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. Meredith Nicholson ,. '
niAttmion by
Horuy jay
Archibald Bennett, wealthy bachelor,
travels constantly in the interest of his
health. He meets Isabel Perry, who rec
ommends a life of crime, adventure, ro-D-snce
and excitement as . a cure for his
nerves. Archie goes to Bailey Harbor to-tn-vestiKSta
a summer house for his sister. A
heavy storm forces him to spend the night
there. During the night he is awakened
by footsteps, and in an encounter with the
intruder, who sees Archie's figure refleeteo
in the mirror and shoots, Archie fires fa re
turn, wounding the intruder, who makes his
escape. Archie plans flight to evade pub
licity. He starts cross-country afoot in the
night At dawn he is stopped on a lonely
country road by "The Governor," -mastermind
oriminal who mistakes him for a fel
low criminal. Archie, fleeing, is afraid to
tell the truth falls In with "The Govern
or," is whisked across country In a stolen
car. Sees story In newspaper of killing at
Bailey Harbor and, frightened, he decides
-to say nothing but stick with his strange
friend and wait developments. At Corn
ford, N. H., Archie comes upon Isabel Per
ry at the hotel desk but she refuses to rec
ognize him. The Governor, by a clever
plan switches stolen money for good money.
Archie used as decoy making love to the
niece of agent sent to meet eccentric Cong
don here next day. Now read on:
When they reached the dinin
room at ten the next morning they
found Seebrook and Waltera just fin
ishing breakfast. Miss Seebrook was
having coffee in her room, her father
explained in response to Archie's po
lite inquiries. . "
"We're hoping to' get away this
afternoon," he continued. "It will
take only a few minutes to transact
our business when the man I'm .iit
ing for appears; but. he's an uncer
tain quantity, and there's no telling
when he'll show up. But we're hav
ing a good time and I shan't mind
another day or two. If only you gen
tlemen would bear us company!"
"Ah, you are very kind I" said the
Governor; "but we must resume our
ramble toward the Pacific. We are
more or less dated up for little en
tertainments on the way."
Seebrook and Walters lingered in
the office as Archie and the Governor
paid their account. As they waited
for their ear to be sent round from
the garage a machine drew up and
discharged a short, wiry, elderly man
in a motor coat (hat was much too
large for him. He was accompanied
by an enormous amount of luggage
and from the steps of the inn gave
orders in a high piping voice as to
At the mention of murder Archie
began stealthily feeling his way along
the cigar counter to a water cooler.
There seemed to be no escaping from
the Congdons and here was the fath
er of Putney boldly publishing to the
whole state of. New Hampshire his
fear that his son has been murderd.
The concentration of the hot; statr
upon the transfer of Mr. Congdon's
luggage to his room left the Governor
and Archie to manage the removal of
their own effects to the waiting ear.
Seebrook and Walters obligingly as
sisted, laughing at Congdon's eccen
tricities. Seebrook seized the Governor's kit
bag containing the sixty thousand
dollars and carried it out to the car.
The sight of it in Seebrook's hands
gave Archie sensations of nausea that
were not relieved by the grin he de
tected on the Governor's face With
in an hour or two at most the sub
stitution and robbery would be discov
ered and the country would ring with
the demand for their detention. But
the Governor-was carrying off the de
parture with his usual gaity. It was
clear that he had made the most fa
vorable impression upon Seebrook
and Walters; and in the cordial hand
shaking and expressions Of hope for
future meetings Archie joined with
the best spirit he could muster. A
cheery good-bye caused him to look
up. Miss Seebrook with a red rose in
her hand waved to him from her win
dow. -
As h lifted his cap she dropped
the rose with a graceful sweep of the
"Like old stage coach days!" cried
the Governor, applauding Archie's
catch. '
He jumped into the machine and
Archie scrambled after him. Archie's
last impression of the inn was the
blur of a waving handkerchief in
Miss Seebrook's window.
"We are a success, my boy! You
bore yourself marvelously well," said
the Governor, testing the gears. Ah,
that little touch of the roBe was
worth all our perils; nothing in my
experience was ever prettier than
that! A lovely girl; you might do
worse if you were not already plight
ed. If she had come down to say
good-hy it would have been much less
aignifiennt. But the rose, the red, red
But he became interested in the transaction that was now taking
place between the thief and the Governor. The Governor extracted
the sixty one-thousand dollar bills and laid them out on he bed.
the manner of its disposal. As the
various pieces were hustled into the
office he enumerated them in an audi
ble tone as though inviting the coop
eration of all the loungers in making
an Inventory of his effects. When
this had been concluded Seebrook
stepped up and accosted the newcom
er, "Mr. Congdon, I am very glad to
fee you. I hope you are not worn out
by your drive."
"Worn out!" snapped the little
man. "Do you imagine a run of a
hundred miles would fatigue a man
of my constitution? I assure you
that you are greatly mistaken if you
think I am feeling my age. Seventy!
And I don't feel a day over fitty, not
a day, sir. But I shall rest for a few
hours as a precaution, a mere precau
tionary measure and be able to meet
you for our little business at two
thirty sharp."
"That will suit me perfectly," re
plied Seebrook.
Archie hung about impatiently
waiting for the Governor to make his
farewells to the old lady and her
granddaughters on whom he had ex
pended his social talents at the dance.
Mr. Congdon was quarreling with the
clerk over the location of the room
he had reserved. Having frightened
the clerk into adjusting the entire
registration to accommodate him, he
demanded to know whether his son,
Mr. Putney Congdon, was stopping in
the -house.
Assured that Mr, Putney Congdon
was not in 'the inn and hadn't been
there within the recollection of the
office staff, the senior Congdon ex
ploded violently upon Seebrook and
"Things have come to a pretty
pass in this topsy turvy world when
a man can't find his own ton! For
three days I've been wiring his clubs
and all other places he could possi
bly be without result. And I have
learned that his wife has left Bailey
Harbor and the house there is closed.
Closed! How dure they close that
house when I was about to pay them
a visit?"
Seebrook and Walters expressed
thair sympathy in mild tones that
rousea the old gentleman, to greater
"Can a whole family be obliterated
and no trace left behind? Is it pos
sible that they've been murdered in
their beds, servants and all, and the
police not yet aware of it?"
rose! It wouldn't be a bad idea to
stick it in an envelope and mail it to
the girl you. were telling me about
the one who sent you forth to shatter
kingdoms. I guess that would jostle
her a little, particularly if you were
to enclose a line telling her that it
had fallen to your hand from a cur
tained lattice."
"I don't know her address," mum
bled Archie."
He suggested the dangers of their
situation, thinking that here at last
was something that would sober the
Governor. But the Governor merely
laughed .is he swung the car round a
s larp corner .
"Don't you believe that I hadn't a
care for our safe flight! You must
learn to use your eyes, son. There
was one of the brotherhood of the
road right there in the offic when
we left. I gave him instructions last
night. He's a sneak thief of consid
erable intelligence who gave me the
sign as I was pretending to leave
for that call on my old friend. I
smuggled him upstairs to keep watch
for mo and he proved himself a fel
low of decided merit. He'll be hang
ing around Corn f rod today and as the
absurd police will be obliged to make
an arrest to save their reputations he
will put himself in their way and en
courage the idea by subtle means
that he might have been the male
factor who robbed Seebrook's trunk
and left Leary'B bills behind. They
will be unable to make a case against
him but he'll probably get thirty days
for loitering. Then he'll walk out
and draw a thousand dollars from
one of our little privato banks fur
ther along the road for so chivalrous
ly throwing himself into the breach!
I can find you men who will do a
year's time to save the men higher
up. This satisfies the public as to the
zeal of its paid protectors and makes
it possible for men of genius like you
and me to walk in high places un
molested. A damnable syjtem, Ar
chie, but we learned it from the
greedy trust mngnates. You take the
wheel; iff just occurs to 11,0 that you
said you were a fair driver.
With all his outward nandor the
Governor had, Archie found, reserves
Hint wore quite unaccountable, Ha
lot fall allusions to his past in the
most natural fashion, with an inci
dental air that added to then plaus
ibility, without ever tearing aside the
manner of his fall, if, indeed, a man
who so jubilantly boasted of his
:iimes and seemed to find an infinite
satisfaction vnd delight in his turpi
tude, could be said to have, alien.
fHaving mentioned Brattleboro as the
point at which they were to fore
father with Red Leary, the Governor
did not refer to the matter again, but
chose routes and made detours with
out explanation.
It was on tlie second afternoon out
of Cornford that the Governor sud
denly bade Archie, whom he encour
aged to drive much of the time, pause
at a gat. . j
"We linger here, son. May I sug
gest that you take your cue from me?
Bill Walker is an honest dairyman to
all intents and purposes, but really
an old crook who got tired of dodging
sheriffs and bloodhounds and bought
this farm.' A sober, industrious fam
ily man, you will find him, with a
wife and one daughter. This is one
of . the best stations of the under
ground railroad; safe as a mother's
arms, and you will never believe
you're not the favored guest of a
week-end party. Walter's an old
chum of Leary's. They used to cut
up in the most reprehensible fashion
out West in old times. You've prob
ably wondered what becomes of old
ooks. Walker is of course an un
usual specimen, for he knew when the
quitting was good, and having salted
away a nice little fortune accumu
lated in express holdups, he dwells
nere in peace and passes the hat at
the meeting house every Sunday. You
may be dead sure that only the arsi
tocracy have the entree at Walker's."
A gray-bearded man with a pro
nounced stoop, clad in faded blue
overalls, was waiting for them at the
"Just run the machine right in,"
he called.
The car disposed of, the Governor
introduced Archie as one of his dear
est friends, and the hand Archie
clasped was undeniably roughened by
toil. Walker mumbled a "glad-to-
see-ye," and lazily looked him over.
There was nothing in his speech or
manner to suggest that he had ever
been a road agent. He assisted them
in carrying their traps to the house,
talkiig farmer fashion of the weath
er, crops and the state of the roads.
The house was connected with the I
barn in the usual New England style.
In the kitchen a girl sang cheerily I
and hearing her the Governor paused
and struck an attitude.
The girl appeared at a window,
rested her bare arms on he sill and I
smilingly saluted them with a cheery
Hello there!"
"Look upon that picture!" ex
claimed the Governor, seizing Ar
chie's arm. "In old times upon Olym
pus she was cup-bearer to the gods,
but here she is Sally Walker, and
never so charming as when she sits
enthroned upon the milking stool.
Miss Walker, my old friend, Mr.
Comly, or Achilles, as you will!"
A very pretty picture Miss Walker
made in the kitchen window, a vivid
portrait that immediately enhanced
Archie's pleasurable sensations - in
finding a haven that promised rest
and security. Her black hair was
swept back smoothly from her fore
head and there was the glow of per
fect health in her rounded cheeks.
Archie noted her dimples and tha
white even .teeth that made some
thing noteworthy and memorable of
her smile.
"Well, Mr. Saulsbury, I've read all
those books you sent me, and the
candy was the finest I ever tasted."
"She remembers! Amid all her
domestic cares, she remembers! My
dear lad, the girl is one in a million!"
"You'd think Mr. Saulsbury was
crazy about me!" she laughed. "But
he makes the same speeches to every
girl he sees, doesn't he, Mr. Comly?"
"Indeed not," protested Archie,
rallying bravely to the Governor's
support. He's been raving about you
for days and my only surprise is that
he so completely failed to give me
the faintest idea idea "
"Of your charm, your ineffable
beauty!" the Governor supplied.
"You'd better chase yourselves in
to the house now or pop'll be peeved
at having to wait for you."
On the veranda a tall elderly man
rose from a hammock in which he
had been reading a newspaper and
stretched himself. His tanned face
was deeply lined but he gave the im
pression of health and vigor.
"Leary," whispered the Governor in
an aside and immediately introduced
"The road has been smooth and the
sky is high," said the Governor in
response to a quick anxious question
ing of Leary's small restless eyes.
"Did you find peace in the churches
by the way?" asked Leary.
"In one of the temples we found
peace and plenty," answered the Gov
ernor as though reciting from a rit
ual. Leary nodded and gave a hitch to
li is trousers.
"You found the waters of Cham
plain tranquil, and no hawks fol
lowed the landward passage?"
"The robin and the bluebird sang
over all the road," he answered;
then with a glance at Archie: "You
gave no warning of the second pil
grim." "The brother is young and inno
cent, but I find him an apt pupil," the
Governor explained.
"The brother will learn first the
wisdom of silence," remarked Leary,
and then as though by an after
thought he shook Archie warn'ly by
the hand.
They went into the house, where
Mrs. Walker, a stout middle-aged
woman, greeted them effusively.
Wu've got to put you both In ono
plained, "but there's two beds in it.
I guest you can make oat."
The second floor room to which
Walker led them was plainly but
neatly furnished and the windows
looked out upon rolling pastures. The
Governor abandoned his high down
talk and asked blunt questions as
to recent visitors, apparently referr
ing to criminals who had lodged at
the farm. They talked quite openly
while Archie unpacked his bag. The
restless activity of the folk of the
underworld, their methods of com
munication and points of rendezvous
seemed part of a vast system and he
was ashamed of his enormous interest
in all he saw and beard. The Gov
ernor's cool fashion of talking of the
world of crime and its denizens al
most legitimatized it, made it appear
a recognized part of the accepted
rcheme of things. 'Walker aroused
the Governor's deepest interest by
telling of a visit of P"te Barney, a
diamond thief, who had lately made
a big haul in Chicago, and had been
passed. alorrg from one point of ref
uge to another. ' '
Leary appeared a .moment later and
Archie was about to )-:ive the room,
but the Governor ' insisted stoutly
that he remain,
"I'm anxious for you and Red to
know that I trust you both fully."
."What's .the young brother, a
con?" asked Leary with a glance at
To be referred to as a confidence
man by a gentleman of Leary's pro
visional eminence gave Archie a
thrill. The Governor answered by
drawing tip his sleeves and going
through the motions of washing his
The brushing of the hands togeth
er Archie interpreted as a code sign
signifying murder and the subse
quent interchange of words he took
to be inquiry and answer as to the
danger of apprehension. He felt that
Leary's attitude toward him became
friendlier from that moment. There
was something ghastly in the thought
that as the slayer of a human being
he attained a certain dignity in the
eyes of men like Lary. But he be
came interested in the transaction
that was now taking place between
the tnief and the Governor. The
Governor extracted the sixty one-thousand-dollar
bills from his bag,
and laid them out on the bed. He
rapidly explained just how Leary's
hidden booty had been recovered, and
the manner in which the smaller de
nominations had been converted in
to bills that could be passed without
arousing suspicion.
.Leary philosophically stowed the
bills in his clothing.
"You're done, are you?" asked the
Governor; "out of the game?"
"I sure have quit the road," Leary
answered. "The old girl has g it a few
thousand 'tucked away and I'm goin'
to pick her up and buy a motion pic
ture joint of a candy and soda shop
somewhere in the big lakes one of
those places that freeze up all win
ter, so I can have a chance to rest.
The old girl has a place in mind."
"On the whole it doesn't sound ex
citing," the Governor commented, in
specting a clean shirt. "Did your
admirable wife get rid of those pearls
she pinched last winter? They were
a. handsome string, as I remember,
too handsome to market readily. Mrs.
Leary has a passion for precious
baubles, Archie," the Governor ex
plained. "A brilliant career in pick
ing up such trifles; a star performer,
Red, if you don't mind my bragging
of your wife."
Leary 3eemed not at all disturbed
by this revelation of his wife's lar
cenous affection for pearls. That a
veil that concealed his origin or the room if you don't 'mind," she ex
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train robber's wife should be a thief
seemed perfectly natural; indeed it
seemed quite fitting that thieves
should mate with thieves. Archie
further gathered that Mrs. Leary op
crated in Chicago under the guise of
a confectionery shop, one of the sta
tions of the underground railroad,
and assisted the brotherhood in dis
posing of their ill-gotten wares. A
recent reform wave in Chicago had
caused a shake-up in the police de
partment, most disturbing to the
preying powers.
"They're clean off me, I reckon,"
said Leary a little pathetically, the
leference being presumably to the
pestiferous police, "That wa6 a good
idea of yours for me to go up into
Canada and work at a real job for
a while. Must a worked hard enough
to change my finger prints. Some
bloke died in Kansas awhile back and
got all the credit for being the old
original Red Leary."
This error of the press in recording
Leary's death tickled the Governor
mightily, and Leary laughed until h.
was obliged to wipe the tears from
his eyes.
"I'm going tc pull my freight after
supper," he said. "Walker's goin' to
take me into town and I'll slip out to
Detroit where the old grit's waitin'
(or me."
Walker calledthem to supper and
they went down to a meal that met
all the expectations aroused by the
Governor's boast of the Walker cui
iine. Continued next week.
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