLS)
General Taxea Levied for State and County
Character Valuation Rate Tax
of Tax Mills
State and Coun
ty J13.853.5S5 7.94 $109. 997.31
General School.. 13.853.565 1.06 14.684.78
Roads & Bridges 13.853.565 3.1 42.946.05
Market Roads 13.853,565 1.1 15,238.92
Bond Sinking
Fund 13,853.565 1. 13,853.57
Bond Interest
Fund 13.853.565 2. 27,707.13
High School Tu
ition 6.932,297 1.2 8.318.76
Gain .66
Special Taxes Levied in Towns
Town Valuation Mills Tax
Hfppner $ 900.662 10.2 $ 9.186.75
Lexington 112.472 20.7 2.328.17
lone 192.892 13.7 2.642.62
Boardman 41,315 29.2 1.206.40
Loss .01
$ 15,363.94
Special Taxes Levied in Other Taxing
West Extension Irrigation Dis
trict $ 10,054.17
Westland Irrigation District 960.00
Forest Fire Patrol 2.236.73
Special Taxes Levied In Boad Districts
Dist. No. Valuation Mills Tax
1 $ 1.381.758 5. t 6.908.79
23 438.771 3. 1,316.31
Gain , .06
$ 8.225.10
Special Taxes Levied In Union High School
Dist. No. Valuation Mills Tax
1 $ 775,776 6.1 $ 4,622.43
Gain .01
(Comprised of Nos. 19, 40 & 51)
Special Taxes Levied In School Districts
Dist. No. Valuation Mills Tax
1 $ 1.227.992 20.8 $ 25,542.23
2 426.230 .9 383.61
3 267.257 1.5 400.89
4 179.936 2.9 521.81
5 284,890 2.2 626.76
6 295.994 3.2 947.18
8 286,908 .7 200.84
19 .
29 .
31 .
Valuation Mills Tax
.$ 188.707 2.4 $ 452.90
. 1.236.392 13.4 16.567.65
124.039 3.5 434.14
617.739 17.8 10,995.75
92.393 14.3 1.321.22
168.295 2.6 437.67
111,682 7.1 792.94
128.900 3.5 451.15
137,218 2.1 288.16
32.265 2.5 80.66
142.379 2.7 384.42
164.388 2.5 410.97
1,372,354 20.7 28 407.73
584.084 13.6 7.943.54
275.983 17. 4.691.71
181.057 2.5 452.64
107.230 5.6 600.49
184.194 2.3 423.65
168.740 7.5 1.265.55
20.794 2.7 56.14
318.194 2.2 700.03
848.948 18. 15.281.06
151.538 2.5 378.85
167.228 2.8 468.24
167.440 2.5 418.60
480.599 1. 480.60
365,757 6. 2.194.54
330.290 2.1 693.61
241.999 4.1 992.20
105.857 4.4 465.77
80.587 4.1 330.41
189,412 2.5 473.53
263 119
' 125.040 3.3 412.63
117.501 5.7 669.76
Total $129,042.28
State, County and General School..$124.682.42
Special School 129.042.28
Union High School 4,622.44
High School Tuition 8.318.81
General Road . 42,946.04
Market Road 15,238.90
Bonds and Interest ,.. 41,561.01
Towns 15.363.93
Irrigation 11,014.17
Fire Patrol 2.236.73
Special Road 8,225.16
I HEREBY CERTIFY, that the foregoing
is a true and correct statement, according
to the records of my office.
JESSE J. WELLS, County Assessor.
Dated this 22nd day of January, 1930.
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immediate and lasting relief will be explained
By nr. ScholVs Foot Expert
February 1st
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onstrate how simple and easy it is for you to have real relief.
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giT instant relieft
ure, healing, toothing.
3&c boi.
Dr.Srhotr TofFUn
straighten crooked toe
naturally udoenforUbly.
75 each.
Or. Scholi't AW mprotwd
Atxh Support relieve pain,
re More wk arr.be to normal,
U.JU to 11$. W permit.
E. N. Gonty Shoe Store
Heppner high school pupils, who
had failures in subjects last term
or who made extremely low grades
are making up the deficiency by
working during an eighth period,
which is an overtime period of one
half hour daily.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Biddle were
in Heppner from their ranch on
Rhea creek, Saturday.
A. M. Markham. A. P. Hughes and
Ralph I. Thompson, Trustees of the
Trust Estate of J. P. Rhea, an Insol
vent Debtor, and individually as
claimants against said estate.
J. P. Rhea; S. E. Notson; D. H. Wilsay;
John r. Hugnes, Mary Healey, Anna
McNamee. Joseph Hughes, Matt
Hughes, William J. Hughes, Thomas
Hughes and Nora Hughes, heirs at
law of John Hughes, deceased; Mrs.
E. Howard; Oscar Borg, Anna Borg,
Matilda A. Swope. Carrie B. Wright,
and Frank Borg. heirs at law of P.
O. Borg. deceased; Mary R. Halvor
sen, Lena A. Padberg, Administratrix
of the Estate of E. L. Padberg, de
ceased, Lydia E. Ray, Louis J. Pad
berg, W. H. Padberg and J. H. Pad
berg, heirs at law of Henry Padberg,
deceased; Mrs. E. C. Wilson, Admin
istratrix of the Estate of Chris Le
Tellier, deceased; M. Belle Thompson,
heir at law of J. A. Thompson, de
ceased; Alice Smith Fisher and Frank
M. Smith, heirs at law of George W.
Smith, deceased; W. W. Smith; The
First National Bank of Heppner, Ore
gon, a corporation; Pauline Quaid;
Ralph Swinburne, heir at law of E. R.
Swinburne, deceased; Alice E. Mc
Nabb, Mable C. Read, Edna P. Puy
ear and Wesley E. McNabb, heirs at
law of W. T. McNabb, deceased;
James N. Luper; R. C. Morris; R. R.
McHalev. Trustee for the Benefi
ciaries under the Last Will and Test
ament of James H. McHaley. deceas
ed; Fred H. Deshon and Fred Rood,
Executors of the Last Will and Test
ament of Fannie O. Rood, deceased:
Nicholas Jonas; K. F. Hughes; Isabel
F. Corrlgall, Executrix of the Last
Will and Testament of M. S. Corrl
gall. deceased: Anna Natter, heir at
law of J. B. Natter, deceased; Jeff
Evans; Belle LeLande; Eva Magrunn
and C A. Khea, Defendants.
To D. H. Wilsay; John P. Hughes;
Thomas Hughes: Carrie B. Wright:
Frank Borg; Mrs. E. C. Wilson, Ad
ministratrix of the Estate of Chris
LeTellier, deceased; M. Belle Thomp
son: Alice Smith Fishr: Frank M.
Smith; W. W. Smith; Ralph Swin
burne: Edna P. Puyear; R. C. Morris;
Nicholas Jonas; Jett Evans; Belle
LeLande and Eva Magrunn, Defend
OREGON: You and each of you are
hereby required to appear and answei
the complaint filed against you in the
above entitled suit on or before Four
weeks from the Thirtieth day ot Jan
uary, J930, and if you fall to so appear
and answer, the plalntins win appiy 10
the Court for the relief prayed for in
their complaint as follows, to-wit:
The object of this suit Is to obtain a
decree authorizing the trustees of the
trust set forth in plaintiff s complaint
herein to sell, mortgage, lease, extend,
Improve or otherwise deal with the
property embraced in said trust in ac
cordance with the prayer of said com
plaint, particularly as ioiiows, iu-wu.
The ratification and confirmation of
the acts of A. M. Markham. A. P.
Hughes and Ralph I. Thompson from
the time of their appointment to the
present time as trustees of the Estate
of J. P. Rhea, Insolvent, and for auth
ority to carry out the terms of con
tracts neretotore entered into neiween
said trustees and R. A. Thompson and
between said trustees and Otto Ruhl
for the sale of the real property here
inafter described.
The real property belonging to said
estate is described as follows, to-wit:
West half of Northwest quarter
and Southeast quarter of Northwest
quarter and South half of Section
Two; Southwest quarter of Section
One; Southeast quarter of North
east quarter and Northeast quarter
of Southeast quarter of Section
Nine; Northeast quarter and South
west quarter and South half of
Northwest quarter of Section Ten;
North half of Section Eleven;
Northwest quarter of Section
Twelve; North half and Southeast
quarter of Section Sixteen, all 111
Township Two South, Range Twenty-four,
E. W. M., containing 21)40
acres, in Morrow County, State of
and said trustees have entered into
a contract with Otto Ruhl for the sale
of the foilowing described portions of
said real property, to-wit:
Beginning at the center of Sec
tlon One, Township Two South
Range Twenty-four, E. W. M., and
running thence West along the Sec
tion line 44(10.0 feet: thence South
Twelve degrees Thirty minutes
West. 2580.0 feet: thence South 70
decrees 00 minutes East 645 feet;
thence South 0 degrees Thirty min
utes West 1935.0 feet; thence South
73 degrees 00 minutes East, 1076.0
feet; thence South 300.0 feet to the
East and West center line of Sec
tion Eleven of Bald Township and
Range; thence East 840.0 feet to the
quarter corner between sections El
even and Twelve of said Township
and Range; thence East 2640 feet,
to the center of Section Twelve of
said Township and Range; thence
North 6280.0 feet to the place of
beginning and containing 549.3 ac
res, In Morrow County, State of
Oregon ;
the details of said contract are set out
In plaintiffs' complaint, and the remain
ing portion of said lands has been sold
on contract by said trustees to R. A.
Thompson; the details of said contract
are set out in plaintiffs' complaint;
For authority to sell the securities,
if any be taken on sale of any of the
lands belonging to the estate;
For a decree fixing and allowing a
reasonable attorney's fee for the attor
ney acting for said trustees in bringing
this suit and advising said trustees in
their management of said estate, and
For a further decree authorizing the
trustees to distribute to the creditors
pro rata in accordance with the decree
heretofore entered in this proceeding,
For such other and further relief as
may be necessary and proper herein.
This summons is served upon you by
publication thereof once each week for
the period of Four weeks In the Hepp
ner Gazette Times, a weekly newspaper
of general circulation published at
Heppner, Morrow County, State of Ore
gon, under and by virtue of an order
duly made and entered in this cause on
the Twenty-ninth day of January, 1930,
by the Honorable R. L. Benge, County
Judge for Morrow County, State of
Oregon, and the date of the first publi
cation of this summons Is January Thir
tieth. 1930, and the date of the last
publication will be the Twenty-seventh
day of February, 1930.
Attorney for the Plaintiffs.
Address: Heppner. Oregon.
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