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Jeanne Beaufort, beautiful daugh
ter of a Virginia planter, has lost her
father and two brothers in the Civil
War. (The yeur 1864.) She swears to
Mrs. Wclmore, her aunt, that she
will carry out the Biblical iniunc
tion for vengeance "an eye for an
eye!" While at Richmond she neots
Henry Morgan, a debonair young
omcer, who falls in love with her.
bhe repels his advances. She is en
gaged as a spy for the Coiit'cderate
government and urged to u-,e al! I he
v.iet and power of her sex to find ore
Parson Kennedy and bring him
wunin tne Southern lines. It is plan
ned to have her make headquarters
with a family of southern sympathy
in Washington. Jeanne learns tele
graphy and other technical branches
of her new calling. And clad as a
boy often in the Blue of the North
she makes her way through the lines,
She learns of an organization of el
even Union spies and of their meet
ing place in a Richmond loft. As
she overhears the leader address the
masked men seated about a table,
Jeanne is discovered and dragged into
the room. The leader unmasks as he
threatens her with death, but is dis
suaded from shooting her by the sug
gestion from one of the men that
one of their number marry her. She
consents and when one of the masked
men volunteers to marry she refuses
tl. - -i
nanus nic iigiil. to cuuuse.
The speaker paused unci then went
on solemnly:
"But this I promise you, on the
word of Parson John Kennedy, that
no man shall follow you no man
ahali touch you."
Parson John Kennedy! The man
for whom they had luid nnd sprung
a thousand futile traps. Who had
beaten them at every turn! And
this formidable man was playing into
her hands!
"Now, then, choose," said Irony, for
so the girl had mentally named her
tormentor. (Would she ever be able
tc recognize his voice in cane he did
get away?) "I can certify that we
are all unmarried, young and brave."
She did not look toward the man
who had offered to sacrifice his lib
erty to save her life. She looked at
"I will marry you, sir," she said,
"and you shall share the misery you
thrust so wantonly upon me."
"I see that I am hoist upon my own
petard." He had the courage to
laugh. And few of them realized
what line-griiined courage it was. He
was saving this girl's life at the ex
pense of his future; for nothing ex
cept an inhuman jest like this would
have swerved Parson Kennedy. "So
be it. Miss, about to become Madame
Who I haven't even asked you to
wipe the grime from your face so
that I might recognize you in the
future. I am satisfied."
Half an hour! she though.
Doubtless no stranger marriage
ceremony ever took place than that
which joined Jeanne Beaufort to this
n.ad banterer, unknown to her either
by face or name. When it was done,
Parson Kennedy offered the quill to
the girl. She hesitated for a moment
straining her ears. Forty minutes,
forty minutes they were on the way
to her. She wrote "Mary Smith" on
the hastily drawn-up certificates.
Irony seized the pen from her tremb
ling fingers and signed "John Jones."
Thon he stepped buck just in time.
ToV CouuI
ON E. 13 t "IN 35
vAa Vf Ll A hi NOT
AN 6TE-P ON n a
"Harold Mac Gvath
Illustrated hy Henry Jay Lee
Her hand had flown to the curtain
of his mask.
"Not quite," he laughed. "Mary
Smith is not your real name; no more
is Jones mine. But you will write
your real name there when you are
alone. You have told us that you
believe in oaths. I'll add my real
name among those who witness the
transaction. Find it if you can!"
John Kennedy, D.D.
He folded his bare arms across his
chest, and upon the left forearm she
raw a bit of tatooing, a blue circle
with a curious little device in the
center. The glance was sufficient to
print it indelibly in her mind.
Fifty minutes! Dear God, why did
they not come?
"All over!" said Parson Kennedy,
r.utting on his mask. He pulled out
the drawer and tossed upon the table
.some stout twine. "Bind her, Bene
dict, and tie a handkerchief over her
Mouth. Then set her in my chair."
Coats and hats were picked up in
iurious haste, papers stuffed into
pockets; and then, like so many fall
ing rockets, they leaped down the
rickety stairs, close-pressed and jost
ling. "Curse you, you have wrecked three
lives this night!" whispered a voice
in Irony's ear. But as he turned, the
peuker disappeared.
Up in the loft the girl struggled
and strained futilely. Beaten, dishon
ored, humiliated! It was intolerable.
Il was all some hellish nightmare;
it could not possbily be fact, reality.
And yet, that dreaded man, Parson
Kennedy he had been real enough.
A marriage certificate, crudely done
but none the less genuine! stared at
the varied scrawls. God in heaven,
married! To what, to whom? She
suddenly became limp, swayed, and
sank face downward upon the table
where her belated troopers in but
ternut found her.
M adorn who?
When Jeanne Beaufort started out
on her self-imposed mission that
night, she had been something of an
adventurous girl! She left that loft
wholly a womanbroken, bewildered
and terrified, it is true, but a woman,
her brain peething with unimagin-
ble reprisals.
Her troopers had come to arrest
a band of conspirators; instead they
loosed a tigress who reviled them
and taunted them for their slowness.
Each and every one of those eleven
pien should pay; and more than his
comrades, the man she had namca
Parson Kennedy had had the hardi
hood to disclose his saturnine face to
ut. She could watch him in Wash
ington, move against him in direct
ino open warfare.
None of them would recognize her
gain; of this she was assured.
Within three weeks' time Jeanne
was able to pick up her natural role.
She was always meetipg Morgan,
nd he was always sighing for some
favor, always metaphorically at her
feet. One day she liked him; an
other she disliked him.
Perhaps this was accountable to
the fact that she knew there was a
.Uron gand vital mun deep down un
der all his foppery.
"But I do not love you, and I have
no intention of loving you," she pro
tested. "Well, since you intend not to love
iv. e, I sec hope. Come Jeanne Beau
furt, let m understand each othpr."
I'M To
6E ioo TAE
r i i
II i i I .t - . I r.
V'l E M U 1 6 iT E JJ&$)
- , S '
t I 7
Autocivstr Serviof
"I understand myself perfectly,"
t?he countered.
"You laugh, joke, dance, play and
all the while that brilliant mind of
yours 13 scheming, scheming."
"In mercy's ;ian e, for what?"
"The Cause!" His face grew ser
ious. So did hers. "What do ypu mean
by that?" She felt vaguely alarmed,
Did he know? t
"I mean that what you are. I am
that I search for Death even as you
do; that hazard is breath to us both.
To stab the enemy in the back, that
is your work and mine'. To a soldier
who falls into the enemy's hands
to him the honors of war! But to
you and me short shrift, as they
ay. We shall be in Washington to
gether shortly; and from time to time
I shall be under your orders. Not a
word; your aunt is approaching. I
fhall see you at the ball tonight.
expect to join my regiment tomorrow.
Wood day!"
She felt her aunt's arm steal around
her. "It our ball-dresR has come.
Better try it on and see if it is al
right. "You will break hearts," said her
i:unt. reflectively.
"I hope to," replied Jeanne enig
matically. She slipped off the gown.
" 1 ou're a stranga girl. If you
weren't flesh and blood, if I didn't
know you as I do, I should say you
had no heart."
"Sometimes I wonder. Perhaps I
should have been a boy;, they don't
have to have hearts."
"There are times, however, when I
believe that you are a boy."
"That's an odd remark," Jeanne de
clared, turning quickly.
"You have made trips to Wash
ington. Your secret is not yours I
understand. But take care. I can
surmise that you are playing with
dangerous weapons. You'll want t(
be alone nmv; so by-by until supper.
Jeanne syt down on the bed. For
a quarter of an hour she remained
So Henry Morgan was a spy and
had learned in some manner that she
was one also.
And the keen, logical mind of her
aunt was no longer to be ignored.
If they two had found out her secret,
others might. Henceforth she must
step with the utmost caution. She
was strong only because she was un
known. Married! She laughed; it was a
queer little sound.
How she had poured ever that doc
ument! Vainly had she striven to
make sense of those broken words.
Slit; must go to the ball that night,
.lance, laugh and chatter.
"You arc as beautiful "
"Now major, if you please."
"But this night is my last," Mor
gan declared. "You would not send
me to the front unhappy!"
"Where is your regiment?"
He smiled but did not answer. A
young man in civilian dress approach
ed. He bowed ceremoniously to Mor
gan. Then he bowed to Jeanne it
was almost a salaam.
"Mirs Beaufort, Major Morgan
promised to present me. I beg to
recall tlw fact to his mind."
Jeanne looked inquiringly at Mor
gan. She saw his body stiffen ever
so slightly.
"I beg your pardon," said Morgan. ;
' Miss Beaufort" But the band
.--tarted up, hnd the rest of the intro
duction was unintelligible. Jeanne
never learned the stranger's name
until long afterward.
Morgan tonk himee'v rfT. The
c. m. payne
into Ye. question
A1?T4i. -AN'
MSOEUT! I'ii tiai
ISS3ove.'R To T-H-E.
O N T)
stranger stood at her side and chat
ted pleasantly. He Vas rather or
iginal; ana certainly he vas comely.
In the middle of a sentence he bowed
abruptly and walked quickly toward
ijje door out of which Morgan at
that moment vanished. Jeanne look
ed after the stranger less chagrined
than astonished.
"Well!" she murmured. "The next
time I see Mr. What's his-name I'll
snub him unmercifully."
At midnight while Jeanne was at
supper, a man in a half mask entered
the garden of her home. He appear
ed to be familiar with his ground,
f rr ha mjp r.t it i rpf t 1 V t.n t h p ladder
I h an cine against the board fence
j raised it to the window, climbed up
and disappeared inside her bedroom
A man who had followed him press
ed closely against the fence and
The man in the haif-mask calmly
proceeded to opfcn Jeanne'B trunk.
There were several suits of male
attire, one in blue: one in butternut
and three in non-dciript. He shrug
ged. Next he opened the Florentine
box. The thing he sought, however, j
ho did not find. He found a blank j
plip of paper and drew something up- '
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fn it. He tucked it into the fide
of the dreing-mii ror, blew out his
candle nnd st"le away.
The other man followed him cau
tiously. Suddenly the shadowcr rin forward
n his toes. The otner heard nim.
but was not quick enough. They
fought silently, but ne advantage
lay with the assailant. With a grip
of iron he held the oth?n arms
against his back, reached over and
snatched a paper from the irner
pucket neatly, as if he knew the
paper would be there. Then he flung
his victim roughly against the wnll
.f ihe house and took to his heels.
When at length he stopped, it .vas
under a street-lamp. He straight
ened out the purloined sheet, read it,
tore it into little pieces and dropped
them into the gutter.
He looked at his watch; he had
cne hour. Ii. that time he most find
two norsc-B ani ride thru ten miles.
"Ah, my friend, I was right,' he
said to himself. "I don't know what
you were doing in that house, nor
whose house it is; but I had an idea
hat you carried the life of my com
rade in your coat."
(Continued next week.)
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Two departmental reorganizations
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