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Agricultural Program
to be Better Balanced
Ui S. Department of Agriculture.
The 1927 agricultural program as
indicated by reports from farmers
appears to be in fairly good balance
as among crops and livestock, al
though weather conditions will be a
decisive factor, says the Bureau of
Agricultural Economics of United
States Department of Agriculture, in
its April 1 report on the agricultural
The production season is reported
as fully two weeks early, with frost
out of the ground and spring work
coming into full swing over most of
the country. Storms in the North
have kept land from drying out in
some localities but a good share of
early grain is Bown and fields are be
ing fitted for later crops.
Early crops and general field work
in the South are reported "markedly
advanced, the Southwest, especially,
presenting a very promising picture
as to grain and forage crops. Fruit is
unusually advanced almost every
where, although there is still a con
siderable frost hazard this month for
fruits and tender truck crops."
Reports from farmers show an in
tention to shift acreage of crops rath
er than to make any substantial
change in total production. Read
justment in the Cotton Belt, for ex
ample, is indicated by a planned in
crease of about 6,000,000 acres in feed
and food crops. The North and West
are planning about a 3,000,000 acre
increase in their principal crops,
which would little more than replace
ucreage lost by drought in the Great
Plains last year.
"If conservatism is to be recom
mended on any part of this intended
program," says the bureau, "it should
piobably apply at least to the cash
crops, especially potatoes. The in
tended potato acreage, with average
yields, would produce some 410,000,
000 bushels, or near a record crop,
which would be a sharp increase over
the crops of the last two years.
"The country is going into the new
season without carrying burdensome
stocks. March reports showed only
about 14,000,000 bushels more pota
toes stored than a year ago. There
are around 380,000,000 bushels less of
feed gruins on hind than last year.
Even the carryover of cotton will be
Much less than was thought probable
a few months ago."
The tendency to expand potato
acreage is reported to be particularly
marked in the Cotton Belt, in Michi
gan and Minnesota, and in the West
ern Stutes. Increases in Virginia
and in the Cotton States except Flor
ida and Texas seem to be mostly out
side the commercial area3. There is
a marked tendency to increase acre
age in both the commercial and non
commercial areas of the Western
States, and it is in these States, says
he report, that the marketing prob
lem is most likely to be serious next
fall, if present intentions are carried
out and average yields are obtained.
Some 15 citizens of the Irrigon
project were in Heppner on Thursday
last to appear before the public ser
vice commission and present their
plea for a railroad crossing leading
to the ferry across the Columbia at
that point. The O. W. R. & N. com
pany was represented by Superinten
dent Buckley and their attorney. The
matter of a railraod crossing near the
depot at Lexington was also taken
up, and met with no particular resis
tance by the railroad company, as
this crossing is on the market road
leading into Lexington and Clarks
canyon. Commissioner Bean and the
official stenographer of the public
service commission were present to
hear and take down the testimony
presented. It seems to be the impres
pion that Irrigon will get the cross
ing asked for at that point.
Dr. Clarke, of the Clarke Optical
Oo., 304 Salmon St., Portland, Ore.,
in Heppner all day and evening, Sun
day, Apr. 24, at the Hotel Heppner.
Wanted -Sewing or nursing; ex
perienced hand. Inquire J. McCul
lough house. AdT. ltp.
.lacks, the best in the west, for sale
or lease for season. Swaggart Jack
Farm, Lexington, Oregon. 2-3
Announcement j
Owners and purchas-
ers can now get direct j
I service on j
1 and !
I from !
I Condon. Phone Main 75
Please send literature on Frigid
aire and Delco Light. "
Here are the up-to-date vehicle used by the enterprising Chevrolet deal
er organization of Dillon, Mont., in selling cars in snow-bound territory and
the men who use it: Left to .right J. A. Baxter, slices manager Montana
Auto Supply Company; T. J. Casey, factory representative; Fred Woodside,
president and manager of the dealer concern and president of the Montana
Air Service; A. W. Stevenson, pilot and vice-president of the Montana Air
"It can be done!"
That epigrammatic utterance has
been used with frequency by automo
tive executives, and has been applied
in numerous and various situations.
However, it is doubtful if the sen
tence has been regarded commonly as
more than an abstraction, used mere
ly to express the limit of human de
termination. To the Montana Auto Supply Com
pany, the Chevrolet dealer of Dillon,
Mont., the four words have a definite
and concrete meaning. In a country
which in winter is marked by snow
drifted roads and flooded or ice-covered
areas the members of this sales
organization make use of a form of
transportation enabling them not only
to keep in personal touch with their
prospective customers but to sell cars
for future delivery when seasonal
conditions permit. The spirit with
which they go about the conduct of
their business doubtless will exert a
strong influence in causing other deal
ers in the Pacific Northwest to tackle
their several problems more vigor
ously. The Dillon dealer company has in
vested in an airplane, christened
"Miss Dillon." When road conditions
will not allow a Chevrolet to be driv
It is a sale where you buy an item at the regular price, then
another item of the same kind for one cent. As an illustration:
The standard price of Klenzo Denial Creme is 50c, you buy a
tube at this price and by paying 1 cent more, or 51 cents, you
get two tubes. Every article in this sale is a high class stand
ard piece of merchandice, just the same as is sold every day at
the regular price.
This sale was developed by the Vnited Drug Company as an
advertising plan. Rather than spend large sume of money
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are spending it on this sale in permitting us to sell you a full
size package of high standard merchandise for 1 cent. It costs
money to get new customers, but the sacrifice in profit is Jus
tified, knowing the goods will please you.
I. Copvrioht 1926 United Drug Co. z- M
60c Assorted Wrapped Cream
A full pound of tasty.
pure carnmels. The fa
vorite kind of the child
ren as well as the grown
2 for 61c
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50c Klenzo Dental
50c Klenzo Liquid
Kills germs, banishes
bad taste, purifies the
breath. May be used
as a gargle or spray.
2 for 51c
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25c Georgia Rose
Xx v
en to give "prospects" a demonstra
tion one or more members of the or
ganization clamber into the plane
with a supply of selling material and
fly forth to interview those persons
they know to be interested in the
product they handle.
Recently Fred Woodside, president
and manager of the company, and J.
A. Baxter, its sales manager, litw to
Sheridan, called on a prospect, and
withjn three hours were back in Dil
lon with a signed order for a new
In order to conserve time when a
new car has to be delivered at a point
a long distance away from Dillon the
salesman drives the Chevrolet t) the
point of delivery and Manager Wood
side sails through the air in his Waco
plane to the same place, picks up the
salesman and returns to Dillon. Car
deliveries were recently made at Sal
mon, Idaho, a distance of 112 miles,
and at Twin Bridges, Mont., 60 miles
distant, in one day by using this mod
ern, time-saving method of transportation.
Wanted To buy second hand beam
four-shovel straddle row 2-horse cul
tivator. Write or enquire Farmers
Elevator Co. J. A. Douglass, Heppner.
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the teeth clean,
vhite and beautiful with
mt injury to the enam
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ommon-aense dentifrice.
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eral toilet use.
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Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ely of Port
Angeles, Wash., are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. H. O. Ely. They have been work
ing at Port Angeles for two years
but they expect to make their home
at Portland in the future.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Funk at
tended the dance at Rhea Siding Sat
viday night.
Gertrude and Hazel Pettyjohn and
Rosetta Deos of the Willows were
calling in Morgan Sunday.
The Morgan baseball nine journey
ed to Alpine Sunday and won the
game 17-7. ,
Miss Alta Pettyjohn arrived atJ
Morgan Saturday to spend some time
with Miss Gladys Medlock.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Palmuteer were
cafling on Mr. and Mrs. Earl Morgan
Miss Tljelma Morgan spent the
week-end at her home at Broadacres.
Elvin and Edith Ely attended the
party at Peterson's Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ely and Mr.
and Mrs. H. O. Ely were the dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Swanson
at lone Monday.
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Patterson & Son
Most of the people of Morgan were
doing business in lone Monday.
(Too late for last week.)
Mr. and Mrs. Fay Pettyjohn were
down Sunday from the mountains.
They reported having a three-inch
snowfall Thursday morning at their
Mrs. Pat Medlock is slowly recover
ing from her severe sickness.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Hutchcroft were
the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. R.
E. Harbison Sunday.
Miss Martha Wilson of Heppner
spent the week end with Mr. and
Mrs. Martin Bauernfiend.
Rood Eckleberry left for the moun
tains Sunday where he will work for
a short time.
Miss Viola Parker spent Sunday at
T. W. Cutsforth and son of Lex
ington are doing their spring work
at Morgan.
Mrs. E. G. Morgan has been quite
ill but at this writing is much im
proved. The Rhea Siding Grange enter
tained the Morgan Sunday school at
dinner Sunday.
Milk Chocolate Bar, one-half pound
Fenway Cherries in Cream
Kandy Packs Assorted
Liggett's Candy Wafers
Lather Brush
Hair Brush
Bobbed Hair Comb
Maximum Pocket Combs
Goodform Hair Nets
Turetest Mineral Oil, 16-oz
75c Puretest Aspirin 100's
Rubbing Alcohol, 16 oz
Peptona Tonic
Carbolic Salve
Corn Solvent
Laxative Aspirin Cold Tablets
Rexall Little Liver Pills
Cough Syrup
Zinc Oxide Ointment, 1 oz
Foot Powder
Sodium Phosphate, 4 oz
Boric Acid Powder, 4 oz
Cream of Tartar
Zinc Stenrate, 1 oz
Fluid Extract of Cascara, 4 oz -
Castor Oil, 8 oz
Spirits of Camphor, 1 oz
Tincture of Iodine with Applicator
Epsom Salts, 16 oz
Sodium Bicarbonate
Glycerin Suppositories, infants
Zinc Oxide Plaster, 1 in. x 1 yd
"The Voice Returned"
The "Great Blizzard" of 1888 had blocked
railway traffic and disrupted mail and tele
graph service. Through the drift-piled streets
of Boston groups of men and women made
their way to the public telephone stations,
anxiously inquiring whether the long distance
lines to New York were still in service.
"People did not want a message, they
wanted to talk," runs a contemporary story
"They wanted to find out where the other
party was, if he was alive, indeed. It was
the voice returned, the personal Interview,
that was especially valuable."
A telephone conversation is the meeting of
mind with mind, heart with heart. Today
there are no limits of distance to the inter
change of thought that binds all parts of the
country together. Created in response to
America's needs, a network of 50,000,000
miles of wire has given nation-wide scope to
the "voice returned."
The Pacific Telephone And Telegraph Company
bell system
One Policy - One Syttem Universal Service
APRIL 21, 22 and 23
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Full pound can of ex
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30c Rexall Shaving Cream
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Major Stationery
High-grade linen sta
tionery, deckled edge and
bordered envelope.
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75c Harmony Bay Rum
""""""!" "".'V
Heppner, Oregon
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