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The Seniors took their annual
"Sneak Day" on Friday and In com
pany with Miss Alice Falk drove to
The Dalles where they had their
photographs taken, then went on
below Mosier where they had a
wonderful picnic lunch, thence on
to Hood River for a time, later re
turning to The Dalles for supper
and a show. All reported a glorious
time. The seniors included Lillian
Brice, Mildred Messenger, Gladys
Wilson, Noel Klitz, Sophie Barlow.
Alex Ayers and Buster Rands.
Dr. D. A. Thompson of Portland
will preach the baccalaureate ser
mon here Sunday morning. May 12.
Everyone is Invited. It will be giv
en at the church.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Allen and
two sons of Arlington were Sunday
guests at the J. M. Allen home.
Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Olson have
taken out adoption papers signed
recently by Judge Benge for Lyn
della Ivera Mefford, their little
grand daughter, the daughter of
Mrs. Lester Uthey.
Mrs. W. O. King was quite ill this
week. Dr. Sears was called Sunday
to attend her.
Clarence Amis and Glen Hadley
were up Saturday night They have
been shearing at Goldendale. For
a few days they will shear near Al
derdale and then go up Condon way.
On Sunday Mr. and Mrs Hadley
and son Stanton and Mr. Amis were
dinner guests at the Hereim home.
Mrs. G. A. Harju spent the week
end at Centerville, Wn, going over
Frida with some friends from Pen
dleton. Miss Lillian Baker of Milwaukee
Wis., is a house guest at the Brice
Dillabough home. Miss Baker is
an old school friend of Mr. Dil
The church here received a re
decorating, cleaning, such as It nev
er had before when Rev. Miller,
Mr. Allen, Mr. Johnson and Mr.
Hereim kalsomined the building.
Later the women washed the wood
work and completed the cleaning.
On Tuesday Mrs. Johnson prepared
a fine chicken dinner for the men
folks. The cleaning of the church
has been planned for a long time
and last summer several persons
contributed to the fund for' purchas
ing materials. Among them were
Mrs. Sherman, Mrs. Warner, Messrs.
Calkins, Wicklander, Dillon and
others and ' the men contributed
their labor so the actual cost of
material was all the expense.
J. R. Johnson went to The Dalles
Friday to consult his doctor again
about his eye. L. G. Smith, who
has been at The Dalles hospital for
several days was much improved.
He has been having iritis.
W. A. Murchie, father of Mrs. J
C. Balleneer. is auite ill at the
Mid-Columbia hospital in The Dal
les. He has been ill for the past
five years.
The P. T. A. met Friday night at
the schoolhouse. The little one-act
playlet, "King Lazybones," which
was presented at the teachers insti
tute here in March was given again,
Parts were taken by Norma Gib
bons. Celia Partlow, A..T. Hereim,
Jr.. Adeline Wilbanks and John
Chaffee. The reading "Keeping
Seat at the Benefit," which Nellie
Dillon gave at Heppner was given
again by her and was well received.
Her expression was very good. Fred
Aubert of the Victor Talking Mach
ine company, gave a talk on music
appreciation. He had an orthophon
ic with him which he demonstrated.
The P. T. A. have been discussing
just what project they should spon
sor and a concrete walk extending
from the schoolhouse steps to the
road has been discussed. Estimates
on the cost were made by Mr. Price
and amounted to approximately
$123.95. A school model orthophon
1c was also under discussion and
the finance committee felt that a
musical instrument was really of
more benefit to the children than
the concrete walk. The general op
inion seemed to be that one should
"make haste slowly" lest we have
a repetition of the radio experience
when we became too hasty and in
vested a huge sum in a radio in the
early days which benefitted no one
and has become utterly obsolete.
The finance committee was author
ized to investigate prices from the
various companies and report at
the first meeting in September. The
constitution of the P. T. A. was re
vised slightly and accepted.
Chas. Dillon brought the house
hold goods of Mr. and Mrs. Stevens
last week from The Dalles'. Stevens'
live on the Calahan place which
they have purchased.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Mulligan of
the Pendleton Music house, Chas.
Burnett of Travelogue and Fred
Aubert of Victor Talking Machine
company were all present Friday
night at the P. T. A. meeting.
The Catholics are erecting a new
church building to be called St
Mary's. This is being built oppo
site the Adventist church.
The I. O. O. F. held a social meet
ing Wednesday night celebrating
their anniversary of the founding
Hays Files Suit
Will Hays, movie czar, and hij wift
have come to a parting of the way
after having been married Z7 years.
Hays filed a suit for divorce at btl
livan, Ind., charging incompatibility.
ings, Mr. and Mrs. Kinnard Mc
Daniel and children, Elma Delvin
and Dollie, John Allen, John Stev
ens and children, James. Edith, Alta
and Harold, Fairy and Eldred Stan
ton, Hilda Gayler and Grandma
Miss Mary Saling was at home
for the week-end.
Rev. Stanley Moore gave an in
teresting talk to the students of
Hardman schools on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack DeVore and
children of Heppner were guests of
Ben DeVore on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Rider and
Mr. and Mrs. V. Stoker of Oregon
City have been visiting with their
nieces, Mrs. Walter Farrens and
Mrs." Blaine Chapel during the past
Rev. and Mrs. Moore took the
Sunday school pupils on a pleasant
trip to Rock creek on Friday after
noon. The children of the grade school
went on a hike to McKinney creek
on Thursday. They picked wild
Bowel's, played games and cooked
dinner on a camp fire. They all
declared it was a most happy time.
The boards of directors of Hard-
man schools reelected all the teach
ers for the ensuing year.
mixture Is spread about one-half
an Inch thick, it browns evenly and
turns easily. ,
During the visit of Judge Fee
here the past week, a short term
of court was held and the case of
Minnie E. Smith against Frank
Gilliam as trustee of the estate of
the late George Wright was heard.
The suit was brought for an ac
counting, and the plaintiff was rep
resented by Geo. A. Brown, McDan
iel Brown and Lawrence A. Brown,
attorneys of Portland, and Mr. Gil
liam by C. L. Sweek of Heppner.
Appearing as a witness in the case
was Rev. L. F. Smith, the present
husband of the plaintiff. Mr. and
Mrs. Smith now reside at Newport,
Oregon. Judge Fee took the case
under advisement
of the organization. A fine feed
was served and all had a good time.
Members invited their wives and
friends. Jack Gorham is Noble
Grand of the organization.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Price enter
tained at a lovely party on Satur
day night Two tables of 500 were
in play and after the game a mar
velous lunch was served by the hos
tess. Present were Mr. and Mrs. L.
E. Marschat, Mr. and Mrs. A. T.
Hereim, Miss Ellen Henry, Miss
Frances Spike and the host and
Truman Messenger and family
were down Sunday from Athena.
The Barlows all enjoyed a fine din
ner together on that day.
Beth Murel is here from La
Grande with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Miller who live on the Nizer
Mrs. Royal Rands and daughter
are home from Hood River where
the spent several days.
A pinch of salt added to egg
whites that are less than a day old
will make them easier to beat stif
In making lemonade, tf the su
gar is dissolved in hot water and
cooled before adding it to the lemon
juice, the sugar will not Be wasted
by settling to the bottom.
Beating chocolate with an egg-
beater before serving will often pre
vent a scum from forming.
A simple and delicious way of
serving left-over potatoes is in the
form, "hash brown," as listed on
restaurant menus. To prepare, make
a thin white sauce of two table
spoons butter, one and a half table
spoons flour, one cup milk, salt and
pepper to taste. Dice or chop the
cold potatoes, and mix with the
white sauce. Grease a pan Tr .skil
let well, pour in potatoes and spread
out evenly. Cover and cook slowly
until steamed through, or about
three fourths of an hour. When
done, fold over like an omelet, turn
on a hot platter and serve. If the
J. H. Pleper was a Saturday vis
itor at Heppner, spending several
hours in town while transacting
business. He is glad to see the
weather turn warmer, and hopes it
may bring some needed showers.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Copenhaver of
Swaggart buttes, were visitors in
Heppner on Saturda for a few hours
while shopping.
Mrs. W. E. Walbridge of Pendle
ton was here the first of the week,
looking after property Interests.
Named Bank Head
' y & -
Pays Alimony! ,
um-don S. Rentschler. six feet four
inches high, is perhaps the "biggest
man" in the banking business. A for
mer Ohio farm boy,- he has been
elected president of the National City
Bank of New York. ,
Geo. H. Hayden was down from
his home at Hardman on Tuesday,
looking after business matters at
Heppner. He reports better weath
er conditions up his 'way, and feels
that spring has at last arrived.
The McNamer residence on Court
street is undergoing some repairs
and improvements. This property
was recently purchased by Mrs. Mc
Namer from Mrs. Edna Slocum of
pro i
mam: i
Mrs. f ranee vv. tuiott ot Los
Angeles must pay her husband alimony
of $250 a month. This ruling was
made under a new California law
granting husbands alimony rights.
Air Stowaway
5wen Ronton, sixteen year old Oak
land, C!., girl who returned from Sak
Lake city after stowing away on (ttf
20 passenger plane "Patricias.",
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Bennett were
Echo and Hermiston visitors on
Willard Hawley accompanied by
Miss Celathea Hawley spent Wed
nesday and Thursday in Pendleton.
Mrs. C. Melville who has been on
the sick list for some time is slowly
improving, and is able to be about
the house again.
Dr. J. P. Conder of Heppner was
out to his ranch in Sand Hollow
last Wednesday.
Miss Helen Bennett of Heppner
was a week-end guest of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Irl Clary and chil
dren Irl, Jr., and Mildred, also Mrs.
Anna Heiny were Sunday guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McDaniel of
Rhea creek.
About 35 were present at the de
votional services held at Alpine on
Sunday. Next Sunday the services
will be held at Pine City. Milton
W. Bower of Heppner in charge.
Everybody is welcome.
Mrs. G. L. Bennett accompanied
by her children Merle, Helen and
Ruth,- also the Misses Bernice and
Bertha Sepanek and Celatha Lam-
birth and Grover Sibley, motored to
Heppner on Sunday evening. Part
of her party attended the sHow and
the rest of them went to Rhea
creek to visit Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Mrs. Anna Heiny motored to Her
miston on a busjness mission last
Mike Sepanek visited the Alpine
school on Monday morning.
Miss Gertrude Tichenor accom
panied by Mrs. J. C. Thompson
were Echo and Hermiston visitors
on Wednesday.
C. Melville finished his spring
plowing on Monday. It is needless
to say there is on happy man who
lives in the sand.
Mrs. Shirley Straight spent the
week-end with her sister and brother-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Pear
son of Echo.
A number of our young people
attended the dance at Heppner on
Saturday evening.
Saturday evening, May 4, the
monthly meeting of the Alpine
Farm Bureau will be held at the
Alpine school house. The program
will be as always, business meeting
followed by the program given by
young people in the various com
munities. The program will be fol
lowed by a social hour and refresh
ments will be served. Everyone is
invited to attend and we would
like to have anyone who will con
tribute toward the program. Any
numbers will be appreciated.
Mrs. John Moore accompanied
by her daughter Naomi and Miss
Peggy Thompson were business vis
itors in town on Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Melville enter
tained the Shaw brothers of Juni
per on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Kinnard McDaniel
and family of Lone Rock were
guests of Mrs. Ethel McDaniel last
Misses Fairy Stanton, Hulda Gay
ler and Mr. Eldred Stanton of Wal
la Walla were visiting relatives here
on Sunday.
Verl Farrens returned to Hepp
ner on Sunday to resume his work
after being here for the funeral of
hiB grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Sper-ry-
Mr. and Mrs. Max Buschke and
little son Delmer spent Sunday with
Mrs. Buschke's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Dick Steers. They were ac
companied by Elmer Steers, brother
of Mrs. Buschke.
A very enjoyable dinner party
was given on Sunday at the home
of Mrs. Ethel McDaniel. Those pre
sent were Mr, and Mrs. Carey Hast-
New York Life Insurance Co.
W. V. Crawford, Agent
Heppner, Ore.
FOR SALE Pure bred Rhode Is
land eggs, from 'high producing
strain. 75c setting. Ralph Butler,
Cecil, Ore. 5-8
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Becket of
Eight Mile were visitors in Hepp
ner on Tuesday.
Wise old Mother Nature made milk
for children. Into it she put every
thing needed for sustenance, and in
the most easily assimilated form.
So, Drink More Milk. Let me
children have DlentV. It is the
cheapest food you can buy.
Alfalfa Lawn Dairy
Phons 30F3
at these
Seiberling Tire Prices
29x4.40' Seiberling Arrowhead $ 6.44
30x3 Vi CI. Seiberling: Patrician 7.76
29x4.40 Seiberling- Patrician 9.21
30x4.50 Seiberling Patrician 10.09
30x3 Yi Seiberling Arrowhead Tube .... 1.15
29x4.40 Seiberling Arrowhead Tube ' $1.35
"PBOTECTED FOB ONE YBAB" means theee tires are fixed ,
PBEE of charge for ONE YEAB ref udless of what the duuc Is
to the tire, excepting fire.
Heppner, Oregon
Heppner Gazette Times for Everything in Printing
You Should
Because they are worn by a
greater number of men than
any other line shoe, and be-'
FOR YOU through long service.
Most Styles $10
Making the MoSt
of It
We should all make the most of
our TIME,1 our TALENTS, our OP
TAGES. That is real thrift.
The railroad succeeded the stage
coach in order to save time. Today
it is possible to cross the continent in
less than two days, by airplane. More
time saved. It is just as important to
save money as it is to save time. In
fact, saving time means saving mon
ey. But money is never really saved
unless deposited in a good, reliable
bank like ours, subject to check
but SAFE.
Fir& National Bank'
A , u
New Six Cylinder
since Jan. Is
Again, Chevrolet surpasses
Its most brilliant record of
thepast by producing over
500,000 six-cylinder Chevro
lets in four months a
greater number of six-cylin
der cars than any other
manufacturer has ever built
In an entire year! A ride in
this sensational new Six is a
revelation come in and let
us give you a demonstration.
The Sport
All prictrf. a. b. factory
Hint, Michigan
Thm Convtrt- ITT C
Hi Light De- MnA
livery Uuuela 4UU
Ton Chaeela ....... 343
Tht 1 Ton IAEA
Chaeele with Cab . . D3U
COMPARE the delivered price as well at the list price In
considering automobile values. Chevrolet's delivered
prices Include only reasonable charges for delivery and
, Ferguson Chevrolet Co.
E. R. LUNDELb, lone, Ore.