Heppner gazette-times. (Heppner, Or.) 1925-current, April 14, 1927, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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Mrs. Vivien Kane arrived home
from The Dalles on Tuesday and wa9
at her place in the sheriff's office
strain. She reports that her husband
C. A. Kane, who was seriously injur
ed by a tractor near Olex last week,
and taken to the hospital at The Dal
les for medical and surgical attention,
is holding his own well and his recov
ery is looked for. Mr. Kane was very
seriously hurt.
Sheriff McDuffee brought in a still
on Tuesday. The outfit consisted of
a couple of copper wash boilers, and
it was evidently a plant that had been
rigged up for making of distilled
liquor in some out of the way plnc
it had not been used for some time
from all appearances, and the sheriff
did not divulge where he picked it
Dean Goodman, secretary of the
Heppner chamber of commerce and
also of the B. P. O. E. of Hepprer,
attcnoed the Elks' initiation and so
cial program in Condon Saturday. Mr
Goodman is a great homo baseball
fan saying their team is to be strong
contenders for the lea? le pennant,
Condon Globe-Times.
C. C. Rhea, wife and little daughter
were visitors in Heppner from their
home at Stanfield on Saturday. They
brought the little girl over to be
examined by a physician for adenoids,
but she was found not to be afflicted.
Mr. Rhea is located on a small place
near Stanfield and engaged in run
ning sheep.
Dean T. Goodman took Mrs. A. L.
AyerB to Portland Sunday in the Ay
ers car. Mrs. Ayers will be followed
later by her husband who is taking
some household goods to the city for
their new home. Mr. Goodman re
turned home later with a new car
for the Morrow county roadmaster. .
Harry French, who was down from
his mountain home south of Hardman
on Saturday, reports fully 17 inches
of hard, packed snow on the grouni
in that vicinity, and the weather
conditions have been pretty back
ward. Ho looks for fine range in the
mountain section this season.
John Kilkenny and family visited
friends and relatives in Condon while
they were over from Heppner for the
Elks' program Saturday. Mrs. Kil
kenny is a daughter of Mrs. Kate
Russell of Trailfork. Mr. Kilkenny
is a large sheep owner of Heppner,
Condon Globe-Times.
Case Furniture company has the
contract for laying new linoleum in
the down stairs halls and in the office
of the county clerk at the court
house. This is to replace floor cov
ering that has been in constant use
Bincc the court house was erected
seme 25 years ago.
Mrs. J. 0. Hager drove to Portland
on Sunday, being accompanied by Mr.
and Mrs. Roger Morse. The ladies
returned home the middle of the week
and Mr. Morse is driving up a new
car that will be used by him in his
work as county agent of Bcker coun
ty. J. V. Osborn of Cecil was a visitor
here on Monday. He would like to
see some real spring weather condi
tions prevail as vegetation stands in
i:eed of more warm sunshine than has
been the order for the past several
Henry Cohn, sheep buyer of Hepp
ner, combined business and pleasure
wlen he attended the Elks' banquet
and dance in town Saturday. He in
ojirod around for sheep for sale while
here. Condon Globe-Times.
C. L. Sweek and family were among
the Heppncrites who attended the
Elks' celebration in this city Satur
day. Mr. Sweek is a prominent at
torney at Heppner. Condon Globe
Times. Mrs. George V. Swaggart was in
Heppner on Saturday fiom her home
at Pendleton. She visited with
friends here for a short time, and
also looked after some business af
fairs. Gny M. Anderson, county clerk of
Morrow county, was among the coun
ty officials attending the initiation
and social program for the Elks'
lodge Saturday-Condon Globe-Times.
Henry C. Robertson, who has farm
ed for a number of years in the But
ter creek section, has abandoned work
I'nd is now located in Heppner, where
he plnns to live in the future.
W. E. Moore and family of Heppner
attended the Elks' program in Con
don Saturday. Mr. Moore is cashier
of the First National Bank of Hepp
ner. Condon Globe-Times.
Miss Leora Dcvin, who is one of
the grade teachers in the Stanfield
schools, was a visitor here over the
week-end with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. S. P. Devin.
Lilac bushes for sale. Mrs. Mary
Bartholomew, Heppner. 2tf.
MRS. A. T. HBftEIM. Correspondent.
The American Legion and Auxiliary
gave a movie, "Hearts and Fists," Sat
urday night. There was a fair at
tendance. Norine Olson stepped on a pitch
fork last Thursday, causing her much
pain for a day and she was unable to
attend school on Friday. No further
trouble was caused.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Barlow came
homo Sunday evening from a pleasant
trip to Athena where they visited
over Saturday and Sunday with their
daughter, Mrs. Truman Messenger,
and family.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Alexander and
dnughters, Miss Florence and Mrs.
W. J, Leupke of Chchalis, came up
Friday and visited over Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kelly. Mr. and
Mrs. Alexander are Mrs, Kelly's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Coats and
Echo are living in Albert Macomber's
house. Mrs. Coats is daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Barlow. Mr. Coats is
employed on the highway.
0. H. Warren was pleased to have
a cousin, C. H. Williams of Deer
Lodge, Mont., stop for a short visit
last Friday. Mr. Warren had not seen
him for a period of 45 years but
recognized him at once. Mr. Williams
is a sheepman in Montana and has a
fine brand of blooded sheep, having
recently sold 1800 head at $:S0 each.
Mrs. Dan Ransier spent several
days in Pendleton visiting relatives.
About 30 persons attended the par
ty Friday night at the church. Var
ious games and stunts were indulged
in and a lunch was served in the
evening. Mrs. Goodwin and Mrs. Ma
comber had charge of the lunch. The
games were in charge of several dif
ferent persons and some new ones
were enjoyed.
Boardman friends are sorry to
learn that Roger Morse, county agent,
has decided to move, going to Baker
county. Chas. Smith, a Smith-Hughes
teacher of Dufur, will fill the posi
Fourteen ladies met at the home of
Mrs. Ray Brown for the purpose of
organizing a home economics club, or
branch of the Grange. A pot-luck
dinner was enjoyed and it was a feast.
Mrs. Brown is chairman of the home
economics committee.
Mrs. Florence Root has been ap
pointed city clerk and recorder, suc
ceeding Mrs. Klitz, who resigned.
Mrs. Mary E, Cooney and Mr. and
Mrs. S. M. Cooney of Condon, visited
last week at the L. C. Cooney home.
Mrs. Cooney went on to Hermiston
to visit at the Kennedy home.
Boardman" folks were greatly sur
prised to see B. S. Hughes on the
project last week, representing the
Fuller Brush Co. Mr. Hughes was
pastor here for two years and later
worked in the commissary department
of the E. O. state hospital.
Mrs. 0. B. Olson was an all-day
visitor at the Hereim home Thurs
day. Two workmen came up from the
Villa nursery at Portland and are
grafting the nursery stock of Chas.
Wicklander, the local representative
of the company. It is anticipated that
about 10 days wlil be required to do
the work.
The next Pomona Grange meeting
will be held at Parkers Mill and will
be a 3-day celebration July 2-3-4,
with the Grangers of Grant and Mor
row county uniting at this entertain
ment. Grant county has 13 Granges.
Sybil Grace Macomber was hostess
Saturday afternoon to a number of
her friends in honor of her 12th
birthday. Games were played and
delicious refreshments were served.
Guests were friends from the fifth
and sixth grades, Emma Jean Wilson,
Gloria Wicklander, Selma Ayers, Mar
garet Smith, Mary Anne Chaffee, Ona
Imui and Edna Beardsley. Miss Kan
konen, her teacher, and Mrs. Ballen
ger and Maxene and Mrs. Chas. Good
win were also present.
Maurice Goodwin came home Fri
day from California where he has
been for some time.
A committee of local people met
with Roger Morse, county agent and
Wm. L. Teutsch of the extension de
rratment of O. A. C. on Saturday
afternoon to discuss the coming of
the demonstration train to be known
as the Union Pacific Profits Special,
which will be here April 27 for two
hours from 8 till 10 a. m. This will
be once in the history of Boardman
where it will be necessary to be on
time. This train is being run by
the U. P. with the cooperation of
the 0. A. C. extension service at a
cost of a thousand dollars per day.
It consists of seven cars of equip
ment with the splendid types of hogs
and dairy cattle and after ample time
is given for all to view the exhibits
a program of demonstration and
speaking will be given. (A list of
the speakers will be found in another
Lee Mead and R. S. Davis, agents
at Messner and Boardman were mem
bers of the committee. Mr. Gignuox,
assistant agent of the U. P., had ex
pected to be present but was called
to Portland the day previous. Please
kepp the date in mind and also re-
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Clifford Olson was none from Port
land over Sunday. He is employed
with a welding gang of the 0. W. R.
& N.
Mrs. S. H. Boardman was on the
tick list the fore part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Macomber
came up from Olex for the week-end
Jay Cox came home for a week-end
visit with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Brown of
fossil came over Saturday and visit
ed over Sunday at the Spagle home.
Mrs. Brown was a friend of Miss
Bcougher, they having graduated in
the same high school class.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester have moved
from Eck William's to the Spagle
house in town. Mr. Lester is working
for Ballenger.
On reaching The Dalles last Tues
day Bobby Smith's car collided with
another to the detriment of the Smith
car. No one was injured, fortunate
ly. Aid met at the J. C. Ballenger home
lust Wednesday with 25 present. Mrs.
6J. T. Messenger installed the officers
for the ensuing year, Mrp. J. R. John
son, president; Mrs. A. T. Hereim,
vice president. The new secretary,
Mrs. W. A. Price was ill and unable
to be present. Mrs. L. V. Root in
a neat speech of presentation on
behalf of the aid, gave Mrs. Allen,
the retiring president, a dainty tea
service which Mrs. Allen greatly ap
preciated although it came as a com
plete surprise to her. Delciious re
freshments were served.
At the meeting of the school board
Saturday evening W. 0. King was
elected as teacher of manual training,
science and ahtletic coach for next
year. Mr. King has lived here for
years and is well known to everyone.
He has been dariying but plans to
sell his stock so as to devote all of
his time to school work. It has al
ways been the plan of the board to
elect a manual training teacher who
could handle athletics also, but this
has bzeen a hard combination to find.
Mr. King was very active in athletics
during his college days at 0. A. C,
was a teacher of manual training in
Montana before coming here. He is
a graduate of 0. A. C.
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Blayden and
Fred Cosky were guests Sunday eve
ning at dinner at the Hereim home.
The high school students and fac
ulty members had a weenie roast on
the river bank near Castle Rack.
Games were played and all had a good
Mrs. Daisy Gillespie of Orgeon City
has been elected to the teaching staff
or me tsoaroman scnool lor next
year. Mrs. Gillespie has had several
years experience and comes well rec
ommended. She is a daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. F. Barlow of Boardman.
One of the cabins at Warner's camp
ground came nearly being gutted by
fire by a carelesi camper Monday
morning when a lighted cigaretU
burned through the matrtesn. For
tunately it was discovered before any
further damage was done.
Mamie Hango t vj.jtmg at Mayger.
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