Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, May 09, 1929, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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rnSff ktttvarnKta cr frank b.trvknj&J, A
Fourth Installment
The Sheridan Dramatic Club, of which
Tom Blbeck, the narrator, Maryella, the
Klrl he cares for, and Jim Cooper, his
rlvul, are members, are to give Pygma
lion and Galatea at the Old Sodiers'
Home. Mr. Hemmlngway, husband of
one of the actresses, thinks BUbeck is
in love with his wife. The escape of
prisoners from the local penitentiary
keeps Bilbeck busy at his newspaper
work, so that he gets away from the
dramatic frroun. But Mnrvoiin B,,m.
mons him, and starts telling the story
of "Dollyanna" who believes that every
thing that happens turns out to be for
me uesi.
"She is a sweet child," I said ad
"But she doesn't die, so it Is all
.uli ii . .
iiriiu, juaryeua nastenea to reas
sure me. "There Is a great lesson
in the book though, and if every
one would take it to heart this
world would be a better place to live
in. Don't you think so?"
I looked at Maryella's eyes sharp
ly. I never can tell from the rest
of her face whether she is in earn,
est or not She was perfectly ser
"Yes," I admitted cautiously.
"All we can do," she went on, "Is
to make a beginning; but maybe
others when they see how beauti
fully It works will follow our ex
ample." "Us?" I questioned in alarm.
"Whom do ou mean by 'us'?"
"Why, the Sheridan Dramatic
Club of course. All the members
whom we have asked so far have
agreed to do It Jim Cooper started
it He Just finished reading the
book to me last night I think It Is
an adorable scheme and also very
practical. I wanted you to be one
of the first to come in. Mrs. Hem
mlngway and Jim and I are the
only ones so far, but if you'll try It
we'll bring It up before the club and
mayte change the name of the or
ganization to the Optimists or some
thing like that"
"Ouch!" exclajmed Mrs. Hem
mlngway, who had been sewing
away Industriously while Maryella
and I were talking.
"What's the matter, dear?" Mary
ella Inquired.
"I just stuck the needle In my
finger about an inch, darn it," mur
mured Mrs. Hemmlngway feelingly.
"You mustn't say 'darn It'," re
proved Maryella. "The fact that
you pricked yourself Is all for the
best. You ought to be glad."
Mrs. Hemmlngway was a trifle
"Because" Maryella paused and
thought a moment "because If the
needle wasn't sharp enough to prick
you, you couldn't sew with It So
you see It Is all for, the best"
She turned on me triumphantly.
"You see how It works out, don't
you, Tom? Isn't it lovely?"
"It would be even a better ex
ample If It had been your finger,"
Mrs. Hemmlngway pouted, kissing
her own injured digit in the ab
sence of her husband.
Maryella disregarded the com
ment and continued to me:
"Even our afflictions will make us
happy If we look far enough back or
far enough ahead. There Is always
some blessing disguised In every 111.
All we have to do Is hunt for it and
if we look hard enough we'll forget
all about the misfortune itself and
see only the benefit"
Maryella In a moment of enthusi
asm is a glowing magnet I could
no more have resisted her then as
she stood before me like a little
aalnt fairly alive with the spirit of
optimism than an emotional sinner
can stand against an old-fashioned
revivalist I knew there would
come moments of doubt later when
I would kick myself for a sentimen
tal fool, but now I was carried
away by her belief In her propa-
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So I promised to join the cheer-up
movement and to seek the kernel
of good In every husk of hardship.
"I knew you'd do it," Maryella
congratulated. "You'll find it makes
everything look so different!
"Some problems are harder than
others, of course. One of the very
first things that struck me this
morning was remembering about
your being bowlegged. I couldn't
figure out any way that it could be
all lor the best, but Anally I got it.
Jim Cooper helped me."
"Oh, he did," I said truculently.
"What cheerful outlook could you
two get on the dark fact that I am
laid out In curves like a park, in
stead of straight like a city street?"
"We decided that It was all for
the best, because If It wasn't for the
curve you would probably be so tall
that your head would bump the
celling. After we got that one ev
erything else was easy."
What was the use of being angry
with her? She evidently regarded
my curves Impersonally, as If they
were some freak of nature Impos
sible to explain, like the Grand
Canon or Niagara Falls. It was
more fun being with Maryella than
against her In a discussion, so I
willingly let the subject drop.
Adopting our new code, I decided
that It was all for the best
"How long before you'll be
through with that?" Maryella ask
ed Mrs. Hemmlngway, who was
pinning ruffles on a curious-looking
I think I can finish In another
hour," she answered.
Then, Tom," Maryella went on,
taking charge of me and the expe
dition with her customary eye for
detail, "let's get started for the Old
Soldiers Home right after lunch.
Is the car running all right today?"
I don t know. Are we going out
in the car?"
Can't we? It will be much nicer.
Besides, there Is no train back late
at night and we don't want to sleep
there. I called up Mrs. Lillielove
and she says we can use their 'bus,
as there is no funeral In town this
afternoon. That holds twelve, and
If you'll take me and three others
that will be all we need. Fred
Merryweather went out on the train
with the scenery and properties
this morning."
I agreed to this arrangemnet I
had a few private doubts as to
whether Grandmother Page would
negotiate the thirty miles out to the
Home and back without making any
fuss about it but I kept them to
myself. The prospect of the long
drive with Maryella on the front
seat beside me was so roseate that
I overlooked all the blue goops that
might be hovering in the back
ground. As a justifiable precaution, how
ever, I went to the garage to Inspect
the car as soon as I left Maryella's
house. Grandmother rattled with
joy when she saw me coming, as
she always does. I gave her a
lump of hard grease and patted her
on the radiator. As far as I could
see she looked as If she would last
twenty-four hours longer.
Just to be on the safe side, how
ever, I put a hank of ballng-wlre
and some babbit metal In the tool
box and bought a package of chew
ing gum in case the acetylene-gas
system should leak anywhere.
When I called at Maryella's
house I found that my load con
sisted of Maryella herself, Mrs.
Hemmlngway, Mrs. Lillielove, and
Jim Cooper! i
"I don't like to take my car out
In bad weather," he explalmed In
answer to my look of surprise. "It's
all for the best anyway, because
this way we can all be together."
I hastily smothered the reply that
rose to my lips and busied myself
adjusting the carburetor.
It was snowing slightly and a
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pleasant winter sting was in the air
as I threw in my clutch and Grand
mother staretd up with a jerk as
if I had struck her with a whip.
We left town at two o'clock. and
here is the surprise with which
I close this chapter arrived at the
Old Soldiers' Home at three-thirty
without having to stop for any
Comrade Pilk Henwether.
I nave never received a more
royal welcome than that tendered
us by those living at the Home,
They had heard us coming a long
way down the road that is one of
the advantages Grandmother Page
has over most cars and when we
came around the turn the Home
Band burst Into melody.
"Burst" is absolutely the correct
word, as you would realize if you
had heard the sound and had seen
the expression of the players.
Grandmother Page shied and near
ly jumped Into the ditch. ' The air
was "The Star Spangled Banner,"
but the slide trombonist evidently
had the wrong music.
But what a bass-drum virtuoso!
I have never heard a bass-drum
played more, feelingly, even In
Sousas Band. What expression.
what shades of meaning the artist
put Into It! You could just picture
the bombs bursting in air. First
came the boiler-factory motif, then
a minor counterpoint melody of
bursting quick-detachable tires, and
finally a reversion to the original
theme in the major key, ending in
a magnificent crescendo, a sort of
tone-picture of a courtship between
two coast-defense guns at two hun
dred yards' range.
It was magnificent! Grandmother
Page was shamed to absolute si
lence for the first time since we
have been acquainted.
As we pranced up to the gate the
melody grew a trifle thlnnen. All
the players seemed to be working
just as hard, but the result was dis
couraging. One by one the artists
would cease playing and shake
their instruments with a puzzled
look . At length none was left
but the bass-drum player. He ham
mered away regardless until the
leader took the drumstick away
from him.
Colonel Stewart the acting head
of the Home, met us with out
stretched hand. He was a fine,
hearty old fellow with white hair
and a close-cropped military mus
The boys certainly appreciate
your kindness in giving a show for
them," he told us. "We're eight
miles away from anywhere out here
and they don't get many chances
even to see moving pictures."
The members of the band came
up and he Introduced them.
As I shook hands enthusiastically
with the bass-drummer, Colonel
Stewart said:
'This is Comrade Pilk Henweth
er. "You 11 have to speak pretty
loudly to him, as he is nearly stone
I congratulated him. "It's all for
the best."
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"We're sorry we couldn't play
that piece all the way through,"
apologized the bandmaster. "We
know all the notes, but It's so cold
the wind Instruments all froze up.
I told the boys not to blow damp,
but I guess they couldn't help it."
"Never mind," I soothed. "It's
probably all for the best."
He looked at me suspiciously, but
apparently saw no guile In my eye,
because he went on cheerfully:
"It will be all right when we get
inside and thaw out the horns.
Then we'll play It again for you."
We had a lovely time that after
noon. The old soldiers were as
eager to play as children. In the
summer-time they had lots of vis
itors, but in the winter it was rath
er dull. The Home is on Three
Bears Lake, eight miles from the
town of Fair Oaks at the other end
where the railroad station is. As a
consequence few people take the
trip in winter except for some spec
ial reason.
Comrade Abel Dryenfurth had
lost a leg at Antietam. That did not
interfere with a lively desire to
learn the fox-trot and Maryella
spent an hour teaching it to him.
The bass-drummer Pilk Henweth
er, dsicovered in me a kindred soul.
"I like you, Mr. BUbeck," he con
fided at the top of his voice.
can sort of tell what you are talk
ing about because you make faces
when you speak."
The undertaker's 'bus arrived just
before dinner. We ate together In
a large mess-hall. The dwellers at
the Home cook their own meals and
do all their own housework.
"That's the chief objection I got
to the Home," said Pilk Henwether,
naraiy raising nis voice above a
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washing dishes.
The dinner was good, all except
the dessert, which was a fallen angel-food
cake and ice-cream.
"Henry Kllngman made it," Pilk
confided, "and I think it's punk, if
you want my honest opinion. But
I wouldn't let him hear me say that
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because it would only hurt his feel
ings." As Comrade Kllngman was In the
room and Pilk Henwether spoke in
his ordinary tone of voice, there
seemed little doubt of his feelings
receiving a jolt.
"It ain't so bad, though," Pilk
went on, "when you come to think
that Henry has only got one arm.
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He says the other one was shot off
at Chancel lorsville, but It's my pri
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buzz-saw after the war was over.
Anyhow, he draws an extra allow
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(Continued Next Week)
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