Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, August 22, 1929, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Mis Audrey Moore is assisting
with the house work at West Camp
ranch. She took the place of Miss
Margaret Melville who left there
to work In the office of Cohn'a gar
age in Heppner.
Miss Bernice Sepanek was a Sat
urday evening guest of the Misses
Margaret Melville and Helen Ben
nett of Heppner.
The many friends of Mrs. Wlliam
Campbell wish to congratulate her
on her recent journey to the sea of
matrimony. Mrs. Campbell was
formerly Miss Twila Morey of this
community. She was married to
William Campbell of Milton-Free-water
at Walla Walla, Washington.
The Misses Peggy Thompson and
Naomi Moore were guests Friday
afternoon at the home of Miss Ger
trude Tichenor.
Olin Ritchy accompanied by Miss
Peggy Thompson were Heppner
visitors on Saturday evening.
Edward Rice of near Lexington
joined a number of young people in
Heppner and made a trip to Hld
away springs on Saturday evening.
Miss Margaret Melville of Hepp
ner spent Saturday evening with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Mel
ville. C. E. Strong and son Clarence of
Cornell, Wis., who have been as
sisting with the harvest work at
West Camp left there Tuesday for
Olympia where they will work in
the paper mills.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Neill and
daughter Lois Jean, also Mrs. Ne
ill's sister, Miss Naomi Moore, re
turned home Wednesday afternoon
from Hidaway springs where the
ladies have been vacationing for
the past six weeks. Both the wo
men are very much improved in
health after their outing. Mrs. Ne
ill is eager to get back to her house
hold duties and Miss Moore is anx
ious to get back to school again.
Henry Robertson of Heppner is
assisting with the harvest on the
Boylen ranch in charge of Clarence
Neill. While Mr. Neill is hauling
wheat for John Moore.
C. Melville wa3 a Pendleton vis
itor on Saturday.
Charles Plourd of Pine City call
ed at West Camp on Monday morning.
Gilbert White of Long Beach,
Cal., and Clarence Strong of Cor
nell, Wis., were Lexington visitors
on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Rice and son
Edward were Heppner visitors on
The Misses Mragaret Melville and
Gertrude Tichenor were Heppner
visitors on Wednesday afternoon.
B. P. Doherty is vacationing at
Hot Lake this summer.
.Mrs. Mike Sepanek and daughters
Bernice and Bertha were Heppner
visitors on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Simonton and
family made a trip to Portland
quite recently.
The combine crew under J. C.
Thompson have completed the cut
ting of wheat on the West Camp
ranch, also on C. Melville's ranch
and Thompson's own ranch. The
greatest chore left of the harvest
season is getting the straw picked
Mrs. G. L. Bennett and daughter
Ruth called at West Camp on Wed
nesday morning.
Charles Melville accompanied by
his niece, Miss Gertrude E. Tiche
nor, and Miss Audrey Moore were
Echo visitors on Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Finley and
son Claud Jr. accompanied by Ken
neth Wade of Stanfleld were Pen
dleton visitors on Wednesday.
Chas. Schmidt is assisting with
the harvest at the home of his son-in-law
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
Crockett Duvall.
Chas. Hyatt of Echo is visiting
with his cousin, Lester Lambirth,
at the latter's home.
Miss Doris Lambirth returned to
her home on Tuesday after a two
weeks visit with Mrs. E. W. Jones
of Seattle. Mrs. Jones motored
home with Doris.
Miss Bernice Sepanek who has
been assisting with the housework
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Moorehead of Pine City returned
to her home on Thursday. She had
about two weeks work.
Mr. and Mrs. Crockett Duvall and
family were Pendleton visitors on
Mrs. George Lambirth and son
Lester were Echo visitors on Sat
urday. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Finley and
son were Heppner visitors on Sun
day. Alex Lindsey who Is employed on
the Butter creek ranch of Chas.
Moorehead was at home with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lindsey,
over Sunday.
Gilbert White of Long Beach,
Cal., accompanied by Clarence
Strong of Cornell, Wis., and Wesley
Hummell of Chico, Cal., were Echo
visitors on Saturday evening.
Miss Peggy Thompson was a
guest of Miss Audrey Moore at
West Camp on Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Ella Farrens is now engaged
in cooking for the harvest hands
at the Tlndall Roblson ranch near
Eight Mile.
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Burnside were
visitors in Hardman Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Adams and
daughter Esther and Mr. and Mrs.
C. H. McDaniel were attending to
business in Heppner the first of the
Warren Hadley called on old time
friends Sunday.
Mary Saling spent the week end
with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Saling re
port an enjoyable motor trip thru
the northern part of the county.
They also visited in Condon and
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Bleakman of
Heppner visited at the home of Per
cy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert
Alice Bleakman of Heppner vis
ited her friend, Merle Saling, one
day this week.
Mcsdames Forest Adams and
Charles McDaniel have returned
from work.
Mrs. Laura Ward and son Wil-
ford who have been visiting for a
few weeks at the mountain home of
Mrs. Ward's brother, G. A. Farrens,
have gone to lone where she in
tends to spent the rest of the sum
lh& Safe ofPohhtliir
We wish to take this means of
sincerely thanking all the people
who responded to our call for fire
fighters Sunday, and who assisted
us in putting the Are under control.
The help was greatly appreciated.
O Connor Brothers.
1928 Durant 4 Door SeSan run
only 12,000 miles; new tires; looks
like new; fine condition. Terms.
G. L. Bennett, Alpine wheatraiser
and auctioneer, was transacting
business in the city Tuesday morn
ing. Mr. Bennett reported another
week of harvest before his grain
will all be in the sack.
Henry Baker, wheat farmer of
the lone section transacting busi
ness here Tuesday, was well satis
fied with his wheat yield, an aver
age of more than 20 bushels per
I often think the poor are like
children who have never grown up.
It is a common charge against a
certain proportion of adults (far too
large) that they have children's
minds; that their bodies developed
after twelve, while their minds did
The poor may be likened, also, to
a man who has worked at a trade
all his life, and never learned it
Life is a trade, with foremen and
superintendents of superior skill be
cause of experience or intelligence.
Napoleon never cared much if his
wives had lovers . . . But it makes
a common man mighty mad.
For more than a hundred years
there have been attempts to explain
Napoleon Bonaparte ... I can ex
plain him in half a dozen lines: In
the dirt of love, passion, life, he
picked up at birth marvelous gen
ius as a soldier as Charles Dickens
picked up marvelous genius as a
novelist. As age advanced, both
men lost their power; youth was a
part of their marvelous combina
tion, and, without it, both said and
did things that would have disgrac
ed the commonest fool ... I say to
you that heredity is the greatest
uung in life. If you are not doing
well, either you are wrongly placed
or are not behaving yourself in the
ordinary essentials.
It is freauentlv said them hoa
not been, in all history, a woman
philosopher; one distinguished for
correct and candid thinking, as may
De saia or hundreds of men.
What does this menn? Portnini
not that women do not engage deep
ly in life, and thereby gain sufficient
knowledge to become reflective.
I. N. Basey, farmer of the Lex
ington district, was transacting bus
iness in the city Tuesday.
(Continued from Firat Pace)
The ' Davidson family have re
ceived word that Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Davidson, who were motor
ing back to Cleveland, Ohio, had
reached their destination August 16.
They had a delightful trip, stopping
en-route to visit Nolan Page who is
attending summer school at the Un-
Why take a chance,
when you can get the
We Have It,
Will Get It,
Or It Is Not Made
Mill I Ml
Does it mean that women, in pri
vate and print, refuse to acknow
ledge the facts of life? I have
known less than a dozen really can
did women; I have rarely known
a man of average intelligence who
was not This difference cannot be
accounted for by sex. The brains
of men and women must average
aoout we same.
It may be a poor guess, but I be
lieve the difference due to this:
Since the dawn of civilization cer
tainly, and possibly somewhat ear
lier, women have been flattered;
that has been man's weapon in so
liciting their favors; on the other
hand, men have perpetually travel-,
ed the war path, and known the
truth about themselves. Men are
actually better than the public esti
mate of them, for libels told by'op
posing warriors have come down to
us with history, along with the
exaggerated compliments of women.
There is no page of print, old or
new, not overpraising women and
criticising men more than they de
serve. Men are candid, and become phil
osophers occasionally, because long
experlnece has convinced them of
the practical value of truth; women,
who never become philosophers, still
believe truth distorted In the inter
est of women, may be of value to
Candid thinking seems to have
paid the men: of the things in life
said to be great, the men have as
great a lead, almost as in philo
sophy. Would candid thinking pay the
I do not know. It may be that
their best plan is the one they have
adopted even though there is not
philosophy in it
iversity of Iowa, at Iowa City.
Cleo Drake's brother. E. R. Drake
and his sister. Mrs. Rlanphe Hlnuio
started Monday on the return trip
io tneir nomes in California. They
will StOD b.t Bend tn vlalt frl
and at Klamath Falls to visit their
brother, Leo Drake.
Elmer Griffith left Sunday for the
Deschutes river where he fished un
til Tuesday. Tuesday he met Mrs.
Griffith in Hood River and they
came home in the evening. Mrs.
Griffith who had been visiting with
a brother in Eugene made the re
turn trip by way of the Mount Hood
loop road.
Mr, and Mrs. Clarence McMurray
Convenience Sake-
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again there's just the right
touch of daring to the gentle
man's strap watch.
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tinctive in his taste.
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Swanson's Grocery
Martin Bauernficnd at Morgan
and four children of Mullen, Idaho,
arrived Monday for a visit with Mr.
HcMurray's mother, Mrs. Emily
McMurray, and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Chick of Eu
gene were calling on friends here
Monday. They were making a mo
tor trip to Spokane and other
Mrs. Sarah Piggott and grand
daughter Joan and Mrs. Lloyd King
and two children were Heppner vis
itors Monday.
F. A. Lundell was completely sur
prised Saturday, August 17, when
twenty-eight of his friends and rel
atives came to spend the afternoon
with him. The occasion was his
eighty-first birthday. The self-invited
guests brought delicious re
freshments which were served at
the close of a pleasant afternoon.
Besides Mr. Lundell those present
were Mr. and Mrs. E: R. Lundell
and Mildred, Helen, Richard and
Norton, Mrs. J. E. Swanson and
Eva, Norman and Beverly June,
Mrs. C. W. Sanson, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Lundell, Mr. .and Mrs. O. E.
Lindstrom and Ray, Mr. and Mrs.
Algott Lundell and three sons, Mr.
and Mrs. O. L. Lundell and Ken
neth, Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Drake and
Bobby, and Mrs. Ida Peterson. Mr.
Lundell was pleased to have as his
guests at his birthday party two
great-grandchildren, Beverly June
McMillan and Robert Cleo Drake.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
of the laws of the State of Oregon, I
have taken up the following described
animals found running at large on my
premises, and that I will ut 10 a. m.
on Saturday, August 81, 1929, offer for
sale and sell the same to the highest
bidder for cash in hand at my ranch
on Balm Fork. 8 miles southeast of
Heppner, unless the same shall have
been redeemed by the owner or owners
thereof.- Said animals are described as
1 bay mare, saddle marks, white strip
in face, age 11. branded T on Inverted
quarter circle, on right shoulder, and
circle on inverted T on left hip.
1 brown gelding, blaie face, age 9,
addle marks, 1 white hind foot, brand
ed spear E on right hip-
1 black gelding, age 14, saddle mark
ed, white left hind foot, branded WL
on left hip. Star In forehead.
1 gray mare, age 1U, scar on left
front foot no brand, weight about 1100
pounds: with bay yearling, one white
hind foot no brand.
I bay mare, age 6, white hind legs,
scar on right shoulder, no brand; with
a chestnut sorrel yearling, white hind
legs, no brand.
I ba mare, raoch mane, age 9, collar
marks, white right hind foot, star in
forehead, no brand.
1 bay mare age 10, saddle marka
roachea foretop, blaze face, branded
horse hoof on right hip.
1 brown gelding, age 5, branded XM
on left Bhoulder, star in forehead,
weight about 1200 lbs.
1 bay mare, age 6,. branded B-P con
nected (with B reversed).
22-24. Heppner, Ore.
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