Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, April 21, 1927, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Demonstration and Pro
gram Scheduled for
April 8, at 8 A. M.
A modernized farm demonstration
train manned by 0. A. C. specialists
und sponsored by the Union Pacific
system will tour eastern Oregon lines
of that company, visiting 18 towns
the week of April 25 to 80. "The
"Dairy Profits Special," as it is called
will visit Boardman at 8 a. m. and
Irrigon at 10:30 a. m., April 27, when
brief lectures and demonstrations will
be given as a means of encouraging
u more profitable dairy industry in
this country.
As the special enters Morrow coun
ty, Roger W. Morse, county agent,
will join the party and remain with
it as long as the train is in his dis
trict, thus insuring that the program
will be localized to the greatest ad
vantage of farmers in this county.
The program as tentatively outlined,
subject to local changes, is as fol
lows: Opening remarks by C. C. Gignoux,
assistant supervisor of agriculture
for the Union Pacific system; "Rela
tion of the dairy special to the county
extension program," County Agent
Morse; cattle demonstration by breed
representative; "Place of Dairying in
Irrigation Farming," N. C. JamiBon,
specialist in dairying:; second cattle
demonstration; "Management Point
ers, Including Marketing," P. M.
Brandt, chief in dairy husbandry, 0.
A. C; tiiird cattle demonstration;
"The Place of Hogs on the Dairy
Farm," H. A. Lindgren, specialist in
animal husbandry; inspection of cat
t'e and exhibit car. Dr. H. C. Don
ham, veterinarian from the college,
will also be along to give information
f n his Meld.
The train will be made up of seven
ears, including a dynamo baggage car
to furnish electricity, two special
horse cars to house dairy stock and
swine, a fiat car equipped with can
Lpy top to use as a demonstration
and speaking platform, a day coach
lor display of extensive charts and
fther exhibits, a dining car and sleep
ing car for use by the party.
Three breeds of dairy cattle will be
'aken along on the trip and will be
in charge of their respective breed
representatives. Provision is made
so cattle can be led directly from the
cars to the flat car for demonstration
One side of the display coach will
be taken up by the complete exhibit
of the dairy and vctorinary depart-n-ints
of the college prepared at the
stale fair last fall. This exhibit,
which attracted wide interest then,
deals with control of contagioua abor
tion, mineral requirements of dairy
cnttle, sterility, and related matters.
Dr. Donham will be in personal
charge at all stops. Newly prepared
charts dealing with relative economy
of irrigated pastuies will te shown
in this car as well as other charts,
dealing with profitable dairy prac
tices. From two to three hours will
be spent there by the train. The
complete itinerary of the train fol
lows :
Monday, April 25 Hood River, 9 to
12; The Dalles, 1:30 to 6. Tuesday,
2G Bend, 8 to 10:30; Redmond, 11:15
to 1MB; Maupin, 4:30 to 6:30. Wed
nesday, 27 Boardman, 8 to 10, Irri
gon, 10:30 to 12:30; Hermiston, 1 to
3; Stanfield, 3:30 to 5:30. Thursday,
28 Pendleton, 8 to 10:30; LaGrande
1:45 to 4; Elgin, 4:45 to 6:30. Fri
day, 20 Joseph 8 to 10:30; Enter
prise, 10:4.1 to 1:45; Wallowa, 2:30
to 6:30. Saturday, 30 Union Junc
tion, 8 to 10:30; Haines 11 to 2; Ba
ker, 2:30 to 6:30.
James McDaniel left Thursday to
join a shearing crew in Washington.
Mr. McDaniel will probably be gone
for some time.
Many of the Alpine people plan to
attend the basket dinner given at
Pine City Easter.
Pupils in both the high school and
grade rooms have finished their six
weeks' exams and have now started
on their final six weeks' work.
Guests nt the Melville home Sun
day were Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Schmidt
und family, Twilla Morey and Grover
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. McDaniel were
visitors at the Sepanck home Wed
nesday evening.
Ruth Bennett has been absent from
school this week on account of illness.
Others absent this week were Helen
liennett and Mildred Schmidt.
Mrs. J. Sibley and Mrs. G. Lambirth
were visitors in Heppner Wednesday.
Rev. M. W. Bower of Heppner has
taken the place of Rev. Wood at the
Alpine Church of Christ. Rev. Wood
v.-ill continue to preach at the Pine
City church.
Twila Morey, Mrs. Dun Lindsay and
sons und Grover Sibley are planning
to nttend a dinner given at the home
of Mrs. F. M. Coppock of Athena on
Misses Bertha nnd Bernice Sepanek
were visitors at Hermiston Saturday.
C. Melville and daughter Margnret
were accompanied by Miss Gertrude
Tichenor to Pendleton Saturday.
Dr. Clarke, of the Clarke Optical
Co., 304 Salmon St., Portland, Ore.,
in Heppner all day and evening, Sun
day, Apr. 24, at the Hotel Heppner.
Used Furniture bought, exchanged
or repaired. We pay a fair price for
what we buy, and give nn honest value
in what we sell. We try to give our
natrons all we can for a dollar. That
is why we hnve taken the agency for
Lowe Brothers Fnint. UAMni ruitiNi
For Salo Common and Grimm al
falfa seed; white sweet clover, val
uable for pasture. Try it. Save the
middleman's profit. C. W. Bond,
glower, La Grande, Oregon. 2-5.
Hatching Kggs-Pl.ico orders now;
il. A. C. strain Barred Rocks. Write
or phone Mrs, Ora L. Barlow, lone,
Ore, Phone 15x33. 61-65.
. ' 1 .
w Suburb
For farm homes without electricity, we have
just received the first solid trainload of mul
- ti-motors ever shipped. This is the first time
in the history of the world that a solid train
load of exclusive farm home equipment of
any kind has ever been known a new
world's record for the progressive farmers
of the Northwest. It is something
to be proud of.
I i 11 Sl
f1 l
m s
For homes without leeMo
tty, the Maytag I availably
with in-built gatoUnt motor
lit i
V"pHERE is a Maytag
ready to do a trial wash-;
ing for you, no mattel1
where you live. And this
trial is entirely without
obligation to you.
On your next washday
simply phone the nearest
Maytag dealer and a May
tag will be sent to your.',
Do a washing with this wonder
washer. See the turbulent, foaming
water-action in the big, heat-retaining,
cast-aluminum tub wash armfuls of
clothes in 3 to 7 minutes blankets and
rag rugs in 10 minutes 50 pounds of
dry clothes (more than your average
week's wash) in just one short hourl
See all garments washed clean without
And try out, thoroughly, all the
other exclusive Maytag features
Prove to yourself in your own home, on
your own washing, how the Maytag
eliminates heavy labor, discomfort, and
long washing hours how much better it
is than you dreamed a washer could be.
Remember you try a Maytag FREE
no matter where you live. the May
tag doesn't sell itself, don't keep it.
ED. CLARK, Local Salesman
Heppner, Oregon. Phone 3F11
Maytag Shops are Operated by Maytag Pacific, Inc., at the Followlnt
Toints in Oregon and Washnlgton:, t"". aSF1
Aberdeen, Wn., 309 S I St.
Albany, Ore., SS8 W First
Anacortes, Wn., 806 Commercial
Auburn, Wn., 474 Commercial
Ashland, Ore.
Astoria, Ore., 474 Commercial
Baker, Ora.. 1917 Court St.
Rellingham, Wn., 1236 State St.
Bend, Ore., 733 Wall St.
Bothell, Wn.. Reader Bldg.
Bremerton. Wn., 206 Second St.
Centralia. Wn., 11 S. Tower
Chehalia, Wn., 882 Market
Chelan, Wn., care of Maev Store
( larkatnn, Wn 840 Sixth St.
Tie Klnm, Wn.
Colfai, Wn., 206 N. Main
Colvllle, Wn.. 106 S. Main
rorvallia. Ore.. 326 S. Second
Dalian, Ore.. 326 Main St.
Davenport, Wn.
Kllensburir. Wn., 107 W. 5 St.
Everett, Wn., 2S16-A Rockefeller
Grants Pan., Ore., cf Rogue River
Hardware Co.
Hillsboro, Ore., 1164 3rd St.
Hood River, Ore., 15 Oak St.
Hoquiam, Wn., 10 Eve St.
Kelso, Wn.. 99 W. Main St.
Klamath Falls, Ore., 1036 Main St.
I.a Crande, Ore.. Folley HUll.
Lakeview, Ore.. Watson Hid.
I.vnden, Wn.. 203 Front St.
Marshfield. Ore., 465 N. Broadway
MrMinnville, Ore., 413 Third St.
Medfnrd. Ore., 31 N. Hartlett
Monroe, Wn., 66 E. Mtm St.
Mt. Vernon, Wn.. 320 Kincaid
Newport, Ore., 245 Front St.
Newport, Wn., cf Dadwig Furn. Co.
North Bend, Ore., 2025 S. Sherman
Olympia, Wn.. 218 E. 6 St.
Omak, Wn., O'Connor Hide.
Oregon City, Ore., Hogg Bros,
S0J Main St.
Pnllman. Wn., 130 Main St.
Puyallup, Wn.
Raymond. Wn., 456 First St.
Kenton. Wn.
Kitiville. Wn., 108 Washington
Rosalia, Wn.
lioseburir. Ore., 124 S. Jackson
St. Helens. Ore.
Ontario. Ore., Oregon Ave.
Pasro, Wn., 120 S. 4 St.
l'endleton. Ore., 127 W. Alta
Portland. Ore.. 152 Fourth
Port Anireles, Wn., 204 S. Lincon
Port (In hard, Wn.
Prineille, Ore., 325 Fifth St.
Salem. Ore., 4(17 Ferrv St.
Seattle, Wn., 1619 Third Ave.
Sheiton. Wn.
South Bend. Wn.
Spokane. Wn., S. 5 Washington
Simnyside, Wn.. 522 Sixth St.
Tacoma. Wn., 760 Hroadway
The Dalles, Ore., 403t3 Washington
Tillamook. Ore., Watson Bklg.
Toledo. Ore., r-f Hayden Hdwe. Co.
Toppenish, Wn., 206 S. Toppenish
Vaneomer, Wn 1112 Main St.
Walla Walla. Wn., 17 S. 4 St.
Wenatchee. Wn.. 117 Palouse
Yakima, Wn., 203 W. Yakima Ave.