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A Race to Help Him
By Albert T. Reid
marked by the arrival of scores of
performers. Charley Irwin and Ed
die McCarty, two big outfits, will
arrive next week.
Charley will bring with him the
following ropers and bronk riders:
Ed Bowman, Carl Arnold, Mike
Shelton,- Roy Adams, Buff Brady,
Shark Irwin, Everett Bowman, King
Mcrrit,t Breezy Cox, Ike Dude, and
Claud Sawyer.
Shark won the bronk riding at
Cheyenne this year and Is the strong
contender for the Roosevelt trophy
as he was the high point man at the
Frontier Days show.
Buff Brady won the trick and
fancy riding and was a contestant
in the roping at Cheyenne this year.
Relay, Roman and trick riders
will include Murph Palmer and
Eoland Slaughter. Cowgirl relay
riders are Mabel Strickland, who
was queen of the Round-Up laat
yeaiand who besides her other ac
complishments, ropes steers for ex
hibition; Pauline Sawyer and Jose
phine Wicks.
Irwin, among his livestock, will
include Cal Coolidge and Fountain,
two top bucking horses; even re
lay strings, roping horses, etc. For
the derby he will bring Dotty, Lord
Prim and Laura L.
Eddie McCarty's aggregation will
include the following top hands:
Bob Crosby, for two years winner
of the Roosevelt trophy; Dick Shel
ton, Rene Shelton, Richard Mer
chant, Fred Lowery, H. O. Hay-
L Skoubo and Bill Harrington
shipped a carload of melons last
week through the Irrigon associa
tion. Returns had not yet been re
ceived. Arthur Schaffer is here from
Earl Cramer and A. T. Hereim
Sr., were here from Zillah, Wash.,
for a few days over the week-end
where they have been working in
the fruit
Mrs. Flossie Johnson and chil
dren left Saturday night for their
home in Spokane, after an extended
visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Ves Attebury.
Carl Wicklander who had his ton
sils removed at the clinic, was the
only patient who did not come,
through with flying colors but he
had an infection and on Sunday
was taken to Heppner to see Dr.
Clarence Berger Is employed at
The Dalles as a relief operator for
a time.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. King made a
business trip to Pendleton Satur
day. A Buick sedan was burned on the
highway near Castle Rock Satur
day. The name of the owner was
not obtained.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hendricks mo
tored to Pendleton Saturday.
Bobby Smith is driving a classy
new Ford sedan, purchased at Ar
lington. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Barlow motor
ed to Hood River on Saturday.
Uram Messenger and wife and
son, Chas. Henry of Portland, were
recent visitors at the E. T. Messen
ger home.
Glen Garrett and Russel Wilson
came up from Gold Hill and visited
at the Mefford and Richardson
homes. Garretts were former
Boardman reidents who are farm
ing near Gold Hill at the present
time. On Friday Mr. Garrett took
Bert Richardson over to John Day
to the Chinese doctor. Bert is much
improved in health and went to
Gold Hill for a visit at the Garrett
home, leaving the fore part of the
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bowman and
daughter, Trudy, stopped at the
Faler home on their way back to
Hermiston from a trip to Bend
They were called to Bend by the
tragic death of Me. Bowman's bro
ther, Fred Bowman, who was killed
by a bull at his stock ranch near
that place. It seems that Fred Bow
man farms with a partner who had
gone away for three days, haying
for neighbors, so no one was present
at the time of the accident and It
is not known how long he had been
dead when found. Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Bowman are employed by
Andy Andregg on his dairy ranch
near Hermiston.
Mr. and Mrs. Z. J. Gillespie mov
ed Sunday from Messner where
they have lived the past year to the
Harry Murchie house In Boardman.
Miss Katherine Brown Is home
from a week's visit with friends in
Bickleton, Wash.
John Graves spent the week end
at Lexington. The Graves family
have rented the Clarence Berger
Mrs. Maggie Farley and Wm.
Doherty were guests at Slevins on
Sunday. It had been planned to
hold mass at the Slevin home but
the priest, Rev. Brady of Heppner,
was ill and unable to come. Mr.
and Mrs. Slevin have moved into
the house on the Gorham ranch.
Eldon Wilson and Bob Partlow
motored to Pendleton Sunday.
Ed Barlow has purchased the
stock of Miller accessories from C.
E. Parker of Ridgfield, Wash., and
will handle that well known line of
goods. Mr. and Mrs. Barlow have
taken the rooms In the back of the
Harry Murchie house.
Eldon, Gladys and Dallas Wilson
and Bob Partlow were Heppner viv
itora the last of the week.
One of the most delightful par
ties of the season was that at which
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Gorham extend
ed their hospitality on Monday eve
ning in honor of their 10th wed
ding anniversary. Four tables of
500 were in piny and at the close of
an interesting game it was found
nan -wfj ... &r.
m t '." V- L J.
Lorraine Jaillet, ot Xcw York,
tix year old prodigy, speaks and
writes English, Spanish and
French Lorraine has been pro
nounced by twenty physicians us
near physically perfect as a child
can be and is cited at a proof that
precocity in a child does not nefes
nariiy injurt bit or her health.
B. H. S. where he starred both in
basketball and baseball.
Mrs. Lee Mead was pleased to
have her mother, Mrs. Fleck, of The
Dalles for an overnight visit Thursday.
Mrs. Lee Cooney and two daugh
ters visited for several days in Ab
erdeen, Wash., going over to attend
the wedding of her sister, Minnie
Gorger, held Monday, Sept 10. The
bride is a graduate nurse and has
been on a special case since last
October . She lived here for a short
time and has a number of friends
who will be interested to hear of
her marriage.
T. E. Broyles and daughter Irma
motored to Colfax last week.
Mr. L. J. Goodenough was a house
guest Wednesday at the H. H. Wes
ton home on his way to Lexington.
that Mrs. L. E. Marschat was high
and A. T. Hereim low. A lovely two
course luncheon was served and
each of the guests received clever
little cap favors. Present were the
Meads, Dillaboughs, Fortiers, Blay
dens, Rands, Marschats, Hereims
and the hosts.
Tom Hendricks is driving a fine
new Graham Paige sedan.
At a recent meeting of the exe
cutive committee of the P. T. A. it
was decided to hold a "Get To
gether" meeting on Tuesday eve
ning, September 25, in lieu of the
usual teacher's reception. It is hop
ed that everyone will attend this
meeting and take the opportunity to
renew acquaintancees with the
teachers who have been here before
and become acquainted with the
new ones.
Mrs. Frank Cramer accompanied
Glen Garrett and Bert Richardson
to John Day last week and remain
ed for treatments with the Chinese
doctor there. She has been treat
ing with him the past several
Boardman friends of Clara Rands
will be interested to hear of her
marriage recently to Oliver Borden.
Mrs. Borden is a sister of Royal
Rands and has visited here at dif
ferent times.
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Blayden are
anticipating a visit from their son
Lyle Blayden and wife.
Joe Muller was called to Chehalis
by the serious illness of his sister.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Marschat, Miss
Ellen Henry and Miss Frances
Spike were Sunday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. W. A. Price. They motor
ed to Pendleton and attended a
Mrs. Camnbell and rinncrhfpr nf
Condon were guests Tuesday at the
a. tortier nome.
Mr. Saunders was an Arlington
business visitor Monday.
Alex Wilson made a trip to Hepp
ner the last of the week.
Mrs. Mary E. Hiatt is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Royal Rands. Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Inp-nlln nf Knit T.aim
were also guests at the Rands home.
Mrs. Ingalls will be remembered as
Mrs. Eccles, a sister of Mrs. Rands.
The Ingalls drove on to Seaside
from here.
Rev. Davidson of Malad City, Ida
ho, who was expected here to fill
the Umatilla and Boardman pulpits,
has been prevailed upon to remain
in Malad, according to word receiv
ed from Rev. D. A. Thompson.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. MfTnrri hnH
a house full of guests Sunday who
partook of a sumptuous chicken
dinner. Present were Mr. and Mrs.
Albert Macomber and baby of Olex,
Mr. and Mrs. Kd Rrlnw r. v
Root and family and Tommy
There Is an ahunrlnnnn nf ffiif
on the nrolect this vear nnH Rnorj.
man housewives have been rushed
with fruit canning. The Meffords
had such a surplus of fruit on their
place that on Saturday Mr. Mefford
and Evelyn took a truck load to
Arlington. It consisted of prunes,
grapes and crab apples.
Royal Rands and family motored
to Echo Thursday to visit relatives.
Russell Mefford is home from
Rcith where he wnrkprl nn tha
rock crusher. He plans to attend
school but has not definitely decid
ed as yet just where he will go.
itusseu graduated last year irom
Performers Arriving
For Pendleton Show
Pendleton, Ore., Sept. 12. Queen
Mary of the 1928 Round-Up will
have for her attendants four at
tractive Umatilla county girls. They
are Miss Editha Barthel and Miss
Kathleen McClintock of Pendleton;
Miss Lois Mclntyre of Athena and
Miss Roberta Morrison of Adams,
Queen Mary, (otherwise known as
Mary Duncan, beautiful feminine
star of "Our Daily Bread," now be
ing filmed in Umatilla county) will
with her attendants ride in all
Round-Up parades, September 19.
20, 21 and 22. She will wear a truly
regal .costume of white buckskin,
ornamented with black, and her
maids will also be in cowgirl attire
of white with black accessories.
Judges of years' experience have
been chosen for the show. They
are R. S. Dixon of Prineville-, Allen
Drumheller of Walla Walla, and
Dan Clark of Cheyenne. All three
served last year, and in addition,
Mr. Dixon and Mr. Clark served on
three other occasions and Mr.
Drumheller on two. They have
proven most popular with perform
ers and audiences.
These pre-Round-Up days are
worth, Fred Hunt Tuck Choate,
Chester Byers, (a roper who knows
so much about this stunt that he
has written a book on the subject);
Chuck Wilson and Lewis Kublitz.
Eddie will have fifteen bucking
horses, men and women's relay
strings; a Roman team; two relay
horses; a derby entry and four head
of Brahma stags.
A taxicab company is considering
going into the airplane business. We
guess the company got the idea of
high flying from studying the fig
ures on its own taxi meters.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Newman of
New York have named their new
twin boys Alfred and Herbert Evi
dently taking no .chances on this
A man In Chile who had been
married fourteen times died the
other day at the age of ninety. He
should be laid to rest with military
William C. Durant offers $25,000
"for the best and most practical
plan to make the eighteenth amend
ment effective." -The best way
would be to jail all the bootleggers
and their customers, and then put
all those who are left within one
of the smaller states where they
can be closely watched.
They are wearing rubber bathing
suits at Deauvllle now. Probably a
concession to the rubbernecks.
Three young men who set out for
Spain In a thirty-two foot boat re
turned after going a short way be
cause their water supply went bad.
Well, they could have bathed In the
A man put in jail in New York
recently has quite a problem. He
is a strict vegetarian, and so will
not eat any of the food supplied by
the prison. It has got so all the
other prisoners are afraid he will
start chewing their cauliflower
As to the talking movies, the
companies that are advertising
their first "sound" pictures may be
making an Idle boast!
The Object of
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The students in public schools today are not being
examined for "eyestrain," but are be
ing tested for "good vision."
A child may, and frequently does, see at a distance
better than the average that we call normal, and
yet that same child may not be able to do close
work with comfort for more than five minutes at
a time all because of EYESTRAIN.
Most of. the headaches, head tilting, squinting,
holding book too close, poor reading, nervousness,
irritability, crossed eyes, are caused by eyestrain.
An eye examination will answer the question
and perhaps save your child from failure and dis
couragement which often lasts through an entire
Dr. Samuel H. Tyler
Sept. 16 and 17
(During August Dr. Tyler took post-graduate
clinical work concerning vision and muscle har
mony of children's and adults' eyes and new diag
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