Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, February 16, 1928, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Stewart Edward White
Dhxmations by Hsmry Jay L
CbjyHght Stvwart tdward Whit
Ralaasad thru
rVibltsher Au.tocaetar Svrvtoa
who's who nr tkb btokt
vents an electric battery of startling
GRIMSTEAD, a capitalist, whom Lar
ry meets while he is stranded on a
California mountain side by the break
down of his car, Induces Davenport to
sign an agreement by which he and
the capitalist make and market the
battery. t
' ROSS GARDINER, Grimstead's second-in-command,
draws up the agree
ment. He and Grimstead are overheard
by Larry as they discuss the manner
in which they will profit from the bat
tery and ignore Larry's Idealistic alms
for it.
ist's daughter, has fallen In love with
Davenport, impressed by his strange
power of prophecy. She suggests that
he "dissemble" so that Grimstead will
think he agrees to his plan for handling
the battery.
SIMMINS, butler-chauffeur, friendly
toward Davenport, is persuaded to try
to steal the signed agreement from
Grimstead's bill-fold. Burton and Da
venport's plan is apparently successful,
but Grimstead, undeceived, launches a
counterplot. Grimstead drugs Slmmins
and Davenport and Gardiner runs away
with the latter's car and battery only
to plunge through a broken bridge.
Nothing further happened now
until shortly after sunrise the next
Then Burton, who has fallen Into
an uneasy slumber after some
hours of futile watching to see that
dear Larry did not die of an over
dose without her knowing it, awoke
and aroused him.
"What Is It, dear?" he cried.
"What are you doing here?"
Her story did not take long in the
The narrative finished, he rose to
his feet, fumbled in his pack, drew
forth a revolver and holster, which
he strapped to his belt
"What are you going to do?" she
asked anxiously.
"I'm going to follow the car."
"You can't hope to catch It afoot!"
"The chance is very slim," he ac
knowledged, "but it's the only one,
and it should be taken. Luck might
play with us. The car might get
stalled. Who knows? And in any
case I've got to get on the wires to
the lawyers right away."
He was methodically bestowing
small necessaries In a rucksack.
"Please have Simmins take care
of my other things," he requested.
"Goodby, dear."
He opened his arms and she crept
Into them. They clung together for
a moment.
"Be careful," she begged. "You
must come back to me. Don't
don't be rash, will you?"
He laughed.
"You mean the gun? No; I'm
not going forth to slay. That's just
in the remote case I need a con
vincing argument This is a law
yer game now, and a game of get
there first"
He kissed her again and strode
"Come back to me soon!" she
called after him. "The soonest
ever!" he cried back, ,
After his departure Burton, whose
education had been coming on,
made herself some coffee. About
two hours later Slmmins appeared,
very apologetic over his tardiness.
The absence of the little car Bur
ton had expected; but she was at
first puzzled to hear that the extra
cooking utensils had disappeared;
as also a small quantity of provis
ions. Then she realized that her father
was hiding out, and Burton had a
shrewd suspicion that he would
continue hiding out Even a pirate
chief has, if not tender feelings, at
least love of mental ease, and Bur
ton realized that even this stern
parent might be just as well satis
fied if he did not have to face his
child while things were too fresh
In her mind!
Slmmins' report that Grlmstead's
fishing tackle had been taken con
firmed her opinion.
"You and I will probably have to
wait here some days," she said, and
told him what had occurred.
Shortly after noon they were as
tonished to see Davenport return
ing. Burton ran to meet him with
a cry of mingled gladness and cur
ioBity. He replied curtly. His eye was
savage, his lips compressed. She
looked at him, then fell silent. As
they entered camp she made an Im
perative gesture to Slmmins of
warning that he should not speak.
Larry strode to the fireside and
threw down the rucksack with a
slam, then turned to Burton.
"I followed the car for six or
eight miles to the place the road
crossed the Deep Barranca on a
trestle. Part of the trestle had been
carried out by the flood. Gardiner
had driven the car off into the
abyss." ,
"Killed?" cried Burton, horrified.
"Gone; swept away, disappeared
completely. The stream is wide and
swift and fast I climbed down, of
course, but no trace whatever re
mained except one seat cushion that
had been thrown clear. I followed
down the stream on the chance that
the car might have stranded; but
in that force of water it probably
broke to pieces almost at once. It
was of very light construction."'
"What a tragedy!" cried Burton.
"Poor Ross Gardiner!"
Davenport shut his lips grimly
and let this pass. After a decent
moment or so Burton ventured a
"But there Is this to say: The
present problem Is solved. The
agreement is gone, the whole
scheme headed off. You can build
another battery!"
"That's just it!" cried Davenport
"I'm not sure I can do anything of
the sort All my notebooks of for
mulae were ln.that car, every scrap
of paper I had in the world that had
anything to do with this."
"You can copy your other bat
tery," she pointed out
"Oh! the first was crude. It was
dismantled long ago."
"You will work it out again," she
comforted. "It may be a slow task
but you'll get it"
He looked at her with something
like fright in his eyes.
"I do not know!" he almost whis
pered. "I thought that at first and
I did not really care very much.
But then all at once when I sat
down to think about it I discovered
that I had not one shred of memory
of how to make a start at It It's
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"Why, Larry!" she cried. "I hard
ly know you. It isn't like you to
be discouraged. What does it mat
ter if it does take time? You'll get
He shook his head.
"No, I'm not a quitter," he dls--
claimed. "I know it sounds like
it But this has become a certainty
to me. It has come to me in the
same way that all these other things
have come to me. Perhaps It is the
last of these beautiful certainties
from the current of wisdom. It was
given to me, and now I feel that
It has been taken away. I never
was more sure of anything' In my
She stared at him, aghast
"Such things cannot happen!" she
cried, all aflame.
He shook his head. In his uplift
ed face was not discouragement
only the sorrow of regret
Slmmins Writes a Note.
Unnoticed, a lank figure had
crossed the meadow from the road
and now appeared among them.
"Hullo, folks," said he, casting a
curious eye about him. "Campin'
for fun, or get stuck yere by the
"Caught by the storm," replied
"I'm the stage driver between
Eureka and Tecolote," he volun
teered, "but I don't see no way of
gcttln' through now. That there
redwood tree's got the road blocked
for keeps. Say, she must have made
some crash when she came down!"
"She did," replied Burton, An
idea was forming in her brain. "Are
you going back to Eureka?" she in
quired. "Sure. Only place' to go."
"Have you got room for two?"
"I got only the United States
mails aboard. What's the idea?"
"Our car Is broken," she ex
plained rapidly. "If you will wait
10 minutes, we'll be ready."
"Lots of time," rejoined the stage
driver, and sauntered over to en
gage the excellent Simmins.
"It is the only thing!" she urged
Larry, as soon as the other was out
of hearing. "Can't you see it? We
cannot stay here. Don't you see
it?" she implored.
"I want to get out before he gets
back," replied Larry bluntly. "You
are right; I'll go."
"I'm going with you," she said
"What! You cannot do that!"
"You are going to need me; I
know," she insisted, "it is part of
my wisdom, as you call it"
The hunted, hurt look in his face
"Come," he cried, almost exul
tantly. "There must be people who
marry people up here! The world
and its power and its troubles can
go hang!"
"All aboard!" called Davenport to
the stage diver. "Ready when
you are."
"Slmmins," ordered Burton, "you
take care of things. We will send
someone out from a garage."
But Simmins, at the thought of
being left alone with a marooned
and exasperated Pirate Chief, lost
all his pose and poise and became
thoroughly human.
"Oh, Miss Burton!" he cried.
"Don't leave me here all alone!"
"Afraid of the woods, Simmins?"
asked Larry, mischievously.
"Yes, sir," rejoined Simmins, "I
am afraid of the woods; and I am
afraid of Mr. Grimstead."
Larry glanced at Burton, who
"All right; come along," he
"One moment sir," begged Sim
mins. ! i
He produced a pad and pencil and
wrote thereon.
"I don't want to pry; but If that
note is to Grimstead " suggested
"It is only my resignation, sir,"
replied Simmins.
"You are right," said Davenport
"What would you consider the prop
er procedure for a young lady elop
ing. Should she also leave some
sort of written communication?"
"I took the liberty of explaining
In my note that I was leaving to
enter your service, sir, and that of
Miss Burton; and that it is intend
ed to send a garage man imme
diately," answered Slmmins.
"You relieve my mind, Slmmins,"
murmured Larry, and hastened to
Join Burton and the stage driver.
She looked at him with pleased sur
prise. 'Good!" she cried. "You're more
like yourself!"
"It's Slmmins!" Larry exploded
with suppressed laughter. "He's a
joy and a Jewel and he's untwisted
me from all my knots. Dear, never
must we lose Simmins! We'll pawn
the family jewels before we let him
The little party, carrying the few
pieces of baggage, and followed sol
emnly by Rapscallfon, crossed the
meadow to where waited the stage.
Ten minutes later Grimstead, who
had heard the racket made when
the long vehicle backed and filled
in turning around, came curiously
to see what was happening. He
found himself alone with the wrecks
he had made.
Across the episode now slowly the
dark curtains closed. A great vision
had been given one man; a vision
that in its due and proper time will
lift from mankind one of its great
est pressures. But that time had
not yet arrived. When thus it too
evidently appeared that from the
gift would come strife, not freedom,
then the great Invisible Intelligence
whose pressure is the carrying on
with the wisdom of our little world,
in sadness reached forth their
hands. From the soul of that man
the vision was erased. Of all Its
breadth and greatness remained
only one little thing: an idea for this
story. But sometime, in the remote
future, somewhere, to some soul,
the vision will come again.
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